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Passionate Pursuits - Chapter #1, Engaging Gabbriel

“Xavier is coming here today to meet with you.” Comes as a continuance of chatter from her personal assistant who is quite bothered by the fact that Gentz Stephen Xavier is coming to the head office of this international publishing firm.

“I know,” she claims with disregard of what is said without him saying what is actually oozing from him to be set free. That has Gabbriel Aria Bruce continue to pour the information of the business agreement into her mind since those are the documents that are for signing later in the day. Yet, as she does her PA rambles on with details of the latest and most infamous client for doing business with. In it all, she figures her office is for business, not chatter but her ‘boy’ Roy likes being personal and enjoys teaching her the lessons of being on top of all the games that are afoot. Yet, today has Roy enjoying his usual coffee break in her office but she doesn’t give him much attention and that is even if though he is actually one of her best friends too.

“He has a reputation for mystifying women and taking what he wants from them. He is quite interesting, Gabbriel. He likes brunettes, green eyes, and powerful mysterious women. Plus, he is into ancient cultures, fast cars, antiques, horses and sexual everything.“ Roy seems to accentuate his ‘sexual’ comment but she doesn’t look up at him while he is says anything. In fact, she is continuing with her reading but he next teases her with saying, ”You do remember how much you enjoy sex. You do remember the life of having a lover every other day and the unbelievable sexual tales that you tell me of.“

“So what. And every damn tale is true and yes, I remember it all.” She states in blowing him off to not look up at him even though she is feeling slightly annoyed at what is happening. Gabi remembers that other life that she lived but now she keeps her heart closed and the sex clean. Plus, she knows the business side of Gentz Xavier and that is all that she needs to know. Or at least that is her usual thing when doing business with new clients. So, it is to be that with Xavier too. “Well my sexy bestie, guess who fills that form to a tee.” He chuckles at her not giving the info any notice. He knows what she is in for when tall, gray and sexual walks into this office in the next hour. He has researched the new client and is wondering if she going to remain oblivious to whom is coming her way. In Roy`s thinking, Gabi needs to attempt to be wake up for her forthcoming adventure. Yet, he knows that his bestie is not into romance as of late. Roy knows that there is none of it in over two years and now she intends to have her head stuck in the sands of business. “I am prophesying that he is coming for you. He may be fucking you by sundown. Are you ready?”

She hears the laugh that comes from him after he muses of the coming meeting. It has her raising an eyebrow while lounging back on her chair with her then eying him fully to sternly convey, “Listen Royster, he can be God-man and I won`t give a damn so long as his companies provide us with business.” She next leans forward to peer at him directly in his blue eyes with her jade green ones that have a steel coldness within them. Then she resumes chat. “Xavier is doing business at 'my' preset wishes and not fiddling with details that he needs to accept. He is cornered and that is that. No one else has what he wants in concern to publishing. As for my personal interest, there is none. I have no need of sex, love or anything more than a great drink after closing this business deal.”

With that, the office door is pushing wide open. It reveals a man standing dead center in the doorway with him leaning against a pillar post showing his obvious eavesdropping abilities. He is six-foot-one and gleaming of being a God-man with silken wavy gray hair that seems to have light blazing in the strands. He is beautiful to see, exquisite in body build of casual muscles and most definitely is a lean mean sexual man-machine. He fits that crisp white button-down shirt very well. Then again there is more for those black dress pants certainly contain an interesting bulge in the torso area.

Gabbriel gives a sweeping gaze over her visitor as she readies to speak of intrusion, but her stare gets fixed upon his smiling face that glows of a well-trimmed beard and mustache. ‘So pretty, so sexy.‘ Comes in her thoughts, as his eyes of dark ebony are dancing in lustful desire toward her. Without a doubt, Gabbriel Bruce does see those dark mystical eyes that are gripping all of her senses as those then dance into her soul with having her stare back at him. This leaves her forgetting that a stranger is intruding into her private office and that she possibly needs to be concerned about it. Or is he a stranger? And should she be alarmed of things?

“Gentz, you are expecting me. Yes, you are and I can see that you enjoyed the request of doing research about me.” He chuckles with now knowing that he is having the upper hand within the meeting while partaking in the understanding that she is awestruck by him. That is all quite good because he now knows that she possibly has wet panties that he intends to remove by sundown. With that, he smirks at her still saying nothing to him but he heard all that he needs too. Therefore, he changes the mood with stating, “I am signing your agreement without reading it. I am going to do it based on that you are having dinner with me this Friday. Dinner Friday night, lunch tomorrow and meetings in between to clarify the processes that I know that is to be thoroughly planned in every degree. Professionalism and excellence are something that I expect from a woman of your caliber. Thus, yes, I researched you and have an intent with you and your firm.”

