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Passionate Pursuits - Chapter #5, Mysticism`s Kiss

By Wednesday evening, Gabbriel has enjoyed a full workday with a busy schedule happening at a constant pace to then be adding even more for the coming days. These seemingly endless activities include travel arrangements for her to be out the country for the next month. It additionally brings the direct employing of her corporation`s Vice President into handling anything to do with Gentz Stephen Xavier`s business with her company. Thus, the entire matter of publicity and book creating is all shuffled into capable hands with her making dead certain that she only needs to sign documents at the end of the process. This provides relief from some tension in her life and of course, it has Xavier no longer truly directly touching her in any manner.

Yet, at exactly seven in the evening, when comfortably sitting on her queen-sized bed and while looking across her bedroom she commits a frustrated sigh. A sigh about Gentz at that moment somehow slips into her thinking. He does even though she thought she shunned him. However, to her annoyance, he comes to her thoughts. Such an annoyance for she made sure that he is not part of anything about her any longer. Yet, here he is sort of in her private bedchamber through invading her mind. He comes in via visions of her recollecting the evening that existed during yesterday. That provides delicious images of her on that large bed of his and him kneeling to treat her to several powerful orgasms. She shakes her head of brunette tresses to chase away the thoughts but she immediate discovers that those are not vanishing. Thus, as she stands up with hoping that not being upon a bed is going to change the memory flashes of Tuesday night, change them by forcing those to disappear with avoiding reminders to trigger the memories.

So with a winner`s smile, she continues to slowly unbutton the white dress shirt before she loosens the black silk tie that rests loosely on her shoulders. She then takes to wishing to sit back down but hesitates to rest back on the bed. ‘Why, why, oh why’. Is her immediate mental query of herself but she knows what the answer? It is that some part of her fears the flashes of Gentz returning to haunt her and those bring feelings. Such is pondered for a split second to be suddenly chased away by her deciding that such is nonsense and this is her bedroom, not his. After all, she realizes that he has no place here, or at least that is what she sums up within her thinking. With that, she looks about the room to then walk around before she removes her pants. This leaves her with stockings, a wide opened dress shirt, and a dangling tie. Gabi then works out the tension in her neck by flexing and when satisfied she plants her ass upon the bed while taking a deep breath over the craziness that she just commits.

Committing craziness while the cell phone lying on the bed buzzes to alert her to Roy calling. It is office elements of her work schedule. Roy is working on several things for the coming days and she wants it all done by the time the office closes at nine. She too is usually at the office but tonight is a dinner with her family and it is a must to attend. She is to be getting dressed for it but with the picking up of the phone and the clicking she hears Roy begin.

“Don’t say a word. Listen!” States Roy within a tone of demanding her to do just that, but then his voice is excited and so serious too. “Ms. Gabbriel Aria Bruce, the direct descendant of Pemberton Anise Bruce has been cordially invited to an 'Invitation Only' ceremony of uncrating. Ms. Bruce is requested to attend a private, non-media exposition of never before publically displayed artifacts of historical seafaring collections. Only, Ms. Bruce is to attend in representing her family in the unveiling of objects that are connected to ancestral parties of her hereditary lineage. Ms. Bruce is to join members of the Brotherhood of Seafarers International and the Mystics Of Antiquity, along with other descendants of similar ties to the collections. The location is Pier Porthouse, Wharf Seven. Requested attire is casual dressy. The timing of entrance is exactly twelve midnight, not any minute after. Lateness is disallowed with non-entrance. Please do attend, with bringing your curiosity and personal identification to the Landing. Sincerely, J.S. Simpson, Esquire – President of the Brotherhood of Seafarers International."

With that Roy isn’t quiet, he pauses to take a breath but he says, “Listen girlie, you know who he is. He is a power, power, and secret society. He is the man who orchestrated the entire dig of the new archeology in the Arctic. He is the one funding the four new high-tech universities here in the states. He wipes his ass with thousand dollar bills to then flush them without a second thought. So are you going?” He stops but he doesn’t “Hell yes, get on your best knickers, sexy knickers, and sassiest shirt. No, do a skirt or something. Go get him, and find out what the secret is. He said no media, but damn we are media and we got the scoop.”

Gabrielle ponders the information that has come flooding at her. She then responds to him with a laugh “Oh you, you would have me climbing electric fences to get news stories. But you forget we are a publisher, not media news. However, get the mini cam ready for my purse. Get over here to help install it and bring me some dinner from some Asian place. I am calling father to cancel dinner and to ask him about family history and etc.”

“Yes, boss, but is it chicken or pork”

“Make it pork and extra noodles. You know how I like it.”

By midnight, Gabi likes everything that exists, including being fully dressed in fitted beige dress pants and a beige leather belt, along with an Asian-collared royal purple dress blouse that is unbuttoned just above her mid breast to display her excellent cleavage. So pretty and she wears shirts extremely well with most every blouse always accentuating her full firm breasts and seductive curves. Many would say that she looks hot in a barley sack but still, she likes her clothes fitted and fitting the events that she attends. So she is always sexy, sexy even in casual clothes. Sand that is great for she meets the standard dress for the night as she joins the four-dozen individuals on the quay that are dressed classy casual.

“Hey, Gab`s, welcome to Pier Porthouse, Wharf Seven.” comes congenially from Jasper Thompson the wealthy businessman that owns the pier and the man who is the initiator of the upgrades of what once existed as an old useless wasteland of port space. This longtime friend of Gabi`s forced his wealth into creating a refurbished wharf that is now part of an upscale area of the city. He is doing it all with great willpower and Gabi supports him with it but she never has come here before tonight. Thus, it`s a first for her. He leans over to whisper, “Grand tour tomorrow if you want it. Tonight, we both have ancestors who have given items to the Brotherhood. It is you and I, along with Jameson Kauldoon, Cory Willis, and just about every prestigious family on the American eastern seaboard. It seems we have big-time company among us paupers. Plus, our host is more than a mystery. Yet, all these masked dudes around here seem to simply be nobodies.” he proclaims in whispers as he points toward a few of the several dozen males dressed exactly the same as each other. These men wear black buccaneers dress shirts, black tuxedo pants, hooded masks and a sword belt that hold an actual factual katana. “Nonetheless, I swear that I spotted two Kennedys, a few Rothschilds, and a Windsor amongst them too.”

“Uhm.” softly utters Gabbriel while gathering info on happenings around them as she adjusts her purse in her hand to have it get a good view of anything in her vicinity. “Not shocking, Jasp. We both know that the Seafarers` are collectors of wealthy and affluent families. Families who can keep money hoarding. Keepers of money, treasures and of secrets within secret societies, these are all that can be Seafarer members.”

“True but you and I aren’t on the inside of those. We are basic billionaires and commoner folks, who made it the hard way.”

The two stand there with occasionally greeting fellow notables and being congenial within it all. In it, there is a sharing of laughter over the invite with additions of curious comments with those ending at the stroke of midnight. The crowd gathered on the quay, in the cold night air, comes to a full standstill in all activities when there is a sudden trumpeting of ceremonial music ringing out. A trumpeter dressed exactly like all the other very visible members of the Seafarers plays and as the last note sounds the massive doors of the renovated warehouse gradually open. “Ah, entrance.” Proclaims Jasper to the several that are standing and chatting in their small collected group.

“Yes, it would seem to be true.” Replies Gabi who is wondering if they are entering soon, but that is quickly rectified as truth.

In the next moments, the entire gathering of invitation holders is ushered into the renovated double warehouse that is restructured into a concert venue that seats four thousand. One of the great things about this venue is that it contains good dozen medium-sized antechambers for social gatherings. Each of which does hold a capacity of forty guests and on this night four rooms are opened and linked to allow the showing of antiques.

Within an hour, the viewing is in full swing with no introduction by anyone. Therefore, it is assumed that a free flow of everyone is permitted within a meandering around to see the very well arranged displays of seafaring equipment and paraphernalia. So that is exactly what exists as the masked male members of Seafarers guide everyone and watch over all that is happening.

Gabbriel spends a large amount of time connecting to fellow invitation holders while taking in the sights and trying to find what it is that is here from her ancestry. She finds all items on display labeled with information and the connection to various families but after two rooms she is quite dissatisfied with her search. That leaves her to notice a party waitperson passing by and she figures that she needs a drink. So she stops him to retrieve the second glass of white wine as she passes over an empty crystalline glass. Then with a sigh, she walks to the next table of the displays. In doing this she cordially smiles at the Seafarer member standing guard over this very well laid out display. The fine presentation is a brass compass, brass miniature telescope, and four worn handwritten seaman’s journals. These accompany an old wrought iron key and a metal box. When seeing them she takes a sip of the wine before sitting her gaze to reading the label that is with the exhibition.

“Pemberton Anise Bruce, Seaman first class of the Ascension in the Empirical Royal British Fleet. One Dry Compass, one Seaman’s Telescope with the original Cardboard style tube case, four naval journals – handwritten documentation of seafaring expeditions of intercontinental travel, and an accompanying metal chest with a key. The source of the find is Victorian era basement ruins in old Dublin, Ireland. Current caretaker and owner of artifacts are Gentz Stephen Xavier, Junior Vice President Mystics Of Antiquity and Fourth Class Seafarer."

“Pretty ain't it, my Pretty One. It is all yours for a kiss, a kiss.”

To say Gabi isn’t instantly livid is an understatement. She not only whips around to stare into those dark mystical eyes, but she reaches out to swing at him. Yet, he is aware of what is coming thus he swiftly grasps her wrist. “Now, now, you like me. You like your hubby. You do.” is cooed in the sugary intro with him being too close and too much of everything.

“Oh, oh, oh..” is just about all that Gabi forms as her heart races causing her blood pressure to zoom high and her mind to suddenly be engulfed in emotions and more. Gentz stares her down, glares into those eyes of green with the daring of her to push public rudeness and to make a big hellish display for them both. He likes her getting unraveled, oh yes he does. “Your eyes say fuck me. We can have sex right here if you wish. Just keep bringing all those emotions, my pretty one. I like when you have a fire. Come, give me a kiss.” He says with all the spritely badass glee that can be.

