Monday, April 14, 2014

Sin, Sex And The Sea

Strolling along the beach brings sand granules to lie between her toes. Ordinarily this does bother the tall beautiful ebony haired woman. She stands there watching the watery surf rush to the shore. It's crashing waves and vastness holds a vision of a glistening full moon upon its surface A surface knowing summer breezes, breezes that are tender upon her skin that is barely wrapping in a silk robe. It is favourite robe that comes with a loosely tied sash that enjoys displaying peeking of her nudity as these have an accompaniment of bare feet. Feet that move slowly, feet that feel the earthen sand and feet that needed to be on this beach in front of her beach house.

She moves. She moves and watches straight ahead while deep in thought. She steps out into watery deep as the moon does beam down upon the seashore. With each stride into the wave filed sea, she is hoping for peace. Each solid stride brings her farther out in the salty sea that lines the beautiful beach house properties of the eastern seaboard. She has come here in search of inner peace for the pains of profound heartache are weighing upon her. These are achings that have hit a tumultuous high earlier on this day. It begins weeks ago but it did a whirlwind spin on her today. It comes as work, social, romance, family and life all not coexisting well with the demands totally out of control. Today the workday is one of the endless meetings over projects to be completed and high stress in concern to deadlines. It simply hit the limit of overwhelming and it forces her to not accomplish anything. Add to it the angry words of misunderstanding that come from her lover that make it a toxic mix that cause her to run from it all.

“Damn him!” slips her lips in frustration of how he just always interferes with her life when she needs it the least. As she takes to remembering every second of the argument she begins to silently curse his ass. He dares to strut into her office carrying that fucking white rose and wearing that silk black button-down dress shirt and black denim jeans. He always wears one of those shirts when he wants the impossible and it’s always unbuttoned too much. He then has the guts to lean in to kiss her in passionate possession of her lips as he smells like a cologne store.

Oh yes, he comes for her. “Goddamn it, Scott!” Comes to be sending out over the surface of the sea as she continues to remember him there at her office in the city. She pulls away for she knows what he wants from her. He desires to have the afternoon in their hideaway where they both rebel against the fact they aren’t to be together. He is engaged to a lovely young woman but wants to behave single with his mature playmate, and she is not doing guys any longer. So they kind of are naughty and they know it but she also knows that no matter how much they both fight it they are regularly in each other’s arms. It is something neither knows how to control and honesty he is a great fuck stud and so she really likes that but not today. No not on this day.

He notices her unwillingness as she lifts from her desk chair to make way to open her office door for him to understand that there is no privacy and that leaving is what he is doing. This brings him to step forward and with easy movements, he draws her in against his strong chest and embraces her fully so that there is no escape while he then twirls her around. The twirling makes her dizzy and giggling so he suddenly sits down in a chair and in doing so he is pulling her along to sit on him within straddling his lap. His left hand pressed to the back of her head forcing her to kiss him as her long ebony tresses feather out along those stiffened shoulders and rigid backside. His other hands grasp her ass to push her hard against his cock that lay in wait in his pants. Between those kisses that come from her luscious lips, he whispers, “I want to fuck you. She isn’t enough.”

She tries to push away from him. He, however, holds her in the position with his strong arms, but the kiss is broken. “Settle down, Delaina. A few hours of me fucking you isn’t going to destroy your day. I need pussy and yours is my cock’s real cave. We can do it here or anywhere. But you need stress relief and I want to mark you. You belong to me.”

He forces her against his chest, but she places up open palmed hands to stop him, yet he wins as his arms fully possess her in a tight squeezing. He looks into her eyes with his stare of wanton lust as he commands. ”You will fuck me. You always like it and you can fuck your women tomorrow. I wish it. I want you. You best understand me and give me what we both need. ”

The kiss that follows is one which melts any woman`s heart. Yes, it does. Scott is a great kisser and he knows how to own a woman within sexual ways. He knows that he can give sexual pleasure in ways that most men can’t even dream of. He even knows that Delaina may beg to have more of his cock when this quick fuck is done. It is to be a quickie here in her office before going to his friend’s house. But it all begins with a kiss that is intense, fiery and that lasts endless minutes before he steals her breath to then give it back. He does it, he breathes her, she breathes him and she sits there soaking wet within her pussy lips wanting more than his kisses.

Instantly she hates herself for he makes her fall in love with him so easily. Yes, he does. She hates that because she said no more men and no more love and just no to him now that he is engaged. She really doesn’t mind him having sex others but damn he is not hers anymore. Then again she is thinking that if it isn’t her it maybe another mature woman that he takes as his playmate. This is her thought as her arms slip around his strong shoulders. She pulls in tight for she needs to own him, to possess her chosen sex mate as she begins to hungrily kiss him.

The heat hits high in sloppy kisses having him reach to unzip his pants to set his cock free for filling their needs. Once it is out he moves her slightly up off his lap to then impale her upon it. The last thing that she chooses to remember of her afternoon is her thrilling in the bouncing frantically on his beastly rod of flesh. In, out, thrusting, kissing and bodies in a sexual madness to feel the oceans of cum that eventually cream them both. It is the tasty cream that fills her as she is crying sweet moans of getting a great fuck at work. That is fine until her latest girlfriend walks through the door carrying a white rose and hoping for a lunch date. That is when the arguing starts and war break out between lovers and playmates.

So it`s running away to beach house. It is a need to be near the calming seas while it is running with the expectation of gathering sanity. It is a day indeed, yes it is. Now she walks out into the sea and sits within the water to cleanse her from the stains of anything and everything. Sitting, buoying and now horny again and wanting to have Scott here with her so they that may finish what they started.

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