Monday, April 28, 2014

She Kisses Me

She kisses me, she sanctifies me with her lovely lips that caress within meeting mine as we are greeting. She is kissing me until we both become breathless. My beauty that is of blond tresses welcomes me into her world with making us both breathless within a wanting, and a needing to be filling our wishes of more than kisses. She pressures and plays having me to be relenting into the enticement of more. It is my need to be leaning into those lips within pressing to enjoy the play of our love into each other. It is eating our breaths and me teasing with my fingertips within lingering touch. Touching that is trailing down, down over the skin that is warm and waiting to play out our lust`s that is abiding within.

Abiding and gliding within the bliss of her lips that are teasing in pleasing, and pleasing in teasing as fingers are trailing. Moving over skin and make her mind dizzy and my thoughts to spin. Our worlds with us within kissing as fingernails find and do entwine within her fingers. There come to embrace with a play of palm-to-palm creating smiling within kisses. Yes, smiling kisses that are endlessly delicious. These grow more delicious as we devour and breathe with me falling more in love with her and her welcoming me, greeting, as she becomes the very breath of me.

Breathe with breath, breasts to breasts and the world spins of only her and me. It is all that I ever wish, my wishing of she with me. Us together kissing and making embrace as fingers continue to trace. It is hands that are playing in tenderness as that slide up to entwine fingers within silken tresses. These are lovely threads of hair to entwine around fingers for play as our other hands entwine. Hands are holding within wandering onward to be ever so bold with having that land upon the soft skin. Warm, hot skin that is shivers in the delight of being touched, touched and enjoyed, oh it is beautiful as the kisses wane into breathing and nibbling as we wait to see, to see what more there is to be. It has gazes so very tense, eyes spending time reading souls and us both knowing what is our goal. That knowledge as both gives a purring to rumble from within.

The humming is within soft sweet sensations of lips trembling upon lips, as there is slight gasping with our breathing as we feel it in her souls. Feel how our unconditional love does embrace with the purest of lust that has ever been known. Our the love mixing with an intense heat that is rumbling wild within us as she now plays her lips upon nude breasts, to capture nipples that perky in speaking. Round fleshy orbs that encounter her moist lips while our entwined hands travel down, down to slip between, between lean thighs that rise to meet the need to share our womanly heat. This has my free hand travelling downward to adoring the length and the beauty of her body. Enjoying it as her teeth are toying with my nipples until they become red with lust`s pleasure. A pleasure that comes to feel so profoundly real within the treasure of sensing the cool air that arrives to sweep skin.

My mind screams for more, so much more while gazing into her eye, looking there within sharing and staring and daring. This is our souls are talking; no words are needed for it is easy to see what we need. Thus, fingers are daring to trail to her womanly heat. Her finger easily comes to greet my lustful womanly treat. It is this very heat within our treats that we both do seek as our bodies flex into motions and notions of dreamy treats. Thus, we touch and tease those lower lips; we slip and slide fingers within to create dizziness so to have our minds spin. It is higher heat within in and out and with twisting and turning as we drive our vaginal muscle into wild churning. It is tickling those soft folds, it’s whispering of our love that forever to be told. It is teasing; it’s driving within and us holding on tight as our eyes hold gaze in each other’s souls on this dark evening of night. Then in time, there are our screams that of passion that come about.

This has spinning of feelings, dripping in glistening wetness upon lower lips, and feeling bodies move in loving emotions with each other. It arrives to be teasing of skin in soft ways, as the heat is set free. It now tenderly spilling out love words and breaths deeply wild in gasping as we are finding joy in employing teasing plays on our nude skin as our lips meet once more to explore and adore. Then in this moment of bliss that is filling with more kisses my hands come to grasp her ass. My palms taking to feeling it, squeezing it as my breath deepened and I are lost in her. Lost and finding more love than I have ever dreamed of as we melt and mold while we still tenderly are playing out our need.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fuck Me Honey

Watching her disrobe is sheer pleasure in all its visual beauty. She knows how to remove clothes so to make an onlooker spellbound. She does it slowly with intentional flirtatious sensual teasing that makes a lover even more aroused. She has me aroused, me wanting her and it is hard to be sitting nude in a winged backed chair. Sitting here in its comforts being nude and needing, while wanting to enjoy an evening of thoroughly loving her.