“Fuck you!” She exclaims in an almost scream of utter disdain for all that now exists.

“Oh, I know that you want to, but first a kiss. Kiss me, Pretty One, and we will make up.”

With breath deepening and her heart definitely not still Gabbriel chances the looking into his eyes as she gathers her senses. Yes. it most assuredly is taking a daring risk while collecting her mind for the events that are to come. Thus, a coaxing of herself to do what she must fill her mind. ‘Do not, do not give him anything and do not look at him and step away from it all. Step away, girl. Do not do …’ Yet, she does not, she looks, she lingers in staring into those eyes and she feels him not letting go of her wrist. Therefore, she feels him, sees him, is touching him and smells him. Then suddenly the cord is there. That invisible thread to his soul that unites to her soul and it is pulling her into him. It pulls, and it entwines with her until she is totally unaware of herself physically leaning forward to pucker up to kiss. She kisses him, she kisses him hard and she simply continues the staring into eyes as he returns the passion of it while wrapping her in his strong arms.

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Passionate Pursuits - Chapter #4, Devouring Dirty Truths

Access is exactly what Gentz enjoy. He thrills in tracing and mapping out the fleshy contours with enjoying every pleasure that is Gabbriel’s womanly pleasure treasure. His tongue leisurely teases its folds allowing that first glass of wine to slowly be empty. The passion in his tongue`s playful ways has Gabi much less into drinking the fine wine than she is into the enjoying of every sensation that Gentz`s tongue employs. Thus, it takes the time to empty the crystal goblet, yet as it becomes empty her breathing grows deep with each new breath making her dizzier. Then without missing one stroke and without going to deep with his tongue Gentz gives her clit a rapidly intense tickling. Then the tip of his tongue drives her into spasms of uncontrolled pleasure taking Gabi to barely breathing. But it also has her swallowing a mouthful of wine in one huge gallop before then screaming out her beautiful orgasmic cry of releasing her hot cum onto his tongue.

“Good girl, a very good girl is my queen. Very tasty,” he claims as he suckles every ounce of her cum into his eager mouth. Then the fifty-one-year-old Prince Charming adjusts his position to be comfier while he queries, “Do you wish another glass of wine?” Then he looks at the goblet giving a nod that a refill is needed and so he stands up before acquiring the wine bottle from the cooling canister. After which he retrieves the drinking glass from Gabi’s fingers to pour another full glass of the sparkling elixir. “You are so good for me, my love. Very good but from now on you count each orgasm after you enjoy it.”

Gabi sits there lounging backward with her left hand barely bracing her upwards as she tries to catch her breath from the orgasm of moments. She eyes him with trying to figure out why he has this power over her in the ways that he does, but she simply can`t sort it at this time. So she relents to allowing all the sensations take her into relaxing for the evening. And to be honest she is too dizzy from the impact of the techniques that he thoroughly used pleased her pussy with. But as she thinks of it, it truly isn’t relaxation for she is excited about what is happening between them. She is, even if she still does not understand why she is allowing him in her personal life, but she is enjoying this. Then when he passes her the crystalline wine glass Gentz looks into her eyes and that has her once more swimming within the world that exists there. Hence, she sort knows why as she the world there.

Oh, what a world it is for it spins of lustful sins, it swirls of wild romance and revolves around a dance within a timeless place that she is so drawn to enjoying. Thus, between the panting breaths and feeling intoxicated in sexual pleasure, she sighs of the joy that he gives while she smiles up at him.

“Such a good girl. I like looking into your eyes. Gabbriel, you so own me. You own me, so please let me have more of you? But drink the treat. It is only for you, and wasting it is not something my woman does.” States Gentz as he once more kneels in front of her to part her firm thighs in proper spreading. As he does it he leans down to leisurely kiss in nibbling kisses that begin at her mid-calf to travel upward from there. He does it while he is raising her long beautiful leg upward. He then continues supplying tasty little nibbling kisses on her skin to excite her further. Her skin smooth skin and still wrapped in fishnet stockings but he doesn’t mind the interference for he enjoys the feeling of her delicate strong leg under his lips. The lovely sensations of it allow him to thoroughly thrill in it until his lips greet her pussy once more. “Mmmm, so yummy. Oh you, you, mmm.” Then his lips devour her pussy lips making Gabi gasped of the impact of him once more feasting on her womanly treasure.

The deep sensual kiss on her pussy lips gets more intense with each passing second. It makes it difficult for Gabi to drink the wine and honestly if she could find her senses she may place the glass down but she wants to please him with doing as he asked her to do about the wine drinking. She does for She likes this; no she loves this intense affection he has for giving oral pleasure. His need to taste her is amazing with it seeming part of a wine drinking game. Yes, a game; part of this night of pleasure that somehow she likes while she forgets that it should be a business dinner with a new client and not fall into lust over games of pleasure with a stranger.

Yet, he isn’t a stranger. He is a new client but when she peers into his eyes it is a different understanding. One of sensing that she passionately knows him, knowing him in ways that only a woman deeply in love may know a lover. For that aura from peeking into his eyes powerfully pulls her into adoring all of the motions of his need to please her. It all easily allows Gentz to be even busier with being so hard working with his tongue that it now is fully deep in her hot wet tunnel.

She in turn freely welcomes him with every new degree of heat and wetness, wetness while her inner muscles are pressuring with contradictions to counterbalance his probing and tickling. It is a maximum pleasure. It is a naughty twirling tongue licking then flicking into her womanly depths creating her body to be hungrier for enjoying more of it. It is vaginal muscles eagerly pulsating and flexing with appreciating his gift to her. His gift as her body begins to rock into his lustful tongue causing Gentz to bring a hand around to snap a tapping spank to her ass. It stuns her senses having her gasp about it before she continues rocking more into it as the wine in the glass begins to spill on the bedding.

Suddenly he stops to instantly look up her with a dark piercing stare while sharply declaring, “Drink it, you must drink it.”

In breathlessness, she gazes down at him trying to gather her senses with sorting out that she must do both tasks. But she doesn’t understand why. Within the haze of it all, she gauges that the wine drinking and the sexual sharing must really be a game, it simply must be. Thus, as she ponders this with attempting to breathe calmly she listens to him.

“Good girls can do both. You are doing both.” Zips out crisply with the no questioning of it permitted as Gentz then grips her inner thighs with the full force of his two hands. “You are not common. You are my woman. You do both.” then there is a growling as his fingers make harsh impressions in her skin causing her to be trembling of the pain as she exclaims. “Ouch, that hurts!”

“Yes, it does, yes and you know why.” Sternly is shot back at her as he still holds firm to her thighs with glaring coldly into her eyes.

“I don`t. Stop it!” Gabi demands of him with trying to remove his hands to move away from him. In doing so she looks at him with anger brimming from within as she mentally questions all of this whatever that it is between them. “You can`t…”

“I can’t what?” Gentz queries wanting her to say the inevitable, but he knows that she won`t, she just won’t for he has researched on her in every way. He knows what she is going to do. Or at least, he believes that she is the type to do the sex; sex no matter what it is to then walk away after is it all done. He figures that she is the type to let sex have precedence and let it hold her prisoner while she wouldn’t do the same in life outside of sexual arenas.

“Stop hurting me. You aren’t allowed to hurt me.” She states within pulling herself back upon the bed while she is spilling the wine in the glass. That doesn’t bother her for she wants to escape from all of this, but he watches her motions and the spillage having him study her to then smile. He smirks even more as she moves to get off the bed at the side of it that is closest to the bedroom door. Within rising on the bed she stands her full height to glance at the escape portal before she glares at him to say “I don’t..”

“You don’t what?” Gentz interjects as he surveys her standing there feeling vulnerable and as though she is possibly going to turn to the sensations of fear. “You will do this. You will. It is what is.”

“It isn’t and you won`t do this. I am leaving, you are vile for hurting me and playing games with Me.”

“Are you? Am I?” With that, he falls back on his ass to sit on the floor before cocking his head to have his dark eyes peering into hers. “Then everything stops. You obviously don’t need equality in life. So yes, do leave here. Leave and from now on it is business between us.”

“Equality!” she declares as he finishes what she thinks are ridiculous comments of his bad behavior and of his controlling conduct of her. Thus, she ponders those concepts before she paces toward the door to turn around to glance at him as he rises to his feet. “Equality, I gave you no pain.”

“True, but I get to drink tonight, drink your precious cum. How fair is it that I drink and have a great amount of pleasure while you do not drink anything?” He states with gazing into her eyes as he slowly walks up to the head of the bed. Once there he plants his ass firmly on the bed while he keeps his stare firmly fixed upon her.

She, however, gives her head a shake over what he is saying as she tries to decide to leave or to listen to more. She decides to go but turns back to look at him again. She does it while he settles himself comfortably upon the bed by adjusting pillows at his backside. When Gentz situates against the headboard in a sitting position he calmly conveys, “Ms. Bruce, you have fucked countless men and a few women. You play sexual games in life and with your work. You are the hardcore corporate business leader and have enough scholarly education for three humans. Yet, three years ago you let that damn bastard nearly strangle you.”

Gentz then folds his arms across his chest as Gabi`s eyes come wide with puzzlement over what he is uttering. This brings more listening as he states, “Why did you allow him to fuck you? Why have him freely think that the rougher the sex between you two then the better? And why have him get away with it? The police records show that you filed charges to only drop them a week later. Drop them it just before the courts wanted to be involved.”

Gabrielle cannot fathom what he is up to. Gabrielle additionally doesn’t understand how he finds out about such a hidden private part of her life. This has her once more giving her head of brunette tresses a shake. Then she moves to make her way out of the room. In doing so this truth of him knowing such information bugs her in the deepest ways and that makes her to suddenly quiz, “How, how do you know of that?” She doesn’t turn to look at him, but she fidgets within straightening her strong back as she says, “It isn’t a North American thing. It happened in France and no one outside of my two best friends knows of it. So how do you know?”

