Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Come Taste - Come

Come Taste
Come taste me, a sip of me and drink all that you desire.
Devour the liquids that are my lust arising from your touch.
Please, I beg of thee to taste me and feel my womanly fire.
Come to play your tongue on my skin for I need you so much.
Please, touch me on my skin to build my lusty liquids fire.
Come to drink, come to create cum that comes with your touch.
So taste me, lick each drop and fill our naughty desires.
It is the desire that is growing wilder with every play of your touch.

You haunt me, you taunt me with your flaming desire to kiss me and make bliss with me. You are the fire in my lusty soul, you are all that I truly do know and I demand to kneel and feel you. To feel you with me and to taste all that we create as we mate and play within our love that has a combining with passionate wild lust. You with me, you belong with me and I need you to fill me. I need to by with thee for I am to be only thine. Come take that which is only yours. Come explore and create with me all that we both may ever dream. Come unto me for you haunt me with all that you may ever be.

Naughty Time - Night Daydreams - Stripping Me

Naughty Time

It is time for you to count each orgasm.
It is time to be timing each one until it releases.
It is time to tease me into holding each orgasm.
Holding it to be making time stand still for it pleases.
Pleasing you, the pleasures of me and do it with creating spasms.
Flexing of lustful need and time of thrilling releases.
Time, timing it and time to enjoy many orgasms.

Night Daydreams

It is a night of wishing to be in your arms.
A lingering in daydreams that is so sweet .
Sweetly toying with all that is my charm.
Playing within thoughts that bring the sexual heat.
Lying here waiting for you with needing your arms.
Needing you, teasing my mind as you find your way to me.

Stripping Me

Strip me, tease me and let me deeply be pleased.
Tie me to your needs and spank me when I tease.
Strip me, rip this from me and we will be pleased.
We will be pleased as we both succumb to our needs.
Take these clothes from me, and push me to my knees.
Drive into getting what I need and may we both be pleased.

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