I love this woman of midlife years that is a beautiful five foot three blond. I adore her even more as she comes to sit upon the queen sized bed`s edge. She sits there nude tossing me blowing kisses to seduce me to her. Her there taunting me with me wondering of she knows how much she already haunts me. My heart is thundering wildly within trying to control the emotions, motions, and lustful notions. She makes it difficult to concentrate on the task of giving her a night of soft love in the ways that she recently has asked of me. She asks of me to show her how much we could enjoy foreplay, pleasure’s ways without penetrating our sexual center of lust.

Tonight, we have become acquainted after being apart for so long. She is on the bed waiting, me in a chair almost vibrating of lust. Us, there and upon a small wooden vanity table at the side of our bed is a porcelain basin. It is filled with warm water that holds peppermint oils and that is making a lovely fragrance waft within the air of our bedroom. Our room is lovely. It is set to be a place of sanctuary and lovemaking and self-care. Care and love with her all that I have ever dreamed of.

I rise from my chair while our eyes continuously hold each other’s stare. Then as I stand before her, me positioning there as the basin sits close by I smile too then press an open palm to her facial cheek. It has me know that her skin is so smooth, so silken soft and it has my palm quake as her energy comes into me. “Oh you, I love you.” Comes in whispers as my lips brush a partial tease of kiss to her lips. Sweeping a tender kiss before delicate kisses to trail up over her facial cheek. Up, up and there are breathy whispers of “I want you. I wish to lay you down to see how many lovely sounds that we can make.”

Within a gentle nudge within seconds of breathing, she is leaning back upon our bed with a pillow tenderly tucked under her beautiful head. Then in kneeling there I am tracing my fingertips along the curves of her lovely body. It is on each side, trailing slowly as I lean down to kiss her lips. Kissing her, softly touching lips with mine as fingertips are wading and riding each hill and dip. My fingernails are gliding, as they linger and abide within the pleasure of touching her skin. She lying upon our silken bed sheets and breathing deeper, enjoying and allowing me to be toying with her senses. She is looking in my eyes with eyes of blue; her heart is racing in the pacing of an upbeat rhythm. It is she with me, her eyes looking at me, as my fingers find nipples sending out the thrill of lust to ripple within her senses. It is lust`s lovely tender touch as she holds a stare into my declare, “You are teasing me.”

“Who me? Never but yes.” is replied in seductive happy whispers of enjoying that way that her body replies. Replying to me within the thrill of the sea of love that we share and dare to explore. Her beautiful body of five foot three answers me; it talks to me as my fingers play and tease. She speaks with no verbal, but she silently surrenders unto my a conversation in the pleasure of her skin quivering with her breathing deepening as her nipples hardening and her womanly folds dripping of wetness for tasting. “Oh yes, my love. Yes, teasing you and accepting the gift of you Please, please give me the pleasure of loving every inch of you.”

My kisses do leave play upon the gentle curves of her neck and chin to next find a treasure of once more pleasuring her upper lips. Pressing within whispering of wanting her beauty to enjoy. Her loveliness is taking each touch as it explores and adores her. Fingers are travelling to create more and more of the arousing sensations for her to explore. Exploring her more to wander in play within crossing over her breasts that peak in nipples wanting my lips. These are telling me that these wish and demand more than touching. Thus, it`s a moving within trailing and playing kisses down over her chin then onto the dip of her collarbone to give a breathy kiss as my lip as begin laying plunder upon the valley of her full firm round mounds of breasts.

She is mine as we now entwine like this. Her eyes declare that she is and it is time to play within that luxury of all that is tender love. That has my lips gripping the hardness of her pretty peaks and our first treat is the left breast to enjoy. Her nipples need to be teased by sucking them into my lips so that my tongue comes lashing out in playful ways. There is a great liking of it, and there is licking of her skin to then suction the bold little mound into my mouth. Taking it in to be raking teeth to it as she presses up into wanting me to drive the heat within her higher. It has her cupping the other breast as she thrills in tugging its firm peak. Tugging as she watches my eyes of green, looking there as my eyes are glancing into hers knowing that next there is the coming of her right breast for our playful ways. Yet, firstly I seduce that which holds the heart and the emotional love of her. It is tasty, and it is an emotional knowing that her heart beats for only me, her heart surrenders unto me and is pleased that my mouth takes to loving her heart`s very beating. That is having me once more suckle it with brushing loving kisses to it until those grow into hungry lustful kisses and sucking. As adoration by my moist lips gives the last loving to her left nipple there arrives that sexy popping sounds to interrupt the moaning and slurping sounds. It joins within my leaving thin strips of moisture there so that the air may give a cooling sensation to her skin. This has her eyes on fire wanting more of the pleasure for we both know that more wetness is pooling upon her lower lips and she wants so much more than kisses.

