Sunday, October 26, 2014

Riding Orgasms (( Emily & Arabella ))

“You need to be willing to kneel on the floor and let me ride to feel the pleasure of your skin against mine. Kneel there as I wrap my strong legs around your torso to embrace and settle into placing your skin against my moist lower lips. It is we resting there with teasing my wet womanly folds on your warm skin. It is making me wet with my juices painting you as you then must listen to me purring of the way it feels to tease you.” Arrived in that seductive tone of sensual sexual intent.

She is a woman knowing of her sexual power as it spins of self-confidence that comes from making a person spellbound by her. Her essences, her beautiful brunette tresses, and eyes of rich arcane green simply take you to that other place where she rules. She is mysterious, elegant, and totally fuckable. Her intellect captures, her heart shines of golden wonders, her sensual soul devours, and her body should be licked until her cream comes to the scream from within.

It is within this understanding of herself that Emily`s breaths exist as soft soothing symphony calling her prey to her. It is whispering of thread stronger than all willpower as she voices, “You must let me drive you with you holding strong. You must hold me and don’t let me slide off. You are going suckle my nipples and fondle my ass while rimming your fingers in play on my dirty dark hole. I want to feel your desire, you are to have me and make me yours.”

She looked at her prey as those she tossed those wavy brunette tresses over her shoulders to fully allow her total nudity to be standing there .Her looking down at her prey until she has a connection of eyes in a stare. Eyes holding, that’s are of intense lust as she whips her luscious each color lips with her tongue to then next demand “Will you do it?

Her stride comes into a seductive sexual sway with deep naughty purpose radiating from within her. This sacred sexual energy devours the space that exists between then two of them. She knows that she owns this and it is going to get her, her needs no matter what else occurs on this day. Within her coming to stand before her victim she threads her fingers through those long blond tresses that belong to her lover. This is a female lover that is so deeply beautiful with possessing eyes of mesmeric blue and has a height of five foot three. This is the woman of ‘forty something’ beauty that owns Emily`s very soul. Ari is a dominant woman of great sexual prowess, erotic seduction and a lady who is more than Emily`s equal.

Oh yes, these two beautiful women of mid-life years are soul mates and lovers that can blaze the sexual into euphoric ecstasy. Within that understanding, Emily comes to kneel to allow straddling as she saddles into the pace that is only ever hers. It makes nudity against bare nudity. Breasts teasing in caressing as those are pressing while hearts pound in wild rhythms. “Come on, Baby Girl.... come on I want to fuck you all day.” Seductively sings within that rich Louisianan voice of a woman ready for pleasure.

Emily looks into those eyes suddenly feeling so lost in love. This is what happens every time Ari speaks of wanting Emily. It`s lost and then found in a split second. Such beautiful love that it has Emily quake of its intensity and passion.

“You smell delicious.” Ari professes as her moist red lips meet Emily`s left nipple while Ari`s strong right-hand cups it to embrace it high as her mouth suckles the perky peak. It's a deep hard sucking to make Emily's nipple rock hard even though it is already so fully round that it is near impossible to make it more erect. Yet Ari`s moist mouth pressure it into being more beautiful before her lips pop in out to glisten in wet salvia. This has Ari glancing up into Emily`s green eyes saying ‘Yummy, I like making them harder. You are such a good girl, my pet.”

Within it, Emi grasps her right hand to the back of Ari`s head growling in a commanding of, “Suck it! Orgasm is coming!”

Then the motions of slowly swiveling hips in pressing pussy lips to Ari`s skin comes. Soft slow teasing that builds; it rides into making heated lust. The sweet wetness flows into play against the soft firm skin that is so accepting of the need that is. It has Ari reaching with her free hand to plow between them so that her fingers begin to tickle those moist folds. Tickling, taunting them as Emily`s moaning grow so intense in the song of lust that it's impossible to not hold her stronger. Her needs are growing wider as her body drives in faster to get her needs filled. Then Ari`s fingers slip within that heated tunnel making Emily scream of the pleasure of it, screaming desire to be filling with kisses to Emily’s upper lips with it telling of how Ari loves her girl.

“Ride them. Ride hard. You are tight, come on fuck them. I want your cum, Baby Girl.” Ari commands of her lover, as the beautiful forty-something brunette, is suddenly seeping into getting ready for orgasmic release. “Come on!” Arrived in demanding scream as Emily`s hand's grasp`s Ari`s shoulders to drive into a feeling of those fingers in Emily`s vagina.

This sexual play is smooth to be playing in deep and within pounding pleasure that snaps on skin to make Emily even more enthusiastic about getting her orgasm out to her lover. “Harder. Deeper. Take them, make me wet. Come on fuck me. Show me that you want it. Be my slut, fuck me fingers.” There suddenly from nowhere is a snap by Ari`s open palm onto Emily`s ass cheek making Emily tighten her body even more. The tension brings higher ride, faster riding on fingers and a swift explosion of creamy cum to be enjoyed.

“Ari!” Cries out Emily as she swims in ecstasy taking her into the high of her lust being filled.

“That’s my Baby Girl, you are taking what you deserve. Now relax and lay down. I want to taste you.” She said massaging Emily`s strong back as she kissed the center of the valley of Emily`s breast saying, “Love you"

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