Friday, October 25, 2013

Sexual Sway

Every sway of her hips is hypnotic. The blond beauty of twenty-something is seduction within its very essence and that is a pleasure that is to be treasured. She is one of those women who simply have rhythm, a woman who has the beat of music soaks in her skin with all that can be a sin. She then mixes it into seducing the onlooker as she sways that echoing melody from within her the moment she hears it. That sound resonates in slow sweet swinging as that scrumptious body of delectable womanly curves sends out its need to be touched. Touching her, teasing her as she teases into the temptations of giving her the high erotic bliss. Oh yes she is an orgasm on heels, she is sex in swinging motions and she wants it but you will pay for it with your very soul. Oh yes, she wants more than a nasty naughty night but tonight that will do, but will it be you?

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