Wednesday, March 5, 2014

'Love Em And Leave Em' Ass.

Alley knows they still each want her, but which of them is to possess her and treat her as she needs. This is her thought pattern as she looks at the five men who are former fuck studs. Gazing at them in playful want while seeing them watch her has her grinning and dripping wet. She watches them as if they are toys to be played with. The men, however, look at her like she is the next best fuck on their list of sluts that need taming and yes she needs subjugation without a doubt considering what she did to each of them. This is due to Alley being notorious for using men and literally tossing them on their ass to totally abuse them in whatever she choose to enjoy of the. This has her a very public reputation for being a woman who is a dirty player and a woman who is wild. Yet, these five men return to her and they are more than aware of what is going to happen but this time, they intend to show her what it is like to be aggressively fucked and used as a toy before they toss her on her naughty 'love em and leave em' ass. It is hearts broken but now she is cuffed and is to be their toy. A toy to enjoy, and it is be filming in five minutes. A nice party on film and the world is to see what she truly needs to be.

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