Monday, April 28, 2014

She Kisses Me

She kisses me, she sanctifies me with her lovely lips that caress within meeting mine as we are greeting. She is kissing me until we both become breathless. My beauty that is of blond tresses welcomes me into her world with making us both breathless within a wanting, and a needing to be filling our wishes of more than kisses. She pressures and plays having me to be relenting into the enticement of more. It is my need to be leaning into those lips within pressing to enjoy the play of our love into each other. It is eating our breaths and me teasing with my fingertips within lingering touch. Touching that is trailing down, down over the skin that is warm and waiting to play out our lust`s that is abiding within.

Abiding and gliding within the bliss of her lips that are teasing in pleasing, and pleasing in teasing as fingers are trailing. Moving over skin and make her mind dizzy and my thoughts to spin. Our worlds with us within kissing as fingernails find and do entwine within her fingers. There come to embrace with a play of palm-to-palm creating smiling within kisses. Yes, smiling kisses that are endlessly delicious. These grow more delicious as we devour and breathe with me falling more in love with her and her welcoming me, greeting, as she becomes the very breath of me.

Breathe with breath, breasts to breasts and the world spins of only her and me. It is all that I ever wish, my wishing of she with me. Us together kissing and making embrace as fingers continue to trace. It is hands that are playing in tenderness as that slide up to entwine fingers within silken tresses. These are lovely threads of hair to entwine around fingers for play as our other hands entwine. Hands are holding within wandering onward to be ever so bold with having that land upon the soft skin. Warm, hot skin that is shivers in the delight of being touched, touched and enjoyed, oh it is beautiful as the kisses wane into breathing and nibbling as we wait to see, to see what more there is to be. It has gazes so very tense, eyes spending time reading souls and us both knowing what is our goal. That knowledge as both gives a purring to rumble from within.

The humming is within soft sweet sensations of lips trembling upon lips, as there is slight gasping with our breathing as we feel it in her souls. Feel how our unconditional love does embrace with the purest of lust that has ever been known. Our the love mixing with an intense heat that is rumbling wild within us as she now plays her lips upon nude breasts, to capture nipples that perky in speaking. Round fleshy orbs that encounter her moist lips while our entwined hands travel down, down to slip between, between lean thighs that rise to meet the need to share our womanly heat. This has my free hand travelling downward to adoring the length and the beauty of her body. Enjoying it as her teeth are toying with my nipples until they become red with lust`s pleasure. A pleasure that comes to feel so profoundly real within the treasure of sensing the cool air that arrives to sweep skin.

My mind screams for more, so much more while gazing into her eye, looking there within sharing and staring and daring. This is our souls are talking; no words are needed for it is easy to see what we need. Thus, fingers are daring to trail to her womanly heat. Her finger easily comes to greet my lustful womanly treat. It is this very heat within our treats that we both do seek as our bodies flex into motions and notions of dreamy treats. Thus, we touch and tease those lower lips; we slip and slide fingers within to create dizziness so to have our minds spin. It is higher heat within in and out and with twisting and turning as we drive our vaginal muscle into wild churning. It is tickling those soft folds, it’s whispering of our love that forever to be told. It is teasing; it’s driving within and us holding on tight as our eyes hold gaze in each other’s souls on this dark evening of night. Then in time, there are our screams that of passion that come about.

This has spinning of feelings, dripping in glistening wetness upon lower lips, and feeling bodies move in loving emotions with each other. It arrives to be teasing of skin in soft ways, as the heat is set free. It now tenderly spilling out love words and breaths deeply wild in gasping as we are finding joy in employing teasing plays on our nude skin as our lips meet once more to explore and adore. Then in this moment of bliss that is filling with more kisses my hands come to grasp her ass. My palms taking to feeling it, squeezing it as my breath deepened and I are lost in her. Lost and finding more love than I have ever dreamed of as we melt and mold while we still tenderly are playing out our need.

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