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Arcane Arousal - Chapter #5, Sexy Rights & Cat Fights

A knock on the door is one that is overdue, but as Aria Cousteau stands there leaning against the doorposts of the tucked away office within the depths of Smithsonian there isn’t any knocking. There also isn’t any surprise over the intrusion. There never is when it is Aria. She is that sort of woman who holds to her own truths of doing whatever she pleases and that is especially true in concern to Toni Cousteau. “You were to keep your fucking hands off her. I warned you that she is mine.”

Toni Cousteau whirls around on her swivel chair while reluctantly taking her focus of the pile of documents that she has been reading for nearly half an hour. The workday is a barely a half-hour old with her latte practically all drank. The cup is almost empty, but Toni is totally full of smiles. It is beautiful within a happy day and the morning has her content in endless ways with it all due to the night of sexual sweet naughty bliss. Yet, as she turns around to face her ex-girlfriend her smile should wane. It should be that due to the attitude coming at her, but it does not. Instead, she chooses to play a bit with a minor measure of the pleasures of pretense and avoidance. “What are you talking about?” Arrives in coyness with arranging her grin to be shining brighter than the biggest of blatant sins.

“You fucked her!” sternly states Aria who is making solid moves into the office that is overloaded with wooden shelving units filled with books, along with those there are two metal filing cabinets and a makeshift closet that includes a seaman`s chest. Aria walks past these toward the distant corner to then plant her ass upon the leather-clad Lazyboy chair that has a heavy handcrafted quilt draping over its upper portions. This is the only seat in the space that isn’t the desk chair that Toni currently occupies and so if it’s the need for sitting than a person must choose the Lazyboy. Aria reluctantly chooses it while she continues with. “You fucked her, you are...”

“Fucked who?” coolly claims Toni in interrupting as she lays plans to begin to totally enjoy playing cat and mouse over the current topic. A nice game that Toni is good at with her knowing that it eventually brings the dirty deed of Aria frustrated to the Nth degree. With it, Toni instantly remembers that Aria isn't even supposed to be at work today considering that Aria is to be two weeks in Italy and it is to be that as of this week. Thus, she whisks out the reality of, “You aren't supposed to not be here and..” She eyes Aria so that she may be sure that everything is enjoyed by herself as she finishes with “..and it is not ladylike to say fuck.”

“Fuck the ladylike!” sternly is sending forth as Aria begins building a bit of anger. It gleams on her facial features as the beautiful brunette settles deeper onto the Lazyboy chair that she doesn’t like. She despises the chair for it is Toni`s bed away from home. It is where Toni hid when things went bad between them. Hiding here in this office with sleeping on this damn chair and doing whatever. Yet, Aria stops that thought of the ‘whatever’ for she knows that Toni does enjoy christening the chair with sexual play when the opportunity arises. That idea irritates her even more than she already is. So that thought of Toni having sex can’t exist. It simply may not for thinking of Toni and sexual anything brings arousal. It is the truth for Aria that she still has a thing for Toni even after the twelve months of separate lives and that day of things between them crashing in a sudden stop of a full public display of breakup. “Just fuck it and you stole my newbie.”

“I stole nothing.’’ But Toni knows what Aria thinks is being taken. She does and she also realizes what is actually happening. They both understand what is occurring and they each plan to see how much this can be pushed. Yet, what Aria doesn’t recognize is that Toni deep inside herself actually has this feeling that Keira is her eternal soul mate. Toni has a sense of this idea with Toni wanting a forever concept with Keira within an understanding that soul mates just belong to each other. Therefore, there truly is no stealing involved. That indeed is a truth; a hidden profound truth that is to slowly be unearthing with it being enjoyed more than anything that Aria share with Toni. “Sorry, but I don’t steal things.”

“Oh, are you sure? I am dead certain that I saw her getting out of your car in the parking lot this morning. I also viewed the kiss before you two entered the building. There also is the hand holding as you both stopped at the clerk`s desk and well...” Aria next becomes restless within the sitting to reach over to shuffle books on the nearby shelf, but she remains there as she tries to not think about Toni having sex with Keira. She does her best, but that is hopeless and so she further states, “I would have followed you two down the back hall that leads to here, but...” “But what? I am not sure what you are talking about Aria. I am here alone at work and you are supposed to not be here. So I should still be alone.” This brings Toni to change her grin to a lesser smile while her voice tone comes serious with a continued retort of, “As for the whoever that you say that you saw here…well...they are possibly working too. We all are paid to do that when we are here.”

That creates silence between them as the staring comes full throttle with Aria scowling of things and with Toni grinning so big that if she does it anymore then Aria`s poor frown is going to not be noticeable. In fact, Aria is fast losing the ‘emotional temperament’ contest and that is having her failing at two things in the past twenty-four hours that involve Toni.

In the silence, both are thinking of what to say and of what the other has the right to say. Or even better they ponder of what they should not say. It has Aria contemplating the fact she should have missed all of the aforementioned fun between Keira and Toni. It should be just that way considering that Aria is to be gone from working here in the Smithsonian this week. But that is another story with that topic most certainly not the current focus. Hell no, no it isn’t for she is on a mission. A cool naughty mission of something that she feels that is needed in the aftermath relationship between her and Antonia. She thinks it’s now a task of hunting workmates that Toni is interested in. She long ago identifies that Toni attaches to workmates for social and for sex dates. Aria also has a mission of making sure that Toni pays the price for leaving her a year ago and that is even though Aria did the unfaithfulness. But Toni knows that the reality is simply that it is a pleasure for Aria to mess with Toni`s life. It is the truth of things while there are jealousy and a need to still control Toni in majorly abundant quantities. With that idea in Toni`s mind, she just 'outs' it all. ”If you want her then try. But you won`t accomplish it. You know that once I lay claim...”

