Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pleasure`s Kiss (Part 2)

Jenna and Rikki know they are blazing into seducing more than coffee and chat as fingers thrust within pussy lips. Pushing in and pulling out as every inner vaginal muscle tightens into an intensity of vice like seizure creating deep panting breaths as soft cries of pleasure are hearing. This mixes deliciously with the delicate aroma that fills the air as Rikki`s arousal scent comes to Jenna's nostrils. It inspires Jenna to run one finger over the satiny joint between those lovely sleek thighs to sense the seeping wetness. Then Jenna inhales the aroma within taking a deeper breath. Rikki’s aromatic beauty takes the breath away as it inspires Jenna`s vaginal heat to burst into flame between her slender compressing thighs.

The look in both of their eyes changes as though lightening does suddenly strike them. Each knows the other can no longer stop the play and that they are going to own each other’s cum soon. It brings breathing rapidly as Rikki reaches to touch, and tease Jenna`s clitoris making the heated pulsations barely under control. No control is coming has her other palm does smooth down over Jenna’s left arm with taking times to have fingernails play tiny circles on silken skin that is warm to the soft touch. Rikki likes watching Jenna`s body sway in squirming over the plays of her left palm teasing those lower lips. That pleasure has Rikki`s nipples ready to pop into even harder round peaks while making thighs quake and the inner sexual fires are wildly running free.

The mutual thrusting within vaginal canals creates a world of fast building lust. Jenna looks at this beauty needing that cum, wanting to kiss the cream off lips and falling more in love with Rikki.

She next is reaching to capture nipples with moist lips to trace a subtle design around the base of the hard peak. That brings a roaring gasping breath from Rikki. Yet, Jenna doesn’t remain to embrace around the flesh but chooses to release before nuzzling into that beautiful valley between the two breasts. That causes Jenna`s breath to be warm on the delicate flesh but instantly there comes no soft. There arrives a teasing of blowing coolness there to be instigating a rippling wave of more arousal within the flesh. Then the naughty kicker comes as Jenna flicks a whipping wet licking straight up the center of the valley of those firm round mounds. That allows a screaming passionate cry releasing from Rikki as her fingers begin pounding within those heated folds that are so tight that she barely can push in.

Everything between them swiftly is arriving into panting breaths. They each are becoming dizzy of the satisfaction from touch that slips within, as every cell of both bodies is tense with needing to feel release. Feeling each other close, and wanting every inch of each other covering in kisses, in bliss and within cum. It is a wanting of it all and needing to succumb while fingers continue probing to then have vaginal muscles clench within the build-up to the first climax. “Love you.“ Screams out Rikki as Jenna chants “More, more, more. No stopping.”

Jenna comes up to be playing a kiss to Rikki`s forehead before nuzzling into the curve of her neck whispering, “Love you too. But more.”

This has her leaning down with placing a warm kiss on Rikki`s tummy causing those abdomen muscles to draw in within tightening and then breathing simply is picking up in pace again as Rikki watches the loving deepen. Jenna, in turn, enjoys slowing everything down as the cream caress lower lips and they both allow it to rest there for they know it isn’t time to stop. It does stop for there is nuzzling against hips with lips teasing in tender caress but it is only a playfulness that makes Rikki squirm in the sensations that once more begin building sexual fires. That, however, isn’t all that teases as two of Jenna`s fingers arrive to work for tiny circles upon the junction of the thigh meeting torso.

Rikki quakes of it but she clears her mind enough to plant her own ass firmly back on the bed with pulling Jenna along to kneel on the bed. Jenna smiles of the minor taking of control to bring them both more comfort and within it as she brushes the back of her knuckles across those delicate pussy folds that are cream covering. She enjoys a slow brushing over these lower lips as she smothers her hand’s skin with the feeling the cum that glistens there as a reward of the fast orgasm. She purrs of the sensations thinking of the need to taste the cream and in doing so she flashes a gaze into those eyes of Rikki. ”I will lick your lips and pull your pussy with my teeth.”

That teasing is drawing forth a panting breath and quivers from Rikki as she replies “I am gonna fuck you all day and then make love to you all night.”

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pleasure`s Kiss ( Part # 1)

Rikki takes to observing the beautiful brunette that is her only desire. She sits there with knowing that this woman of early forties is whom she considers being her everything. It is true that Jenna from day one has that way of creating immediate connective energy into blazing lustful fires. Thus, Rikki wants her every minute of the day with needing her in primal love ways. This is causing her to be sitting there hungrily staring at this other woman with no intention of stopping what is eventually coming between them. No stop to the raw wild need to please and pleasure with soon to be a permanent girlfriend.

