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Chapter # 1 - Hell`s Spawn - Chapter #1

It starts long before the car meets the impact of the overpass to fall in a deadly heap to the rocks below. It does and yet on this day it is an instant collision with a fatal wildfire blaze killing the only occupant of the car. This moment all originates years ago at her birth and today she pulls up on her Harley to be standing there watching the inferno in full glory as she proudly declare to heavens, “Harm none! ”

Then turning away from the vision of the horrific disaster she clicks on the cellphone having her call in the notice of the collision to the police while she waits for the process of the coming events. There are many events of investigation and burial proceedings. In it all, no one figures out it`s that it is her who causes it. Additionally, no one finds it odd that she isn’t at her father`s funeral. Its is not a surprise for the old man makes it long ago well known that he disowns her. He sends her to the streets to meet a destiny of being nothing and to be someone else`s whore. He exists as a man who wants to be a daddy, a special daddy to a very beautiful baby girl. So unique as a father that she is his plaything in every way and it marks her in every sense of existing. He achieves that all of her life until at the age of fourteen when she runs from him and his special loving of her. She simply runs. Runs!

She runs to hope, turns to seeking freedom and escapes to find herself within the world of a beautiful golden blond fourteen-year-old girl. A girl that seems to come for her for that pretty golden girl captures her heart giving her the willpower to get away. It is finding sanity to escape and it remains to be that way until this very day. Two females in love at fourteen, two women colliding, needing and bleeding of the need to be properly loved. Loved because it is destiny but mostly it is out of the understanding that each is the others life balance.

Katrina Ann St Laurent stands a full five foot eleven inches in height to tower over most women. It has her seeming to be a goddess among mortal women for within that physique is curves of a divine athletic woman. It is the fact that the goddess notation isn’t far from the truth either. Such shines in those eyes of oceanic blue-gray as such accompany platinum color tresses and the most wickedly angelic smile. A naughty sensual smile that tells the world that she is simply a humble goddess standing among humans. This she proofs every day within the ways of her daunting intellect; her vast beautiful soul and that heart that is golden glass. It all has Katrina seem to be almost heavenly.

Therefore, she is beauty incarnate as her every move in life is filling with that intellect that hits the scale at a stunning IQ measuring so high that it brings the Canadian government to test her when she is but a mere child. She clocks in at one fifty-one at seven years old and that simply builds to be higher as she ages. By nineteen years old she becomes a cherished device in certain business circles and becomes a special member of a notorious family. She signs her life over to them so that she has a family. She does it through two maneuvers. One is the adoption into the darkly powerful Angelo family of Anglo-Italian heritage. While the other is having a nineteen-year-old child penning her name to a document that gives her next fifty years to a brute of an organization that abuses her talents. Therefore once again it is a possession, and entwining in families but it is a not knowing how much chaos that it may bring. Yet, that intellect holds her strong within its embrace and so she chases love and life.

She chases it all and makes it to the epic pinnacle of all the accolades that she chooses to touch with her reach for the stars. It is the reaching to proof that she is a mortal goddess and to cleanse the stains from her divine soul as she worships her Goddess of Wicca. She lives vehemently by that policy of ‘Harm None’ and that exists even when in her life path there is visible damage of that very deed being done by her. However, her life indeed shows harming coming full throttle as she travels the world of wild things, of living amidst sinister power struggles and dealing in darkling pleasures. She does it all as she treasures the possibility of Jenessa Angelo truly falling romantically in love with her

Tumbling into love, plunging into the diehard truth that Jenessa has a destiny as Katrina`s soul mate. It is to be this reality for it is what Katrina knows in her very eternal soul. She knows it that day at fourteen years old when the beauty of Jenessa rides up to a park on the outskirts of North Bay. She gallops upon a lovely horse of burnt brown coloring and then that angel rider slips from the saddle to stand before Katrina who sits there lingering against a tree. She is sitting there daydreaming of a better life while dreading having to go home. Dreading it until she glances up into those eyes of angelic blue belonging to Jenessa. These seem to send a beacon to Katrina`s soul saying, ’I have come for you.’ And that is all it takes for Katrina to know that she finds new life. In that moment, she discovers that which is her only true existence and she chooses in a matter of a split second to give her life to Jenessa.

That is what brings Katrina Ann St Laurent to the age of fifteen with eyes all dewy of love and her heart soaring with fresh life. It is after the running away she discovers herself in the big city of Ottawa seeking Jenessa for she remembers that Jenessa lives there. There is no instant luck of finding Jenessa and that is causing Katrina to live on the streets for several weeks. She exists in that by charming a local elderly grocer into letting her live in the hidden ally storage shed while she does delivery runs for his store to earn her food supply through that work. However, in time fortune smiles on her with her having the chance to not so accidently bump into Jenessa. The two talk and once it is known what is happening Jenessa sneaks Katrina into that fancy big house that belongs to Jenessa`s semi-wealthy father.