“How do I know? No one does. At least, no one that isn`t law enforcement knows, no one outside those that you mentioned.” Gentz then moves toward getting off the bed to then stop to watch her with him continuing to convey. “No one but Giles Reese.” Retorts Gentz with making his way off the bed to walk toward her but stops a goodly ten feet from her. “He is the abusive lover, he is an abuser and he nearly fucked you over for good. He is a bastard! You have dared to allow anyone to hurt you. You must not put up with men who don’t want equality with you.”

Gabi can`t believe this. Believe any of this. No trusting this turn of things, a turn of things that is wild with her definitely not expecting it. Nor is she thinking that it could even be possible. Especially not from a business deal or whatever this is between them. So, she seems frozen in every way but she isn’t as she passes through the doorway to fully turn around to look at him while he is still standing in the same spot of moments ago.

“No weak woman is allowed to be mine.” Gentz declares with an intense stare at her with hoping to capture her eyes but he doesn’t. Yet, he continues on with what he feels that he must say to her. “You have let me control you since we have met. You protested very little with possibly talking a big game to whomever you confide in. But you still permit the control.” He states removing his tie and tossing it on the bed “You aren’t like that in your business associations. You also are not allowing such in your personal non-sexual relationships. Ms. Bruce, you ought to evaluate that. In fact, you should think about why sex controls you so much. When you are done about that then we may continue having a lifelong romantic relationship. Until then the contract with all business between us is given my okay no matter what you do with it. There are no worries of this affecting business dealing between us. But you are going to deal with underlings from this point onward. So, you may leave now if you wish too.”

Next Gentz walks in the direction of the master bathroom that has an archway to the left of the main door of the bedroom. Gabrielle watches him go with him vanishing into the bathroom. She makes no path to join him, nor does she say anything. She stares at the bed to the gaze around the room and remembers the oral sex and all that follows it. Then she simply is dizzy within all the thought that consumes her but she knows she endured enough for one night. Thus, she leaves the room with eventually slamming the apartment’s door closed from her leaving. Hence, it is just a leaving within a dizziness of handling too much. Too much at this time and she needs other things too. Other things like the cell phone in her coat pocket that is buzzing with Roy calling her. “Sorry, it`s two hours, how are you?”

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Arcane Arousal - Chapter #3, Orgasm Equality

It is an understatement to say that both women find it epically difficult to stop the lovemaking but they must when Keira`s cellphone buzzes of an incoming call forcing her to answer it. She responses to it for she knows it`s work-related. Therefore, it`s only three orgasms with Toni stealing a lusty last kiss as Keira replies to her phone. The sudden stop has Keira wanting so much more and Toni wants nothing more than to have much more of this Irish temptation. Yet, in moments, Keira is off to meetings with the curator and others within various parts of the Smithsonian. This reality easily gives Toni time to return to unpacking crates before she is cataloging and shelving the contents of the various boxes. However, through it, all Keira is the daydream and the wonderings of why such an instant attraction occurs. ‘Why is it that?’ she asks of herself. She asks even though somehow Toni knows that being spellbound by those arcane green eyes is something that she must be.

Afterward, Toni goes to her little office to collect her belongings for going home. It is six o’clock as she picks up the keys left on the desktop by Aria. She shakes her head of the craziness that Aria played out in basement scroll room. In doing so Toni spots an origami heart-shaped piece of paper resting next to the phone on the desk. “What is this?” She queries out loud to no one before she is reaching for it to subsequently be unfolding it before she is reading it to herself.

‘Toni, it is going to be seven fifteen. I have your address from the front desk clerk and am bringing wine with a naked me. Yes, I meant it that we were having sex tonight and you are making me breakfast in the morning. So be ready. And... P.S. Do not tell an Irish woman that she belongs to you unless you are serious. Because we Irish lesbians tend to make our lovers keep their promises. So think on that. Yes, I could read it in your eyes and if you still feel the same by seven fifteen then be wearing only panties when I arrive.”

Seven fourteen arrives with a solid knock on Toni's apartment door causing Toni to breathe deeper as she adjusts the pretty cherry red lacy panties around her hips. Snug fitting little panties that are showing off her gorgeous ass and well-shaven pussy mound. It is the truth that until moments ago the crutch is dry, but the material no longer is lacking moisture. It is due to the sound of the knock on the door. With it, there comes a rush of nervous excitement whipping through Toni causing her to try to calm her own self. It is hopeless because even if she is doing her best to shake off the unsettling sensations of extreme arousal. Especially not while she walks over into the entryway to peek through the peephole. She spies Keira dressed in a long trench coat. The beautiful brunette could not look more delicious as she stands there holding a rather large bottle of wine in one hand with a multicolored scarf in the other. “Hmm, now what is she up to?” Toni queries while turning the latch to open the door while she cheerily states, “Good evening, Keira.”

But Keira has no verbal response. Instead, she walks past Toni, turns upon her stiletto bound heels, passes the wine bottle over to Toni and then proceeds to deal with the scarf. In less than a blinking it is firstly wound around Toni`s left wrist and then Keira arranges the right wrist to come aligning with its partner. In seconds Toni`s hands are bound together while she holds the bottle of wine. “As I said in my note, do not do anything that you do not sincerely intend. Yours, oh yes, if you truly want me but damn girlie it comes with strings.”

“Ah, interesting strings these are. Pretty strings too.” Comes reply with smiling as Toni looks at her bound wrists before then glancing up into those deeply hypnotic green eyes.

“Yes, it is. It is your first one and if you want more of them then you need to ask me nicely. “ Keira conveys in a tone of not accepting anything, but what she demands to exist. ‘’You do know how to ask ..ask nicely?” Arrives in seductive tones along with a sudden step forward to be totally close to Toni. This is following with a capturing of lips with lips. It is making them both gasp of the need to share touching. Sharing and daring to make it more, and sharing while Toni is holding a bottle of wine with Keira nudging them both back against the hall wall. In seconds it`s heavy breaths, lips playing hungrily and bodies pressing together. Pushing against each other to fully touch and to feel each other in all the ways that they desire most. Keira’s hands come to cup Toni`s face, cupping and then roaming downward over nude breasts that have nipples so hard that those are peaked in full hardness. These are beautifully perky peaks that are inspiring a desire for more as Keira’s left-hand tugs the sash of her trench coat having it open with revealing nudity underneath. She wants it to be naked skin to skin as she manages to somehow have her coat falling from her shoulders to greet the floor. It is a stunning sight to see. Toni pressed onto the wall being helpless in her cherry red panties with Keira wearing nothing but a big tasty smile that is devouring Toni’s smile. Bliss and the evening begin.

It is a pressure of body to body, it`s pleasure with panting breaths in between kisses as Keira`s hands play over Toni nude breasts. Playing within tugging the fully round nipples creating more heat within lower lips as both women simply can’t get enough. This has Keira departing lips to begin trailing tiny demanding kisses over Toni’s chin that next flow sweetly over the curve of a long beautiful neck until it`s planting precious worshipful kisses unto the valley between Toni’s breasts. This leads Keira to capture each breast by cupping them in her hands to have those pretty perky nipples sitting in full view. That swiftly has her lips to begin plucking them to be making them pop out with the most sensual of sounds. She enjoys teasing them with her firm soft lips until Toni moans so deeply that Keira must see if that beautiful sound changes when nipples are marked with teeth. Which Keira in turns grips each nipple between her teeth to rake them until that sensual symphony from Toni is singing so sweetly that Keira next does kiss each nipple before saying, “Such a pretty one, oh I want to fuck you and mark you with me.” Toni looks at her as though she is going to devour Keira if things do not get hotter, but Keira stands straighter to firmly trap Toni against the wall. “Don’t do that. I told you do not say things that you are not willing to do.”

“I didn’t say anything.” Playfully protests Toni who leans forward stealing another kiss from those luscious lips.

“Oh yes, you did.!" Keira shoots back after their lips depart kissing. “You want me to finger fuck you right now but you aren’t ready. You need more kisses and maybe a sip of wine. Being patience is a good thing.” She declares with a smile as her left-hand swats Toni`s ass making every cell in Toni`s lower body tighten over the thought of being spanked until her ass is pink. As Toni does this she watches those eyes seeming to have a fire in them as Keira continues on with saying, “Plus, I am sure you have a few treats to share with me, so let`s go to the bedroom, and have a glass of Riesling.” This has Keira removing the bottle of wine from Toni`s hands as she continues with “Lead us to the bedroom but walk slow. I want to watch what I am kissing in a few moments.”

Toni giggles of the ideas that now swim her mind as she next pushes against Keira to make space between them and with that she raises her bound arms high enough to drop them to encompass Keira`s head. This is making Toni’s arms circle those delicate strong shoulders of Keira. Afterward, Toni pulls in close to gaze into those eyes; she watches them, reads them and then sighs. “Damn, you have the world in there. Quite a dig site and one that I want to research after I fuck you until you can`t walk.”

Keira grins of what she is sharing with Toni. “Oh, you know me. I know that you do but yes we need to work on cum, cuffs, and kink. How kinky do you want to be my naughty love?”

That has Toni’s blue eyes dance in a desire to show just how kinky things can be. So with a bit of a kiss to Keira`s nose, she conveys, “I have a treasure chest of toys in the bedroom. Follow me, it is around the corner, up the stairs to the loft and you will see.”

“Ah, a loft girl. I hope the bed is big but a wine glass first.’’ States Keira while holding the Riesling wine bottle upward with pointing to the need for an opener.

“Those are already up there but we don’t need glassware.“ Toni supplies as she grips the wrist holding the bottle to tug Keira to follow along.

“Ah, you read minds too, eh.” Comes in giggling as both women journey forward to round the corner to begin climbing the staircase that leads to the open style loft bedroom. Slowly they go upward with Toni moving in such poetic motions that Keira has her eyes non-stop watching Toni`s ass as they make the ascent have them both greeting the landing at the top in several moments. With it, Toni turns to look at Keira as Keira gazes at the large room with its oversized skylight that is having the moon drift its rays into the space that is candlelit.

Toni watches those arcane green eyes scrutinizing at the bedroom space as Toni cheerily convey, “Oh, I read you just fine and you are getting spankings before things go too far.” This makes Keira smile wider within placing a kiss to Toni`s cheek while Toni continues chat ”And going too far is anything after you kneeling to kiss my ass while you are removing my wet panties with your teeth. Because then we are enjoying the wine, which I am drinking from your tummy button.”

