Sunday, December 15, 2013

1st Orgasm

It would give the woman of brunette tresses unlimited pleasure to have the woman of golden mane come to sit on her lap on the bed that is of four large ornate wooden pillars To sit there nude within her curves of great feminine beauty, to simply sit there within all their nudity. To have the blonde beauty place her backside against the brunette`s front, a strong beautiful chest holding large round orbs of womanly breasts and to have the pleasure create an arousal into a heated need for touching so much more.

The blonde gorgeous muscular backside playing in a tender caress to heighten the need to touch and yet only a simplistic kiss comes to tenderly upon lips of the blond woman as she turns to gaze into Irish green eyes. A kiss to play upon lips until they are both breathless and still devouring each other`s breaths within wishing for more.

Then as the heat comes more between them it has hands entwining to hold each other. Then the brunette begins to give a long slow whipping lick of her lover`s spine as the blond leans forward to allow the teasing that is truly her most intense pleasure. With a soft purring moan, she then returns to sit straight permitting slow sensual kissing to the nape of her neck by the brunette.In doing so there is a feeling of the blonde`s breasts within cupping them in a firm grip with both hands until it is a temptation to have fingers enjoying hardened nipples. It is feeling, caressing, tugging and building into towers of peeked pleasure mounds to create a moaning sensual symphony as the blond leans hard against the brunette in enjoying the erotic bliss of the sensations that swarm them both.

As ecstasy in feelings comes sweeping in to have them both tremble of the ways their energy is in union there arrives a whispering of “I love you.” That brings a left hand smoothing down over the blonde`s tummy as they push into pressing more together to have them lean backwards in relaxing against the bed`s headboard. The blonde’s thighs naturally open for the incoming treat of receiving more touch. It is then long lovely legs straddling another set of legs to open up as knees become seeming like towering mountains to provide a chamber of divine sexual pleasure sharing. It is firm beautiful thighs wide and a left hand going down, down, down over soft smooth skin of a tummy until finger tips come to tenderly tickle lower lips.

A gasp comes from both women when the brunette is finding those moist hot lower lips. Finding them to be giving a playful soothing touching to create an intensity of breathing, and breathing as one. Union as their bodies squirms, move in sensual ways while they build the need to rush into a deep sweet stroking of two fingers gliding through wet pussy lips. Building, heating it, making them tighter as the fingers thrust through and feels the sloppy wet so inviting. Deeply inviting until it is making into a relaxing with kiss to that doesn’t truly calm anything but the breathing is now one within raw primal kisses exchanging between them as the first orgasm of the afternoon is set free.

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