Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tasting Me

Me nude.
You working.
Me needing a shower and you daydreaming of life after hours.

Me nude.
Water pouring down.
You dreaming of our lust unbound.

Me nude.
Towel in hand.
You wanting to be home are your plans.

Me nude.
Every day at three it is me.
You knowing and longing to be with me.

Me nude.
On the bed with hands in touch.
You wanting me ever so much.

Me nude.
Me releasing into the bliss.
You knowing by three thirty what you have missed.

Me still nude.
Your phone is ringing.
“Was it tasty, my darling?”

Me nude upon the bed.
Me nude and this is what I said.
“Yes, but it should be you tasting me instead.

Upon Our Bed

Waiting. Willing. Restless. Relaxed but needing, while I am here without you and daydreaming of what we should do. You here on this bed with me playing out lust and entertaining game of ‘trust me if I do this’. If I do all that I wish, but may we please start with a kiss. Yet, we need to begin with you here, you near and us breathing in the same air.

Sealed By Pearls

I wish to chain her with pearls of white to bind her to me to bring her smile bright. These are pearls that do dare to hold and beads that share caressing of her skin as my finger comes ever too bold. Bold with teasing her skin, brazen within touching making her womanly fires arise within. Needing her to feel all sensation as I seal her to me with our lips coming to meet while we begin to create lovemaking that is boundless in its undertaking.

Copied Orgasms

Copies, he wants copies, yet does he understand that there is only one of me with no copies. He seems to desire me, but he is going to get more than me on a copier. However if we remain here he is going to have copies of my ass getting a treat that is soon to be unleashing from his pants. I say soon because he is the type who teases me all day with that big bulge in his pants while smirking a sinful grin that comes with his hand running my ass every time he passes by me. Which that seems a bit extra often today and so we are chasing each other around a copier room until he tosses my ass on this machine in a wish to make me extremely creamy from our need to make endless copies of many orgasms.

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