“Yes, you lay claim. I know that. It is easy to see that she is wearing your favorite pinstriped dress slacks and that pink silk dress blouse from your mother.” Toni smirks of that for it brings instant visions of the earlier morning of nude wrestling on the bed. An erotic tussle over not allowing Keira to dress in a trench coat before Keira is planning to go home to dress for the workday. All of which need to stop because it makes the newbie worker be at least thirty minutes late for work on the second day on the new job. That isn’t` okay. It isn’t for Toni doesn’t want their night of sexual encounter creating problems like that. So clothes are shared. Well, it is more than clothes for Toni enjoyed the kisses as she talked Keira into wearing the items before they both next are having a quick muffin and a latte as they head into work together in Toni`s car.

With that memory swirling in Toni`s mind Aria shuttles forth, “Did you mark her as yours?” After doing so Aria eyes Toni with attempting to see what Toni is possibly smiling of. For that smile clinging to Toni`s lips lays there in such a naughty way that it most certainly isn’t part of this serious conversation. Without a doubt, the chat isn’t inspiring naughty grins, but it should be inspiring sober discussion with tinges of aggression attached to it all. Thus, Aria continues her pushing into things that truly aren’t her business. “You haven’t marked her but you want to. I do see that you want to claim her. Therefore, she obviously liked last night too.” With that Aria realizes that the two women are now an item and that possibly the journey down the back halls to this room ended with playing in this very chair that she sits in. That inspires Aria to gasp before standing up to state, “Next you will be fucking her in this chair. Fucking her and marking her as your girlfriend.”

With this Toni just laughs of it. She must for really it`s nothing that is any business of Aria`s, but hey she is familiar with Aria doing shit to her. Shit and more is usual as she figures that Aria still has no love of the chair. “Relax the last one in the chair is you. You, your cum stains and you screaming my name. Thus, there are no cooties on the chair and you can relax as you interrogate me of things that aren’t your business.”

“My business. This is my business and you know it. I said that she is mine before you even wanted to. God damn it, Toni, you gotta play fair.” With that Aria gives a sideways glance back at the chair before then walking toward the door where she crosses her arms in front of herself. From there she eyes Toni in needing answers and so she stands there waiting for all the info on what is going on in concern to the so-called theft of a sex mate. Yet, that isn`t what she gets.

“You didn’t play fair when you were mine. Adding to that you never have since then either. And yes, I know that you like making me pay the price of your unfaithfulness. Yet, I see that you still want to fuck me. You do, and it is because if Keira is in my bed then isn’t like when I am with other girls. You saw that in my eyes yesterday. It may be that you dislike anyone in my bed but damn you never behaved like this before. You usually do not care about things once one of us captures a new lover.” Toni claims while tossing the paper coffee cup in the trash before making moves to head toward the door to leave.

“Did I hear you two talking about me?” enter into the chat from the sudden arrival of that sexy sensual Irish voice belonging to Keira. This entering into the discussion is a music to Toni`s ears as she stops dead in her tracks to smile at this woman who simply has made the past twenty-four hours bliss in endless ways. Toni next looks into those arcane green eyes of the beautiful brunette who is sweeping past Aria to walk straight up to Toni. With this coming directly in it is over to Toni with a laying of a full luscious lip lock of a kiss to Toni`s smiling lips. It is yummy with passionate pleasure and Toni returns it in equal lust as Aria takes up the position of voyeur.

Pleasures indeed are enjoyed, as along with it does exist as ownership. It is the notice that both women are now marked by each other. “Yummy. You taste so good, my darling. Missed you. I came to see if you are up to joining us in Scroll Room three in an hour. We have to set up a display to photo a few beginner pictures. Aria is part of it too. Thus, I have come to you both.” She states to finally shoot a winner`s glance toward Aria with continuing to say, “That is Aria is to join us if the head of Scrolls and Literature wants to be part of what is to be the main image work in concern her department.”

Aria simply watches them as she listens knowing that she finally gets the answers that she comes to get from Toni. Toni, on the other hand, looks at both women knowing that Aria can be very interesting when she is being told that she loses. That allows Toni to ask, “Have you now? Do you come for us both? Is it really a work assignment? Or is it more of a social thing?”

Keira snickers of the search to have her make a solid notation of ownership of Toni. This is following with a giggling of, “Irish, lesbian and rarely do anything that is not having a social attachment. But yes, it`s business that brings me to your nook. But it is you who may keep me.”

Toni observes every move that those lips make with it having her wanting more kisses, yet she drops out of the daze of thinking about kissing Keira as Aria grumbles. “You two are weird.” That comes with a sigh after it as she further says, “And Toni you didn’t need to avoid the answers. I already knew by the way you two behaved yesterday. So please just own up to it. Own her if you really want her.“ Then in taking to leave she gives notice that she will be in the scrolls rooms in an hour.

“Owning me, are we?” is the query from Keira as Aria leaves the room.

“Oh, she thinks that you are hers to explore. She is pissed that you choose me over her. She is angry that I found someone.” Conveys Toni.

“But am not hers. I am yours. You know it too. You can see it when you look in my eyes.” is stated in the seriousness of wanting nothing misunderstood between them “You like looking there and you loved holding stare when we enjoy mutual orgasm last night.”

Toni supplies a mischievous giggle of the memory of those moments of bonding as her body comes to be alive with arousal over the thoughts of last night. Toni is horny every moment that she is awake this morning. It is especially true now that Keira is so close to her having those very sensations increasing a great deal once Aria left. “True, I see something in yours. I like it too.”