“Please the right one, please baby girl.” She whispers in sternness of needing more, more and much more than kisses but she is patient for what is coming.

Her body loves me, it likes my caressing, it does and there is to be the right breast and nipple. A nipple peaked in waiting to have my wet tongue whip forth to tease it. Playing it to me knowing that her soul lay here, her beautiful depths universal light that sings to me having my own soul join more into the dance of entwining with her soul. Her there as my lips succumb to thrilling in loving this nipple until the sensual sounds of her serenade erupt into a begging plea of more. More, with having my hand further exploring her skin causing her hands to clutch onto me. Holding me as one finger dares to linger upon her pussy mound causing the deepest gasping of a breathy moaning to escape into the song of her body singing with me as our conversation comes to a deeper sharing of our love`s needs.

This has me hesitate for pleasure is to be much more than bringing the sudden release of her creamy pleasure. Tonight I intend to cleanse her skin, wash every inch of her within taking my time before kissing every speck and cell of her until she wishes me to stop.

So it is my lips departing her hardened nipple as she comes to kiss my lips saying “ Please.’”

“Yes, I will please you but first this.” This has me smiling as I rise up in getting the linen washcloth from the water basin to bring the cloth to caress the skin of hands and wrists in a meticulously cleaning of each portion of them. Each portion is cleaned to then have each finger and place caressing in a loving kiss.

“You are naughty, you are teasing me.” She says within smiles.

“Yes, I am and you like it.” Arrives as the reply in a giggling as I kiss her upper lips before continuing the cleaning of her skin.

This energy is of us being so close chases away all the tension and replaces it with love. We both know how much we desire each other and orgasms are intent tonight, but she wishes loved in soft ways and I do enjoy playing with her body until she gives everything of her lust to me.

As my cloth moistens her skin to tease each portion and to bring the scent of peppermint to be ever-present she lay there watching me. Her eyes gazing into mine with my heart falling more into her. My heart touching hers as my hands are caressing her with the blessing of waters until the air is cooling to be making the moistness between her thighs be further pooling. It declares her want of penetration and the elation of orgasm, but she is patient with me. She does it through watching and whispering of how much that each caress is pleasing within all the teasing of the cloth softly tracing before my kisses join in within the caring for her.

Caring of her entire body as she turns over to have her backside loved in the ways of sensual washing that are accompanied by touching with loving worshipful kisses. She is so beautiful in our bed with her exposed so exquisitely nude while she is showering me in her sensual moans of relaxation and sexual arousal encompassing her. It is my hands exploring and adoring her as her body succumbs into softer love and chaining powerful lust. We know that we need orgasms and to give into our lust, but we understand and demand that we have more and this is something that we both enjoy.

Yes, I love her, I lust for her and she is so lovely. Beauty incarnate as kisses come deeper, and my hands play more intently having the passionate lustful fires within me in a need for so much more. More of her for the scent of her sexual arousal now overpowers the peppermint. It does as my upper lips kiss her ass. Kissing the smooth form silken skin until my lips are wishing so much more than this. It has my breathing deepen and she parts her thighs as she whispers, “Please, please, just please.”

I toss the cloth as my body comes to coming lying between her thighs as she lay on her tummy. Lying there with her widening her legs and thighs to have me settle into having my once treasure a tickling touching of her pussy lips. Teasing it thrice and until she screams, “Fuck me, fuck me and make me cum.” I smile, then giggle as my tongue join in to be taunting her pussy lips. Teasing them while my hand comes to placing a tapping spanking to her ass cheeks. “Naughty girl, making me take you early.”

”Fuck me, give me your tongue. Fingers, please, please. Now, fuck me and I promise that…” And it`s silence as my tongue is buried in the busy of creating tickling sensations. My moist tongue thrusting into her sweetness as her pussy hungrily devours every pleasure. It does and it pulsates in the ways she finds it pleasing, she shivers with lustful sensations as she rides into my tongue and we drive out the pleasure of her wrapping in tonight`s first orgasm.

