Friday, October 18, 2013

Submit! - Keeper Of Pleasure - Prayers Of Spankings


‘Is it truly a need for this to be?’ is what she thinks as she looks up into those eyes the peer down upon her in ways that are stern. For the life of her doesn`t understand why a dominant alpha female like herself is kneeling to anyone. She owns whatever she wishes to, she could conquer what she wants and her personal power is off the scale. Her intellect, sexuality, and soul proclaim that she dominates in life. Thus, it is mind-boggling why she is kneeling before she stands to face this other person in a sexual union. Yet, she submits in humble ways and waits as her lover comes to her within requesting, “You must submit everything of you willingly to me to be with me. If you do not do this then must leave."

Keeper Of Pleasure

'Pull me in', is what her body begs for but kneeling is what must come first. Surrendering to her ways of lust and power before you may have whatever that it is that is your truest wish of her. She is the keeper of pleasure`s wishes and she is the woman who likes to control the balance of power.

Prayers Of Spankings

She actually stand there and ask me if I want spankings even though my as is wiling and ready. She asks me that when I am like this. How can she not know that I want spanking? My god, yes I want and need spankings. Yet, she stands there still not realizing it. That has me suddenly not only remain kneeling but instantly humble myself in the prayer of, "My God, please do not do this evil to me. Oh my, God, I need spankings. Here, I humbly beg you to help me get this blessed gift."

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