Saturday, November 23, 2013

Teased Of You

Every essence of her is simmering in the wake of his touch streaming lines upon her spine. It is wild in feelings making her skin hotter within each attempt to not squirm. She must not for he is telling her to not move. Not moving one inch or even to be taking a breath deeper than a simple exchange of daily air. She is to enjoy this, but it has limits of enjoyment. Yet, those fingertips trace in designs of pleasure that she can barely hold from withering over and would almost be succumbing to. Yet, she cannot give into him or she is not going to have the pleasure of her girlfriend. She must withhold her need of giving him anything of her pleasure sensations for he is the one man who is to watch the two beautiful women enjoy the lovemaking that is dreamy.

He is the owner of this sacred sanctuary of two secret lovers. She comes here, her lover is to come here too but he is here with her. He is here; he is paying them the price of watching them by allowing them weekends at his cottage. He agrees to this, if only he may watch them for one hour as they enjoy the entwining of their lust. Then, then he always permits them what they deserve and that is their need of being alone together. It is their togetherness within a desire of sharing lovemaking in the secret getaway where they only ever may be together.

Yet, he touches today while saying, “She is two hours late. Maybe you will not get to kiss her this weekend.” And that has the woman of brunette tresses suddenly have every cell in that fine sensual body stiffens. She is paralyzed by the thought of not getting to have her lover in her arms. ‘Oh no!’ screams in her mind but somehow she is unmoving within a pseudo stillness. Yet, she doesn’t wish to be, for she wants to rise to watch out the windows for the woman that she must have during these meetings, but she knows the rules. It is good that she does for at that moment there is a sudden sounding out of. ‘’You tease her too much. You both know that I will come. I must for I need my pipsqueak.”

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