Sunday, April 20, 2014

Patience & Pleasure

She waited all evening for him, waited in this massive house that he fills with whatever treasures and pleasures that suit his fancy. A fancy house of a man who earns it all through sheer will power and the life of an industrialist knowing what to sell and what to make a hell over. He has a blessed life with great passion and she has this mansion that has a woman within it. A lady that is of great beauty, a woman who knows her duty to him and yet on this night of dark thunder he is nowhere near her. That fact has her wonder.

Wondering of him and of what keeps him from the promise of making it a night of their lust and their love with the romance that once has been. She waits, she ponders and the thunder roars out loud as she stands there dressed for sexual success. Lust for them in a night of pleasure to show that their love does pass the tests. The tests of time showing their accomplishment of being together and in love for years but currently the fears rock her world. Fear and tears that she is holding at bay with her barely gripping those as her heart is yearning and churning for what he does do when he is with her.

It all hits a high; it hits to arrive at that time of her relenting into understanding that he has no time. No time for their love, no minutes for her and no lust to have as renewal for their union of love. Nothing and she shout to curse him while turning her back to the door that she does watch. She turns to walk away while suddenly hearing the door swing wide. Open in the night, wide with the wind howling through it as the silence is broken with the footfalls. Feet that stride in long pacing while within the pace of quick. It has him there. It brings him to her. He is here to grab her by a wrist to twirls her around. He pulls her in “You best are willing. I need to be yours and need us forevermore.”

She pushes him for has hurt her with these hours of sorrow and waiting while she is debating of he loved her still. She has emotions and notions that their love is no longer the same. It is not the same of years gone by and so why should she try. Trying within in ways that promise and having to still endure all the waiting and being second to a world of work. His work taking every waking hour and thus she simply thinks that she should fuck him, get rid of him, if he still prefers it to her.

He is nowhere and she releases all her fear. The tears do flow and the words roared loud in the thunder. Clamoring sounds hurtful words and hearts in pain. He struggles with her, she fights him and then as she looks in his eyes as he emotionally states, “I love you so.”

He then pulls her into him crash against him with making her body go limp from the tussle and emotions and these notions that she does feel. They fall to the floor and he looks at her saying, “I am home, I am here and I am your forevermore. Work is days away and tonight is the start of our love to be all new in every way.”

Next, he comes and holds her on the floor, he presses and knows what is to come. This has him come to brush a kiss to her sobbing lips while he does gaze into her eyes with then saying, “You are first and work is other. You are more than all that is material life, for you are my girl, my only lover and my life, you are my beloved wife.”

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