Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Nymphomaniac - Leaving - Abandoned - 3Some

Those hands slipping in sliding down over soft hot skin that is waiting for more of what he calls her sin. He says it is her sin of needing within pleading for the high of orgasm. He proclaims and blames her of her needs that bleed from within her as she seeks all that may come from embracing and making men`s hearts run in rapid pacing. That is her goal. He says that it is that very thing which seeps from her very soul. He knows it all too well for he watches her in her wanting to feel the rush. Her to feel the climax from her need that comes in a gushing of lust. It is her world of squirting orgasm’s cream from within her and them. She wants it, needs and demands to enjoy the endless amounts of men. It is a need, it simply is and it is no act but the most basic of human facts. She is horny, lusting in endless ways and she is the one and only nymphomaniac.

The door of her heart instantly slams close after she watches the kiss between the two of them. She come here to enjoy what she thinks is a new love on the rise yet this is what she finds as she enters the bedroom. She spends time trying to open all of herself to only find this here. She refuses to watch it for more than mere moments due to that she is not intending to succumb to the threesome that seems to be the game plan. Her heart is worth more than playing within the realms of many lovers. So she figures it is time to turn her naughty ass around and make way for that door. She is worth more than a dirty threesome and some wild sex for a night, so the door`s knob is being turned.

The tree is still up and it`s weeks later. She is intentionally allowing this extension of holiday things here at the winter cottage. She is for there is a promise that her lover is to come to enjoy a celebration. They both know it is to be after holidays officially end but seriously it`s into the third week and apologizes with more promises are not working the magic any longer. She dresses in her sexy classy finery, she is doing all those tiny things that make her delectable and she simply oozes of sexual arousal. She knows the drill of things between them in their secret love affair and hideaways. She understands how it’s to be an elegant dinner first and then it is onward to some of the kinkiest sexual shit known to humanity. Oh yes, she does but having this much patience for a weekend getaway is simply getting her into this most delicious bottle of pink bubbly.

Caught between two with not knowing whom she should do. 'Will you share me?' is her thinking. He looks at her caught between needing, thinking and wanting the pleasure of many. Then he takes her in his arms whispering, “You deserve two, for he will not be enough for you.” Then he pushes her into him and the naughty fun begins. It starts within a wild possession as the night takes her and she becomes their obsession. Lust is what they have on their minds and she is more than willing to entwine.

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