Friday, February 28, 2014

Suck This!

“Suck this!” she commands as she grips the shoulder of her intended lover to forcibly pushes them to their knees in submission to the floor. Then as the unwilling lover gaze up within astonishment the beautiful goddess of a woman continue with “Kiss it first, kiss it like you need it more than air.” Then with her hand still grasping that shoulder, she holds her victim in place while she states “Then lick to show me how much you like it.”

Watching her, visually feasting upon the vision of her full nudity it is easy to see that power radiate from within the brunette that stands proudly in this room of everyday living. It is easy to see that she is extremely familiar with getting her way but then so is the blonde woman kneeling before the goddess. Thus, with a little will power the blond attempts to stand up but she finds that that one hand grasping her shoulder is pressuring in the opposite direction. ”You will not do this to me. I will have you first on this night.”

Then with things not going her way the blond grumbles of it as the brunette stands there stronger in stiff opposition to the attempt of the blond who is now gathering more willpower to begin again to rise up. “I want up, it is my turn first.”

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