Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Getting Laid

“You need to get laid. I need to get laid. So what the hell are you standing there for?” She said while unbuttoning her white button down blouse that seemed to almost flow off her body like liquid silk flooding in elegant showering to the floor. It gives way to a vision of beautiful orbs of nude womanly breasts that possess nipple peaks that simply demand to be tasted. I do just that as I come to stand in front of her to cup the left breast within my two upper lips before then swallowing that hardness deep within my moist mouth.

My lips suckling, swallowing the moisture of my hot demanding mouth as my lips press and pleasure that hardness into being even more of a rock of pleasured peeks that allow that symphony of her moaning to erupt. It has her grasping the back of my head pressing me into more. “More, more.” She said as her breaths come deeper in sudden harshness.

She is wanting, needing and the horniness is to not be denied. She commands my head to push to her, pressured into pleasing that nipple more as it plays within the confines of my mouth. That proud peek is feeling swiftness of my tongue`s tip lashing at it, driving it into being all that it can be. Oh, the breathlessness of it as the taste consumes me. The feel of her breast under the cupping of my two hands as I worship make every cell of me quake of the lovely lust that fills me when I see those eyes of blue staring down at me.

She watches me, breaths in the coming scent of our love filling the air as we abide there finding me reaching to slip my right hand within the confines of her pants. Reaching within those to be crawling eager fingers along until that touch. Finger touching and finding paradise. My fingers grazing the firmness of hot warmth that is moister then my mouth. This pleasure center awaits the desire of teasing pleasing just as her other lips need kissing. Yet, my mouth remains steadfast to that left nipple suckling it as her heart beat runs wild and free.

Free, untamed beauty looking down at me as her hand commands my head to play these lips into enjoying and toying with that nipple until it is suckled into being highly hard. Then in grasping my brunette tresses she maneuvers my head to the other nipple to make it proud standing high as I have diligently teased the other with whippings of my tongue and the heated moisture of pressure within my needy mouth. Oh, she tastes like angel wrapping in naughty dreams that sin its self. I want her, need to devour her and have her sound as though every pleasure that we share is her euphoria in this life. I need her and listen as she sings of the sexual lust that we are giving to each other.

Then the morning turns into the reality of filling a daydream, a dream of kissing that nipple, teasing my finger within her womanly heat and then sharing passionate kisses. Yet, first there is more play and then we ware to wile away the day within rapturous lovemaking. Love making and our love until we both are breathless san with dreaming in sleep as we embrace each other wishing to do it all again.

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