“Oh yes!” She screams as she grips the bedding or bed making me screamed of her honey. It has me smiling within giggling of how soft love turns into a ‘fuck me’ and with such sweet yummy honey.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Patience & Pleasure

She waited all evening for him, waited in this massive house that he fills with whatever treasures and pleasures that suit his fancy. A fancy house of a man who earns it all through sheer will power and the life of an industrialist knowing what to sell and what to make a hell over. He has a blessed life with great passion and she has this mansion that has a woman within it. A lady that is of great beauty, a woman who knows her duty to him and yet on this night of dark thunder he is nowhere near her. That fact has her wonder.

Wondering of him and of what keeps him from the promise of making it a night of their lust and their love with the romance that once has been. She waits, she ponders and the thunder roars out loud as she stands there dressed for sexual success. Lust for them in a night of pleasure to show that their love does pass the tests. The tests of time showing their accomplishment of being together and in love for years but currently the fears rock her world. Fear and tears that she is holding at bay with her barely gripping those as her heart is yearning and churning for what he does do when he is with her.

It all hits a high; it hits to arrive at that time of her relenting into understanding that he has no time. No time for their love, no minutes for her and no lust to have as renewal for their union of love. Nothing and she shout to curse him while turning her back to the door that she does watch. She turns to walk away while suddenly hearing the door swing wide. Open in the night, wide with the wind howling through it as the silence is broken with the footfalls. Feet that stride in long pacing while within the pace of quick. It has him there. It brings him to her. He is here to grab her by a wrist to twirls her around. He pulls her in “You best are willing. I need to be yours and need us forevermore.”

She pushes him for has hurt her with these hours of sorrow and waiting while she is debating of he loved her still. She has emotions and notions that their love is no longer the same. It is not the same of years gone by and so why should she try. Trying within in ways that promise and having to still endure all the waiting and being second to a world of work. His work taking every waking hour and thus she simply thinks that she should fuck him, get rid of him, if he still prefers it to her.

He is nowhere and she releases all her fear. The tears do flow and the words roared loud in the thunder. Clamoring sounds hurtful words and hearts in pain. He struggles with her, she fights him and then as she looks in his eyes as he emotionally states, “I love you so.”

He then pulls her into him crash against him with making her body go limp from the tussle and emotions and these notions that she does feel. They fall to the floor and he looks at her saying, “I am home, I am here and I am your forevermore. Work is days away and tonight is the start of our love to be all new in every way.”

Next, he comes and holds her on the floor, he presses and knows what is to come. This has him come to brush a kiss to her sobbing lips while he does gaze into her eyes with then saying, “You are first and work is other. You are more than all that is material life, for you are my girl, my only lover and my life, you are my beloved wife.”

Friday, April 18, 2014

Passionate Pursuits - Chapter #1, Engaging Gabbriel

“Xavier is coming here today to meet with you.” Comes as a continuance of chatter from her personal assistant who is quite bothered by the fact that Gentz Stephen Xavier is coming to the head office of this international publishing firm.

“I know,” she claims with disregard of what is said without him saying what is actually oozing from him to be set free. That has Gabbriel Aria Bruce continue to pour the information of the business agreement into her mind since those are the documents that are for signing later in the day. Yet, as she does her PA rambles on with details of the latest and most infamous client for doing business with. In it all, she figures her office is for business, not chatter but her ‘boy’ Roy likes being personal and enjoys teaching her the lessons of being on top of all the games that are afoot. Yet, today has Roy enjoying his usual coffee break in her office but she doesn’t give him much attention and that is even if though he is actually one of her best friends too.

“He has a reputation for mystifying women and taking what he wants from them. He is quite interesting, Gabbriel. He likes brunettes, green eyes, and powerful mysterious women. Plus, he is into ancient cultures, fast cars, antiques, horses and sexual everything.“ Roy seems to accentuate his ‘sexual’ comment but she doesn’t look up at him while he is says anything. In fact, she is continuing with her reading but he next teases her with saying, ”You do remember how much you enjoy sex. You do remember the life of having a lover every other day and the unbelievable sexual tales that you tell me of.“

“So what. And every damn tale is true and yes, I remember it all.” She states in blowing him off to not look up at him even though she is feeling slightly annoyed at what is happening. Gabi remembers that other life that she lived but now she keeps her heart closed and the sex clean. Plus, she knows the business side of Gentz Xavier and that is all that she needs to know. Or at least that is her usual thing when doing business with new clients. So, it is to be that with Xavier too. “Well my sexy bestie, guess who fills that form to a tee.” He chuckles at her not giving the info any notice. He knows what she is in for when tall, gray and sexual walks into this office in the next hour. He has researched the new client and is wondering if she going to remain oblivious to whom is coming her way. In Roy`s thinking, Gabi needs to attempt to be wake up for her forthcoming adventure. Yet, he knows that his bestie is not into romance as of late. Roy knows that there is none of it in over two years and now she intends to have her head stuck in the sands of business. “I am prophesying that he is coming for you. He may be fucking you by sundown. Are you ready?”

