Monday, July 14, 2014

Arcane Arousal - Chapter #6, The Naughty Chair

Toni stands there in front of Keira gazing into eyes as she unfastened her dress slack to nudge them to fall to her ankles before she steps out of them. After which she reaches to hold Keira’s awaiting outstretched hand while she slowly saddled into straddling that lovely firm lap. With the getting comfy Keira encourages their palms to come flat against each other`s in pressing so that they feel the heat and blood pulsing in their palms as she conveys, “Be a good girl with riding out orgasms until we must go to the Scroll Room.”

Keira`s fingers of her free hand are sliding down over the curve of Toni`s thigh. This is creating teasing energy sensations that force a wild fiery need of her to feel even more of the beautiful touch that eventually brings dizziness. Her caress slides down to touch a firm well-shaven pussy mound to bring deeper breathing and a gasp to slip Toni`s lips. It has Toni nestling into the ensuing pleasure while Keira fingers continue the search for the moist heat of Toni`s pussy. Tickling touch that is slowly crawling along causing Toni to tense all of her lower body muscles within sending out another gasping. Then in an instant, those same fingers slip over lower lips that radiate heat.”Mmm!” comes in purring from the beautiful blond who desire so much more from her lover.

Keira brings a leisurely pace of building up the tension so that they enjoy the thrill of rechristening this naughty chair with the blessing of what their love is. It builds reaching a tension that makes Toni want it, demand it in needing that high of orgasmic release. “More, more…please…I need you.”

“You are so beautiful, “ says Keira who leans up to press a deep sensual kiss to Toni’s upper lips. A kiss that takes the breath with Toni returning her passion into it as the lust comes mutual within its tasting. She does this as Keira brings a steady rubbing pace through those lower lips that enjoy two fingers thrusting in deep.

“Mmm, yes, yes!” Comes gasping from Toni in heated breaths as it is getting dizzy with almost ready to release her creamy treat but not before her upper lips depart from kissing Keira into breathlessness.

It has never been truer that Toni easily succumbs to a lover within the need of sexual love. In fact, it does seem that there is an ancient spell of sexual love between them with it haunting every breath that they each take. Therefore, within the constant thrusting of Keira`s fingers into Toni’s vagina, the kisses return with Toni`s hands gripping Keira shoulders in possession as the natural high of orgasmic bliss sweeps her senses. Keira in return wraps her lover within loving arms while having her fingers play upon powerful muscles of a goddess of a woman. Yet, it is the simplicity of love, a righteous desire of sexual union with pleasure sharing and it is a stronger bond coming to exist. It is one that obviously may not be denied. Thus, Toni rides it out with allowing her climax to shatter within a potent release of liquids that rush to meet and greet Keira hand that is relentless in speeding thrusts. A faster pace after the care of slow insistent build up and the release is simply amazing with making Toni’s body quake as it is causing Keira to be falling more in love with this woman who is so new to her life.

Deep breaths by both and then it is still more pacing out of thrusting into the heated paradise of lust. This is so that Keira is assured that cum is fully playing out in its extraordinary heat. Then as Toni begins to calm Keira removes her fingers to be scooping the thick cream up so that she may bring it to paint Toni`s upper lips. As her finger trace out the creamy onto lips both women once more take to kissing each other as bodies melt even more into each other. Arms embrace each other with having Toni`s backside feeling the caress of Keira’s tender touch of fingers playing along with a spine that thrills within such a soft pleasure. Toni flexes within the touching of her spine. Those gliding fingertips are wandering in silky caress on the skin creating it all to be a beautiful loving as her body leans fully unto Keira having her whisper, “Mmm, You are are making me fall in love you.”

“Is that bad?” Keira queries as she smiles up into those blue eyes that call to her from what seems to be a million lifetimes of them being in love.

“Bad, you bad? Yes, I think that you are but I adore a bad girl and a woman who takes what she wants.” Comes in the sharing of another kiss betwixt them.

Toni then purrs as she enjoys having her strong back loved with the constant caress. It encourages Toni to press two fingers deep within her own wet pussy to scoop out more cum. Within it, she plays slowly making sure those pussy muscles have no current need of more, but she knows that she could enjoy so much more. Thus, she plays longer making her breaths deeper as Keira takes notice of the beginning of masturbation. “That is it, my sweet. Play, build it and give more to us.”

Toni is accepting every inch of her own two fingers to be within driving thrusts as the tightness comes again. It has them both trembles of the knowledge that this is going to be beautiful as their stare holds true to each other`s eyes making the love within their hearts entwine as the bond comes stronger still between them. In it, Keira captures upper lips taking away air supply while pushing Toni to build the ensuing climax even more. Such demands Keira for to continue the tender seduction upon that spine as Toni`s body thrills within this. It is higher and higher is the sexual tension with the staring remaining constant within sharing their bond. There is trembling within it all while neither is able to say anything but slowly those strong vaginal muscles take Toni`s fingers deeper. In this, those long slender fingers are being covered in feminine honeydew as it comes dripping out. It flows with each inward thrust. The creating of pressure is making thighs quake within enjoying the entry into the womanly sexual center. It is in, in, in and out. It has Toni wanting more as Keira holds her within a strong loving embrace that is filling with enticing caresses as she encourages the pushing of the bliss into higher feelings. “Come, my baby. Play it out. You wanna give it to us. Make love to me and show me how amazing you are.“

Hearing the love in Keira voice allows a sudden blast of cream to come from deep within Toni as her free hand arrives to cup the back of Keira’s head. It has the two women upper lips once more collide in possessive kissing as cum arrives in a heated flooding to cover both women`s thighs. After a few moments, Toni instantly chooses to pull her cream covered fingers out of her pussy so that she may bring the womanly honey to Keira’s lips. ”Taste me, taste my love of you.”

There comes gasping from Toni within the calming over the storm of such a powerful orgasm as Keira is watching those eyes look into her own green ones. “You are so beautiful when we make love. I am already addicted to you and love you.”

Keira holds that stare as she enjoys taking a long slow lick of those cum-covered fingers. In doing so she gets a flash of Toni dressed in a long white gown. It seems like something that women of the 1400`s wear. It appears to be a tight-fitting garment with a lower neckline and a bodice that creates a more curvaceous silhouette. It has tight lacing to create a form-fitting shape that girdles at the hips while creating a long waist appearance. The entire outfit looked over-lapped and tightly bound making Toni`s breast partially exposed. It makes Keira grin of seeing such beautiful orbs standing out proudly in such an elegant dress. It may be a vision of something but she is instantly sweeping into feeling that it is something very real as the two women slowly come down from the high of bonding in sexual lovemaking.

“What?” queries Toni`s as she sees Keira eye blaze a brighter arcane green. In this Keira whispers, “I have loved you before. I knew you in the 1400`s when I was but a low-class Royal in Ireland. You are in one of my past lifetimes. We are soul mates. Yes…yes, we are.” Then as Keira states this she smiles before it is once more a kissing of Toni`s lips in a soft worshipful brushing “I have found you again, my beloved."

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