Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mating Time - Dancer Of Desire

Mating Time
He said that he wanted me; he said that I am his. Then suddenly he whisks me into those strong arms to then lie down on right there on the concrete. He said that he is into construction and he has an intent of constructing a love all over every inch of me. He makes me grin of his ego and then her growl that deep guttural primal roar that says ‘it`s now mating time’. Then without a moment`s hesitation he sinks his lips upon mine taking my very breath but in the moment that he does thunder clouds burst forth with torrents of summer rain with everyone beginning the screaming and mass departure from the building site. His only hesitancy is to look at the chaos before then once more establishing the onslaught of creating a passionate pleasure within all that we could ever wish.

Dancer Of Desire
Feeling your body move against mine, our hearts racing, and your smile so close as you twirl and sway within a dance. You are a tease but you are going to succumb to me. Your destiny is in my arms, your loveliness is to come to me and you are to cum for me. It will be hours of pleasure with every symphony of sweet bliss singing from every inch of you and that is even after exhaustion with your last words being, "More, more…”

Oh yes, my sweet naughty pleasure, my dancer. Yes, you are waiting for me to tease and please you. Only you may have this of me within our massive bed. It can be only you against the bedroom wall. It can only be you feeling my need to completely give you the dreams of the high of orgasmic wonder. You know that you are to be my destiny, so please, please I beg of thee dance but come to me, my darling.

She is my dancer, her dancing, and her teasing me with the beauty of her swaying. She does consume and steal all that is human in me. She captures the mind, yanks on the heart and the soul simply is swimming in endless lust as the body takes to roaming within dancing about her. It is a dancing in need to feel her and to seduce her to me. But she has a trick, oh yes she does for she has magic within her touch and so I too am seduced by her. It is magic within in the touching of her fingers. There is a passionate fire that is lust within its purity. It has me within a bleeding need to taste, tease and sweetly have her release unto me. To have her touch me, for me to touch her and for us to be within lusty love`s dance upon our bed. Yet, she dances here, she moves to seduce me more and within it all she having her clothing seem to almost scream ‘Remove these and set her free.


Cuffed to him.
Harnessed within his desires.
Aroused by his touch.
Intimately longing for more.
Needing naughty pleasures.
Erotic euphoria is on the rise.
Dominated by the desire to be only his.

Chained to my lust for him.
Chained to his mind for he is the intellect that knows me.
Chained to his heart for he loves deeply within all that is him.
Chained to his soul for he brings balance making me whole.
Chained to his body for he has lust and pleasure at his very whim.
Chained, bonded and kneeling within being owned by him.

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