Friday, March 7, 2014

Seduced By A Daydream

"Thy smile is kissed when you look at me like this." She said to me as we wake in the comfort of our bed sheets. Our bed in mid-afternoon as we both release from dreams to find the need to arrive awake within a day. She leans over to kiss me, to touch my cheek and then she is off to seek a shower for she must be off to her work. She is soon gone from me with no more time to entwine thus I too am left to a day of enjoying whatever may come, but it is mine. ‘Whatever’ is my day indeed as the day swings within its rhythms and tides and soon it has me there sitting to be staring out the bay window with coffee and a smile. A smile of happiness that gives more smiles and lives brightly as the drinking comes and the mind flows in thoughts of endless dreams.

The mind is swallowed by thoughts of her. She once more dares to come to play out a daydream upon this creative mind. She comes to dance with me in the afternoon sunlight as she leans in to steal a kiss from my lips. It is a teasing kiss that arrives to accompany blue eyes that twinkle of the delight of falling more in love with me. She smiles within it to then lash her tongue out to whip a licking to the tip of my nose. It is a challenge to try to achieve another kiss.

Oh her, oh yes her and how she easily takes me into daydreams of needing more than dreams. Yet, the daydreams bring a smile that lasts a long while. Those simply do for the thoughts of her do create every cell of me to be more alive. She is the one who is my golden one, she is the woman who allows my soul to climb high and set it's even more ablaze within its fires.

Indeed, it is soul fire. So it is universe heat and passion wild within its blazing energy, as she remains to tease me with her smile while playfully dancing within our world of dreams. Her dancing for me, her dancing with me and us smiling with giggling as she teases me into almost taking and making love with her. Yet, I do not for the play needs so much more and we are to enjoy this taunting with its play, as we shall find much more to explore.

Hence, she moves and sways within the day of sunlight showing me that I do want her more than anything or anyone in this life. She is my life, my breath and the need for me as she pleases me in the turning of dancing. The classic beautiful woman, wild passion, and her smiling at me with love within those blue eyes. She so easily seduces me more into her as we enjoy the streams of warm sunbeams and the play within our daydream.

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