Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sexy 'Shhhhing’

She tries to hush me, she tries to make me silent within nothing but our breathing and she does as she does that naughty seductive hush. You know, it is the one where her eyes of green go all dewy soft within lowering a bit; easy low and lusty in sexual predatory want. But you know she is looking at you in such a way that it steals your every soul. Then in a blinking her pointer finger on her left-hand crispy plants on her soft luscious upper lips that are glistening of hot pink. It sits there in solid waiting to then leisurely brush downward over her moist lips to part them in pulling the lower lips before holding the lower one open just enough so that you can see her tongue`s tips. In doing so you hear that last ‘shhhing’ sound that sends erotic shivers down your spine. Instantly every ounce of you knows that she is about to be more naughty than a succubus taking your soul. Yet, she has done just that, stolen you so that soon you kneel before her wanting to please her in any way that she so chooses.

Tummy Kisses

Kneeling in front of her to reverently lick from her tummy button upward until there come kisses upon the valley of her full firm breasts. It is a sensually deep kissing after the delicious trailing tease before leaning in to kiss her upper lips. Once there arrives full pressing, as there is a slipping of a tongue between those sumptuous upper lips. That encourages a hand to seek and slide within her sexy silk panties. Then with no encouragement, there is playing within feeling around, and soon turning it into teasing with touching, before reaching around grasping ass cheeks, then instantly pushing her back to the wall there is a slipping of two fingers within her wetness causing an intensely passionate moan to erupt from her need to be pleased.

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