Friday, November 29, 2013

Ice`s Ecstasy

The cold chill of her icy touch finger plays on the warm skin to create blazing trails of shivers that radiate out into the world as these create soft moaning hums. It is a beautiful symphony that empowers the soul into waiting to embrace her as a smile crisp her beautiful lips before she comes to devour you within her cold heartless love. She is, that which is beauty within the icy wonders of cold seduction, but she easily births endless heat when seducing her prey. She is the queen of all that lusty myth, she is the temptress in night`s breath of empty chills and thrills that last only but a night. She is emotionless seduction, kinky sexual treats at its finest and it all comes wrapping with not love in it. She is ice baby, arctic heat and a goddess that simply devours lovers at glance. Within it all, she now hunts you wants you and you will be left in panting begging wanton lust of more of her touch. She is the woman of ‘hot damn fuck me’ ways and has no issue with using you for her sexual pleasure. Using, abusing and then stirring you into purring as she sets her eyes upon another as her next victim.

(( Ode To The Ice Goddess ))

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