“Good, me too” Is the sharing as Keira caress an open palm to Toni`s facial cheek as she continues to make things clear between them. “Toni, I am not going to beat around the bush. There is no time to. So here it is for us both to think about.” Next Keira allows her hand to fall down over Toni`s firm breasts before she discovers Toni`s hand to hold while she states, “We have two of many things. Thus, we have adjustment and obligations to work around. It starts with that we have continents, countries, careers, houses, families and more. Yet, there is one truth. It exists and we both know it when we look into each other’s eyes. We do. It involves that I have the intent of being your keeper, your wife, your life and all the sex that you can ever want. It is love and more.”

Toni watches those lips as she takes in every word. In her mind, it is known that everything that is now spoken is a bit too soon but still it is true that she gives notice of similar thoughts the other day. She said there is only a month of getting solid in a relationship and now Keira says such too. Thus, it seems that these two women are on the same page with concern to goals with that bringing a smile to Toni. It does as she grips Keira’s hand a bit tighter. Holds it as she bringing it up to kiss each finger during her continued listening to Keira finishing her statements

“Get used to it. We are together forever. Aria can want you or me all that she wants but I know that we want each other.It`s simple facts. It just is. Now kiss me.” she says cheerily as she feels the last of kisses play out on her hand`s palm as Toni looks in those eyes that look into her own mesmeric blue ones.

“Oh, oh you.” Begins Toni but she is interrupted by Keira with her changing her stare into one of dewy-eyed wanton lust as she states, “We have an hour before we need to be actually working. So come sit on my lap and let me show you how much you are mine.”

“Possessive, aren’t we.” Laughs Toni as she looks at the Lazyboy chair within imagining the coming moments of pleasure sharing that will occur in it.

“Yes, I am but it`s not demanding, nor restrictive. You and I are free, but I have no plans of leaving you. I am doing anything to be with you. So kiss me and let me finger fuck you in this chair.” Arrives in cool directness as Keira nicely settles onto the Lazyboy chair before she then begins to unbutton her blouse with one hand while she is beckoning Toni to come to her for a rechristening of the sex chair.

Toni smirks of it as she looks at Keira. She notes that Keira enjoys claiming and taking what she wants. Toni does too. Yet, currently, she isn’t making plans for too much vocal possession for she does rather wish to straddle those knees before tucking around and wrapping Keira who is in that chair. Then she wants Keira’s hands to slowly build the aforementioned finger-fucking scenario into as many orgasms as Keira wants to force from within Toni. Oh yes, Toni needs them taken while she is riding into marking Keira with her scent so that it`s not only stares and kisses that make them seem a couple. She wants scent and everything to exist between them for those eyes, those arcane green eyes make her so aroused and needing to fall in love again.

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Arcane Arousal - Chapter #4, Lifetimes Of Cum

The night claims them both in the ways of raw wild passion. It additionally is the equality of orgasms with this bringing a grin to Keira. It does for fairness is important. Then as the wave of ecstasy slowly washes away from Toni it has Keira leading them both over to the bed where Keira obediently begins to stand on the bed’s edge. This allows Toni to look up over stunning nudity to see that Keira is more than ready to enjoy pleasure for her nipples are solidly peeking in need to be tasted. Yet, that is a bit difficult with Keira established upon the bed and towering so tall. Thus, Toni reaches out to grasp one of Keira` hand to tug her to come back down. In doing so Toni nudges her to sit on the bed.

In seconds Toni causes her two hands to cup both beautiful orbs. She molds them, holds them to then have her lips coming to engulf them. She is suckling them to next tease her tongue to the hardness with these until she is producing deeply sensual sounds from an Irish lass who is truly taking to an American lover. A lover who is having Keira`s breath panting as Keira is reaching to stroke through the thread of beautiful blond hair so that she may watch Toni tease her titties until Keira’s entire body shudders of the sensations that devour her.

As Toni hears Keira breathlessness she figures that it is time to lay her girl on the bed. This takes mutual efforts to have both maneuverings backward upon the bed for comfort. In seconds Toni enjoys making sure that Keira’s strong back is solidly against the bed while Toni hovers above with stroking fingertips through the valley of Keira’s breasts to soothe the trembling into smiles. Within it, Toni`s upper lips arrive to lay plunder to Keira upper lips. The kissing is passionate about the need is intense with them both well on the way to playing into the mischief of arousing more lust. This comes easily as Toni`s hand travels the bridge of Keira’s full round breast before moving unto the firmness of Keira’s tummy where tiny playful circles are made.

Circling within teasing as kissing of upper lips is hungry. Wild hunger as each is craving to have more. This more comes with the pressing of bodies together as Keira reaches up to pull Toni in against her creating that play of fingers on a tummy to stop. Yet, Toni simply decides that she wants to slip between their bodies with her hand until she finds the heated confines that lay between Keira’s thighs. The finding of brings a sharp gasp from Keira who is not ready for being touched upon her nether lips. Within it, she giggles of the tickling of the first touch of them as Toni conveys, “ Be good, let me in and let me give to you. I am falling in love with you.”

This has Keira stopping the kissing to gaze up into Toni`s eyes as she spread her thighs apart. Toni`s body moves to allow enough space to slip a hand farther unto Keira`s warm wet pussy lips. It allows smooth caressing of these lovely lips creating a moaning hum to resonate from Keira as she replies in breathiness. “Love, oh you will love me and we will be so much more by the time you leave for Antarctica.”

“Good, because something tells me you are meant to be mine.”