“Tummy teasing and wet panties, gee, and we haven`t even started,” Sassily replies Keira whipping a lick of her tongue straight up over the fullness of Toni’s lips. It is a smooth teasing that is punctuated in a silent dare to see if she can make those panties even wetter before removing them with her teeth.

“You say that I get spankings. What about bad girls with wet panties?” This has Keira looking deep into those blue eyes as she says, “ I think that you like me. Wet, willing and so very ready for me.”

“Yes, we both are,” states Toni as she pushes Keira solidly against a nearby wall to hold her pinning there. “You are an aggressive one, sweet pea. I like that but first, you are on the bed, on it, standing on it. You…”

“Me!” interrupts Keira, “No, no sexy. You are kissing me again. Come on.” she coaxes to then pucker up to demand a kiss as she tries to get Toni to kiss her. “Come on, just look in these eyes, you know that you want to. You also need to taste me, kiss me and let me breathe only you.“ Arrives in the hope that Toni gets dizzy when she peers into Keira’s eyes. Which this is just what happens to Keira when staring into Toni`s mesmeric blues. So yes, it is a want of having Toni off-balance so that Keira gets to return an orgasm because earlier in the day Keira has three, but Toni only has two. That somehow seems unfair to Keira and so the plan is of aggressive moves to get Toni to take her fair share.

“I like you, lil Ms. Irish, I do.” Purrs Toni as she holds Keira thereby pressuring a body to body, yet Toni still has wrists tied. Thus, doing much of anything truly is not going to be done by the beautiful blond. That momentarily gives Keira the upper hand and in a moment, she is reaching around to slip her hands down into the waistband of those pretty panties.

”Hey, you are to use your teeth.” Is the instant protesting over what seems to be the coming of panty removal but it isn’t happening.

“And you are naughty. I have three today, you have two. Now take this or I won`t untie you.” Arrives in a playful threat that is wrapping in a serious tone over leaving Toni tied all night. Yet, as the brunette says it she smooth her open palms around from that firm ass to then graze over hips until she moves her hands within those panties to have the two strong hands cupping Toni moist treasure.

“Oh my god, oh fuck!” exclaims Toni over the euphoric feelings as her inner heat is no longer contained. Instead, every cell of her body wants so much more within the sensations of Keira’s hands playing on her skin. Teasing so close to the center of what creates sweet womanly honey, thus, it is sending wild arousal throughout every cell of Toni.

“Be a good girl and take it.” Demands Keira while she stares into those blue eyes with a need to have the two of them settle into gazing into souls with this renewal of touching of lower lips. It all rocks Toni, it seriously gets her attention having her enjoying the sensational thrill of Keira`s fingers tickling her womanly folds. It is an intense feeling making Toni breathless as her eyes naturally seek to look into Keira’s with her leaning into Keira whispering. “I missed you, fuck me, please.”

Keira slips a finger into the moistness that is hotter than a fiery furnace at full blaze. A blazing heat of wetness that continues to seep honey onto the crutch of extremely wet panties. This pleasure has Keira bringing her other hand to grasp Toni’s ass pushing the two of them firmly together. All of these sensations Keira likes for she so enjoys that her girl gets extremely wet for her even before touching pussy lips are touched. This is proofing that the attraction is deeply sexual along with it soulful. It is good that it isn’t one-sided either for she too is sopping wet, but she has no panties. None at all to collect that yummy flow of honey displaying an active stream dripping this is glistening down her inner thighs as Keira replies in deep breaths. “Miss you too, miss your scent, taste and the sounds we make, sounds when we ....we..”

“When we cum, kiss and …fuck me. Oh, fuck me, deeper.” Toni claims in urgency as the vibrations upon her pussy drive her into needing speed in pleasure thrills. It is a must of more and there is more. There are several more intense strokes with Toni commanding, “Faster, faster show me how much you…”

“That I love, oh hell …we will get to that…take it…take it. I need cream.” Fiercely orders Keira as her hand hits speeds of extreme motions in the plunging of fingers that tickle, tempt and taunt those vaginal muscles to squeeze onto them. Then within these feelings of rapture, Keira grasp upon Toni’s ass ends. It does but Keira suddenly grips those long blond tresses pulling Toni’s head back to expose a neck that instantly gets deep succulent kisses. Deep kisses within the speedier motions and notions of creating orgasm number three for a woman who completely mesmerized Keira when they look into each other’s eyes.

“Keira!” Screams Toni as a powerful orgasm releases from building high with a body that tightens, quakes and pulsates the most natural high on Earth. It's beautiful as Toni shatters into Keira arms having Keira grin of enjoying number three with her new lover as she whispers, ”Pretty one, my Toni…Toni, I couldn’t ask for more than you.”

Monday, May 12, 2014

Arcane Arousal - Chapter #2, Sexy Ex

“So are you gonna kiss her or what? Full lip lock. Just take it, Toni. You know that you wanna.” Cheerily interrupts a deeply sensual female voice from the doorway. “Toni, you know that seducing in the basement, in the scroll room is considered kinky. Even for you, it is kinky.” With that, the five-foot-eight brunette owner of the voice walks directly over to the two women to look both women in the eye with choosing to eye Toni first. Then her gaze of brown eyes sits upon Keira`s eyes “Hi, I am Aria Cousteau. Her ex-girlfriend and you should kiss her. She is good at it, even if it is a virgin thing to occur here in the haunted scroll room.“

“Aria, what are you doing here?” states Toni who is not caring about whatever Aria is fumbling into.

“Meeting. It is fifteen minutes ago. We are exchanging keys, you are taking care of cats until I return in two weeks.” With that Toni remembers the meeting and reasons for it with that having her mumbling, “Oh yeah, forgot.”

“It is okay darling, you are fine. And the keys are in your office on the desk. I only came to see… “ Looking intently at Keira has Aria grinning and giving a not too subtle lick of her own lips. “David mentioned a sexy new girlie treat is hanging out with you. So, I kind of wanted to see if … if “ She next takes a full sweeping gaze of Keira as she says, “Yes, and yes. Yummy! Do kiss her or I may be having dinner with her before you even get out of the starting gate.”

No one ever said that Aria Cousteau isn’t forward. Additionally, it is said that she is a woman who takes and makes life interesting. She does and that is the very reasoning why Toni ended the relationship four years ago. It is always too interesting; Aria is high-speed intense and kinky in the kinkiest of ways. Plus, Toni is not the type to share anyone who is romantically important to her and that occur between the two women during a very serious relationship. Yet, it is far from true that there are still feelings but that doesn’t intend that the two do not think of fucking each other. They do but today the truth of Aria being competitive is extremely evident. It is a fact that when Aria knows Toni is interested in a girl then Aria tends to have a few things to say or do. And that is the honest reason why Aria comes to the basement. She wants Toni knowing that competition is afoot. It is now a little race to taste the newbie. It is and it all exists while knowing that David, their boss mentions that Toni is instantly smitten with a sexy lesbian that is on loaner from Europe. A beautiful one too that quite honestly is just the type to capture Aria`s attention for a bit of kinky play.

“Keira isn’t it? Yes, it is.” Aria answers her own question, as she next smoothly comes standing between Toni and Keira. Aria positions there to be facing Keira while making sure that there is attention giving and division of Toni and Keira are being understood. “A bit famous, you shoot the artifacts for several of Euro`s museums, and you do on site photographing including the Italian dig sites, Guinean ruins, and Israeli citadel. Award winner. I like.” She says while once more licking her lips and sending forth a gaze that states that she is on the prowl. “I have an award for you, it`s dinner at seven, my place. You are dessert and breakfast too.“

If that isn`t leaving Keira breathless than her Irish appetite may need to see if she can handle more than one Aria. Nonetheless, that isn’t a thought for she is holding her breath of it all as it all comes full throttle. Then with Aria slowing the speed, Keira looks over at Toni to convey, “Jet leg and needing rest, thank you, though. Thank you, Aria. You are a pretty kitty.”

Aria watches Keira`s eyes, she sees them lock onto Toni. She knows Toni is looking back into them too, she can sense Toni thinking of how Aria always gets what Aria wants. Toni is thinking that very thing and she is also remembering the wish to kiss Keira. A desire to thoroughly enjoy kissing and to further appreciate the way those arcane green eyes like gazing into her blue ones. It is nice how their eyes share and yes there possibly maybe kisses if there is not an interruption. Yet, there is and now there is pondering of bedding Keira. She isn’t sure what is coming between any of them but the idea of her ex-girlfriend taking the opportunity from her unsettles Toni just a bit too much. It unnerves her, even more, when Aria reaches out to finger touching Kiera`s cheek, “I am patient, I am. We are having dinner at some point so do drop in to see me tomorrow before I leave. It is left corridor after entering this wing. Ask for me at the front desk.” Aria turns to eyes Toni to then turn back toward Keira as she continues with, ”Or Toni may show you to me. She usually knows when to be a good girl for me.”

Keira says nothing, she can`t for in all sincerity if she does it may not be exactly missing out on rudeness. She knows when to bite her tongue in the work environment. Thus, she politely reaches up to remove those fingers from caressing any farther. She does that ever so gently as she then is moving toward her camera satchels to pick them up. Toni grins of the move and Keira smiles back and does shy away from any father exchange with Aria. That leaves Toni conveying, ”Aria, we have work to do, please drop by my office later if you need to chat. But, you need to go and I must get this done for the director by the end of the day. Thanks for the keys.”

With that, Toni escorts Aria out of the room to afterward exchange farewells and grins as Aria states “Are you ready? I am going to have her first.”

”Aria, she is here to work. She is taken. There is no need to compete. Got it!” proclaims Toni

“You are rotten at it, do not deceive me. Have fun. No kissing her, she is mine.” Proclaims Aria as she struts down the hall that does lead back up to the upper floors of the museum. That brings Toni turning around to reenter the scroll room of in, which Keira is still within. Keira chooses to be adjusting her gear in order to take a few quick shots of the room. Within doing so Keira can see out of the corner of her eye that Toni is returning alone and she finally breaks the silence to convey, “She sure is something. A bit of a firecracker and twisted piece of an interesting storm.” Summarizes Keira of everything that occurs in the last several moments.