Of course, in no time, Michael Angelo unearths the addition to his household along with the reasons for it. Thus, there is a private sit down meeting between Katrina and him to sort it out. This single father who is a widower and a man of a ruthless business world listens to it all. He demands it all out as the discussion and gives no judgments of it. Yet, his heart isn’t dead even if he does say very little. Thus, he wraps up the whole thing that a man such as Theo St Laurent may not touch such a treasure as Katrina ever again. It is then with due diligence that Michael Angelo allows Katrina to exist in his house until one day the chat over what is to be her future comes. “You will call me Sir. You will care for Jenessa and you will not ever connect to that brutish man. You will have private schooling, Cambridge University, and any career training in order for you to be in my organization, but you will protect my daughter above all. ” Then reaching for his tumbler of fine Scotch whiskey he states, “You try to hide your love for her but it glows in those blue eyes. You will be truthful always with me no matter the pain or topic. When you are of age you will decide more of your life. Until then I assist you. There now are legal matters in concern to the adoption of you. You are now my daughter. It is to be legal. The reason why is Jenessa wants you here and I told her that I will care about you. Any questions, Katrina?” Directly declares this semi-handsome well-built man of pure English British heritage.

“Yes, Sir.” She response in almost not believing how life is changing nor is she believing the directness of this man while he is being loving. Yet even in the wonder of it all she indeed has questions. She is smart thus she knows what is happening and she is staying afoot of the progression of this whole thing too. She does because she is highly intelligent and now has some street instincts too. Thus, she knows it`s survival of fittest and this is an opportunity. It is a new chance in life, new air and it is being explained thoroughly to her too. So she asks of living arrangements, of locking her door and of her care.

“I will never invade you or lay hands on you, just as I do with Jenessa. Your room is your private space as is my room. Your room is across the hall from Jenessa`s. The new decor is up to you and shopping is possible. You will call a locksmith this minute and have them install whatever security you want in the room. Send me the bill and nothing more. You are safe, youngling.” With that he walks up to her shaking her hand of a deal made before next calling for Jenessa since all business between them momentarily done.

By Katrina`s sixteenth birthday Michael Angelo files for legal possession in adoption for Katrina. He achieves it with no negative response from the St Laurent family. Within a blinking Katrina is legally an Angelo with all the entitlements of being Michael`s second daughter. From that day onward she is always treated as an adult daughter and is given exactly what they discuss as agreements. She is given everything that she needs to grow and to flourish. The discovery of those amazing intellectual capabilities brings a whole new thing to the Angelo organization. Katrina simply sees the world of business in a way that is outside the box of the norm and it works to the benefit of the firm on endless amounts of occasions. Then it is an adding in of that enchanting charm that playfully bounces from the petite platinum blond and Michael Angelo sees his family thriving beyond Canadian borders. It is for that reasoning that by seventeen-year-olds Katrina is working in the family firm along with Jenessa. Both teens are each other’s best friends along with being tireless partners in everything. It is impossible to have one without the other and it`s simply perfection in a little family.

Family and happiness as Katrina fall more in love with her new best friend while it cannot be possible for Michael Angelo to be prouder of his new daughter. It simply isn’t even if he doesn’t express such for his biological daughter too. Yet, that is a matter for later. For with the coming of Katrina`s nineteenth birthday another private meeting occurs. In that meeting during the night hours in the month of June in nineteen ninety-nine, the second agreement is forming between them.

“I have meticulously read it to you twice. As stated Palermo offers you everything that you desire for an exchange of fifty years of your life with them and it is with the option for renewal at the end of that. I have hidden nothing about it. I promised you four years ago when you come to me that I will protect you, and I do. I additionally will continue to do that until I am dead. This contract is serious and is unbreakable. If you are signing it then it is giving your life over to them and me. They and I do protect you when you do give your blood oath to this document. Think it over thoroughly and decide wisely what is the exchange and details other than monetary that you will be justly rewarded with.” Michael Angelo commands with no taint of emotion in his tone.

“Sir.” She states looking up at him from her position on the leather wingback chair in front of his massive desk in the home office.

“Yes, youngling?” He queries knowing that she has questions and that gleam in her eyes.

She clear her throat and stand directly in front of him to next be deeply looking him in eyes “I need time to sort out my list. That is the truth. But the first two items that I want are these and they have been thought of a lot, Sir.”

"Tell me them and they will be done even before you need to sign the papers.” he retorts within being pleased that she agrees to the terms.

Katrina continues to stand there as they stare into each other’s eyes with the intensity of understanding that there is no deeper truth sharing then this moment. “It is to be ‘harm none’ in life, Sir. You call him a brute. He is not to be talked of. He continues the harm that he has done to me and I want it to stop. I want to stop it. I have heard that my elder brother Martin has a baby girl. Do you see what I see, Sir?”

With a pondering of understanding it and a shaking of his head over it, Michael Angelo calmly responds, “Then it is arranged. You decide his fate and it is done.”

And that is how a wildfire collision makes a death toll of one to free the mortal goddess that is Hell`s Spawn.

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