“Maybe.” Playfully states Keira as a soft giggle comes before it is then sweeping off due to the intensity of the touching that is turning into creating wildfire desire. Thus, there is a deepening of breathing and more of a focus on the ensuing pleasure. This allows Toni to settle into an indulgence that she truly enjoys giving. It is a slow rhythmical tapping and a gliding of her fingertips through moist lower lips. She beats those moist folds in a smooth tempo that is teasing. It comes with a pleasure of tickling those lips with arousing sensations. The blissful pleasure of it forms excited feelings for Keira as it produces contractions for her vaginal muscles making it hotter and wetter with each thrust through. Her muscles slip into pulling tighter and Toni smiles of the tension that comes to consume Keira for it intends that an orgasm is coming. This rhythm of tease and glide exists until every muscle within Keira’s body is filled with arousal tension. It tightens within a fiery need causing her to breathe in ways that make her deeply dizzy. This is forcing her hands to grips bed sheets as she screams out. “Faster...deeper...fuck me, fuck me!”

“Maybe,” replies Toni in sassiness as she recollects the playfulness of moments ago. She grins at it and then gently kisses Keira’s upper lips while whispering, “You get so fucking hot and so fast. I like that.”

Keira blushes of it just blush for she knows that she gets easily excited when she is falling in love.

Falling and tumbling into Toni`s beautiful blue eyes that stare in hers as those fingers continue to build and bring the need to release. Yet, Keira holds it to raise it into even more erotic bliss by rocking with each new thrusting that is coming to her pussy lips. It is getting wild in sexual sensations as the sustained tapping makes her dizzy. It is dizziness and desire with Keira demanding to give the best of herself into these pleasures. Thus, it is green eyes locking with blue ones as both women know it`s almost time for cum. They know that orgasm is there and it needs just a bit more as each lean against the other with breathing deeper. Within it, Keira`s body quake and their union within sexual energy are coming to make them both surrender to wanting even more. It is maybe a more of this, more of lust and a love that may just be the best unearthing of their lifetimes. Suddenly at this moment, Toni slips a finger deep between those folds of volcanic pressured pleasures causing Keira to be gasp about the change. This triggers Keira to release the build-up of bliss that now showers Toni`s hand.

Swiftly there is an abduction of Keira’s upper lips by Toni’s mouth. In seconds it’s a penetration by Toni`s tongue into Keira’s mouth having Keira automatically comply into enjoying. It is now a toying with tongues and kisses and the pleasures of cream being soothed into lower lips. Toni continues the plunging into Keira’s pussy as she also employs more tapping and just enjoys the feel of how wet her new girl gets when teased properly.

That has Keira release her fisted grip of the bedding to next bring her hands up to cup Toni`s face within open palms. They are holding there, gazing into open eyes and sharing teasing kisses, just more kisses and more of their nude beauty being held against each other. It is more of everything even though Keira barely knows Toni. Yet, in time she will know all of Toni for this is special with it feeling like it is something so worthy of falling into.

It is the plunging of Toni`s finger within Keira before Toni partially retracts to then slowly push right back in that hot moistness to hit the full probing depth with finally holding there. It all creates their lip lock of upper lips to stop as eyes search for what is happening. Keira thinks ‘What is going on’ as she waits for more of these sensations that Toni is playing within her vaginal cave. It forces Keira into trembling over this sexy sensual tease as Toni next allows another finger to penetrate this ravenous hole that she is now addicted too. It is one becoming two with Keira`s breathing wild for she feels full of fingers and if Toni dares to enjoy probing her with three fingers then Keira soon maybe addicted to what they are sharing too.

In and out in slow motions, over and over again is the pace that is now coming as they watch eyes while bodies play against each other having nipples caress with all sensations wild in a renewing of the desire to build another orgasm. It is in, out, in, out and repeats with each new thrust creating the build-up of the eventual sharing of lusty liquids. The thrusts are perfectly pacing within sensual pleasure but soon these tighten Keira’s canal having her wanting to release another shower of cream for Toni, but Toni gives a warning stare. She does as Keira begs, “Please!” for the pressure of holding it is too intense but Toni shake her head in a gesture of no while she is saying, “Be good, just a little higher, I want a lot of you. I want to drink you forever.”

With a trembling over the tension and pleasure, Keira’s body vibrates of it all causing Keira to be gasping, as her head is dizzy in trying to do as she is told. Yet within it, she proclaims, “I am yours, forever...please...please...” Comes a declaration of profound feelings within the natural high of divine lovemaking between two who are intended to be one. Two united in love and life while Keira must release her cum. This has Toni looking into those arcane green eyes with her blue ones. That instantly brings them both to a place that is otherworldly. This is a place of only them within the pages of time. It is a realm that can only be when they both want to be together. It has Toni declaring, “Yes, yours! Forever.” As she sees in Keira’s eyes every lifetime that they have been in love just as Keira too realizes their past in other lifetimes. This has her smiles of it as lips once more seek and meet to melt into the love that is now once more fully alive.

It is alive in continuous kissing that grows deeply passionate as they watch each other’s eyes and Keira releases her womanly honey to Toni. It turns into a soul sharing while lust swims about them with hearts racing and bodies enjoying the pleasure of being close. It is bliss, it is the sharing between two souls that are meant to forever entwine.

The orgasms continue on for several more hours with the bed finding tangled sheets and the wine bottled emptied. Each is happy as they lay on the flat firmness of the mattress gazing into eyes. Laying side by side in exhaustion as Toni reaches to bring a bed sheet to cover them. As she does Keira snuggles in closer and they entwine in lover`s embrace as they smile with Toni saying, “I never say things to an Irish woman that I don’t intend.”

“I know.” giggles Keira to further share. “Yes, I know and you are mine.”

“Yes, yes and you are mine.” Softly states Toni as she gives a kiss and they slowly fall into dreams.