“Yes, she is!” Swiftly flies from Toni as she walks directly over in front of Keira to looks Keira dead center in the eyes. She does and then instantly states in candidness. “Keira, place those cameras down. Sit them down, because I am going to kiss you. Kiss you, and yes we are working together but it is to be managed. I have one month before I am leaving North America for a year. But I am kissing you, I am going to date you this month and you are going to remember me. Remember me enough to want to stay in connection with me.“

“Why?” she quizzes with a knowing smile as large as the sun.

“You know why. You know, and I am not letting her have a chance. You know why we are going to date each other and you knew it upstairs. I know that I want to kiss you and to not let her near you. That is for certain, so drop these cameras and let us christen this room.”

“Then why are you going to stop with a kiss?” Replies Keira placing the camera down at her feet by letting the strap slowly thread through her hand having the instrument to dangle on its strap before it touches the floor. Keira next fully lets the strap go. Lets it go and reaches out an open hand to welcome Toni to hold it, if Toni wishes to. “There is no need to stop with kissing as I have said you are pounding me in here.”

With that eyes are gazing into eyes, it is mesmeric blue holding arcane green in a stare with Toni`s hand slipping over the open palm until her fingers wrap a wrist to pull Keira into Toni`s body as they come crashing together. Body to body, then it`s cupping each other face to pull into a powerful crushing of lips upon lips. It is as though the wait is too long and their meal is now each other’s lips. There is no wait, even if there should be as there should also be a different approach to their first kiss from each other. There indeed ought to be when considering that they only know each an hour at best. However, it doesn’t matter for those eyes speak an unknown ancient language and that is more than enough when added to the fact that Aria is now involved too. Involved and Toni has no time to slowly seduce and mark this woman who is the only one to ever speak that unknown language of the soul to Toni.

Thus, it is not shocking that the kissing is deep with getting hungrier as it grows into providing hands caressing over shoulders that wander in playing on curves. It is a hunger that comes from what seems like a lifetime of missing being kissed by each other. Yet, that is impossible that miss each other for they do not know each other. Or do they know each other? It is even more astonishing considering that Toni didn’t want anything to do with any woman before she leaves for her task at month`s end. However, she is now planning a month of dating with a woman who may or may not be staying in Washington a month. Why is she doing this with an Irish woman who is to be a work comrade? Simply put she is basing it all on soul connection, on eyes holding secrets and silently sharing those secrets. Add in that the time frame is a crushing boundary and that there is the existence of a predator named Aria. All of that brings everything faster paced if it is to be anything personal involving Keira. Therefore, it is not surprising that Toni grips Keira`s ass as she pulls away from the lip lock to breathlessly say, “Dinner...tonight..after work…dancing…or we can..."

Keira isn’t far behind in the gasping breaths and she is barely thinking clear enough but she interjects with, “Your place…no dinner…wine… bed and you better be naked, because I am going to be.” Next, she gives a stare into Toni`s eyes that state that there is no fucking around, just fucking each other. And with that Keira feels Toni kissing her lips but Keira departs them to say “Get your fingers in my pussy and don’t stop. No stopping...”

That has Toni giggle as she glides her hand around the waistband of Keira`s pants to then slip within the front in search of treasure. Keira gasped of it to afterward push Toni into touching her pussy lips as she claims in heavy breaths “And the ex-girlfriend hasn’t a chance with me, so just take what is yours….yours and mine.”

Toni doesn’t want more words; she desires cream, streams of cream and hours of filling this damned scroll room with lovemaking. It is easy to have no words as her lip once more devour upper lips to kiss. These kisses are deeper, sweeter with pressing all of her lust into this woman who has eyes that radiate ‘love, take and did you miss me.’ Such delicious facts also seem to come in the pleasure of lips with tongues dancing within mouths that accept penetration just as those lower lips are feeling two very long fingers slide straight through moist pussy lips. Keira moans out in a siren-like sound to then have her hands busy with loosening Toni’s belt so that one of Keira’s hands slips within to feel nude flesh there. It`s hot, it`s getting hotter as her hand glides downward to find wetness. Her hand runs fully through Toni`s waiting willing pussy. “Yes!” Comes screaming from Toni as they both now take to rubbing, teasing and penetrating each other`s womanly treasure. It is fast; it is furious rubbing and intense playing, as kisses are relentless. It`s moments of simply almost attacking each other`s pussy with strokes, thrusting and all that is needing to create powerful sounds of sensual moaning before a deep cry of mutually releasing cum making it a ‘Lover`s Climax’.

It doesn’t stop. It is a refusal to only enjoy one. So they continue to ride the storm of lust and sharing, as the first orgasm is unearthed within quaking and joy. They clasp onto each other, they give into it more and hold on as their fingers slowly change pace into leisurely teasing pussy lips. Each does tickle the other`s moist lower lips and kiss until it turns into tenderness in lovemaking. Lovemaking that is bringing a boiling second climax for both. The rush of it makes everything between their thighs soaking with their creamy juices. It is now an understanding that marking territory is being done with this a beginning of epic sex and so much more.

More it is as Toni is intent on covering Keira with the knowledge that climax three is building nicely as Toni sweeps Keira` G-spot with several intense thrusts wanting to trigger waves of orgasm. Number two is never enough for any woman who Toni intends to romantically enjoy on a long-term base. She desires this woman on the most passionate carnal level as she hopes that they find more than sex but for now it`s kissing a beautiful face, hungrily laying lips on the skin and breathing in Keira’s scent. Breathing her, as Keira rocks into the thrusts given to her and the ones that she is giving to Toni. Yet the overwhelming intensity of deep slow sensual thrusts rubbing Keira`s G-spot causes Keira to tremble out of control before shattering into a creamy gushing of waves of cum. This heated tide of cream has Toni scream of the pleasure of giving it to her new lover. Number three isn’t mutual, but it is epic with having Keira falling into Toni`s arms. It has Toni holding her for the intensity is forcing Keira`s knees to buckle as the two woman stop to gaze into eyes.

“Seven tonight and nude. Okay?” softly voice Keira as her free hand clutches onto Toni.

“Riesling and your sexiest panties.” Responds Toni as they both bring fingers up to upper lips so that sharing of cum completes their current sexual sharing.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Passionate Pursuits - Chapter #3, Wine With Cream

“What are you doing?” She quizzes with trying to shake off the seduction scenario that is coming at her full throttle, as she gives a shot of trying to set the playground to be even. ”We are doing business, Mr. Xavier. This entire scene of seduction is fine, yet it is to be only business between us.”

“Is it?” Comes sharply from him as he stares at her eyes trying to capture her gaze and in a few seconds he succeeds. As he does Gabi instantly realizes what happens when she does let him look in her eyes. So, she swiftly sends her focus to be on her own two hands that rest on the edge of the table`s top. Thus, eyes are downward but she doesn’t like that at all for eye contact with clients is important to her. Thus, this event irritates her; it pushes her into being, even more, off-balance with it truly unsettling in every way. It has a growl slips her lips having him grin about it for he knows that she is rattled having him understand that Gabi is captured by what she sees in his eyes. He knows it because it is how he feels when he looks into her eyes.

“You know damn well we are doing business.” she spurts back at him in frustration. “Xavier, you know that I want the contract that is up for bids. You also understand that the details can be completed in a matter of two days. Two days, with most of the exchanging of information passing between our underlings. Thus, yes, the what that we are supposed to be doing is business and this…this…this...”

“This is not doing business. Not anymore, Gabbriel.” He proclaims while trying desperately to get a lock on her eyes to gaze at them but she is refusing to look at him. Gentz knows that he needs to peer into her soul. He does for it is in a hope that she is going to do the same. If he can get her to do that then things are definitely going to be interesting once again. Yet, he has no success of his attempts, thus, he continues with. ”It isn’t business at all between us. It is not such ever since I read of you in the research that my so-called ‘underlings’ supplied to me. That newsprint picture of your eyes during your triumph in that court case last month told me that we are to be more. More than business, you are so much more.”

Gabi listened, oh yes, she does but really he is not on the topic that she set so why should there be any further chat. So she stands to her feet and that has her pushing the chair backward as she sternly conveys. “Xavier, business! It is a business meeting! My heart and personal life aren’t for sale or for you to seduce.”

A sharply spoken dictation of truths, one that has Gabbriel beginning to step away from the table to give her some distance from everything that is being cast as a spell. As she does Gentz automatically is rising to then reach with intersecting her moves by standing directly in front of her. “You are so stubborn. Deeply unwilling in every way and you need to be kissed too. Kissed, spanked and just held forever. You are a naughty girl, Gabi. And yes, I am going to kiss you. Kiss you; kiss you so hard to be forcing breathlessness and then you are to kiss me. Kiss me, then you are to look into my eyes again and that is that. You are going to…”

As the protest over such ideas begins to form in Gabi, Gentz strides forward with becoming swiftly right there face to face. He instantly traps her between the chair, the large table and himself. Next moves have everything intensely high-speed and an out of control motion with Gentz`s lips capturing Gabi’s lips and that is that. It is a kiss; it is kissing with full intentional pressing and a breathless exchange. The motions, the notions of anything, and the emotions feel of everything come with feeling like an electrical sensation that empowers something wildly euphoric. It is an energy that is undeniably in exquisite within erotically overwhelming as his lips smoothly move in play with her allowing it. It has Gabi falling limp against him with no protest for all of her senses are driven into a whole other realm of existence.

That is pleasing to Gentz and so he doesn’t stop, he wraps his strong possessive arms around her to capture her body into his. That causes Gabi to be crush against him having her heart racing while her mind is full-blown dizzy. That is not shocking considering that Gentz seems to send her senses off-center but what is alarming is that Gabi`s lips suddenly betray her. Her soft luscious lips hungrily kiss him back. These do for in her mind there are flashes of these very sensations of him kissing and her loving it. Those feelings flood her mind with them coming from somewhere that just isn’t this reality. Not this reality, not this one, and so it`s more kissing between them within the here and now. The lip lock is intense with her wrapping around him until they both are breathless. Yet, it is still somehow breathing deeper until it is so exhaustive that they both must stop in order to try to gain balance, but they gaze into each other’s eyes and it instantly is another lip lock.

