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Arcane Arousal - Chapter #1, Soul Kiss

“Toni, it is agreed that you do not need to babysit a photojournalist but this one is here to help us out. She is transferring in from Ireland via a two-year stay in Ottawa. Irish nationalist that is experience in museum photo work, photojournalism fieldwork, and is respected within Europe`s magazine media. So please take her on so that we can boost our media presence in Europe with possibly a bonus of achieving some much-needed funding from European philanthropists.”

The thirty-five-year-old American citizen of small-town roots stands there looking at her boss wanting to say that she finds this request another pain in the ass. But she has no time to argue because she is late for a meeting. “I leave at the end of the month for Antarctica. My team is not to include some camera jockey.”

“Don’t do this Toni. She is not that bad. You may like her. I hear that she is a lesbian, an activist too and easy going.”

“Humph!” Comes in disbelieve from this woman of radiant blond tresses and enchanting smiles. Usually, those are beaming warm-hearted smiles but those are hidden on this day. She is extremely serious lately; life is work, work and a life of always of being on the go with something to keep her from the boredom that can be life.

Antonia Cousteau is generally a lady who is very social, intensely charming, bold, independent, inquisitive and knows what she wants with why she wants it. She additionally tends to be somewhat creative in all aspects of her life, and that usually leads to a willingness to always be looking for an opportunity to use her abilities and skills. Yet, all of these fine attributes plus her flexibility with adjusting to anything new isn’t present today. It simply is not as she stands mid corridor in a passage that leads from the basement archives to the newly displaying exhibits.

“Just try, you may like her and enjoy the last of your time...” States her boss who suddenly stops talking and that allows Antonia to feel that she can interrupt. Which she can and so she spouts out, “Time is something that is in short supply. This Irish whoever woman does not need my time. She will eat away at my schedule with being boring and an attention thief. She possibly doesn’t give a damn about anything that what really goes on here. That only leaves me behind schedule and burdened with having to entertain her.’’

“Well, I tend to kind of make my own social life where ever I go, but sure sexy, you can try to keep up. However, a sweet thing like you may need to teach boring ole me a few ropes, considering that ‘we’ Irish are not much for parties, nor are we into intellectual pursuits.” Comes dripping in sarcasm as a gorgeous woman of mid-years and a full-blown five foot three stance pops around from standing behind Antonia. The woman smiles at Antonia. Just smiles while giving that look of intense studiousness as her shimmering auburn brunette tresses feather about perfectly exquisite facial features making a truly Irish vixen stand there gazing at Antonia. She is eying Antonia with eyes of the richest arcane green with silver glinting. Oh and do those eyes ever declare that there is a wildfire spirit within her, especially considering the minor bit of unwelcoming that is be shared “It may be of interest that it is me who is doing you a favour, but then I know nothing of your work. Or do I?” Then placing two camera satchels down at her own feet she walks up close to gaze into those eyes of blue that are belonging to Antonia as there is conveying, “However, you know nothing of my work. If you did then our conversation would be about me photo shooting the basement archives and you detailing where I can access data needed for my research to go with my images and articles.“

The two women stare into each other’s eyes, glare and stand so close that it can be possible to kiss each other. They eye each other to distribute non-verbal sharing of daring, of swearing and to be enlightening within soul sharing. Antonia takes to enjoy it, even if it is not comfortable being caught in the middle of her being somewhat unkind when she has no need to be. Yet, at this juncture, she knows that spouting out more is only going to cause issues and so she winks. Sassily winks at this woman who seems to have some bravado. Or does she? Something in those eyes states that softness is there, easygoing and shy within a something else. A something else that is talking to Antonia, even if guilt now swims into harsh existence and that has her think of backpedalling of things, but she has the feeling it won`t work. Therefore, with a continuous staring, she conveys, “We can go to the basement. Maybe we can fight about things and see if you know my stuff. So step into my world and as for you doing me a favour, sure and I like that you are.”

With that the Irish woman snickers, ”You are a kinky one. You like it in the basement first thing. This is going to be fun. Take me. I am yours.”

“You only wish.” Comes as a spirited reply with a grinning mischievousness that accompanies a momentary tittering laugh by Antonia.

“Keira, Keira Quinn, your new pain in the ass and basement buddy.” Arrives in winsome friendliness as she decides to let go of anything that is negative of the moment.

‘Toni Cousteau, but something tells me that you know that. You know it and are several steps ahead of me and are forgiving of me….”

“Your foot in your mouth. Yes, you did do that but do take me to your basement to pound into me the rules. It may be interesting, don’t ya think?” She states in snickering as they shake hands. “The misunderstanding doesn’t matter, Ms. Cousteau. It is part of our work; we all have our days at work and honestly please do take your time of dealing with me. I can wait for whatever you have as a time for me. I may roam the museum to get a sense of things if you need that. You can show me the basement now or later, it is as you wish but yes, and it is on my list. There is much to do and I hear that you are a pro at what we are to be presenting for the softcover book. So between us two we can duke it out and scoop up whatever to create top-notch article and pictures. Lead on, lead me into....”