Jenna, on the other hand, is standing with leaning against the doorframe of her own bedroom door. She is gazing at Rikki who seems to enjoy coming over every day for a chat, but today Rikki is too quiet. They usually tend to enjoy interesting conversation but currently the two women seem to be hunting for reasons to do more than talking. This is quite apparent in the tension filling stares that they share on this afternoon. They both know that the prior days that come filling with sexual tease now need a bit more than chatter. Especially since Jenna up the game plan by telling Rikki that in private she is masturbating to thoughts of being with Rikki. It is a slip of the tongue that occurs yesterday. Then again if truth is telling it is the way Jenna wants it to be. She needs that as sharing so she can boost things into where she wants the friendship to be.

Hence, a faster pace that involves being more hands is the new need among them. Therefore, a gaze of sexual heat is rising and as it does Jenna walks up to Rikki to look down into those green eyes to say, “You come here wanting to fuck me, so get busy with it.“

Rikki looks up from her position on the bed to say “Oh, I thought you asked me into your room to show me something.”

“I have. I want you to see me.” With that Jenna pulls the string ties that hold her pretty sundress to her shoulders. Instantly the dress falls to floor revealing nude curves that are easily existing in full sexual arousal. Yet that isn’t all that comes as Jenna begins working to enhance the pleasure of the view by caressing her nipples into harder peaks. ”You need undressed. You are fucking me.” Arrives in complete confidence of knowing that the forty-year-old Rikki is ready, able and willing to be a sexual playmate for as long as they both desire it.

Yet, there is no more rush of things as both women smile of the declaration before they next enjoy the ways of Rikki removing the black dress shirt and blue jeans. It is a nice show of taking those off in a minor league stripping to reveal nude curves that are very much proving to be equal as aroused as Jenna. Jenna takes great pleasure in watching it while she strokes her nails across her own nipples before she trails them down that firm tummy to tease the outer lips of her own pussy. It has her torn between enjoying Rikki`s exquisite simplistic beauty and a desire to show Rikki how she feels when they are near each other. Hence, Jenna warily smiles to next be leaning down with looking deep within those green with her own blue ones. “You make me nuts.” She conveys, as she gazes into eyes that are windows to the soul of a woman that she has fallen in love with. The next second has Jenna moistening her own lips with a whipping lick of her tongue before her lips come ever so close to Rikki`s lips. It has her staring even more attentively into those eyes in search of permission. This also has Jenna lingering there while whispering, "You are all that I want and I will give you everything that you desire if you permit one kiss."

Rikki is very much into what is going on for her mind is reeling in daydreams playing out and her body is fully alive with wildfire lust. It is all very interesting when it's combining with the love feelings of the past months that now easily share the sensations of how Jenna stares at her. It has Rikki glancing at her through long silky eyes lashes. She admits to herself that she is feeling a tiny bit bashful, but the knowing that dessert is soon to be all hers shakes most of that out of her senses. It makes her smile and runs her fingers through the valley of those beautiful firm breasts. That makes lower lips even wetter but soon that inspires further sensations as she hears a little catch of Jenna`s breath over the fingers teasing upward to have Rikki cup Jenna`s chin with an open palm. That, in turn, is making Rikki`s heart quicken. Because the sound simply is one she longs to hear.

Continuing gaze, and feeling those fingers brush is having an understanding that skin is being pleased under a touching that is a need by both. Thus, as Rikki`s hand cups, a chin Jenna reaches with both hands to cup Rikki`s two breasts. In leads onward to have Jenna play out a firm squeeze of them to state that she now takes what she considers rightly hers. This makes breaths coming in heavier pacing. It is lungs expanding for more air, with hearts in wildly beating melody of two sexual rhythms coming into sync with each other. Thus, it is bodies so deeply alive with need and that is causing a constant gazing into eyes as hands come to play open palms over breasts and then downward over Rikki`s taut tummy. It has them both smiling brighter as Rikki licks her own lips in prep for that kiss.