She hears the laugh that comes from him after he muses of the coming meeting. It has her raising an eyebrow while lounging back on her chair with her then eying him fully to sternly convey, “Listen Royster, he can be God-man and I won`t give a damn so long as his companies provide us with business.” She next leans forward to peer at him directly in his blue eyes with her jade green ones that have a steel coldness within them. Then she resumes chat. “Xavier is doing business at 'my' preset wishes and not fiddling with details that he needs to accept. He is cornered and that is that. No one else has what he wants in concern to publishing. As for my personal interest, there is none. I have no need of sex, love or anything more than a great drink after closing this business deal.”

With that, the office door is pushing wide open. It reveals a man standing dead center in the doorway with him leaning against a pillar post showing his obvious eavesdropping abilities. He is six-foot-one and gleaming of being a God-man with silken wavy gray hair that seems to have light blazing in the strands. He is beautiful to see, exquisite in body build of casual muscles and most definitely is a lean mean sexual man-machine. He fits that crisp white button-down shirt very well. Then again there is more for those black dress pants certainly contain an interesting bulge in the torso area.

Gabbriel gives a sweeping gaze over her visitor as she readies to speak of intrusion, but her stare gets fixed upon his smiling face that glows of a well-trimmed beard and mustache. ‘So pretty, so sexy.‘ Comes in her thoughts, as his eyes of dark ebony are dancing in lustful desire toward her. Without a doubt, Gabbriel Bruce does see those dark mystical eyes that are gripping all of her senses as those then dance into her soul with having her stare back at him. This leaves her forgetting that a stranger is intruding into her private office and that she possibly needs to be concerned about it. Or is he a stranger? And should she be alarmed of things?

“Gentz, you are expecting me. Yes, you are and I can see that you enjoyed the request of doing research about me.” He chuckles with now knowing that he is having the upper hand within the meeting while partaking in the understanding that she is awestruck by him. That is all quite good because he now knows that she possibly has wet panties that he intends to remove by sundown. With that, he smirks at her still saying nothing to him but he heard all that he needs too. Therefore, he changes the mood with stating, “I am signing your agreement without reading it. I am going to do it based on that you are having dinner with me this Friday. Dinner Friday night, lunch tomorrow and meetings in between to clarify the processes that I know that is to be thoroughly planned in every degree. Professionalism and excellence are something that I expect from a woman of your caliber. Thus, yes, I researched you and have an intent with you and your firm.”

He claims this as he walks forward to place both open palms on her desk`s wooden top. He commits this act of up close personal to then peer directly into her eyes, as she remains stalk still from the whole event of meeting him in such a way. This gives him the space to resume his expectations of her. “As I told your PA, you are to do the same research on me that I have done for you. I contacted your firm because it makes great publications but I want more, much more Ms. Bruce.“

It is crisp, direct, fired in controlled wild passion and she is seeing all of it right there. She is there. She is immobile within breathlessness too and it is he that is filling her with information that has her swallow hard of the sensations of being near him. He creates wild feelings but those are ones that she now denies in life. He stirs her in ways that she isn’t quite reading and she suddenly can’t figure out anything. He shouldn’t be doing anything to her, and him eavesdropping needs addressing but she is simply staring into his eyes. It has her mind racing in thinking of ‘There is something about his aura. It has me off-balance. Breathe Gabi, breathe you bitch. He is winning whatever he is up too. No man wins when it`s business and you.”

With that, she shakes off the spell that he somehow has woven around her without her knowing it. To be honest she doubts that anyone can see such coming. At least that is what she silently ponders as she gives her head a minor shaking before placing a winning grin to her luscious lips. It is a smile, that notoriously seductive smile to accompany the display of her hair framing her face. Her fine auburn brunette mane of hair that feathers out in an array of great beauty about her face as she stands to her full height of five-foot-ten. Then in tones of extreme familiarity that is lilting in seduction Gabi declares, “So sexy, do you plan to sign my docs with a kiss? Or do you need a pen?”

