Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Christmas Pet

The note comes to the table wrapping in a red silk lace strand that radiates a richness of male cologne that simply is spicy brilliance in every degree. It is classy lace ribbon that is embracing the white elegant handcrafted envelope that is crisply clean in an ever measure. It is obvious that there is time taken to create it, it easily shows and the wafting aroma simply talks about the sweet mystery that belongs to a man who intends to enchant. It indeed does and he now begins to weave is a spell of seduction until his goals are meeting her smiles.

‘Uhm” she ponders of this as the waiter departs the table. She begins to quarry of who sends it but she hesitates for the waiter is swiftly busy with other tasks. This allows her the choice of either waiting or opening it. Or she could slip the note into her purse. However, she is here tonight alone to as pre-Christmas treat to allow the stress to leave her life. It is the truth that she enjoys spending this day of December twenty-third alone like this. She does it every year with a fine dinner and then a long ride to her country house but tonight the usual routine is feeling lonely for the first time in years.

With that thought, she gazes out the snow covered window that is next to her dining table in this upscale restaurant. In peering out through the darkened glass and first her still-girlish looking eyes of emerald green peer back her with no smile upon her lips as her wavy brunette tresses perfectly frame her youthful looking features in a display of what most consider a true natural artwork. Aurora is beauty indeed at forty-four, a treasure of a woman and yet alone during this holiday season as she awaits dessert of Christmas pudding and her final glass of white wine.

“Oh, my, Aurora! You are looking your age,” she whispers to herself. She criticizes of herself so she chooses to reach for the almost empty glass of wine that rests in front of her. In doing so she hears memories floating in the mind of her father saying ’Marry young; don’t wait till you're forty. Old and worn is not what a man wants.’ This brings her to spritely whisper into the glass that she holds “Daddy, I am more sexy and capable than most women half my age and if you were…oh!” then she stops within a gasping for she does truly miss him, especially this time of year. Before his death, he exists as the type of man who gives his only daughter a dozen red and white roses for a gift on this day. Yet, the past four years there is none and only his absence within her life prevails. Her thoughts quake of that ‘men’ and then thoughts of his need to spoil her. Looking down at the note she continues with ‘Yes men.’

Then turning thought into whispers she states, “There have been many but these past few years I have want of none.”

So she figures the note is simply another invite to something that some man wants to her. She has been receiving Lil treasure notes for a month. She is getting one every evening before she leaves work with each one similar to this one, each one with a piece of poetry upon it. Hand wrote unique poetics that are neither romantic nor usual, yet they tend to leave her wondering why such is coming to her. It has surprised her to not to get this note at the office earlier in the. It does and she simply figures that whoever it is lost interest due to no replies in return. She gives none for any address or clues come from whom it is. So with all that in mind, she now wonders ‘how on Earth does anyone know I am here tonight? No one could unless that person quizzes my personal secretary’. Which she can`t easily see happening. But Aurora figures the notes existing at all are odd and so this one showing up here is not usual. Or is it?

The dessert comes .it slowly eaten. She thoroughly enjoys the treat and last glass of wine knowing that she will head home and sleep before morning departure to the country house. Upon completion of dinner, the waiter drops by to state that the dinner is in the house and that she is to wished holidays blessings. It is all a very nice evening as she stands to place her purse in her hand to prepare to head out of the restaurant and home. Then within that softness of what feels like a quaint beginning to Christmas holy days there comes from behind her the sounding of a deeply baritone voice of a very familiar man. “I knew that you would be here. I sort of planned it but the only part that is planned is this, it is of you, you kissing me.”

Then there is a sudden clicking ratcheting of a metal cuffs binding her wrist she looks at him in shock. Then he states, “Come, you are sharing Christmas with me, with these cuffs and a bed bigger than any of your sexual dreams. You are mine, I am tired of waiting for the woman that I love.”

She looks up in shock while she begins to speak, but his firm massive hand instantly covers her mouth to muffle all sounds. She is breathless, but he is not as his strong male arms pull her body hard against his firm well-built male body. “Mine, You gave me dates, you gave me heartbreak and said one day maybe we could be more. That day is today.”

As he said that his hand slips from her lips allowing her to speak “Shane! Why and how?”

“You left me twenty-five years because your father called me scoundrel who wants money and power. I do want it but I want you too, yet I don’t need anything but you. Not anymore I don’t. I have all the power with being CEO of Keeling Industries. Yes, the very company that your corporation is doing business with this month. I do come to you to woo you. I have your corporation wooing my company into doing business. Then in doing so I fully intend to seduce you into marrying me and getting those kisses that I the note says that I am getting tonight.”

Will if that isn't enough to be a wild night before Christmas holidays then the fact that in a breath he plants a kiss on her lips. Lips that are about to speak but it is to be endless kisses too. Oh yes, lovely kisses of many pleasures and measures with more sets of cuffs, a bit of bondage on a hotel bed and Aurora wearing a submissive collar. Oh yes, she eventually wears a nice little black leather piece of the collar with a smile as the two make way into hours of sexual deviant pleasures. Then in the morning, it is off to enjoy a week of holiday at her country house. However even as they both make steps to depart the restaurant they both know that they both will need a week to simply get reacquainted but Aurora thinks that she may need a month to enjoy him in the ways that she has dreams of him. Years of dreams and no he comes, he comes and it is her Christmas treat. He is the man that all others are gauged against and he is the now hers again. He is Shane the man of kinky love and cuff. And as she stands there with him ‘She says ‘Yes you will marry me on Christmas day, next year. That is right after we work on a year of creating several smiles for my lower lips and a collar to match all that ownership between us.”

With that, she looks into his eyes saying, ”Sir, may I please kiss you?”

With his smile gleaming of love and joy he leans down to almost be kissing her. “Yes, my pet.”

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