He claims this as he walks forward to place both open palms on her desk`s wooden top. He commits this act of up close personal to then peer directly into her eyes, as she remains stalk still from the whole event of meeting him in such a way. This gives him the space to resume his expectations of her. “As I told your PA, you are to do the same research on me that I have done for you. I contacted your firm because it makes great publications but I want more, much more Ms. Bruce.“

It is crisp, direct, fired in controlled wild passion and she is seeing all of it right there. She is there. She is immobile within breathlessness too and it is he that is filling her with information that has her swallow hard of the sensations of being near him. He creates wild feelings but those are ones that she now denies in life. He stirs her in ways that she isn’t quite reading and she suddenly can’t figure out anything. He shouldn’t be doing anything to her, and him eavesdropping needs addressing but she is simply staring into his eyes. It has her mind racing in thinking of ‘There is something about his aura. It has me off-balance. Breathe Gabi, breathe you bitch. He is winning whatever he is up too. No man wins when it`s business and you.”

With that, she shakes off the spell that he somehow has woven around her without her knowing it. To be honest she doubts that anyone can see such coming. At least that is what she silently ponders as she gives her head a minor shaking before placing a winning grin to her luscious lips. It is a smile, that notoriously seductive smile to accompany the display of her hair framing her face. Her fine auburn brunette mane of hair that feathers out in an array of great beauty about her face as she stands to her full height of five-foot-ten. Then in tones of extreme familiarity that is lilting in seduction Gabi declares, “So sexy, do you plan to sign my docs with a kiss? Or do you need a pen?”

He sees that his research is truthful of her. He understands that she is just what he expects and now he thinks that he is going to achieve his desires. It is to be his wishes because he at this very minute gives into her wants of his businesses. Her being allowed access to his empire of many corporations that he is usually guarding against anything that could harm him. Yet, he doesn’t totally guard it today. He chooses to trust his research of her as he smiles at her. Thus, he reaches to grip the pen that lies upon her desk as she, in turn, watches him do so. After which she flips to pages that are needing signing and points to the locations of signatures needed. He signs each as he looks into her eyes and she stares back with an intensity of invisibly sharing ‘that you best bring your greatest game because I won`t accept less’.

With the last of his last signatures, he drops the pen to the desk with it making a minor thud. He next instantly turns on his heels to display a strong rigid backside of muscles flexing beneath the well-pressed shirt. Then he struts toward the door as he expresses in emotionlessness, “Ten in the morning is lunch. Not ten and one seconds. It is ten at the exact time of my clock. Dress casual, dress in a short skirt and be prettier than today. I want your hair up. You are to be in blue and you are wearing flats. Come to me at my office. Do not be late. Or the contract is void.“

“Nice!” Whispers Roy in admiration of the event as Gentz continues to depart the office. “Oh shit babe, you are in for it. He owns you!” Arrives as Roy`s evaluation of the meeting and the stock-taking of her future sexual stock market. “Are you wearing flats or what? Holy crap, you are going to love fucking him.”

Gabi sits there; sits back down with taking in deep breaths while gazing at the door from watching Gentz leaving. Then she finally begins to sort it all out. She thinks on her failures of the meeting, understands that it’s mostly her unwillingness to heed what she should have and now she plans what she must undertake to deal with the aftermath.

“No, not exactly. It is to be running shoes, tennis blues, and a ponytail. Please, pencil me in for a tennis game at eleven thirty with my favorite tennis pro. Ask Maria to meet me at his office at exactly eleven twenty. But make my afternoon totally free.“ Gabi conveys with knowing that Gentz is getting his request but it is to be on her terms and not his. After all, no one controls her but herself. She can see that Gentz likes controlling women. “Make tomorrow`s dinner scheduled for wherever he is having dinner tomorrow. I want a reservation there and get me a date with your sexy younger brother. Let him know that he has his favorite part to play.”

With that Roy gives a boisterous roaring laugh. “Damn! I love you. I so wish that it were I playing your stud. But yes, Sebastian is good too. I will contact him immediately and make the plans for Tuesday`s dinner. You have Tuesday`s lunch in hand and Maria called earlier asking of you, so she is easy. Our Monday is busy with plans for a new game afoot. I do like when you mix biz and pleasure. I so miss these days.”

Gabi doesn’t reply. She twirls her desk`s swivel chair around to have it face the wall of windows that is moments ago behind her. She peers out at the city streets below while pondering the now ended meeting. She is thinking deeply about it. Taking calculation of mistakes and finally settling upon dreaming of the ways that those dark eyes peered into her soul. Somewhere in that Roy departs the office to do his workday duties and she simply daydreams for the longest time before eventually returning to the workday too.

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