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Chapter #3 - Hell`s Spawn - Chapter #3

Then as the clock turns time to create endless events that are notable life moments with life easily making its natural progressions. Both ladies are now lovely well-blossomed young women that have the achievement of university degrees from the renowned Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. It is facts that Katrina proudly holds a Bachelor of Science degree while Jenessa is sporting a general Bachelor of Arts degree. Additionally, each woman is on the windup edge of enjoying the whims of an almost endless wild romp of being young women within their youthful twenties and having more money and time to play in life than logic should allow them. Yet, such circumstances easily permits the pleasures of infinite parties with traversing the world globe in search of those parties and in the pursuit of the people to play with, Of course the recreational fun that exists is by no means innocent.

This is the definite truth with Jenessa as she has a very little issue collecting men to be tossing them off once they are filling whatever purpose she needs to them. She fills her desires that seem heterosexual with none of it involving the ideas of love, but it does include lovemaking in great murky kinky quantities. Katrina too enjoys exploring the world of sexual things, but it comes to be more of a reality via the worlds of BDSM`s deviant kink. In fact, they both like kink a lot with Katrina a professional Dominant within a need to enjoy it as a lifestyle and Jenessa easily is slipping into the collaring of being a switch playmate. On occasion, they take to enjoying playtime with a small group of girls but Jenessa never accepts that she actually enjoys sex with women. Instead, she figures it is only playtime and done to appease Katrina. Still as always they are together and it’s naughty within all aspects of any recreation.

Yes, it`s all simply play especially when it is Jenessa. She is a five foot nine intelligent and elegant piece of woman that has the class and sass to rule the world but she doesn’t. Is she a daddy's girl? No, she isn’t when it is in the terms of being considered truly loved. That could be why she doesn’t dominate in the world but chooses to play in it. She is a woman who is still a child in her cold heart and one who begs to be loved by the man who birthed her. Yet, he does not love her in the ways that one would expect a treasure like Jenessa to be adored. He gives her material things; toys and playtime with friends to make up for his attention and time that should be natural spending on her. There is no coddling of creating a princess, there are no soft edges of family warmth for her and there is being a stand in son for daddy wants a boy child. So it is standing on her own two feet from age seven. Then it is working her ass off to be what she can`t be and then it is crying alone when there is any pain. There is no mother to heal her heart from the loss of her birth mother at five years old. Additionally, until Katrina comes into her life Jenessa rattles around in that big house all alone when she isn’t off at private school in Europe. So yes, she is a child in inside herself and it makes it easy for Katrina to fill a space that is so empty of real love.

Katrina doesn’t disappoint for she gives her entire heart to Jenessa and does everything and all things that help create smiles for them both. So even with the clock moving forward there is the must to understand a few things of the past that makes the going forward so very interesting. That is the giving into the request of a seventeen year old Jenessa to know what it is like to be seduced by the great Lothario that her schoolmates rave about. This suits Katrina fine for there isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t dream of showing Jenessa how much she truly loves her. Of course all those wonderful emotions have always been wrapping in dreams of actually making love with Jenessa. So when the topic floats about during their summer break it is easy to allow it to happen.

This virginal lovemaking for Jenessa takes place in their house in Ottawa during their two-month summer break from private school. This lovemaking by both is such an innocent understanding of the powerful love that exists as high hypnotic energy between them. Afterwards, it consumes them both all their lives. They both create something that day that makes hearts cold to others truly having either of their hearts and it entwines them into needing to be one, even if Jenessa may deny it.

This moment in time that they choose to become adults through the enjoying of sexual lovemaking takes place in the high heat of summer with them both alone for days in the house. They have done everything and that includes talking a great deal about sex and sexuality. Katrina knows that bisexual love is part of them both, yet Jenessa does take her whole life to realize that she is bisexual. Nevertheless, as they are there in Jenessa`s bedroom on the upper floor both stare at the other as they talk of Katrina`s lovers from school. Jenessa knows that pure love radiates from Katrina for it is easily something that she is feeling every day from Katrina. It has her ever so tempted to enjoy experiencing it in the ways that the other girls say that Katrina has them feeling. She figures that the sexual love must be something and this summer she has it as a constant thought. In fact it`s a persistent thought by Jenessa`s of what it is like to taste the sweet cum of her best friend. She wants to drink it, wishes to paint her skin with it and just dreams of totally fucking Katrina until they both are breathless. Nonetheless somehow within Jenessa that doesn’t ring out as her being bisexual. Instead, she views it all as her enjoying what the other girls appreciate and so why not follow the fab of the moment. However, the actualities are this. She wants to experience sexual life and doesn’t like other girls being more close to her best buddy than she is. Nonetheless, that is something that Jenessa does deny too but she is still in that state of existing as a child at times and lingering in not accepting the obvious.

Currently there rests at lusty look within Jenessa`s angelic blue eyes as she stares at Katrina who stands at the end of the twin sized bed in Jenessa’s bedroom. It is quite a change for Jenessa from being an angel but what she hears of Katrina makes her want to be with her sexually and she needs to be seeing if those blue eyes that now look at her dance of love when there is a climax occurring. She wants to know if she missing something and if those words of love that Katrina speaks are truthful when sex is occurring. They have further discussion of how Katrina enjoys sex, of how she seduces girls and that takes Jenessa`s breath away on several occasions. It makes Katrina wet in her womanly lips as she likes watching the lust fill them both. Then as it reaches a pinnacle Katrina stops and stares and they both are almost ready to rip off their clothing to please each other.