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Passionate Pursuits - Chapter #7, Rings, Pings & Naughty Playthings

The phone rings at seven thirty waking Gabi from a deep sleep. It rings for endless minutes into her bedroom with her finally waking to reach for it upon the nightstand. She knows that it`s Thursday morning with work happening soon. Her thoughts come in a slow hazy mist of the needs of a ‘shower, and breakfast then going to the office.’ Yet, as she stirs with picking up her cell phone she feels it. She instantly senses that moist creaminess that lay lingering in thick globs upon her inner thighs. These are so very generous and still wet as her finger clicks on the phone while she whispers. ”My God. Orgasm. Yummy.” Then it floods her, yes the realization of the dream comes rushing to her consciousness. It without a doubt is the reason why she has cum on her nude body, thus, she is thankful that it isn’t because of actual factual sex that she does not remember. Therefore, it is easy to understand that Gabi`s eyes widen with frustration for the dream exist as part of Gentz affecting her personal life. As she comprehends that Gabi needs to listen to whoever is on the phone and so she focuses on that to hear. “I liked it and so did you, Pretty One?” speaks a deep baritone voice of the phantasm of the man from her dream.

It is shock and awe. Awestruck and silence but it is rip-roaring rage too. Thus, it’s screwed up facial features as she stares across the room in trying to find words to let him know how much he irritates her. Then again, she is thinking ‘what the hell is this shit. How do you know about the orgasm? How the hell do you know about my dream?’

Then she takes to rewinding that dream in her thoughts, as he is quiet with her feeling lost in trying to grasp it all. Yet, as she does the idea of it suddenly turns her into wanting to vomit. Along with it, a female voice in her head swiftly chuckles of that notion. She ignores it with taking a deep breath to calm herself for she must have control of own herself as she now takes to confronting him. Then again, she is pondering why she is even hearing from him at this hour when it is usually Roy calling her. Or at least, it should be anyone that isn’t Gentz. However, it definitely is Gentz.

“I know that you like it. It is a nice addition to your things. It is a gift from me, my Pretty One. And yes, I am going to call you my Pretty One.” He conveys pushing out what he wants to say to her as she tugs on the bed sheets to make sure that she is covered.

With a solid final pull, the sheets are tucking in around her upper body as she sits erect against the bed`s headboard. With this, her instincts tell her that the last place that Gentz belongs is in her bed with her nude. Of course, it isn’t true that he is there with her. But her thoughts are running with ‘not here..not even if you are the last sperm donor on Earth.’ However, she banishes that idea from growing any further for she is returning to the upsetting concept that he knows of the wet dream and orgasm. Then again, it isn’t one orgasm since the amount of the sticky treat notes that several happened. With that flooding, her mind Gabi breaks the silence, “How do you know of the dream and my orgasms?”

There is quietness prior to this but now there sure as heck is deadly silence between them. Instantly it is astonishment for Gentz. Yet, he makes quick work of getting over it with stating, “Oh, Pretty One, I am pleased that you like it that much.“

With that, Gabi is resuming being surprised for he seems to confirm her worst nightmare. A horror of having a dream that she considers a nightmare but it wasn’t one, yet her mind screams. ‘Holy fuck!’ that comes followed by a quick thought of, ‘How, how did you? How do you know?’ That allows Gentz to be seeing how far things can go on this early morning, so he cheekily queries, “I can supply a few more, but only if you wish.”

“You bloody fucking will not!” Releasing that permits a frustrated huff of almost trying to control the ensuing temper but it brings only more grumbling that moves swiftly in a growl of disdain.

“You are a good girl.” he provides with an attempt to soothe her for he knows that she is about to blow into a temperamental emotional state over something that really isn’t bad. “You take my gifts and thoroughly enjoy.” He adds but really he knows what he is saying is not cool. In fact, he understands that he is soon getting something if he doesn’t return to soothing her emotional upset. Then again, he understands that she is well on her way to giving him a piece of her mind, so he finishes the statements. “Are you going to taste and tell me the flavor?”

That lets Gabi lose the remainder of her sanity on this topic. Thus, the phone that she is holding gets thrown across the room. It sails in forced whipping throw that causes it to fly out the bedroom to land somewhere on the staircase that leads to the lower level of her two-story home. “Men!” She screams. “No fucking way am I…and whom the hell said you…..oh you!” Seething anger is unchained as she thrusts herself off the bed in tossing the bed sheets to wherever. In that second her feet quickly hit the floor with her speedily striding in a total temper fit towards the bathroom.

Then solidly at one o’clock in the afternoon without a warning, Gabi`s office door is hurled wide open to smash against the wall. Standing there in the opening of the doorway is none other than the tall, grey-haired, sexy beast that she knows as Gentz Xavier. Her attention is instantly taken by the sudden intrusion. Thus, she no longer enjoys lunch or the phone discussion with Roy. The surprise of Gentz arriving brings anger into her eyes having her fully glare at him. It is coldness over the interruption and a willingness to bring fresh anger in concern to anything about him, but in a wisp of a minute, she stops the flood of uncontrolled emotions. Why, does she? Her thoughts suddenly possess, ‘It is time to have some control.’ Thus, she grins to cover up everything negative. Within it, Gabi forces her body and mind to find a centering before she collectedly states, “Honey, you have no need to come home. The other side of the bed now belongs to a woman.”

“Threesomes are fun. I am sure that I can handle two. I can even handle it if it is a man, my Pretty One.” After this quick-witted reply, Gentz struts over to stand behind her chair. Then in one smooth motion, he pulls the chair and her backward. Such actions leave a few feet between the desk`s edge and Gabi with Gentz then coming around to the front of her to look down at Gabi with a winning grin. A big brilliant smile before he is firmly planting his ass on the desk’s top.

“Get off!” She instantly roars at him.

“Getting off…” He smirks at her in then supplying a humming pondering before moving into, "Yes, you will be getting me off.” That is a voice oozing in the idea that she wants to give him some oral pleasure as he reaches over to grasp her chin to continue, “I am addictive, my Pretty One. You will suck it for hours and beg me for more.”

