Sunday, January 5, 2014


Those lips that touch and the way the teasing does play not only in the mind but even within the body and soul. Oh yes, this is a lust technician that sits there looking into the very soul of me. It simply is that and it makes me shiver in lust to touch yet I sit her as my mind begs my lips to ask for more of her voice, her gaze and hopefully another brushing with her touch.

Watching every motion allowing it to shiver out into naughty notions before then allowing a gasping breath for air. A Breath that must be for she has taken my air, taken it as I watch those fingers play on my creating the heart pound in a wild interesting rhythm. Oh yes, indeed she is a lust technician. She is a woman who captures me at first glance, and then the power of her presence brings about this trance. She is to be with me as my hand reaches to tenderly caresses the back of her hand that lay there in the valley of my breast as my eyes research her eyes and very soul.

Panting breaths consume, it rests within them to send forth the feathery intense breaths that she so easily creates. She and those lips, those words and all I wish is more, more and the exploration of all that is these wild sensations. The senses ablaze with a crazy and powerful passion that make me dizzy within desire allowing my nipples to pop harder and the wonderful of wetness seep into glistening upon lower lips as I whisper in begging plea for her to stay with me and play out a night of all that can be dreams.

Each sensation powerful within its pleasing creating my very skin to heat into having a fire within every cell as her upper lips make that spell of lust play out. Playing out it to have the heat on my lower lips in a sweeping and weeping as my hands trace her spine, cuddling her under soft playful flirty touch as she enjoys the tease on my flesh. She and her body so close and that has my toes curl and my world spin within wishes of more sin. A sin that is sexy and sweet but so much more as my hands explore her downward over her fine ass to have both open palms grasp that lovely firm as I whisper how much desire there is to completely have her as mine.

The motions and trailing pleasure of her finger mixing with the siege of my nipples cause my hips to press into her. A deep gasping sound of the awe over the wild energy that comes feeling our womanly heat so close and creating more of that sweet scent that is out lustful need. Oh, she has me whine in pleasure`s wake as she plays out more with the teasing of hands on flesh .It sends me into bliss as my hand's mold and then tarries not as theses do seek and make plunder of her hips, and up over her sides to taking in each curve and winding upward and the down as I need and bleed for all that may be.

Pushed high, higher and the tight sweet of me pulsates into creating the heat to be volcanic as the wet sweet her hand as her hand fills .It thrusts, tightens and lays deep powerful sensation into the playground of my lust as my hand mold on her body, pushing her into me and allowing every feeling to flow and tease out that high of releasing as every cell suddenly hits maximum pleasure creating pleasure`s cry, oh sweet sensual moaning cries of treasures sexual pleasure as my body quakes in giving and our bodies collide in the euphoria of our sharing and daring to play within the lust, oh yes she is my lust technician.

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