Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fuck Me Honey

Watching her disrobe is sheer pleasure in all its visual beauty. She knows how to remove clothes so to make an onlooker spellbound. She does it slowly with intentional flirtatious sensual teasing that makes a lover even more aroused. She has me aroused, me wanting her and it is hard to be sitting nude in a winged backed chair. Sitting here in its comforts being nude and needing, while wanting to enjoy an evening of thoroughly loving her.

I love this woman of midlife years that is a beautiful five foot three blond. I adore her even more as she comes to sit upon the queen sized bed`s edge. She sits there nude tossing me blowing kisses to seduce me to her. Her there taunting me with me wondering of she knows how much she already haunts me. My heart is thundering wildly within trying to control the emotions, motions, and lustful notions. She makes it difficult to concentrate on the task of giving her a night of soft love in the ways that she recently has asked of me. She asks of me to show her how much we could enjoy foreplay, pleasure’s ways without penetrating our sexual center of lust.

Tonight, we have become acquainted after being apart for so long. She is on the bed waiting, me in a chair almost vibrating of lust. Us, there and upon a small wooden vanity table at the side of our bed is a porcelain basin. It is filled with warm water that holds peppermint oils and that is making a lovely fragrance waft within the air of our bedroom. Our room is lovely. It is set to be a place of sanctuary and lovemaking and self-care. Care and love with her all that I have ever dreamed of.

I rise from my chair while our eyes continuously hold each other’s stare. Then as I stand before her, me positioning there as the basin sits close by I smile too then press an open palm to her facial cheek. It has me know that her skin is so smooth, so silken soft and it has my palm quake as her energy comes into me. “Oh you, I love you.” Comes in whispers as my lips brush a partial tease of kiss to her lips. Sweeping a tender kiss before delicate kisses to trail up over her facial cheek. Up, up and there are breathy whispers of “I want you. I wish to lay you down to see how many lovely sounds that we can make.”

Within a gentle nudge within seconds of breathing, she is leaning back upon our bed with a pillow tenderly tucked under her beautiful head. Then in kneeling there I am tracing my fingertips along the curves of her lovely body. It is on each side, trailing slowly as I lean down to kiss her lips. Kissing her, softly touching lips with mine as fingertips are wading and riding each hill and dip. My fingernails are gliding, as they linger and abide within the pleasure of touching her skin. She lying upon our silken bed sheets and breathing deeper, enjoying and allowing me to be toying with her senses. She is looking in my eyes with eyes of blue; her heart is racing in the pacing of an upbeat rhythm. It is she with me, her eyes looking at me, as my fingers find nipples sending out the thrill of lust to ripple within her senses. It is lust`s lovely tender touch as she holds a stare into my soul.to declare, “You are teasing me.”

“Who me? Never but yes.” is replied in seductive happy whispers of enjoying that way that her body replies. Replying to me within the thrill of the sea of love that we share and dare to explore. Her beautiful body of five foot three answers me; it talks to me as my fingers play and tease. She speaks with no verbal, but she silently surrenders unto my a conversation in the pleasure of her skin quivering with her breathing deepening as her nipples hardening and her womanly folds dripping of wetness for tasting. “Oh yes, my love. Yes, teasing you and accepting the gift of you Please, please give me the pleasure of loving every inch of you.”

My kisses do leave play upon the gentle curves of her neck and chin to next find a treasure of once more pleasuring her upper lips. Pressing within whispering of wanting her beauty to enjoy. Her loveliness is taking each touch as it explores and adores her. Fingers are travelling to create more and more of the arousing sensations for her to explore. Exploring her more to wander in play within crossing over her breasts that peak in nipples wanting my lips. These are telling me that these wish and demand more than touching. Thus, it`s a moving within trailing and playing kisses down over her chin then onto the dip of her collarbone to give a breathy kiss as my lip as begin laying plunder upon the valley of her full firm round mounds of breasts.

She is mine as we now entwine like this. Her eyes declare that she is and it is time to play within that luxury of all that is tender love. That has my lips gripping the hardness of her pretty peaks and our first treat is the left breast to enjoy. Her nipples need to be teased by sucking them into my lips so that my tongue comes lashing out in playful ways. There is a great liking of it, and there is licking of her skin to then suction the bold little mound into my mouth. Taking it in to be raking teeth to it as she presses up into wanting me to drive the heat within her higher. It has her cupping the other breast as she thrills in tugging its firm peak. Tugging as she watches my eyes of green, looking there as my eyes are glancing into hers knowing that next there is the coming of her right breast for our playful ways. Yet, firstly I seduce that which holds the heart and the emotional love of her. It is tasty, and it is an emotional knowing that her heart beats for only me, her heart surrenders unto me and is pleased that my mouth takes to loving her heart`s very beating. That is having me once more suckle it with brushing loving kisses to it until those grow into hungry lustful kisses and sucking. As adoration by my moist lips gives the last loving to her left nipple there arrives that sexy popping sounds to interrupt the moaning and slurping sounds. It joins within my leaving thin strips of moisture there so that the air may give a cooling sensation to her skin. This has her eyes on fire wanting more of the pleasure for we both know that more wetness is pooling upon her lower lips and she wants so much more than kisses.

