Thursday, November 21, 2013

~ Sacred Kisses ~

She prefers to give the first kiss to a lady`s open palm this is so to declare that chivalry is alive within its ever present and powerful seduction as it that lays in historic customs. Then when gazing up into those eyes that are windows to a soul she rises up to slowly lean into play a tender kiss to the damsel's forehead. She does that for within her she believes that the intellect of a woman is the sexiest thing that a woman possesses. Then it`s a sweet teasing peck of a kiss on the lady's nose before trailing a nibbling kiss to each of those beautiful facial cheeks. It is exquisitely sensual as she slowly travels to lay kisses upward upon the delicate curve of a long soft neck until it`s a kiss of tenderness within lusty anticipation of more than kisses. The kisses come to that little place below the ear as she whispers of the woman`s beauty. Next, it is kissing of that ear to breathe in the scent until it’s an intoxication to have a kiss leisurely placing upon an ear lobe. Afterwards, it is onward to each eyes saying that the soul is the most lovely of all gifts but there is only slight hesitation before next kissing a chin. Kissing it fully and looking into eyes before totally devouring her new lover`s luscious upper lips. If she thinks that her new lady likes that then she will kneel and kiss her tummy button for her new lover`s womb is sacred. Sacred kisses to open up the coming of the sexual treats of their union within love`s lustful play.

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