Saturday, October 19, 2013

Cum, Give It To Me

It takes no time for Tara to understand that with Tina lying nude on the bed that opportunity is at hand. They have plans of love making later, but a nude girlfriend is always a good thing. Then again Tina is deeply horny this week so she figures that a nice afternoon of sex is better than a boring afternoon in study hall.

Therefore with a lusty scanning of Tara's lips are licking with a whipping of her tongue as she then settles between those thighs of Tara. She spreads the legs wide enough to lay down comfortably to then shoot a look of sinful lust up at Tara who eagerly allows her pelvis to rise to meet Tina`s hungry lips. The suckling comes hard, it`s an engulfing of pussy lips with a hungry need causing the sounds to erupt as a tune that can be heard down the hallway of the dormitory.

The relationship is six months into being sexual and the two young adult females cannot get enough of each other. Thus, they have honed their sexual pleasure sharing skills into a perfection to please each other. Tina knows Tara`s anatomy and preferences within pleasure play and this afternoon she is working every tease, every sensation, and all wetness into a heat that is volcanic.

The effort isn't a waste sending Tara panting into almost breathlessness before she next reaches to grasp her left breast bringing the nipples to her lips to begin an onslaught of sucking it until it`s harder and blazing in redness. She releases it to giggle as she then breathes deeply before once more lowering her head of blond tresses to suckle her protruding flesh She teases it, taunts it with her tongue and then she gives way into suddenly bite it. This is causing her to moan into groaning pleasures that have the heat within her pussy building higher. It is now too high for Tara having her needing release into an orgasm. Yet, Tina is not done with sucking those pussy lips and knows what is going on, so she warns her with guttural growling.

Instantly, Tara is rotating and rubbing her pussy lips on Tina's face making Tina drive that tongue deep within those folds to taste the sweetness of the wet that is dripping so freely. Her oversized clit clasps and bumps on Tina's nose. Then it`s onward to Tina’s chin before then forcing her body to buck wildly against the ensuing sensations that seriously were not waiting to for a command to release. It's coming and Tara is going to like it. Thus, through bated breaths she pumps her hips faster and faster making Tina`s only option be holding still while extending her tongue to help with the orgasm that is soon coming in squirting honey showers. It his almost erupting as Tara is clenching teeth to next be reaching to grab Tina`s hair in fisting it before roughly pressing her face deeper into the pleasure of tasting pussy. Tasting, and pleasing labia by dragging it across a firm tongue climax is achieving. This forces Tara`s athletic body to stiffen against the power of the orgasm to then slowly relax into moaning on the twin sized bed.

Giving a smirk Tina separates Tara`s lower lips again to be exposing her clitoris that stands swollen and erect. Next her finger probes around the base of wet moistness while marveling at the way it feels after the hard climax. After this as she tilts her head one way, and then the other to suddenly lick the folds in a teasing causing Tara to loudly moan of the pleasure of more as Tina purrs, “I love your clit. It's like a world of play all on its own.”

Tina soon slaps Tara`s clit with tongue-lashings several times creating Tara to wither in the erotic bliss of more pleasure coming to please her. Then amid Tara reeling in the continuous teasing Tina slides the tip o her index finger up and down through those glistening juices that are coating swollen pussy folds. She angles her long finger inward but upward to next press slowly, while watching those beautiful pulsating lower lips part with excepting the penetration of what is soon to be two fingers. This makes Tara grin with sin as she presses her face into a nearby her pillow to breathe, “Fuck me hard, please!”

“You are so beautiful. You take it all so deep and good. Does it feel good, my love?” Asks Tina in tones of being in awe of her woman wanting so much before classes.

“Oh hell, yes!” emits through muffling from the pillow.

Tina rapidly begins to thrust hard, deep and harder inside the ever tight and pulsating tunnel of lust that is Tara`s pussy. The response to it a long symphonic string of moans and sexy sounds that have Tina thrilling in the pumping of that hungry pussy. “Come on, give it to me. Give me what I want. I love fucking you, I love loving you. Squirt for me, baby. Show me that you love me.”

Such is the best inspiration for continuing the exchange of deep body rocking thrusts for moans until soon Tina is once more sucking those teasing those folds with her upper lips. She does this to drive the lust and heat higher until Tara once more is showering them both in an orgasm. As it washes over Tara, Tina holds her lover pressing to bed while whispering, “I love you, love you and you are beautiful.”

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