This is a lip lock that is waiting to come to fruition while there is a running of Jenna`s fingers along slender thighs before lastly sliding between them. A gasp then is slipping from with Rikki that tells of how much she desires more of what is happening between them. Such makes Jenna pause to delicately play with the wet tender flesh that barely touches her fingertips. She senses the quivers that easily come drifty from Rikki causing a continuous delightful smile upon Jenna`s lips with each coming caress that further pushes between those slowly parting thighs. She likes the way there is inching inward causing the shivers play out as it is creating panting breaths coming from Rikki. Breathing that adds into the understanding that Rikki is spellbound with looking into eyes. Gazing with simply being lost in sensations that they both long to share.

Then there comes pausing of pleasure touch but it swiftly starts again. That makes a torment expression to consume Rikki`s face as she gasps in need of more caress. More stroking of womanly folds that barely are feeling the sliding of fingers over the wet flesh that is dripping in heated honey. Yet it once more is pausing after a return to insertion into those moist folds. It shows that Jenna is the intent of drawing out the pleasure with play while there exists the promise of building the orgasms high. It is raising the pleasure higher with touch, lovely caress within delicate places that lead to the making of even more heat between thighs. This is allowing a purring to sing out as Rikki`s eyes stare at her lover with intentional lust trying to warn her that touching is getting more wetness and all that is wishes. Then leaning upward for that kiss there is a brush of lips for temptation is beyond control. The powerful sensations of wanting, and needing and brings the press of upper lips as thighs shiver shakes in the need for more than a few strokes from a woman who makes every sense within Rikki wild with sensations.


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Nymphomaniac - Leaving - Abandoned - 3Some

Those hands slipping in sliding down over soft hot skin that is waiting for more of what he calls her sin. He says it is her sin of needing within pleading for the high of orgasm. He proclaims and blames her of her needs that bleed from within her as she seeks all that may come from embracing and making men`s hearts run in rapid pacing. That is her goal. He says that it is that very thing which seeps from her very soul. He knows it all too well for he watches her in her wanting to feel the rush. Her to feel the climax from her need that comes in a gushing of lust. It is her world of squirting orgasm’s cream from within her and them. She wants it, needs and demands to enjoy the endless amounts of men. It is a need, it simply is and it is no act but the most basic of human facts. She is horny, lusting in endless ways and she is the one and only nymphomaniac.

The door of her heart instantly slams close after she watches the kiss between the two of them. She come here to enjoy what she thinks is a new love on the rise yet this is what she finds as she enters the bedroom. She spends time trying to open all of herself to only find this here. She refuses to watch it for more than mere moments due to that she is not intending to succumb to the threesome that seems to be the game plan. Her heart is worth more than playing within the realms of many lovers. So she figures it is time to turn her naughty ass around and make way for that door. She is worth more than a dirty threesome and some wild sex for a night, so the door`s knob is being turned.

The tree is still up and it`s weeks later. She is intentionally allowing this extension of holiday things here at the winter cottage. She is for there is a promise that her lover is to come to enjoy a celebration. They both know it is to be after holidays officially end but seriously it`s into the third week and apologizes with more promises are not working the magic any longer. She dresses in her sexy classy finery, she is doing all those tiny things that make her delectable and she simply oozes of sexual arousal. She knows the drill of things between them in their secret love affair and hideaways. She understands how it’s to be an elegant dinner first and then it is onward to some of the kinkiest sexual shit known to humanity. Oh yes, she does but having this much patience for a weekend getaway is simply getting her into this most delicious bottle of pink bubbly.

Caught between two with not knowing whom she should do. 'Will you share me?' is her thinking. He looks at her caught between needing, thinking and wanting the pleasure of many. Then he takes her in his arms whispering, “You deserve two, for he will not be enough for you.” Then he pushes her into him and the naughty fun begins. It starts within a wild possession as the night takes her and she becomes their obsession. Lust is what they have on their minds and she is more than willing to entwine.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Getting Laid

“You need to get laid. I need to get laid. So what the hell are you standing there for?” She said while unbuttoning her white button down blouse that seemed to almost flow off her body like liquid silk flooding in elegant showering to the floor. It gives way to a vision of beautiful orbs of nude womanly breasts that possess nipple peaks that simply demand to be tasted. I do just that as I come to stand in front of her to cup the left breast within my two upper lips before then swallowing that hardness deep within my moist mouth.

My lips suckling, swallowing the moisture of my hot demanding mouth as my lips press and pleasure that hardness into being even more of a rock of pleasured peeks that allow that symphony of her moaning to erupt. It has her grasping the back of my head pressing me into more. “More, more.” She said as her breaths come deeper in sudden harshness.

