Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dirty Sweet Stripping

She strips right here.
She slowly is taking every piece of clothing off within teasing and it becomes hotter than Hell in the room as she dances and prances to make my blood boil and heart toil in lustful ways. Oh she, she knows how to make it all sexy and sensual within the swing of her hips and the touching of herself with her fingertips. She is dancing for me; she is the woman who knows the pleasures of teasing, pleasing and squeezing out lust until you fall in love with her. Oh yes, she makes the heart stir while lips do purr of a begging plea to touch me.

She stands here swaying within nudity.
She plays on her skin with her fingertips that have those crimson painted fingernails. My girl is a beautiful woman that is a teaser, a pleaser and my treasure of sexual pleasures while taunting me into wanting her. Haunting me day and night with needing her, bleeding of the need of her until I know that it is a must to touch. Yet, no touch as she turns away and blows a kiss to make me insist on touching her and still it is “no” as she turns to and fro. More teasing, more of making me desire her so that my lustful fires burn and blaze until there is the wild uncontrolled craze of following her wish of kneeling and begging to be reaching out and to be feeling. To be feeling her skin under my palms as I begin my chant of a lusty love psalms.

She teases herself, fingers slowly teasing lower lips.
Playing fingertips in smooth circular motions creating the sexual notions that build my emotions higher within lustful desire. Building my need of her as I watch her creating hotter sexual fires to please her and tease me. This is the woman of dreams touching while lingering within beginning to be fingering her folds into a heated wild blaze that makes me dizzy within a lusty daze. Her soft warm skin existing and listing within the building of sensual sexual fires making us both desire to play it higher and then now it is a wish to come nigh, nigh unto almost kissing and still within wishing for more. She is the only desire, she brings it on stronger within deeper touching with placing her fingers deeper inside to abide within the slick wet wild pulsations of her naughty lower lips that do inspire. Inspiring deep breaths and still it is no touch but I want her ever so much.

She is pushing me to my knees.
Kneeling with reeling in lust while falling into the bliss of watching her lower lips thrill in the ways and plays of her probing fingers. Easily it makes a spill of wetness abiding upon my lower lips for I can no longer hide the ways that she does thrill. Thus, within kneeling to her is all that I yearn for as love and lust entwine in a wish to make her always and only mine. The only mine as my lips presses her womanly wetness that brings to my kiss endless bliss with more kissing from my upper lips that have me feel blessed. Then my tongue willingly strums those folds as I boldly suckle, tickle and tease until her moans have grown into pouring out in roaring songs of lust. Oh, the exquisite sweet taste, the slow penetrating pace that is causing the heart to move in a wild thunderous race and yet it’s only more exploring as my lips and tongue continue the adoring. Yes, me adoring, me exploring, loving and then she is shoving me deeper, deeper and wetter and ‘oh my god’ life cannot get any better.

Then in a rush, it is she who pleases me.
It is a pleasure to treasure as there is more teasing with sucking, kissing and thrusting having her delight in my devotion creates peaking in her sexual emotions making her body demand more of my motions. Deeper, deeper, faster and can I outlast her? It is my tease of those wet pussy lips that please, it is the tease unto her that makes her lusty cream stir and while her world spins release of climax purr. Purring, and stirring her creamy cum that is dreamy with it mine as it comes to have my smile shine.

She strips right here.
She stands here swaying within nudity.
She teases herself, fingers slowly teasing lower lips.
She is pushing me to my knees.
Then in a rush, it is she who pleases me.

Her love and passion come for me.
She strips for me.
She pleases me.
She is the need of me.
She knows the ways to seduce me.
Yeah, she likes to strip me.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tasting Me

Me nude.
You working.
Me needing a shower and you daydreaming of life after hours.

Me nude.
Water pouring down.
You dreaming of our lust unbound.

Me nude.
Towel in hand.
You wanting to be home are your plans.

Me nude.
Every day at three it is me.
You knowing and longing to be with me.

Me nude.
On the bed with hands in touch.
You wanting me ever so much.

Me nude.
Me releasing into the bliss.
You knowing by three thirty what you have missed.

Me still nude.
Your phone is ringing.
“Was it tasty, my darling?”

Me nude upon the bed.
Me nude and this is what I said.
“Yes, but it should be you tasting me instead.

Upon Our Bed

Waiting. Willing. Restless. Relaxed but needing, while I am here without you and daydreaming of what we should do. You here on this bed with me playing out lust and entertaining game of ‘trust me if I do this’. If I do all that I wish, but may we please start with a kiss. Yet, we need to begin with you here, you near and us breathing in the same air.

Sealed By Pearls

I wish to chain her with pearls of white to bind her to me to bring her smile bright. These are pearls that do dare to hold and beads that share caressing of her skin as my finger comes ever too bold. Bold with teasing her skin, brazen within touching making her womanly fires arise within. Needing her to feel all sensation as I seal her to me with our lips coming to meet while we begin to create lovemaking that is boundless in its undertaking.

