Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bad Boy Romeo

He is my educated bad boy Romeo that writes delicious words of seductive lusty love to me. He stands there in the world of mortals with dark eyes that are of dancing laughter making these a beacon to the world with non-verbally saying ‘I am godman’. Him nonverbally saying 'I am specialness' as his silken well groomed ebony locks do feather upon his brow making him seem the shy boy, but hell no, he is Romeo. This is easily seen within his devilish winsome smile that glows to outshine the very sun. He is so boldly beautiful in his stature that he is this and so much more as he stands amongst his brethren telling them of the legacy of his prowess in business and logic. He is an accomplished man in the arena of life making him be what most women find to be the dark dirty bad boy of dreams. Yet, he kneels to only me.

Yes, the ‘god man‘ succumbs to me. He comes begging me to be mine; he arrives with a silken rope in hands and clamoring to be under the control of his woman. He wants me; he needs me and is going to please me with everything that he does. He is chained to me. He is shackled in submissive ways that constantly exist. This is even when dressing in tailored suits in his business world or when hanging out with the hordes of those demanding his attention. Yes, even then he is under my dominance with being chaining to me. My submissive stud he is, and he is this whenever I wish it. He is sweet Romeo.

Do come to me, so that those silken ropes chain you. Chain you so that I may tease you into giving me the best of you. Come, for I am your balance, your woman and your Mistress of Dreams.

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