Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Soul Mate`s Union - Kisses

Home, here, yes here in my three-bedroom bungalow house with the woman that I have desired to touch. Here in my bedroom on this queen sized bed of cotton sheets of rose pink and four quaint pillows. Pillows that now have her blond tresses feathering out upon the pillow that has the pleasure of her head resting there as she looks up at me with those eyes of mesmeric blue. Us here and us both nude in wait of our lovemaking to begin as the night is finally bringing the need to explore every inch of each other.

Gazing down at this woman of beautiful modern athletic curves has her my only desire. My love of her, her love of me brings us here to enjoy the touching that is lust`s fires. I want her, wanting her with no stopping until we cannot fathom more of the love and lust sharing. Yet, that is only going to bring sleep with waking unto more of the pleasure of sharing, sharing the sexual heat that is always between her and me.

This moment has her smiling at me, her lips begging me to kiss them into the pleasures of lust as our hearts pound out love with vast measures. Her smile that is the beams of happiness that had me smile back at her. It has me smiling while I am leaning in closer to look deep within those eyes to see the soul of my woman. Her soul is whispering to me of the need to be whole within all the ways of our love. “Oh you.” Slips from my lips in breathy admiration of what is laying there in wait for me.

That brings the swallowing of saliva hard within my throat and it is okay for there are many things currently hard. Oh yes, hard nipples, firm breasts, taut ass, and swollen stiff pussy lips. All of which instantly like the hard crashing of upper lips within hungry kiss as our needs to make love becomes our deed. Hungry for her, my lips need to press my lust into her as a hand caresses through the valley of her breasts that have nipples so very pretty. Hard round peaks that are teasing my breasts that join in the play of skin on skin. It is a demand that there is more touching, teasing and playing as kisses come deeper and breaths become eaten. We are devouring kisses until there are the breaths that need to be.

Once more I am looking at her, her looking at me as panting breaths push us into passionate depths of bodies mingling. Enjoying the touching of her with my finger lingering within the valleys and curves making her purr. Sweet sounds as I now have found pleasures that are below. Other lips, wet lips and pussy lips needing my fingers to linger having her continue that sexy primal purr. This has me looking lustily at her while she is falling into my caress making my heart continue to fall in love with her.

This is a world of us, a world of our lust and realms of love that are sacred sex that is gifted to those with unconditional love. This love creates panting breaths, chanting and teasing within the pleasing by fingers in a dancing of circles on pussy lips. It is pretty perky swollen pussy lips that drip of creamy treats. It is her taking my fingers deep, deeper within as she is riding the storm in pushing for more. It is we wanting more of lust’s fires that are driving the passion higher to make two bodies clamoring to within further play. Yes, it is me playing within her sacred sanctuary, teasing those muscles into bliss and then capturing her upper lips in a kiss. This is our lovemaking kiss to take her breath away as our eyes seek soul sharing within the building of bliss. It is this way as we meet and make, and take and give to get what we wish. It is our wish of creamy cum to seal the union of our eternal love.

So it`s kissing, it`s breathing, it`s two sets of lips in this pleasing and it`s upon our bed of love to begin our completing soul mate`s union.

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