Copied Orgasms

Copies, he wants copies, yet does he understand that there is only one of me with no copies. He seems to desire me, but he is going to get more than me on a copier. However if we remain here he is going to have copies of my ass getting a treat that is soon to be unleashing from his pants. I say soon because he is the type who teases me all day with that big bulge in his pants while smirking a sinful grin that comes with his hand running my ass every time he passes by me. Which that seems a bit extra often today and so we are chasing each other around a copier room until he tosses my ass on this machine in a wish to make me extremely creamy from our need to make endless copies of many orgasms.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Seduced By A Daydream

"Thy smile is kissed when you look at me like this." She said to me as we wake in the comfort of our bed sheets. Our bed in mid-afternoon as we both release from dreams to find the need to arrive awake within a day. She leans over to kiss me, to touch my cheek and then she is off to seek a shower for she must be off to her work. She is soon gone from me with no more time to entwine thus I too am left to a day of enjoying whatever may come, but it is mine. ‘Whatever’ is my day indeed as the day swings within its rhythms and tides and soon it has me there sitting to be staring out the bay window with coffee and a smile. A smile of happiness that gives more smiles and lives brightly as the drinking comes and the mind flows in thoughts of endless dreams.

The mind is swallowed by thoughts of her. She once more dares to come to play out a daydream upon this creative mind. She comes to dance with me in the afternoon sunlight as she leans in to steal a kiss from my lips. It is a teasing kiss that arrives to accompany blue eyes that twinkle of the delight of falling more in love with me. She smiles within it to then lash her tongue out to whip a licking to the tip of my nose. It is a challenge to try to achieve another kiss.

Oh her, oh yes her and how she easily takes me into daydreams of needing more than dreams. Yet, the daydreams bring a smile that lasts a long while. Those simply do for the thoughts of her do create every cell of me to be more alive. She is the one who is my golden one, she is the woman who allows my soul to climb high and set it's even more ablaze within its fires.

Indeed, it is soul fire. So it is universe heat and passion wild within its blazing energy, as she remains to tease me with her smile while playfully dancing within our world of dreams. Her dancing for me, her dancing with me and us smiling with giggling as she teases me into almost taking and making love with her. Yet, I do not for the play needs so much more and we are to enjoy this taunting with its play, as we shall find much more to explore.

Hence, she moves and sways within the day of sunlight showing me that I do want her more than anything or anyone in this life. She is my life, my breath and the need for me as she pleases me in the turning of dancing. The classic beautiful woman, wild passion, and her smiling at me with love within those blue eyes. She so easily seduces me more into her as we enjoy the streams of warm sunbeams and the play within our daydream.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fucking Me.

The very thought of her cupping these breast to have these orbs of full round mounds being squeezed within her possession is a gasp of breath. Her gripping them to mold them in her hands as she watches my eyes in order that she seeks how it has me feel. Oh yes, feeling her and the wanting of me while within this sensation that is known as aching need. It comes to be a longing desire to have her feel so much more of me. Her with me as we come to touch and enjoy the sensations of breasts being caressed with kisses to lips and souls sharing as every cell of us comes to the need to enjoy all of our lust. Love and lust that is easily employing as she is toying with these mounds that have my heart pounding within them as the sounds of lovemaking come to be sharing.

It is we sharing and daring to tease our lust out and back into each other. Thus, those kisses come deeper with hunger ensuing as we both plunder the other`s lips with tasting them and slipping a tongue into taunt out more want. It an endless tasting as our breathing entwines and our smiles shines. She is with me making me happy and pleased. Pleased by her fingers that now come to linger within plucking my nipples as she whispers upon my lips, “I am intending to fucking you.”

‘Fucking me’, this does stimulate as it lies in my thoughts in a ringing out. It is ringing within my mind to inspire the need to consummate our lust and love within all that we each ever do dream of. She is my need, she is the woman for me and I want her here and now. Here with me as we each may please the other even though we are not in our bed under comfy cover. There is no wish of it for we are greedy with this needy desire to set our bodies ablaze within their sexual fires. So onward we play as she kneels to say, “Ready? You are mine forever and always, in every lifetime.”

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

'Love Em And Leave Em' Ass.

Alley knows they still each want her, but which of them is to possess her and treat her as she needs. This is her thought pattern as she looks at the five men who are former fuck studs. Gazing at them in playful want while seeing them watch her has her grinning and dripping wet. She watches them as if they are toys to be played with. The men, however, look at her like she is the next best fuck on their list of sluts that need taming and yes she needs subjugation without a doubt considering what she did to each of them. This is due to Alley being notorious for using men and literally tossing them on their ass to totally abuse them in whatever she choose to enjoy of the. This has her a very public reputation for being a woman who is a dirty player and a woman who is wild. Yet, these five men return to her and they are more than aware of what is going to happen but this time, they intend to show her what it is like to be aggressively fucked and used as a toy before they toss her on her naughty 'love em and leave em' ass. It is hearts broken but now she is cuffed and is to be their toy. A toy to enjoy, and it is be filming in five minutes. A nice party on film and the world is to see what she truly needs to be.

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