Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pleasure`s Kiss ( Part # 1)

Rikki takes to observing the beautiful brunette that is her only desire. She sits there with knowing that this woman of early forties is whom she considers being her everything. It is true that Jenna from day one has that way of creating immediate connective energy into blazing lustful fires. Thus, Rikki wants her every minute of the day with needing her in primal love ways. This is causing her to be sitting there hungrily staring at this other woman with no intention of stopping what is eventually coming between them. No stop to the raw wild need to please and pleasure with soon to be a permanent girlfriend.

Jenna, on the other hand, is standing with leaning against the doorframe of her own bedroom door. She is gazing at Rikki who seems to enjoy coming over every day for a chat, but today Rikki is too quiet. They usually tend to enjoy interesting conversation but currently the two women seem to be hunting for reasons to do more than talking. This is quite apparent in the tension filling stares that they share on this afternoon. They both know that the prior days that come filling with sexual tease now need a bit more than chatter. Especially since Jenna up the game plan by telling Rikki that in private she is masturbating to thoughts of being with Rikki. It is a slip of the tongue that occurs yesterday. Then again if truth is telling it is the way Jenna wants it to be. She needs that as sharing so she can boost things into where she wants the friendship to be.

Hence, a faster pace that involves being more hands is the new need among them. Therefore, a gaze of sexual heat is rising and as it does Jenna walks up to Rikki to look down into those green eyes to say, “You come here wanting to fuck me, so get busy with it.“

Rikki looks up from her position on the bed to say “Oh, I thought you asked me into your room to show me something.”

“I have. I want you to see me.” With that Jenna pulls the string ties that hold her pretty sundress to her shoulders. Instantly the dress falls to floor revealing nude curves that are easily existing in full sexual arousal. Yet that isn’t all that comes as Jenna begins working to enhance the pleasure of the view by caressing her nipples into harder peaks. ”You need undressed. You are fucking me.” Arrives in complete confidence of knowing that the forty-year-old Rikki is ready, able and willing to be a sexual playmate for as long as they both desire it.

Yet, there is no more rush of things as both women smile of the declaration before they next enjoy the ways of Rikki removing the black dress shirt and blue jeans. It is a nice show of taking those off in a minor league stripping to reveal nude curves that are very much proving to be equal as aroused as Jenna. Jenna takes great pleasure in watching it while she strokes her nails across her own nipples before she trails them down that firm tummy to tease the outer lips of her own pussy. It has her torn between enjoying Rikki`s exquisite simplistic beauty and a desire to show Rikki how she feels when they are near each other. Hence, Jenna warily smiles to next be leaning down with looking deep within those green with her own blue ones. “You make me nuts.” She conveys, as she gazes into eyes that are windows to the soul of a woman that she has fallen in love with. The next second has Jenna moistening her own lips with a whipping lick of her tongue before her lips come ever so close to Rikki`s lips. It has her staring even more attentively into those eyes in search of permission. This also has Jenna lingering there while whispering, "You are all that I want and I will give you everything that you desire if you permit one kiss."

Rikki is very much into what is going on for her mind is reeling in daydreams playing out and her body is fully alive with wildfire lust. It is all very interesting when it's combining with the love feelings of the past months that now easily share the sensations of how Jenna stares at her. It has Rikki glancing at her through long silky eyes lashes. She admits to herself that she is feeling a tiny bit bashful, but the knowing that dessert is soon to be all hers shakes most of that out of her senses. It makes her smile and runs her fingers through the valley of those beautiful firm breasts. That makes lower lips even wetter but soon that inspires further sensations as she hears a little catch of Jenna`s breath over the fingers teasing upward to have Rikki cup Jenna`s chin with an open palm. That, in turn, is making Rikki`s heart quicken. Because the sound simply is one she longs to hear.

Continuing gaze, and feeling those fingers brush is having an understanding that skin is being pleased under a touching that is a need by both. Thus, as Rikki`s hand cups, a chin Jenna reaches with both hands to cup Rikki`s two breasts. In leads onward to have Jenna play out a firm squeeze of them to state that she now takes what she considers rightly hers. This makes breaths coming in heavier pacing. It is lungs expanding for more air, with hearts in wildly beating melody of two sexual rhythms coming into sync with each other. Thus, it is bodies so deeply alive with need and that is causing a constant gazing into eyes as hands come to play open palms over breasts and then downward over Rikki`s taut tummy. It has them both smiling brighter as Rikki licks her own lips in prep for that kiss.

This is a lip lock that is waiting to come to fruition while there is a running of Jenna`s fingers along slender thighs before lastly sliding between them. A gasp then is slipping from with Rikki that tells of how much she desires more of what is happening between them. Such makes Jenna pause to delicately play with the wet tender flesh that barely touches her fingertips. She senses the quivers that easily come drifty from Rikki causing a continuous delightful smile upon Jenna`s lips with each coming caress that further pushes between those slowly parting thighs. She likes the way there is inching inward causing the shivers play out as it is creating panting breaths coming from Rikki. Breathing that adds into the understanding that Rikki is spellbound with looking into eyes. Gazing with simply being lost in sensations that they both long to share.

Then there comes pausing of pleasure touch but it swiftly starts again. That makes a torment expression to consume Rikki`s face as she gasps in need of more caress. More stroking of womanly folds that barely are feeling the sliding of fingers over the wet flesh that is dripping in heated honey. Yet it once more is pausing after a return to insertion into those moist folds. It shows that Jenna is the intent of drawing out the pleasure with play while there exists the promise of building the orgasms high. It is raising the pleasure higher with touch, lovely caress within delicate places that lead to the making of even more heat between thighs. This is allowing a purring to sing out as Rikki`s eyes stare at her lover with intentional lust trying to warn her that touching is getting more wetness and all that is wishes. Then leaning upward for that kiss there is a brush of lips for temptation is beyond control. The powerful sensations of wanting, and needing and brings the press of upper lips as thighs shiver shakes in the need for more than a few strokes from a woman who makes every sense within Rikki wild with sensations.


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