Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Come Hither

'Come breathe with me, come share your heartbeats and press your lips to mine. Tease me with your breaths until our kisses are wild in passion`s pleasures. Let our hearts mold, melt to make a powerful pleasing lust that simply quakes the fabric of our souls. Come kiss me, tease you into me and take my very breath from me while I relent my everything unto you.'

This is what her eyes say to me as she gazes into my eyes beckoning me toward her. Then as my very breathing deepens into a rhythm that is simply sinfully gasping in wishes of kisses she gives that playful kinky wink while she sends out that come hither wave. Coming, yes coming, going and cumming. “Oh yes.” Arrives as my blissful lusty sigh.

Indeed, it is to be my pleasure to be with and to enjoy her kisses amid the wishes that she does desire. Then it is ‘’Oh my, is that my heart racing?” Enters in whispers to myself.

‘Oh, my! is that wetness of honey within my lower lips? Am I swimming in lust as she sends me more of that stare that is devouring every pleasure of me?’ is my query in my mind as I continue watching and walking toward her. Then, I murmur. “Hell yes!” With me knowing that it is indeed all this, as she now owns me before she even touches me.

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