“Into my dusty chamber of kinky archeology and museum wonders.”

It is odd but somehow they know each other but they don’t. It`s weird in endless ways, but it`s just this. It is interesting, it is forgiving, familiar and it is this sense that they connect on a soul level with looking into each other`s eyes. They both understand that, yet it’s a private musing by both while they are left to their own devices. Left to wander off as the museum`s curator departs with the statement that he is needed elsewhere.

In a few moments, Antonia stops the musing of how things are progressing with her new task. It is amusing how this sudden task of babysitting a photographer is moving into wishing to know a bit more about this Keira, for Keira doesn’t seem boring. No, not at all and honestly when it comes to holding Antonia’s attention that isn’t easy for anyone to do. Yet, Keira has a good jumpstart on it. It is the thoughts of ‘wild, Irish, soft, and fun.’ She beams a smile at Keira with that thought as she continues with ‘Deeply intelligence and fun. Plus, maybe kinky, yes maybe and maybe…oh damn’ With that there are the beginnings of knowing that there is sexual attraction, instant fire and that is not good for work but really at this point, it isn’t worrisome. Plus, who said a bit of naughty amongst some ruins will crash civilization in a professional work environment. At least, that should be what is thought but Antonia simply gives a nod to Keira saying “Follow me, I am headed there and you may look around to get a feel for things.”

“Feel of, oh yes, I want a feel of.” Arrives reply in a sensual overtone of a double agenda as Keira picks up her satchel to be a follower. Antonia smirks to then head off in the direction of the basement rooms to which she has work occurring in. It is a journey of business talk with Antonia asking questions of what is the deal with things. This has Keira answering of how the assignment is a set of four softcovers, almost magazine-like books. “Easy things but it is to be details of new facts mixing with former data. It is material to intro new readers but to continue to entice former readers. My employers have a need to build interest in the science of history. It is to be interesting shots of whatever the museum is willing to share, along with expert data tooled into interesting docu-story.”

With that, the two women enter a very well organized large room of scrolls, and crates holding various small items from antiquity.

“Nice room, so are you pounding me in here?”

Antonia blushes of what is said. She does for in her mind it`s instant sexual innuendo but she summons a double-edged reply with, “I prefer to begin slowly if you don’t mind.”

“But you haven’t the time. It`s what you said upstairs. So, umm.”

Antonia looks Keira directly in the eyes as they stand several feet apart from each other. It is a good distance for scrutinizing this woman who definitely is getting more interesting with each passing second. Much more stimulating to her senses as Keira intently does the same of looking at Antonia. It is an eye-to-eye staring. It has them both swallowing hard, for now, they both know that the ‘something’ that they shared upstairs is deep in their psyche with it partially a sexual tension that is about to consume them. It is going to devour them both and it isn’t expected for they both usually tend to think a bit more about things before jumping into sexual anything. So with that, each is quickly assuming that there must be a shaking off of this. It has to be pushed away but damn, they simply stand there with somehow understanding that the energy flowing between is leading them into creating some very intimate history.

Intimacy, yes and that has Keira cradling her energy and stalling the wildfires within her. It is this for suddenly the shyness enters her as she feels the sexual tension coming stronger between them. It is sexual energy that shines in those blue eyes. It leads her to say, "It seems that…” Yet, that brings her to a sudden stoppage as she blushes of her recent behaviour but she knows herself, knows that she likes this too and wants more. But really more of this is only a distraction and so there comes, “Oh, I don’t know but we should…” As she gets pulled deeper into staring into those blue eyes due to looking at them. “It’s getting interesting.” Is sharing with breathing coming breathy.

“Yes, it is.” Says Toni knowing that she herself is dizzy with gazing into those arcane green eyes with a silver spell within them, eyes that are speaking to her with beckoning to her to kiss lips. Toni being faintly dizzy is unusual but her thoughts are flooding with wanting to kiss this woman. Kiss her and make Keira know what a basement can be. So the stare is intense for it is just going to be and Toni needs to know only that Keira wants a kiss. “Yes, and yes.”

Keira sees the intense energy coming wildly full throttle between them. She does and now that they stand so close and are alone it only takes the eye to eye to know that they are not leaving the room without something sexual happening. It is going to exist and there will be the start of an intimate history for them. There is to be for Keira cannot stop gazing into those blue eyes that are talking in an ancient language that somehow her soul knows what is spoken. It is crazy in her mind and she really isn’t caring about work. No, no she isn`t, thus her breathing slightly deepen. “Yes and time; time and...Oh, baby!” Sizzles out with her accepting that she wants much more than kisses with Toni.

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