If there is to be anger hitting high voice notes then it should be now. Yet, Gabi only squirms in her seat for she is chanting in her mind of the need to maintain control with not playing his games. She has set her mind to this for she remembers how Loretta’s man played with women`s minds. Thus, she now has an understanding of what is needed to deal with Gentz. This gives her a feeling of control, oh yes it does but is it truly control? With a serious playful giggling, Gabi shoots back, “If it’s all that, then whip it out. I can suck it right here in full view of the staff. They won`t mind being a voyeur for I am gifted with...well, I am gifted.”

He chuckles of her reply while reaching to loosen the fastenings of his pants before then surrendering his man treat into full sight. He is so full of cockiness and it has her stare back at him without even gazing at his pleasure treasure. She gazes into those dark hypnotic eyes with him giving a stare of daring her to push the moment into another second of fighting him. She, however, sees through his tactics having her stand up to reach out to solidly ping the knob of his fully erect cock with a flick of her fingers. “You need to work on your delivery.”

“Its delivered perfectly fine and if you stop being lazy about sucking it then you won`t be dreaming of it. Instead, you will…”

“I am not dreaming of or doing anything with it.” She spurts out in a lie while folding her arms across her chest in a show of defiance.

“Gabi, I am going to sit here all day and stroke it.” He warns as his hand reaches to clasp around its thickness. “Your panties will be so wet that your scent will fill this entire room.”

“Who said that I am wearing panties?” She smirks at the reply as she allows her eyes to glance at his hand holding the girth of his member. He however instantly sweeps his stare down over her body to settle on her tight black business skirt as he wonders if she is actually not wearing panties. He does for he hopes that it is the truth because he wants to bend her over to prove what could be happening between them. Gabi sees him staring at her and she can almost read his thoughts. That has her straightaway pushing a few more of his buttons. ”If you are my man then what the hell are you waiting for? You claim it`s yours. You say that I am your wife. If it`s true then why is your cock in your hand?”

The shock of her saying such immediately shows on his face. Such truths are so unexpected with him figuring that she is up to fight him for much longer than she has. Thus, her relenting at this point is a wow factor for Gentz. That fact causes him no movement of anything for he presumes that he must truly work on her to have her see what he knows inside himself as the truth., the truth that they belong together.

On the other side of the battleground, Gabi begins to feel that she has finally managed some power over the situation. “Oh, I see, you get your prey and now you are a lost boy. Do you need a leash and collar to guide you to fucking your wife?”

Gentz simply sits there as his hand rests on his cock. He too finds it true that he is somewhat lost, but he knows that he isn’t too. Thus, with a headshake, he coolly claims, “I like the thrill of the chase. Give me a minute to enjoy this. It may be easy for you to meet, greet and fuck your wife, but I am a man of romance. Therefore, I am needing time to enjoy the thrill of the foreplay."

“Oh, you may have all the minutes that you want. I am off to meetings. I won`t be back in the office again today. Please, do enjoy the desk.” She states with a smile.
Then she reaches to collect her cell phone before turning upon her heels to next make solid strides toward the office doorway as she continues. “But, if you do not mind…and it`s only a suggestion but” She grins as the chat gets sweet for her. “But, if you are okay with it, then I do recommend closing the door. Roy is kind of shy about watching heterosexual men enjoy…" Next Gabi hesitates but with a snicker, she continues. "Well,…enjoy the.. you know the enjoying of the processes.” She giggles in allowing herself to walk out of the room as she clicks digits on her phone.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Passionate Pursuits - Chapter #6, Schemers & Sexy Dreamers

The kiss simply exists between them with no thinking on either`s part. At least at first, there is not, not until Gentz demands some proper air for breathing and that force their lips to part.

With it, Gabbriel slightly finds her senses even though she stares into those mystifying eyes, but she says nothing. Silence; absolutely silent as she backs way in a manner of seeming like she has committed a sacrilege of the most sacred laws. In the next seconds, she moves further backward, several feet away as Gentz watch her. He gazes at the emotions flooding her and how she goes ghost white with everything that is occurring.

It has him state ” I am leaving, immediately. No worries. The items are yours. The authorities here know that you now own these.” He claims as he walks to a side angle stance while he is keeping a full view of her eyes that stare at him. “The kiss…” He looks at her as fear runs her face. Fear, along with the determination to find her senses and it accompanies that need to not be around him. “Our last date needed to end with a kiss.” He declares bringing up visions of Tuesday night for them both to have memory flashes. “You know where to find me when you decide that you need to explore what we may have.” With that, he nods a gentlemanly farewell of departing the room and soon after he leaves the premises.

Gabrielle doesn’t watch him, but she stands there stunned by it. She looks at the display case for several minutes after he is gone. In a short time, another Seafarer`s member comes up to her startling her and it starts the processes of asking about the display of hereditary items. She finds that Gentz is truth-telling. Thus, such is attended to with her supplying phone numbers before leaving the building to drive home to her house.

Once she is there Gabi undresses with tossing off of the clothing to the floor. Nude is a must before she then climbs into a shower to rinse off the events of the night. The shower allows her to cleanse her body to get rid of anything that is and was or will be involving Gentz. Yet, her mind is constantly humming with visions and thoughts of everything that is going on between them. It is more than frustration for the pretty brunette. She growls to then pounds the shower wall and that causes a hurting of her fists. Next, she tosses her fists wildly through the air having the actions mix with water spray. It shows that she is irritated that she has no control of things. Yet, she grins at the kisses and the way he looks into her eyes having her see a world of mystical love that she denies to herself. “Ugh, damn you! Stop it. Stop! I do not love anyone. Especially, not some ‘know it all’ man, like you.”

