Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Binding Kisses

It is a sensual romantic evening within the realm of kinky naughty bliss. One where the massive ornate four posters gothic bed of wood is seeing a beautiful blond binding a petite brunette to the two posts at the bed`s foot. She binds wrists with red silken scarves that dangle while ankles are holding within metal link chain cuffs. It is spread eagle, its nudity and it's about to get deeply passionate hot for them.

Yet, first, there is a porcelain basin of scent warm waters, waters of fragment soothing oils to wash the skin of this blindfolded brunette who squirms and purrs of the pleasure of the current sensations. Its is beautiful feelings of trusting her lover to bring darkness before touch so that she may find even deeper faith in their union. Lovely emotions of no escape, of belonging, being owned and of enjoying being the focus of lusty love that is limitless. This is boundless love that can cause many erotic feelings to be building into blissful orgasms, but only if she is a good girl for her blond blue-eyes lover. Her lover who now diligently caress the brunette`s silken skin with a moist terrycloth to sooth tired muscles into relaxation while cleansing all that is eventually to be kissed in lovely ways, true love.

Kisses delivering within every teasing pleasure that can be kissing, the kinds that make the skin scream of being loved and lusted after. The type of lips pressings that simply create steam to then plant in passion until the body quakes of needing so much more. Passionate kisses of heated wild emotions under control that run deep from within a soul until it caresses a lover`s skin to be making that skin beg for more. More kisses, more lust, and farther passionate love until that other soul carries that into it being wetness between thighs. Moisture of womanly cream that is a delivery from kisses that can only be a possession through love.

It is the sweet cream that lingers on lower lips to then be meeting with the teasing of tender caress. A touch of two fingers that are leisurely playing onto the lips. Fingers long and firm that do part those moist lower lips making the heart race. That is sweetly creating gasping to be slipping from upper lips. Indeed, it is lips, two sets of lips that are moist within breathing, but the lower ones are ready for more. More, and more and then suddenly two fingers sink deep within in plunging pumping desire to please. Deep, into the depths of tight contracting muscles that devour the flesh of hard fingers. This is teasing them until the cream comes more heated in its treats to then swiftly give an explosion of orgasmic release.

Oh yes, it is binding, then some teasing, onward to cleansing, definitely doing pleasing and yes, both are loved within ways that are being bound to a lover.

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