“You want me, my princess. I can see it. I have longed for you to want me as much as I wish to be with you. I wish to show you what I have known since we have met. Please, allow me to be your first?” Katrina state in a smooth, yet nervous voice of not knowing what to say but her heart now rules her mind. She is nervous because this isn’t seducing any girl to fill her high sexual needs. Instead, it`s all of her dreams beginning to come at her. So she figures it`s best to let it be automatic and natural. And includes that it is pure passion and the understanding that this moment is perfect no matter what comes to exist between them. Katrina knows that every touch of love is needed and that this day is historic in both of their minds forever.

Therefore with a heart racing in a melody of love Katrina’s very breath is so light that it is catching in a rapid exhaling making her dizzy with desire. She stands there gazing into blue eyes showing all the emotional love that she has for Jenessa. It has that heart of hers in charge and her intellect controlling nothing. Which is wonderful for intellect would be telling her to run from this princess who is to put her through living Hell for the rest of her life. Still it is without doubt Katrina`s heart is to now lead them through this losing of virginity and uniting them forever.

Union of two females that currently has Jenessa having a look of love resting in her eyes and that is causing Katrina to be allowing Jenessa to instantly be swallowing Katrina`s whole soul. Soul and eyes, those eyes are beautiful shining beacons of love as Jenessa begins crawling to the foot of the bed while stripping her own upper body of the tiny pink t-shirt that is hiding breasts that possess fully harden nipples within a petite white lace bra. The shirt removal makes Jenessa smiling warmly as she comes and is sending forth her hand to beckon Katrina to come on the bed. ”I wouldn’t have it any other way, my sweetest temptation. The other girls say you are a great kisser. I am sure you do everything else perfectly amazing too.”

Then in that moment Jenessa pauses to moisten her own lips before she gathers more confidence and this has Katrina feel that magnetic pull to take what she knows should be forever hers. With a deep breath Jenessa focuses her eyes solely on Katrina`s blue eyes while saying in a seductive tone “I want to know what it is like to feel you. To feel what shines in your eyes when you look at me.” Then after swallowing hard the wet lump of desire in her throat she states “You do look at me different than another girl does. You have ever since we met and Kat I need to feel everything that you feel for me.”

With that Katrina giggles a sweet ‘teeny’ kind of laugh that states she knows that she looks different at Jenessa. No one can love Jenessa like Katrina and Katrina knows that fact is difficult to hide. It is also truth that she doesn’t hide it. She openly expresses it with words and deeds done. This is such a deep truth that it shakes Katrina to her foundations every time Jenessa even slightly looks at her with love in those eyes. Thus, with the giggling the following sound arrives in the room. “Oh Jennie, all I ever want is to please you. Yes, that is what we need. So yes, I will show you my love and what lovemaking is.”

Then Katrina’s fingertips of her left hand slowly glide over the hand that Jenessa beckons Katrina with. It is a summoning of her to come settle upon the bed so that they may begin their lovemaking session. It is like touching webs the electric energy of life. It is a feeling that is a silken smooth sensation that echoes out from Katrina within a cooing of. “Sexy sweetness, loving you is all that I do.“

It is love energy overload for the young mind of Katrina. It sweeps her senses as her body trembles and Jenessa fingers scoop upward to engulf that incoming hand so that she may pull Katrina onto the bed. They both now kneel face to face. They are so close that breath is entwining and eyes stare into the other`s. It is blue eyes gazing into blue eyes. It is heated breaths coming more rapid as they each hesitate to bring that first kiss which is a dream of them both. Then suddenly, yes it is ever so swiftly that Katrina presses her own lips to Jenessa`s in a kiss that is all encompassing in a fluid motion, and intense emotion and sexual pleasure. It is a moist, sweet and playfulness declaring of love eternal. It lasts endless moments as they both enjoy the play of lips to lips, with breath being hot and with it the sharing of the soul they each possess. It’s a magic moment that can’t be explained in ways other than you have to be there to understand that the universe turned inside out to have everything become so perfect that each girl afterwards swears they hear creation being reborn.

However the kiss does come to an end and Katrina moves off the bed to stand back to catch her breath. She can’t let Jenessa have control of this. She just can’t. Katrina is not allowing this to be less than perfection. So in ways she wishes to control this day and have Jenessa see that lovemaking with a woman is more than Jenessa is to ever find wrapping in the arms of a man. It is the truth that Katrina Ann is intelligent enough to understand how important this is and because of that she intends to prove that her love is what Jenessa needs. For even at seventeen she knows that Jenessa has been raised to think heterosexual love is what should be. Katrina also knows that eventually Jenessa’s daddy is going to have it said that it is sin against the soul and it isn’t permitted for Jenessa to have anything but a man in her bed. Yet Katrina is Hell bent on proving that there are alternative ways to living and that the love between two females is natural too. In fact, Katrina understands that it is so perfectly normal between them that it is all that they both will ever require. So Katrina stands there saying “I love you. It is not fucking like I do with others. Today, I make you mine forever. It is love.”

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