“Please the right one, please baby girl.” She whispers in sternness of needing more, more and much more than kisses but she is patient for what is coming.

Her body loves me, it likes my caressing, it does and there is to be the right breast and nipple. A nipple peaked in waiting to have my wet tongue whip forth to tease it. Playing it to me knowing that her soul lay here, her beautiful depths universal light that sings to me having my own soul join more into the dance of entwining with her soul. Her there as my lips succumb to thrilling in loving this nipple until the sensual sounds of her serenade erupt into a begging plea of more. More, with having my hand further exploring her skin causing her hands to clutch onto me. Holding me as one finger dares to linger upon her pussy mound causing the deepest gasping of a breathy moaning to escape into the song of her body singing with me as our conversation comes to a deeper sharing of our love`s needs.

This has me hesitate for pleasure is to be much more than bringing the sudden release of her creamy pleasure. Tonight I intend to cleanse her skin, wash every inch of her within taking my time before kissing every speck and cell of her until she wishes me to stop.

So it is my lips departing her hardened nipple as she comes to kiss my lips saying “ Please.’”

“Yes, I will please you but first this.” This has me smiling as I rise up in getting the linen washcloth from the water basin to bring the cloth to caress the skin of hands and wrists in a meticulously cleaning of each portion of them. Each portion is cleaned to then have each finger and place caressing in a loving kiss.

“You are naughty, you are teasing me.” She says within smiles.

“Yes, I am and you like it.” Arrives as the reply in a giggling as I kiss her upper lips before continuing the cleaning of her skin.

This energy is of us being so close chases away all the tension and replaces it with love. We both know how much we desire each other and orgasms are intent tonight, but she wishes loved in soft ways and I do enjoy playing with her body until she gives everything of her lust to me.

As my cloth moistens her skin to tease each portion and to bring the scent of peppermint to be ever-present she lay there watching me. Her eyes gazing into mine with my heart falling more into her. My heart touching hers as my hands are caressing her with the blessing of waters until the air is cooling to be making the moistness between her thighs be further pooling. It declares her want of penetration and the elation of orgasm, but she is patient with me. She does it through watching and whispering of how much that each caress is pleasing within all the teasing of the cloth softly tracing before my kisses join in within the caring for her.

Caring of her entire body as she turns over to have her backside loved in the ways of sensual washing that are accompanied by touching with loving worshipful kisses. She is so beautiful in our bed with her exposed so exquisitely nude while she is showering me in her sensual moans of relaxation and sexual arousal encompassing her. It is my hands exploring and adoring her as her body succumbs into softer love and chaining powerful lust. We know that we need orgasms and to give into our lust, but we understand and demand that we have more and this is something that we both enjoy.

Yes, I love her, I lust for her and she is so lovely. Beauty incarnate as kisses come deeper, and my hands play more intently having the passionate lustful fires within me in a need for so much more. More of her for the scent of her sexual arousal now overpowers the peppermint. It does as my upper lips kiss her ass. Kissing the smooth form silken skin until my lips are wishing so much more than this. It has my breathing deepen and she parts her thighs as she whispers, “Please, please, just please.”

I toss the cloth as my body comes to coming lying between her thighs as she lay on her tummy. Lying there with her widening her legs and thighs to have me settle into having my once treasure a tickling touching of her pussy lips. Teasing it thrice and until she screams, “Fuck me, fuck me and make me cum.” I smile, then giggle as my tongue join in to be taunting her pussy lips. Teasing them while my hand comes to placing a tapping spanking to her ass cheeks. “Naughty girl, making me take you early.”

”Fuck me, give me your tongue. Fingers, please, please. Now, fuck me and I promise that…” And it`s silence as my tongue is buried in the busy of creating tickling sensations. My moist tongue thrusting into her sweetness as her pussy hungrily devours every pleasure. It does and it pulsates in the ways she finds it pleasing, she shivers with lustful sensations as she rides into my tongue and we drive out the pleasure of her wrapping in tonight`s first orgasm.

“Oh yes!” She screams as she grips the bedding or bed making me screamed of her honey. It has me smiling within giggling of how soft love turns into a ‘fuck me’ and with such sweet yummy honey.

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