By the time they stop the onslaught of kissing and staring into eyes her ass is sitting firmly on the tabletop, the plate setting is crashing to the floor and he is standing between her widespread thighs. Him there, her giving in and she is purring in his ear with him stopping motions to simply look into her eyes. “So pretty one, you see how we are more than business.”

Gabi giggles, she does and her thoughts begin to clear but she stares there into his eyes “You are bad. You have led me on. Xavier, no one dates a woman by offering business contracts to her.’’

“I am simply not anyone. I am Gentz Stephen Xavier, your man. I do not stand in line. I take what is mine. I do it in any way that it is required of me. I give what it takes to get your attention. In doing so there is to be only kneeling to you and being relentless in whatever you desire of me.”

Gabi hears the firmness in the declaration and his deeply believing in all that he says. She can additionally see it in his eyes as that gaze peers deeply into hers. Strangely she smiles, she not only does that but relaxes so peacefully with him tracing his fingertips upon the surface of her face. “So beautiful, so worth everything that is this life. My pretty one, my soul.”

She titters of the romance that he easily whisks out. He grins at her as he backs away with saying, “You must eat, and you need to eat lunch since your tennis game later today requires energy. Maria knows that you are to be an hour late, but she expects you to be in top form.” He states with assisting Gabi to her feet before he is being a gentleman about giving his seat and his place setting for dining. In doing so she begins to the query of his knowledge of Maria. “How do you...”

In that second Gentz replies, “Your staff is excellent at sharing your agenda with my staff, quite a security breach for you. Only letting you know so that you may repair it.“ After which Gentz kisses the top of her head. He knows that she is going to have things to say and so he sits down to listen. When he does she queries of what is going on with her staff and the discussion easily turns to the tennis and many other non-business topics. Chat flows easily and lunch is shared at a leisurely pace with the time soon vanishing having them both standing at the door to share farewells.

“So, it is my apartment at nine for drinks. The address is sent to your office; along with it, there is another list of expectations for our date. Please do, abide by them.” He pauses because instinct tells that a protest is coming. So, he must try to stop a flood of objection for angry annoyance begins to show in her eyes. “Gabbriel, it is not any type of control. It truly isn’t a need to control anything of you. In all honesty, I wish to enjoy something special with you tonight. We both know that a third date leads places and so, please. Please, help me create it as a beautiful memory. On our date tomorrow, you may send me a list of expectations and I definitely can fill it for you.”

Time doesn’t fly like it can for some people. Indeed, it does not, yet she reads the note that he sends and she willingly follows the suggestions upon it. Gabbriel does, but she has tinges of unwillingness within her. Plus, according to her, a third date is not necessarily a sex date. Not really and she conveys that to Roy over the phone as she drives to the so-called date slated for nine. “I always feel naked when I dress like this in public. Isn’t the fifth date the sex date?”

“Nah, every date is a sex date but you girls don’t do that very often, though. As for naked, you always look fabulous in your long black trench coat. Did he at the very least send you a nice teddy or is it only a slutty piece of trash?”

“It is a daring, sexy mesh teddy with a sheer lattice lace pattern and seductive cutouts in the front and sides. The backside is pretty and is strappy with a striped ribbon bow and cheekini bottoms too. It is made of silk in the color of midnight black and comes with a kimono style robe that is mid-thigh. The usual VS Teddy thing for sex dates, and it has me feel elegant and sexy.”

Roy listens to her before summing it all up. “So he knows his stuff then. He knows you adore Victoria Secret clothing and that you do like lace.”

“Uhm, unsure but he does like black and lace.” She states as she directs her BMW into the parking garage to bring it to a halt just feet from the elevator doors. “I am here, next is the elevator and the penthouse apartment. My god, why is it that all tycoons need the top floor.” She sighs while she is flinging open the car door to the close it after getting out so that she is next entering the elevator.

“Because it makes it difficult for their sexy woman to run away when it’s brutally kinky.“ Laughs Roy over what he senses as nervousness within a usually very sexually confident woman. Then there is silence for long moments, at least there is until he furthers the silly with more silly. ”Or maybe tycoons find it easier to throw ex-wives out windows from top floors.”

“You can be disinherited, mister.” she seriously threatens while the elevator doors suddenly open making it a trip to the top floor that is too quick but she takes a deep breath as she steps out to provide calm. Then Gabi sees the door to where she must enter for her so-called sex date and the calm is gone.

“I ain't` getting any of your loot anyways, so stop being naughty,” Roy states with chuckling as he hears the elevator doors and the silence after it. “I am calling in an hour and then an hour after that.“ is suddenly said in firm placidness that makes it a truly swift change in his mood, a mood that now sounds protective.

“Yeah, okay and if I make morning news make sure you hide my dildo collection.“

“You got it, boss, now smiles and show him what it is like to be fucked by the best.” Responds Roy.

She snickers upon hearing him say such as she queries “And how do you know?”

“Well, I don’t but you go get him.” And with that Roy clicks off the phone and Gabi stands ready to knock on the door. As she does she finds the wooden door ajar and so she pushes it open while calling out “Hello, Gentz, are you here?”

”Yes, yes in the bedroom. Come on in and do not stand there. Close the door, lock it and remove the coat before coming to sit on the foot edge of the bed. The champagne is chilled and waiting, and I am here too. Come, my pretty one.“ This sounds out to be heard. As it does Gabi walks inward to carry out instructions before she ultimately finds an open concept space of a kitchen, dining room, and living room. Upon seeing it she notices just beyond it there is a hallway that leads to what she eventually discovers as two bedrooms. The one on the right side has the door wide open; it is candlelit with several well-placed candles and the bed is king-sized with black silk sheets. Gentz stands there ever so tall at the foot of the bed. He is waiting while fully dressed in an evening tuxedo of all black, with a black dress shirt and black paisley gentleman`s vest. “Pretty one, please sit for I want you to have a drink with me tonight.” He coolly supplies as he gazes at her fully with taking in the breath-taking beauty of her curves that so naturally fill the new lingerie. “Beautiful, you are stunning.“ arrives in admiration as he swallows hard of the lust that she easily fills him with.

She blushes at the compliments but does know that she is sexy in the outfit that he sent. She is for she has natural seductive curves that show true femininity and sexual beauty. She does, it`s a birth thing and something that she works at too. She looks in those eyes of his, those hypnotic eyes having her melt into him like she has so often on this day. She does this as he reaches for her left hand in assisting her in sitting her lace-covered ass on the bed. With the sitting down he collects a crystalline champagne flute, to fill it with the bubbly before passing it to her. She takes it in her hand to afterward hear him say, “Now wait just a moment, I must prep for my drink. I need ….I need….ah, yes there.” As he spies a set of silver seamstress shears that rest next to the champagne container on a table just off to the right of the bed`s bottom section.

Gabbriel watches his every move; she does for she is in awe that he is dressed in a tuxedo while she is nearly nude. She doesn’t understand it but she is also trying to not be off-balance. So far it`s good but she is puzzled as he picks up the shears before he kneels before her. Once he has Gentz places the shears on the bed beside her so he may remove his tuxedo coat. He folds it neatly to subsequently place it on the floor near the left foot of the poster bed that she sits on. Then without hesitation, he removes the silver cufflinks to then swiftly roll up the shirt cuffs before he once more reaches to possess the seamstress sheers. ’’Please spread your thighs as wide as possible. Then relax and drink the bubbly. When the glass is empty do say so for it is to be constantly filled.”

She looks down at him with deep curiosity in asking, “Huh, what is going on?’

“I am going to have a drink. I intend to drink every once of cum that you create from me finger fucking you, tongue fucking you and doing anything to stimulate you. You are to supply us with orgasms until the champagne bottle is empty and your smile is all that is full. It will be done!"

She shakes her head while she silently questions herself. ‘What? Did I hear what you said? Did you say that we aren’t having sex?' That has Gabi sharing her inquisitiveness by stating, “Are you okay and why aren’t we having sex?”

He chuckles a “yes” as he gazes up into her eyes, eyes that instantly have him melting while conveying. "I am not removing my clothes any farther than this and when you are exhausted you sleep in this bed. Then as you do I am going to lie beside you and hold you while we both sleep. We are making love tonight, but there is no need to go high-speed. Our date tomorrow can be more but tonight you are given this."

She is shocked by him. She is, but her body suddenly is flaming with heat because she can sense that he is definitely going to do it. He is the type to do exactly what he claims. That has her mind flashing of visions that simply are beyond arousing to her for never has any man committed such with her in such an erotic way.

In less than a second Gabbriel watches Gentz holds those silver seamstress shears as he peers into her eyes, he looks deep into them with it easy to see his eyes dance of a desire to prove that he is going to do just what he claims. Her green eyes gaze back within searching his eyes but in seconds, she is spellbound. This has her very willingly raise the champagne flute to her luscious red lips to tip it up in bringing the cold liquid to smoothly caress over those same lips in entering into her mouth. As she does this his free hand diligently reach to pull on both the crotch of her teddy and the crutch of her fishnet stockings. Then in one smooth snipping, the fabric is broken. Next, she hears him allowing the scissors to fall on the floor. By the time that the second sip exists his hands are planted on her knees with running upward to finally grip her inner thighs. Next are the feelings of the champagne trickling down her throat. Accompanying it is the no hesitation of his head burying between her thighs and his flat firm tongue is whipping straight through the center of her hot wet pussy as he grips the fabric ripping it further open so that he has full access to what he wants.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Passionate Pursuits - Chapter #2, Seductive Games

Tuesday it is. Is it ever a Tuesday to be alive and a day to be ready for the game that Roy thinks that is afoot.

“Goddamn! He did what?” She screams into the phone to her Personal Assistant Roy.

“It is an extensive list, Gabi. He is quite clear on what he expects of you today. Gentz ended the list with stating that it`s a near seven figures contract with his wish to maintain a certain level of decorum. Ladylike is apparently expected.” Comes in snickers for Roy recognizes that Gabbriel has no issue with being a lady but he knows what she thinks of men controlling her.