She is wanting, needing and the horniness is to not be denied. She commands my head to push to her, pressured into pleasing that nipple more as it plays within the confines of my mouth. That proud peek is feeling swiftness of my tongue`s tip lashing at it, driving it into being all that it can be. Oh, the breathlessness of it as the taste consumes me. The feel of her breast under the cupping of my two hands as I worship make every cell of me quake of the lovely lust that fills me when I see those eyes of blue staring down at me.

She watches me, breaths in the coming scent of our love filling the air as we abide there finding me reaching to slip my right hand within the confines of her pants. Reaching within those to be crawling eager fingers along until that touch. Finger touching and finding paradise. My fingers grazing the firmness of hot warmth that is moister then my mouth. This pleasure center awaits the desire of teasing pleasing just as her other lips need kissing. Yet, my mouth remains steadfast to that left nipple suckling it as her heart beat runs wild and free.

Free, untamed beauty looking down at me as her hand commands my head to play these lips into enjoying and toying with that nipple until it is suckled into being highly hard. Then in grasping my brunette tresses she maneuvers my head to the other nipple to make it proud standing high as I have diligently teased the other with whippings of my tongue and the heated moisture of pressure within my needy mouth. Oh, she tastes like angel wrapping in naughty dreams that sin its self. I want her, need to devour her and have her sound as though every pleasure that we share is her euphoria in this life. I need her and listen as she sings of the sexual lust that we are giving to each other.

Then the morning turns into the reality of filling a daydream, a dream of kissing that nipple, teasing my finger within her womanly heat and then sharing passionate kisses. Yet, first there is more play and then we ware to wile away the day within rapturous lovemaking. Love making and our love until we both are breathless san with dreaming in sleep as we embrace each other wishing to do it all again.

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Those lips that touch and the way the teasing does play not only in the mind but even within the body and soul. Oh yes, this is a lust technician that sits there looking into the very soul of me. It simply is that and it makes me shiver in lust to touch yet I sit her as my mind begs my lips to ask for more of her voice, her gaze and hopefully another brushing with her touch.

Watching every motion allowing it to shiver out into naughty notions before then allowing a gasping breath for air. A Breath that must be for she has taken my air, taken it as I watch those fingers play on my creating the heart pound in a wild interesting rhythm. Oh yes, indeed she is a lust technician. She is a woman who captures me at first glance, and then the power of her presence brings about this trance. She is to be with me as my hand reaches to tenderly caresses the back of her hand that lay there in the valley of my breast as my eyes research her eyes and very soul.

Panting breaths consume, it rests within them to send forth the feathery intense breaths that she so easily creates. She and those lips, those words and all I wish is more, more and the exploration of all that is these wild sensations. The senses ablaze with a crazy and powerful passion that make me dizzy within desire allowing my nipples to pop harder and the wonderful of wetness seep into glistening upon lower lips as I whisper in begging plea for her to stay with me and play out a night of all that can be dreams.

Each sensation powerful within its pleasing creating my very skin to heat into having a fire within every cell as her upper lips make that spell of lust play out. Playing out it to have the heat on my lower lips in a sweeping and weeping as my hands trace her spine, cuddling her under soft playful flirty touch as she enjoys the tease on my flesh. She and her body so close and that has my toes curl and my world spin within wishes of more sin. A sin that is sexy and sweet but so much more as my hands explore her downward over her fine ass to have both open palms grasp that lovely firm as I whisper how much desire there is to completely have her as mine.

The motions and trailing pleasure of her finger mixing with the siege of my nipples cause my hips to press into her. A deep gasping sound of the awe over the wild energy that comes feeling our womanly heat so close and creating more of that sweet scent that is out lustful need. Oh, she has me whine in pleasure`s wake as she plays out more with the teasing of hands on flesh .It sends me into bliss as my hand's mold and then tarries not as theses do seek and make plunder of her hips, and up over her sides to taking in each curve and winding upward and the down as I need and bleed for all that may be.

Pushed high, higher and the tight sweet of me pulsates into creating the heat to be volcanic as the wet sweet her hand as her hand fills .It thrusts, tightens and lays deep powerful sensation into the playground of my lust as my hand mold on her body, pushing her into me and allowing every feeling to flow and tease out that high of releasing as every cell suddenly hits maximum pleasure creating pleasure`s cry, oh sweet sensual moaning cries of treasures sexual pleasure as my body quakes in giving and our bodies collide in the euphoria of our sharing and daring to play within the lust, oh yes she is my lust technician.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

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