He sees that his research is truthful of her. He understands that she is just what he expects and now he thinks that he is going to achieve his desires. It is to be his wishes because he at this very minute gives into her wants of his businesses. Her being allowed access to his empire of many corporations that he is usually guarding against anything that could harm him. Yet, he doesn’t totally guard it today. He chooses to trust his research of her as he smiles at her. Thus, he reaches to grip the pen that lies upon her desk as she, in turn, watches him do so. After which she flips to pages that are needing signing and points to the locations of signatures needed. He signs each as he looks into her eyes and she stares back with an intensity of invisibly sharing ‘that you best bring your greatest game because I won`t accept less’.

With the last of his last signatures, he drops the pen to the desk with it making a minor thud. He next instantly turns on his heels to display a strong rigid backside of muscles flexing beneath the well-pressed shirt. Then he struts toward the door as he expresses in emotionlessness, “Ten in the morning is lunch. Not ten and one seconds. It is ten at the exact time of my clock. Dress casual, dress in a short skirt and be prettier than today. I want your hair up. You are to be in blue and you are wearing flats. Come to me at my office. Do not be late. Or the contract is void.“

“Nice!” Whispers Roy in admiration of the event as Gentz continues to depart the office. “Oh shit babe, you are in for it. He owns you!” Arrives as Roy`s evaluation of the meeting and the stock-taking of her future sexual stock market. “Are you wearing flats or what? Holy crap, you are going to love fucking him.”

Gabi sits there; sits back down with taking in deep breaths while gazing at the door from watching Gentz leaving. Then she finally begins to sort it all out. She thinks on her failures of the meeting, understands that it’s mostly her unwillingness to heed what she should have and now she plans what she must undertake to deal with the aftermath.

“No, not exactly. It is to be running shoes, tennis blues, and a ponytail. Please, pencil me in for a tennis game at eleven thirty with my favorite tennis pro. Ask Maria to meet me at his office at exactly eleven twenty. But make my afternoon totally free.“ Gabi conveys with knowing that Gentz is getting his request but it is to be on her terms and not his. After all, no one controls her but herself. She can see that Gentz likes controlling women. “Make tomorrow`s dinner scheduled for wherever he is having dinner tomorrow. I want a reservation there and get me a date with your sexy younger brother. Let him know that he has his favorite part to play.”

With that Roy gives a boisterous roaring laugh. “Damn! I love you. I so wish that it were I playing your stud. But yes, Sebastian is good too. I will contact him immediately and make the plans for Tuesday`s dinner. You have Tuesday`s lunch in hand and Maria called earlier asking of you, so she is easy. Our Monday is busy with plans for a new game afoot. I do like when you mix biz and pleasure. I so miss these days.”

Gabi doesn’t reply. She twirls her desk`s swivel chair around to have it face the wall of windows that is moments ago behind her. She peers out at the city streets below while pondering the now ended meeting. She is thinking deeply about it. Taking calculation of mistakes and finally settling upon dreaming of the ways that those dark eyes peered into her soul. Somewhere in that Roy departs the office to do his workday duties and she simply daydreams for the longest time before eventually returning to the workday too.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sin, Sex And The Sea

Strolling along the beach brings sand granules to lie between her toes. Ordinarily this does bother the tall beautiful ebony haired woman. She stands there watching the watery surf rush to the shore. It's crashing waves and vastness holds a vision of a glistening full moon upon its surface A surface knowing summer breezes, breezes that are tender upon her skin that is barely wrapping in a silk robe. It is favourite robe that comes with a loosely tied sash that enjoys displaying peeking of her nudity as these have an accompaniment of bare feet. Feet that move slowly, feet that feel the earthen sand and feet that needed to be on this beach in front of her beach house.

She moves. She moves and watches straight ahead while deep in thought. She steps out into watery deep as the moon does beam down upon the seashore. With each stride into the wave filed sea, she is hoping for peace. Each solid stride brings her farther out in the salty sea that lines the beautiful beach house properties of the eastern seaboard. She has come here in search of inner peace for the pains of profound heartache are weighing upon her. These are achings that have hit a tumultuous high earlier on this day. It begins weeks ago but it did a whirlwind spin on her today. It comes as work, social, romance, family and life all not coexisting well with the demands totally out of control. Today the workday is one of the endless meetings over projects to be completed and high stress in concern to deadlines. It simply hit the limit of overwhelming and it forces her to not accomplish anything. Add to it the angry words of misunderstanding that come from her lover that make it a toxic mix that cause her to run from it all.