With that, all sharing Gabi is silent as Roy verbally dictates the list with her summing it up with a statement of, ”Seven figures while he wants my figure on a visual display too.” That brings a sigh as she furthers her assessment of it with a frustration. “When will powerful men keep their cocks in their pants when doing business?“

“When you women stop using seduction and your eyes to beg for it.” Arrives in honest crisp reply of shooting back the emotions. Emotions that only best friends are permitted to give.

“You can be fired you know.” Gabi sends forth in sharpness while she understands all of what is a modern business world. She long ago takes to know the sexual dynamics of business with its flirtations, innuendoes and the expectations that accompany a run of rules and accommodations. She recognizes the wholeness of it and in actual life is a top player of it. Thus, it`s acceptable of Roy to say that. And that is due to their friendship being an open-minded relationship between them.

”Nah, I am too sexy and that is making me a keeper. And besides, I make great coffee. And, you love that second cup in mid-afternoon.” Arrives as defence within being amused by the firing concept while knowing that it never ever is happening between them.

“Very true. Fax me the list. Then print it and frame it before you than hanging it in my office in full view of anyone.” Gabi commands in tones of loathing what is coming, but she relishes these games too. She finds it odd that this guy seems to want to play games and that is interesting for it is rare that she gets to do such any longer. Plus, there is the fact that she hasn’t expected it of him either.

“Oh, I have fax mailed it and it will be framed in a nice eleven by thirteen. And on that note please do remember that you might want some new fishnet stockings but you have the rest of the clothing on the list. Or you use to.” Comes from Roy as he states that he needs to go to a meeting uptown.

“I do have it all but I am playing this as I planned. Yes, you do need to head uptown or you are going to miss that meeting this morning.” Gabrielle states before clicking off the cell phone to continue on heading home to acquire her outfit for the meeting.

Within approximately an hour, Gabbriel is sitting in one of the largest offices that are known to humanity. It possesses antique furnishings that include two massive desks. One of which has two computer systems resting upon its surface with a small pile of paper document folders neatly planted there as well. The other wooden desk is topped with paper scrolls that accompany various types of gadgetry that seem scientific in nature. Then there is the enormous table that rests directly in front of the large window on the far wall of this stately corner office. That table is stacked with books, books, and more books; while it is surrounded by four winged backed antique chairs of a wood similar to the table and the two desks. In front of the first desk is a love seat that is large; it is comfy and covered in a midnight blue fabric. It is appearing similar to the four-winged backed chairs. All things in this space are darkly rich woods with richness being displayed in every way giving a sense of comfort that doesn’t exclaim that this an office for business. It does, however, express that the owner of it is someone that is enjoying life's pleasures. Yet, this very office is home to an automotive industrialist and farm machinery manufacturer.

Quite a sight it is indeed and not what Gabi expects. Then again she doesn’t have much of an expectation of anything about Gentz Stephen Xavier. That is even though research is complete on Mr. Xavier. Her investigation reveals that her new client is meditative, prophetic, philosophical, and soulful, but the fifty-one-year-old also is analytical, critical and opinionated too. Plus, there is that damn air of mystery and secrecy that comes from his history. Mr. Xavier definitely is interesting in many ways while his life has that exciting edge with versatility and a need for him to gain knowledge of many concepts. All that is of some value in life according to Gabi but what Gabi isn’t into is the idea of ‘good ole boy’ Gentz controlling other people's affairs. That control of others is something that she is currently seeing in action when she considers her recent morning phone call with Roy. So it tells her much information about Gentz. It tells of boldness, along with that he is strong-willed and moves within energetic actions in almost all matters of life. Yes, it shows that she finally did that research and there is much more to him then she assumed and quite honestly she is excited while waiting to show off her blue tennis outfit, cool athletic shoes, and ponytail hairdo.

In fact, she grins at it as she stares at the white wall behind the desk. It is a staring with patiently waiting for it having her easily notice a modern black leather hi-tech desk chair. It lies directly opposite to the loveseat that the secretary politely requested her to sit in. As Gabi sits there many long moments do pass and then there is a young male entering the extremely quiet office. He walks directly over to the table of books to then in a minute be busily removing the volumes of texts to place them on the floor along the wall that lines the window. As he finishes the task another young male enters carrying a single pillow and a silver tray holding an antique tea service. The first male walks up to the second to slip the pillow from under the second male`s arm where it is pressing there due to his two hands need to carry the tray. Once this is done the second guy sets the tea service tray on the desk in front of Gabi with him stating. “I am to pour tea for you. I am to make you comfortable and it is my duty to tell you that you are a rebel. It is my duty to also say that Mr. Xavier likes that quality in his new wife.”

Such is said so smoothly and without blinking that Gabi isn’t sure what shocks her more. Could it be the words, the act of it all or the tone? Either way, she is looking at him stunned and it is leaving her mouth gaping open in awe of the brashness and the assumption of things.

”Wife! Wife…wi wife….w..w..w” comes in sputtering disbelief. It is surprising and yes some shock. It is having Gabi almost instantly stand up with being rattled to her very core, but she immediately remembers the contract. True, she can easily make everything null and void by not doing this lunch thing. However, she wants Gentz as a client but not in this way of what is now being told to her. She thinks that she has him cornered but now with having her goal of the contract she feels trapped too. So she isn’t sure if she is staying to endure this. She also is not sure if she should be stating facts to clarify what exists between them. She is unsure if any of this with Gentz is going to be a good thing and that is because she honestly is still too shaken to know what is what. This is because in all her experience she cannot think of anyone who goes to a meeting to suddenly be in the midst of being chased for marrying.

The male employee watches her while attempting to not smile, but he does grin into a snicker. He then swallows hard as he continues with “Mr. Xavier wants you not liking it, but he knows that you want to like it. He is willing to reconstruct existence to have you be his.”

“Enough!” Comes shouting brashly from that deep baritone voice that Gabi knows as a familiar from the Monday meeting. “Out! Out and close the door. I can speak for myself.”

Gentz eyes her, she watches him too and she walks over to him to gaze into his eyes. She does and he stands there looking back with not one blink of covering up the view to his soul. She looks as she ponders of him and grows mad of it all. ”You are a bastard, sir. You have me cornered. Stop playing games with me. This is only business. We either do this clean or we don’t do it.”

“I am playing games with you. You play with men, you have done it forever but I want you. You, you are to be completely mine and with no games for that is my need in life. This Empire is nothing without a personal happiness and a woman to hold. I figure that we can tame each other and build it higher.” He grins at her to then grin bigger before he walks past her as he states, “The table has two purposes today.” He walks over to it while continuing with, “Firstly, lunch is eaten at it with no discussion of work existing and you choose the topics but there is no silence to exist. If your conversation with me is quality and consistent then whatever you have prepped for today in concern to business discussions is going to be agreed to by the end of the two hours that you are spending with me.”

“Are you for real? Comes the sharp reply about what he says. It exists as that for it most certainly is out-of-order. Out of order as she keeps pace with his chat and shuns anything that may shake her senses.

“Yes, and so are you. So, let us be real. I want to know a woman, to know her completely and that woman is you, and only you and everything else doesn’t matter. I trust you and eventually I am going to prove that you are going to trust me. Possibly then you are going to try to love me.” He proclaims while holding the chair at the head of the table chair for her to come sit upon.

This has Gabi slightly in awe of the straightforwardness with its notations and that makes her more off-centre with not knowing if this is a game. She no longer knows what are games of business and what is real and what is only business. Thus, she stands there eying him while pondering if she should leave and bag it all as defunct. But she runs high-speed thought processes with making decisions that if Gentz pushes the limits by bringing directness then why doesn’t she do it too. After all, this is too surreal to not be a game but she can’t figure out why there is the need for games between them. Why is this powerful man making crazy plans between them? She has no answer. But if he wants to chat in exchange for agreeing to business terms then she can do that. She can, but this marriage thing is a no, it is. Oh yes, it is. With that thought racing through her mind, she zooms out her own zinger for him to take in as she sits on the chair. “So, when am I suppose to kiss you?”

“Whenever you leave here today. That is if you wish to.” He confidently confides as his ass greets the chair to the right of her. In doing so, he states. “And if you want to kiss me before then, then please do. It is your choice.“

“Oh, I see.” Gabi shares in pondering the progression of things while she is keeping in step with him. But in doing so, she suddenly peers into those eyes of his and it begins again. That spell of entwining in his life aura and this time it is barely a gazing, but it takes breathing into tiny rapid breaths. It does for she senses that she has known him, she truly knows him.

“Yes, you do. You also need to see that I already have made my choices and now it is your turn.“ Gentz replies as the office door swings open having the two young men from before entering in with a meal that is made as a feast for a queen. A queen that has choices, choices of wines with a five-course meal of lunch set out by the staff. Then before they depart the office they allow a young woman with a bass violin to enter into to rest upon the love seat in front of the desk. This indeed is quite a sight with it making Gabi simply speechless while watching it as the woman begins to play romantic soft tunes.

The spectacle has Gabi trying to gain her senses of how he is attempting to seduce her and it comes as she is still struggling to sort out what he really is up to for it cannot simply be a seduction by a suitor. It simply can’t be. So, Gabi takes to staring at him, her trekking a deep visual journey into his eyes with her slowly taking a sweeping gaze of his entire body while he sits in the chair next to her. It is a gaze that moves upward to then move back to him before settling into watching his eyes, eyes that are having a spell spinning in them.

He seems so willing to share as he seems to soul lie so open and willing. Him sharing with her, daring her and somehow almost begging her to enjoy him in all the ways that she may ever wish to. As she does this Gabi once more finds her breathing changing. It runs deep, it comes with panting breaths and her heartbeat follows suit as she sinks her stare into those eyes. Falling, free falling with not remembering why she is in this room. In doing so she spies a world in his eyes, a world that she feels that she needs to explore. In this, she hears Gentz whisper. “My queen, you may choose the topic. Please, please do.”