With another sigh releasing she gets out of the shower to wrap in a large terry towel. Entering into her bedroom Gabbriel walks up to her bed to sit on its edge. Afterward, she reaches for the cell phone, which she had earlier rested on the night table beside her bed. With the passing of several long minutes, digits are pushed and the ringing sounds finally stop to allow chatting with an old friend as Gabi states, “Loretta, a question.”

“Yes, my darling and you are up late in America but what is it?” states the forty-something Texas widow of an industrialist that has her hands murkily in several international businesses.

“I apologize for calling on your last day of holiday in India, but there are things that I wish to ask you.”

“Yes, I am ‘all ears’.” Comes sweetly of the woman on the other end of the phone chat.

“Max, was he hard to handle?” queries Gabbriel with a willingness to be adventurous in getting info on a man like Gentz. She also knows Loretta has information on Gentz too.

“What do you intend, darlin'?” comes as guarded reply from a woman that self-protects extremely well. She always does it just before she swiftly swings around to destroy anyone who steps in too close. At least that is what is whispered of about her. It is especially said in concern to the death of elderly hubby Max who died at eighty-four years old. It is said that the four-year-old marriage existed as a trade of boundless amounts of money for affection, sex and etc. then it suddenly ended when Loretta conveniently introduced the semi-ill Max to the experiences of BSDM with kinky orgy concepts for their sexual adventures. With Max not being a young man he sort of found issues with it. However, he diligently participated in helping his young wife feel loved and not bored by his 'everyday love ways’. In the end, Loretta encouraged him until several hypersexual ladies enjoyed pushing the ole boy to his limits and boom a silent heart. It is said that no tears came from her, but she sure enjoyed going on vacation the next day. She did it to only return to Texas long enough for a few hours of burial. It existed long enough for her to then directly depart for two months to Morocco. “The ole boy is my only love,” comes in sweetness that is edged in self-protection, because they both know what is truth and do understand that each other is in the know of it all.

“Oh yes, Loretta. Everyone knows that you love him still. Love everything about him. Yet, you have said that he was a difficult man when he lived, even if Max is the only man whom you can endure married too.”

A serious silent pause comes from Loretta who is a redhead temptress in her mid-forties. “Oh darlin`, he was a sweet man, but he made Hell on Earth. I never understood his need of always controlling my life and relationships. He continuously claimed that I have too much to say and that I need to be tamed. We both know that old boys like him think that women should be barefoot with servitude. He often stated the same of you, but the ole boy never liked brunettes or god knows what he would have done. He was known to be a bit much with other women. I don’t care about it for I have always had my own life.” Loretta spouts off while she now enjoys widowhood for two years. She is happily widowed while appreciating the world of powerful business people that are left behind by that 'old boy' that she claims to still love with all of her, um, dare it to be said, cold dark heart.

For a moment, this amuses Gabi as she ponders some of the unscrupulous ways that Loretta keeps up with the business world that her late husband towered as a powerful entrepreneur in. Gabi additionally understands that Loretta easily pleasures in the slow-boiling dramas that are the underbelly of the elite`s business dealings. This allows Loretta a finger into too many pies of wealth and info on just about anyone. And that is what Gabi is truly after. She is and she knows that even though she claims Loretta to be a ‘pseudo best female friend’ there is a need to keep her at arm's length too. Yet, Loretta has that bewitching way of wheedling and bleeding anyone of all that is Loretta`s need.

That is fine for that bewitching way of getting information comes as a talent that Gabi possesses too, but it is barely one of her abilities. So it is treading cautiously into the storm of what is Loretta, Loretta the icy vampire of Texas. “You say he liked to control. How did you shake the controlling?”

“Oh darlin', now why do you need to know that?” arrives after a pause that joins with the wondering of what Gabi is actually after. Yes, Loretta is curious for she only gets calls from Gabi when it`s biz related or social business related. Thus, asking about personal issues is odd. Plus, Loretta only calls Gabi when it’s a need to be twisting her hand into something that she has no rights to be in. That, however, is not too much of a thought for instantly Loretta states, “Who is he, darling? Is it Gentz Xavier? I heard that Gentz Xavier is on the prowl around you. Is it true, darling?”

That brings a mind scream of ‘holy fuck how do you know’. That thought ring within thunderous echoes in Gabi`s mind. It has her immediately standing up with a feeling of shock that swiftly lets Gabi know that her experiences with Gentz are public knowledge. In this, there are no words uttering from Gabi. There simply aren't but the reply from Loretta continues, “I can be there tomorrow to help you take care of him. For certain we two can prove to him that he is wrongly parking his...oh his...well you know. But if you need an assist then I am willing to come to help you out. Men like Xavier and Max need a special touch. You know; you know what I mean and with a lil company maybe it..oh ..you know.”

Gabbriel knows what the idea of a 'lil company' and the 'special touch' is. It isn`t getting some company or help to come from Loretta. It isn't and Gabi is dead sure that Gentz may have those two things if Loretta does show up. With that idea floating in her mind, Gabi also experiences visions of Gentz being tied to posts. The vision then turns to Gentz slowly being sexed into death and whipped through postmortem to prove the innocence of wrongdoing while letting Loretta celebrate her newest achievement with men. A whipping indeed it would be, a seriously wild whipping of overachieving about another billionaire for her resume of dead husbands. “Oh Loretta, you need not worry. And your offer is appreciated, but I am only seeking to clarify rumors and etc. Rumors and gossip are so vicious with untruthfulness. You know how wrong that rumors can be. Don’t you?”

“Yes, darling and I will fly by your way tomorrow on my way back to Texas.” With that, the house`s landline phone rings. The sudden sound is making an escape route for Gabi and has Gabi reply. ”Sorry, Loretta it’s the other phone with an important business call. Must run.” With that saying, a short farewell is said and Gabbriel happily clicks the cell phone off. “Damn, I should know better than to call her.”