“Damn him!” slips her lips in frustration of how he just always interferes with her life when she needs it the least. As she takes to remembering every second of the argument she begins to silently curse his ass. He dares to strut into her office carrying that fucking white rose and wearing that silk black button-down dress shirt and black denim jeans. He always wears one of those shirts when he wants the impossible and it’s always unbuttoned too much. He then has the guts to lean in to kiss her in passionate possession of her lips as he smells like a cologne store.

Oh yes, he comes for her. “Goddamn it, Scott!” Comes to be sending out over the surface of the sea as she continues to remember him there at her office in the city. She pulls away for she knows what he wants from her. He desires to have the afternoon in their hideaway where they both rebel against the fact they aren’t to be together. He is engaged to a lovely young woman but wants to behave single with his mature playmate, and she is not doing guys any longer. So they kind of are naughty and they know it but she also knows that no matter how much they both fight it they are regularly in each other’s arms. It is something neither knows how to control and honesty he is a great fuck stud and so she really likes that but not today. No not on this day.

He notices her unwillingness as she lifts from her desk chair to make way to open her office door for him to understand that there is no privacy and that leaving is what he is doing. This brings him to step forward and with easy movements, he draws her in against his strong chest and embraces her fully so that there is no escape while he then twirls her around. The twirling makes her dizzy and giggling so he suddenly sits down in a chair and in doing so he is pulling her along to sit on him within straddling his lap. His left hand pressed to the back of her head forcing her to kiss him as her long ebony tresses feather out along those stiffened shoulders and rigid backside. His other hands grasp her ass to push her hard against his cock that lay in wait in his pants. Between those kisses that come from her luscious lips, he whispers, “I want to fuck you. She isn’t enough.”

She tries to push away from him. He, however, holds her in the position with his strong arms, but the kiss is broken. “Settle down, Delaina. A few hours of me fucking you isn’t going to destroy your day. I need pussy and yours is my cock’s real cave. We can do it here or anywhere. But you need stress relief and I want to mark you. You belong to me.”

He forces her against his chest, but she places up open palmed hands to stop him, yet he wins as his arms fully possess her in a tight squeezing. He looks into her eyes with his stare of wanton lust as he commands. ”You will fuck me. You always like it and you can fuck your women tomorrow. I wish it. I want you. You best understand me and give me what we both need. ”

The kiss that follows is one which melts any woman`s heart. Yes, it does. Scott is a great kisser and he knows how to own a woman within sexual ways. He knows that he can give sexual pleasure in ways that most men can’t even dream of. He even knows that Delaina may beg to have more of his cock when this quick fuck is done. It is to be a quickie here in her office before going to his friend’s house. But it all begins with a kiss that is intense, fiery and that lasts endless minutes before he steals her breath to then give it back. He does it, he breathes her, she breathes him and she sits there soaking wet within her pussy lips wanting more than his kisses.

Instantly she hates herself for he makes her fall in love with him so easily. Yes, he does. She hates that because she said no more men and no more love and just no to him now that he is engaged. She really doesn’t mind him having sex others but damn he is not hers anymore. Then again she is thinking that if it isn’t her it maybe another mature woman that he takes as his playmate. This is her thought as her arms slip around his strong shoulders. She pulls in tight for she needs to own him, to possess her chosen sex mate as she begins to hungrily kiss him.

The heat hits high in sloppy kisses having him reach to unzip his pants to set his cock free for filling their needs. Once it is out he moves her slightly up off his lap to then impale her upon it. The last thing that she chooses to remember of her afternoon is her thrilling in the bouncing frantically on his beastly rod of flesh. In, out, thrusting, kissing and bodies in a sexual madness to feel the oceans of cum that eventually cream them both. It is the tasty cream that fills her as she is crying sweet moans of getting a great fuck at work. That is fine until her latest girlfriend walks through the door carrying a white rose and hoping for a lunch date. That is when the arguing starts and war break out between lovers and playmates.

