Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pleasure`s Kiss (Part 2)

Jenna and Rikki know they are blazing into seducing more than coffee and chat as fingers thrust within pussy lips. Pushing in and pulling out as every inner vaginal muscle tightens into an intensity of vice like seizure creating deep panting breaths as soft cries of pleasure are hearing. This mixes deliciously with the delicate aroma that fills the air as Rikki`s arousal scent comes to Jenna's nostrils. It inspires Jenna to run one finger over the satiny joint between those lovely sleek thighs to sense the seeping wetness. Then Jenna inhales the aroma within taking a deeper breath. Rikki’s aromatic beauty takes the breath away as it inspires Jenna`s vaginal heat to burst into flame between her slender compressing thighs.

The look in both of their eyes changes as though lightening does suddenly strike them. Each knows the other can no longer stop the play and that they are going to own each other’s cum soon. It brings breathing rapidly as Rikki reaches to touch, and tease Jenna`s clitoris making the heated pulsations barely under control. No control is coming has her other palm does smooth down over Jenna’s left arm with taking times to have fingernails play tiny circles on silken skin that is warm to the soft touch. Rikki likes watching Jenna`s body sway in squirming over the plays of her left palm teasing those lower lips. That pleasure has Rikki`s nipples ready to pop into even harder round peaks while making thighs quake and the inner sexual fires are wildly running free.

The mutual thrusting within vaginal canals creates a world of fast building lust. Jenna looks at this beauty needing that cum, wanting to kiss the cream off lips and falling more in love with Rikki.

She next is reaching to capture nipples with moist lips to trace a subtle design around the base of the hard peak. That brings a roaring gasping breath from Rikki. Yet, Jenna doesn’t remain to embrace around the flesh but chooses to release before nuzzling into that beautiful valley between the two breasts. That causes Jenna`s breath to be warm on the delicate flesh but instantly there comes no soft. There arrives a teasing of blowing coolness there to be instigating a rippling wave of more arousal within the flesh. Then the naughty kicker comes as Jenna flicks a whipping wet licking straight up the center of the valley of those firm round mounds. That allows a screaming passionate cry releasing from Rikki as her fingers begin pounding within those heated folds that are so tight that she barely can push in.

Everything between them swiftly is arriving into panting breaths. They each are becoming dizzy of the satisfaction from touch that slips within, as every cell of both bodies is tense with needing to feel release. Feeling each other close, and wanting every inch of each other covering in kisses, in bliss and within cum. It is a wanting of it all and needing to succumb while fingers continue probing to then have vaginal muscles clench within the build-up to the first climax. “Love you.“ Screams out Rikki as Jenna chants “More, more, more. No stopping.”

Jenna comes up to be playing a kiss to Rikki`s forehead before nuzzling into the curve of her neck whispering, “Love you too. But more.”

This has her leaning down with placing a warm kiss on Rikki`s tummy causing those abdomen muscles to draw in within tightening and then breathing simply is picking up in pace again as Rikki watches the loving deepen. Jenna, in turn, enjoys slowing everything down as the cream caress lower lips and they both allow it to rest there for they know it isn’t time to stop. It does stop for there is nuzzling against hips with lips teasing in tender caress but it is only a playfulness that makes Rikki squirm in the sensations that once more begin building sexual fires. That, however, isn’t all that teases as two of Jenna`s fingers arrive to work for tiny circles upon the junction of the thigh meeting torso.

Rikki quakes of it but she clears her mind enough to plant her own ass firmly back on the bed with pulling Jenna along to kneel on the bed. Jenna smiles of the minor taking of control to bring them both more comfort and within it as she brushes the back of her knuckles across those delicate pussy folds that are cream covering. She enjoys a slow brushing over these lower lips as she smothers her hand’s skin with the feeling the cum that glistens there as a reward of the fast orgasm. She purrs of the sensations thinking of the need to taste the cream and in doing so she flashes a gaze into those eyes of Rikki. ”I will lick your lips and pull your pussy with my teeth.”

That teasing is drawing forth a panting breath and quivers from Rikki as she replies “I am gonna fuck you all day and then make love to you all night.”

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