Thursday, September 11, 2014

Multiple Orgasms

Her Sleeping

Laying there within the finery of silken sheets her body stirs allowing the slipping of soft sleepy purr.It comes to the room as the hum of the night wraps the space and her beautiful face nuzzles into the pillow as the dream almost vanishes from her senses.

Her Curves

The curve of her hip allows the eyes to stumble and trip over the sweet loveliness that is an ass that needs kisses and so much more. She needs so much more than that of my eyes admiring with me being inspired to touch. She most certainly gives inspiration by having my desire to play with every inch of her growing with each second and glance. She makes arousal a fully alive reality as my mind reel of how she has me feeling. Oh I do so wish to feel the curves of her body as I watch a smile on her lips. Her lips to kiss, and her curves to touches my only wish is to enjoy her.


She preferred to be on top when she requested me in leather. She likes leather. She adores wearing it and sharing it. It is for this reason that she deeply desires to feel the way leather caressed her skin while I am the one wearing it. She claims it teases her into arousal and the raw dirty naughtiness that makes her want to do dark erotic kinky sexual things. Things that last for hours and great waves upon waves of creamy treats for me and her to eat.


She looks at this woman that she wants to be with sexually.The brunette gazes at the blond in that way that proclaims that she needs much more than kisses to upper lips. In fact, as her fingers play with the buttons on her blouse she soon finds that the buttons open to display the fullness of her large-sized breasts. These exist wrapping in a lacey bra of prettiness that has her nipples currently find all the cloth to be much too confining. Thus, in her mind, she screamed of 'Off! I need it all off. And you better be willing to kiss these.'

((May I?))

Each night when these eyes close I dare to dream of a woman of platinum color tresses and she is all that I could ever dream of in the world of blessings. Her eyes are of mesmeric blue and do declare her to have a soul that is deeply spiritual with great truths. She stands five foot three and smiles at me. Smiling as she stands there almost completely nude. There are times she turns around to splash about a naughty wink, but my eyes never leave adoring her smile. She smiles at me, she smiles within a love that exquisite in all that is my need. She stands there turning about and when she shows her back she whisks around to say, "I may kiss you. I may, may I kiss you and you kiss me?"

Red Shoes

She is asked to dress for the occasion.Many people may wonder what is the occasion that requires these new red heels.She has no wonder within her of this for the shoes do accompany sweet little red ensemble of the finest lace. This ensemble does include a luxurious satin teddy with matching panties and a delicate little robe. There, however, is more in the large box that is delivered to her house for within that box is the shoes, a set of steel cuffs and a handwritten letter. The instructions with the note state that she is to dangle the cuff from her right wrist after clasping the cuffs snugly about that same wrist. She is to wear the garments while coming to the stated address. She is to be looking like a woman needing pleasure. She knows that part of the deal is that she must be prepared to seduce, be seduced and to enjoy the entire night of seduction. She plans to do that for the woman that is waiting in the bedroom at the top of these stairs where she is now walking is a woman that she is longing to enjoy sexual pleasure with. Oh yes, she is indeed. Thus, those red shoes easily tap the steps and a smile grows with each footstep that is taken.

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