Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fucking Me.

The very thought of her cupping these breast to have these orbs of full round mounds being squeezed within her possession is a gasp of breath. Her gripping them to mold them in her hands as she watches my eyes in order that she seeks how it has me feel. Oh yes, feeling her and the wanting of me while within this sensation that is known as aching need. It comes to be a longing desire to have her feel so much more of me. Her with me as we come to touch and enjoy the sensations of breasts being caressed with kisses to lips and souls sharing as every cell of us comes to the need to enjoy all of our lust. Love and lust that is easily employing as she is toying with these mounds that have my heart pounding within them as the sounds of lovemaking come to be sharing.

It is we sharing and daring to tease our lust out and back into each other. Thus, those kisses come deeper with hunger ensuing as we both plunder the other`s lips with tasting them and slipping a tongue into taunt out more want. It an endless tasting as our breathing entwines and our smiles shines. She is with me making me happy and pleased. Pleased by her fingers that now come to linger within plucking my nipples as she whispers upon my lips, “I am intending to fucking you.”

‘Fucking me’, this does stimulate as it lies in my thoughts in a ringing out. It is ringing within my mind to inspire the need to consummate our lust and love within all that we each ever do dream of. She is my need, she is the woman for me and I want her here and now. Here with me as we each may please the other even though we are not in our bed under comfy cover. There is no wish of it for we are greedy with this needy desire to set our bodies ablaze within their sexual fires. So onward we play as she kneels to say, “Ready? You are mine forever and always, in every lifetime.”

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