A sigh of exhaustion is given as she reaches for the phone located across the bed on the other nightstand. This has her sprawled across the bed while still wrapped in her towel. Yet, as her fingertips touch the receiver of the phone the ringing stops. “Uhm, okay.” And with that, she picks up the phone to check on a dial back number to trace the caller. “It is rather late to be calling, it must be some business.” But she finds it a private non-listed number and so there is no point worrying about it.

After that Gabi props herself up against the pillows and she lays there trying to calm her mind of all that is happening in her life. As she does sleep comes to her. With that sleeping, she pulls her into a mystical dream where she is happy.

It is a beautiful dream of a refurbished farmhouse; it is all white and in the Victorian era. It seems that she is living a life of simplicity with her being alone at first in this lovely night dream. It is very calming with a happiness that seems to exist all through the dream. That lasts until she is suddenly lying on a big ole feather bed that possesses many fluffy pillows. Instantly a change within her comes, but it`s still a happiness as her breathing becomes brisk. Then her body is full of sexual desire with heat surging through her. Next, she feels a hand gently traveling down her taut tummy, with it crossing over her smooth well-shaven pussy mound. Hence in a breath of a moment, there are fingertips tickling pussy lips with this allowing a gasping to slip her upper lips. She shudders with excitement over the sensations that now sweep her as she lay in this bed of the dream. A dreaming within a wild wistful feeling of getting touched on her nether lips and this simply rocks her senses causing tightness to pulsate within her pussy. “Love you, Pretty One, do enjoy our bed.”

“Oh my god, I have missed you, my love. I need you so very much!” whispers from Gabbriel who is laying in the dreams while thrilling in being a lover to this man whom she tussles in a fighting within awakened life. Yes, it is Gentz in her dream but Gabi doesn’t care for she hungers for sexual pleasure. She does and this dream has her behaving so lovingly with Gentz. She likes his strong nimble fingers within her pussy. Diligently he works her body with teasing out the first orgasm that is a squirting of liquid love. He slides into her depths to work it hard and fast with his finger for she is hot and needing it. Thus, it has her beautiful nude body quaking with the thunder of his two fingers coming to pound within her wet treasure. She likes that he takes her hard with speeding thrusts at the first. That brings release easily as he continues. He continues as she continues giving him orgasms and it is a beautiful moment for it shows how much they truly want each other within bringing this fast-paced intimacy.

After the first releases, Gentz chuckles as he licks them from his hand while gazing up into her green eyes with a dark entrancing stare. Then with a cleansing lick of the last speck of cum from his fingers, he once more buries a finger deep between Gabi’s wet lower lips. He now takes to tenderly parting the swollen folds to fully reveal moisture glistening within her vagina. “So pretty, I want you to orgasm for me over and over. Then maybe after you have no cum to give I will allow you to taste you as you fall asleep for me.”

This has those hot pussy lips pulsating, as his finger glides through them making the scent of her orgasms seem even stronger as those fill the bedroom. The current one is enjoying a long slow slipping by a thick finger through those clingy fleshy folds. Then there is a retraction back through that hot moist valley. “Oh, oh...More, more..please, my love.” Does purrs from Gabi in begging to have the next orgasm.

It feels good and she is squirming in excitement over how he plays out the sensations within her body. Her heart somehow like being in this moment and that seems good. Then his finger once more makes a measured lingering slip through those lower lips. It’s an intense teasing as she feels her folds clinging to his finger. “You must fuck me!” She growls as the feelings sweep her into wanting more and more of what comes with all that occurs with being with this phantasm of a man.

Gentz is her phantasm of a man. Him here, her with him and it`s powerful emotions with deeply wild sensations while the last orgasm still feels epic as he continues. To top it off she somehow knows that each new one that is coming will be better than this last one. This concept has Gabi`s thighs spread wider with supplying full open access with her knees now driving upward like hills suddenly forming. This has Gentz bring more thrusting within that same leisurely pace of the last orgasm. He slowly builds it until Gabi’s entire body quakes with a need to spray him with thick sweet womanly cream again. She knows that she needs to give more to him as he reaches up to teases to her perky hard nipples with tugging. Her fleshly mounds love the tension and play that is filling her with it causing her hands grip the bed sheets. In it she growls of having to hold back the ensuing orgasm, holding for she knows she must wait for his permission.

“Give it to me!” he commands with a smile of how she is beyond the being able to control it. “Pretty One, feed me!” Arrives as he leans down to eagerly drink her cream as she cries out within showering him with several ounces of cum.

There is no stoppage of this onslaught of him giving into her lustful needs with Gentz finger fucking her over and over in the world of dreams. The sensual strokes by him are supplying everything that she desires and he even never removes a stitch of his own clothing. Thus, there is more tempting out of her cream. There are more heat and tension in pulsations within vaginal muscles. This has Gabi gasping, sweat-soaked and her pussy is redraw after the eleventh orgasm. The panting breaths with each new pleasure leave her dizzy as he smiles telling her of her beauty and how much that he loves her. That comes with an “I love you” from him. It arrives amid her being exhausted from the play and that has Gabi plead, “Mmm, oh, oh please, God, just one more?”

He dutifully thrusts three fingers within her pussy making every cell extra alive with passion`s energies. It is once more a slow sensual play as Gentz watch her on the bed with her closing her eyes. She beautiful as she hums of the emotions and feelings causing Gabi to say, “Love you, need you...I...I like being your Pretty One.”

Within a few minutes, Gentz does tease out the last of her lusty liquids that are partially scooped up by him before bringing drops of it to drip on her lips as she is fading into the pleasure of deeper sleep.

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