With that Gabi mentally grabs herself back from sinking further within the staring into his eyes. That makes her shudder and brings an actual rocking backward in the chair as the spell is broken. Snapped back to reality and with it, it leaves her shaken about everything between them. He takes notice of it with him tenderly conveying, “Take it easy, darling, you need to come to me by small steps. Fight me all that you want to, but talk to me and you will see what is destiny. I believe in you, I believe that you can do this.” Arrives as Gentz does his gentlemanly duty of pouring the first glass of wine with then soon after encouraging Gabi to enjoy it. The beautiful brunette does such for she currently feels drunk even though she doesn’t understand why. Thus, she figures that wine is only going to set her much more on her ass, so why not. After all, it may actually be a good thing when considering all of these surreal events that are happening.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Arcane Arousal - Chapter #1, Soul Kiss

“Toni, it is agreed that you do not need to babysit a photojournalist but this one is here to help us out. She is transferring in from Ireland via a two-year stay in Ottawa. Irish nationalist that is experience in museum photo work, photojournalism fieldwork, and is respected within Europe`s magazine media. So please take her on so that we can boost our media presence in Europe with possibly a bonus of achieving some much-needed funding from European philanthropists.”

The thirty-five-year-old American citizen of small-town roots stands there looking at her boss wanting to say that she finds this request another pain in the ass. But she has no time to argue because she is late for a meeting. “I leave at the end of the month for Antarctica. My team is not to include some camera jockey.”

“Don’t do this Toni. She is not that bad. You may like her. I hear that she is a lesbian, an activist too and easy going.”

“Humph!” Comes in disbelieve from this woman of radiant blond tresses and enchanting smiles. Usually, those are beaming warm-hearted smiles but those are hidden on this day. She is extremely serious lately; life is work, work and a life of always of being on the go with something to keep her from the boredom that can be life.

Antonia Cousteau is generally a lady who is very social, intensely charming, bold, independent, inquisitive and knows what she wants with why she wants it. She additionally tends to be somewhat creative in all aspects of her life, and that usually leads to a willingness to always be looking for an opportunity to use her abilities and skills. Yet, all of these fine attributes plus her flexibility with adjusting to anything new isn’t present today. It simply is not as she stands mid corridor in a passage that leads from the basement archives to the newly displaying exhibits.

“Just try, you may like her and enjoy the last of your time...” States her boss who suddenly stops talking and that allows Antonia to feel that she can interrupt. Which she can and so she spouts out, “Time is something that is in short supply. This Irish whoever woman does not need my time. She will eat away at my schedule with being boring and an attention thief. She possibly doesn’t give a damn about anything that what really goes on here. That only leaves me behind schedule and burdened with having to entertain her.’’

“Well, I tend to kind of make my own social life where ever I go, but sure sexy, you can try to keep up. However, a sweet thing like you may need to teach boring ole me a few ropes, considering that ‘we’ Irish are not much for parties, nor are we into intellectual pursuits.” Comes dripping in sarcasm as a gorgeous woman of mid-years and a full-blown five foot three stance pops around from standing behind Antonia. The woman smiles at Antonia. Just smiles while giving that look of intense studiousness as her shimmering auburn brunette tresses feather about perfectly exquisite facial features making a truly Irish vixen stand there gazing at Antonia. She is eying Antonia with eyes of the richest arcane green with silver glinting. Oh and do those eyes ever declare that there is a wildfire spirit within her, especially considering the minor bit of unwelcoming that is be shared “It may be of interest that it is me who is doing you a favour, but then I know nothing of your work. Or do I?” Then placing two camera satchels down at her own feet she walks up close to gaze into those eyes of blue that are belonging to Antonia as there is conveying, “However, you know nothing of my work. If you did then our conversation would be about me photo shooting the basement archives and you detailing where I can access data needed for my research to go with my images and articles.“

The two women stare into each other’s eyes, glare and stand so close that it can be possible to kiss each other. They eye each other to distribute non-verbal sharing of daring, of swearing and to be enlightening within soul sharing. Antonia takes to enjoy it, even if it is not comfortable being caught in the middle of her being somewhat unkind when she has no need to be. Yet, at this juncture, she knows that spouting out more is only going to cause issues and so she winks. Sassily winks at this woman who seems to have some bravado. Or does she? Something in those eyes states that softness is there, easygoing and shy within a something else. A something else that is talking to Antonia, even if guilt now swims into harsh existence and that has her think of backpedalling of things, but she has the feeling it won`t work. Therefore, with a continuous staring, she conveys, “We can go to the basement. Maybe we can fight about things and see if you know my stuff. So step into my world and as for you doing me a favour, sure and I like that you are.”

With that the Irish woman snickers, ”You are a kinky one. You like it in the basement first thing. This is going to be fun. Take me. I am yours.”

“You only wish.” Comes as a spirited reply with a grinning mischievousness that accompanies a momentary tittering laugh by Antonia.

“Keira, Keira Quinn, your new pain in the ass and basement buddy.” Arrives in winsome friendliness as she decides to let go of anything that is negative of the moment.

‘Toni Cousteau, but something tells me that you know that. You know it and are several steps ahead of me and are forgiving of me….”

“Your foot in your mouth. Yes, you did do that but do take me to your basement to pound into me the rules. It may be interesting, don’t ya think?” She states in snickering as they shake hands. “The misunderstanding doesn’t matter, Ms. Cousteau. It is part of our work; we all have our days at work and honestly please do take your time of dealing with me. I can wait for whatever you have as a time for me. I may roam the museum to get a sense of things if you need that. You can show me the basement now or later, it is as you wish but yes, and it is on my list. There is much to do and I hear that you are a pro at what we are to be presenting for the softcover book. So between us two we can duke it out and scoop up whatever to create top-notch article and pictures. Lead on, lead me into....”

“Into my dusty chamber of kinky archeology and museum wonders.”

It is odd but somehow they know each other but they don’t. It`s weird in endless ways, but it`s just this. It is interesting, it is forgiving, familiar and it is this sense that they connect on a soul level with looking into each other`s eyes. They both understand that, yet it’s a private musing by both while they are left to their own devices. Left to wander off as the museum`s curator departs with the statement that he is needed elsewhere.

In a few moments, Antonia stops the musing of how things are progressing with her new task. It is amusing how this sudden task of babysitting a photographer is moving into wishing to know a bit more about this Keira, for Keira doesn’t seem boring. No, not at all and honestly when it comes to holding Antonia’s attention that isn’t easy for anyone to do. Yet, Keira has a good jumpstart on it. It is the thoughts of ‘wild, Irish, soft, and fun.’ She beams a smile at Keira with that thought as she continues with ‘Deeply intelligence and fun. Plus, maybe kinky, yes maybe and maybe…oh damn’ With that there are the beginnings of knowing that there is sexual attraction, instant fire and that is not good for work but really at this point, it isn’t worrisome. Plus, who said a bit of naughty amongst some ruins will crash civilization in a professional work environment. At least, that should be what is thought but Antonia simply gives a nod to Keira saying “Follow me, I am headed there and you may look around to get a feel for things.”

“Feel of, oh yes, I want a feel of.” Arrives reply in a sensual overtone of a double agenda as Keira picks up her satchel to be a follower. Antonia smirks to then head off in the direction of the basement rooms to which she has work occurring in. It is a journey of business talk with Antonia asking questions of what is the deal with things. This has Keira answering of how the assignment is a set of four softcovers, almost magazine-like books. “Easy things but it is to be details of new facts mixing with former data. It is material to intro new readers but to continue to entice former readers. My employers have a need to build interest in the science of history. It is to be interesting shots of whatever the museum is willing to share, along with expert data tooled into interesting docu-story.”

With that, the two women enter a very well organized large room of scrolls, and crates holding various small items from antiquity.

“Nice room, so are you pounding me in here?”

Antonia blushes of what is said. She does for in her mind it`s instant sexual innuendo but she summons a double-edged reply with, “I prefer to begin slowly if you don’t mind.”

“But you haven’t the time. It`s what you said upstairs. So, umm.”

Antonia looks Keira directly in the eyes as they stand several feet apart from each other. It is a good distance for scrutinizing this woman who definitely is getting more interesting with each passing second. Much more stimulating to her senses as Keira intently does the same of looking at Antonia. It is an eye-to-eye staring. It has them both swallowing hard, for now, they both know that the ‘something’ that they shared upstairs is deep in their psyche with it partially a sexual tension that is about to consume them. It is going to devour them both and it isn’t expected for they both usually tend to think a bit more about things before jumping into sexual anything. So with that, each is quickly assuming that there must be a shaking off of this. It has to be pushed away but damn, they simply stand there with somehow understanding that the energy flowing between is leading them into creating some very intimate history.

Intimacy, yes and that has Keira cradling her energy and stalling the wildfires within her. It is this for suddenly the shyness enters her as she feels the sexual tension coming stronger between them. It is sexual energy that shines in those blue eyes. It leads her to say, "It seems that…” Yet, that brings her to a sudden stoppage as she blushes of her recent behaviour but she knows herself, knows that she likes this too and wants more. But really more of this is only a distraction and so there comes, “Oh, I don’t know but we should…” As she gets pulled deeper into staring into those blue eyes due to looking at them. “It’s getting interesting.” Is sharing with breathing coming breathy.

“Yes, it is.” Says Toni knowing that she herself is dizzy with gazing into those arcane green eyes with a silver spell within them, eyes that are speaking to her with beckoning to her to kiss lips. Toni being faintly dizzy is unusual but her thoughts are flooding with wanting to kiss this woman. Kiss her and make Keira know what a basement can be. So the stare is intense for it is just going to be and Toni needs to know only that Keira wants a kiss. “Yes, and yes.”

Keira sees the intense energy coming wildly full throttle between them. She does and now that they stand so close and are alone it only takes the eye to eye to know that they are not leaving the room without something sexual happening. It is going to exist and there will be the start of an intimate history for them. There is to be for Keira cannot stop gazing into those blue eyes that are talking in an ancient language that somehow her soul knows what is spoken. It is crazy in her mind and she really isn’t caring about work. No, no she isn`t, thus her breathing slightly deepen. “Yes and time; time and...Oh, baby!” Sizzles out with her accepting that she wants much more than kisses with Toni.

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