So it`s running away to beach house. It is a need to be near the calming seas while it is running with the expectation of gathering sanity. It is a day indeed, yes it is. Now she walks out into the sea and sits within the water to cleanse her from the stains of anything and everything. Sitting, buoying and now horny again and wanting to have Scott here with her so they that may finish what they started.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Soul Mate`s Union - Kisses

Home, here, yes here in my three-bedroom bungalow house with the woman that I have desired to touch. Here in my bedroom on this queen sized bed of cotton sheets of rose pink and four quaint pillows. Pillows that now have her blond tresses feathering out upon the pillow that has the pleasure of her head resting there as she looks up at me with those eyes of mesmeric blue. Us here and us both nude in wait of our lovemaking to begin as the night is finally bringing the need to explore every inch of each other.

Gazing down at this woman of beautiful modern athletic curves has her my only desire. My love of her, her love of me brings us here to enjoy the touching that is lust`s fires. I want her, wanting her with no stopping until we cannot fathom more of the love and lust sharing. Yet, that is only going to bring sleep with waking unto more of the pleasure of sharing, sharing the sexual heat that is always between her and me.

This moment has her smiling at me, her lips begging me to kiss them into the pleasures of lust as our hearts pound out love with vast measures. Her smile that is the beams of happiness that had me smile back at her. It has me smiling while I am leaning in closer to look deep within those eyes to see the soul of my woman. Her soul is whispering to me of the need to be whole within all the ways of our love. “Oh you.” Slips from my lips in breathy admiration of what is laying there in wait for me.

That brings the swallowing of saliva hard within my throat and it is okay for there are many things currently hard. Oh yes, hard nipples, firm breasts, taut ass, and swollen stiff pussy lips. All of which instantly like the hard crashing of upper lips within hungry kiss as our needs to make love becomes our deed. Hungry for her, my lips need to press my lust into her as a hand caresses through the valley of her breasts that have nipples so very pretty. Hard round peaks that are teasing my breasts that join in the play of skin on skin. It is a demand that there is more touching, teasing and playing as kisses come deeper and breaths become eaten. We are devouring kisses until there are the breaths that need to be.

Once more I am looking at her, her looking at me as panting breaths push us into passionate depths of bodies mingling. Enjoying the touching of her with my finger lingering within the valleys and curves making her purr. Sweet sounds as I now have found pleasures that are below. Other lips, wet lips and pussy lips needing my fingers to linger having her continue that sexy primal purr. This has me looking lustily at her while she is falling into my caress making my heart continue to fall in love with her.

This is a world of us, a world of our lust and realms of love that are sacred sex that is gifted to those with unconditional love. This love creates panting breaths, chanting and teasing within the pleasing by fingers in a dancing of circles on pussy lips. It is pretty perky swollen pussy lips that drip of creamy treats. It is her taking my fingers deep, deeper within as she is riding the storm in pushing for more. It is we wanting more of lust’s fires that are driving the passion higher to make two bodies clamoring to within further play. Yes, it is me playing within her sacred sanctuary, teasing those muscles into bliss and then capturing her upper lips in a kiss. This is our lovemaking kiss to take her breath away as our eyes seek soul sharing within the building of bliss. It is this way as we meet and make, and take and give to get what we wish. It is our wish of creamy cum to seal the union of our eternal love.

So it`s kissing, it`s breathing, it`s two sets of lips in this pleasing and it`s upon our bed of love to begin our completing soul mate`s union.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Stop & Go

Standing there with back so straight and yet very step that I take she says “Stop!” then “Go!” It is the starting and the art of her sitting there in the comfy winged-back chair to be commanding each movement while I am standing. She does it until I slowly pace to face the wall where she declares, “Kiss it and touch those pussy lips. Make them do dripping of sweet cream for me, I need to taste your honey.”

Taste Me

Do kiss me on these lips, my upper lips first but I do thirst for your kiss upon both sets of lips. “Please”, I do beg of you to allow your tongue to slip between before descending to be attending to creamy that does drip from those lower lips. Come now tickle it, flick it to make it swollen within our lust and make me cry out of the way that you please me with your touch. Come now; do tease it into higher heat that is not waning as we are gaining the pleasure of the measures of creamy treats. Lick it, licks up the cream that does stream to your lips to sip. Take it in with an eager tongue until you are thrilled with even more cream that is spilled. Come now, taste me, feel me quake and take my breath within the love that we do make. Devour me; feast on every ounce while chasing the lusty beast that is my need to pleasure with thee.

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