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Passionate Pursuits - Chapter #2, Seductive Games

Tuesday it is. Is it ever a Tuesday to be alive and a day to be ready for the game that Roy thinks that is afoot.

“Goddamn! He did what?” She screams into the phone to her Personal Assistant Roy.

“It is an extensive list, Gabi. He is quite clear on what he expects of you today. Gentz ended the list with stating that it`s a near seven figures contract with his wish to maintain a certain level of decorum. Ladylike is apparently expected.” Comes in snickers for Roy recognizes that Gabbriel has no issue with being a lady but he knows what she thinks of men controlling her.

With that, all sharing Gabi is silent as Roy verbally dictates the list with her summing it up with a statement of, ”Seven figures while he wants my figure on a visual display too.” That brings a sigh as she furthers her assessment of it with a frustration. “When will powerful men keep their cocks in their pants when doing business?“

“When you women stop using seduction and your eyes to beg for it.” Arrives in honest crisp reply of shooting back the emotions. Emotions that only best friends are permitted to give.

“You can be fired you know.” Gabi sends forth in sharpness while she understands all of what is a modern business world. She long ago takes to know the sexual dynamics of business with its flirtations, innuendoes and the expectations that accompany a run of rules and accommodations. She recognizes the wholeness of it and in actual life is a top player of it. Thus, it`s acceptable of Roy to say that. And that is due to their friendship being an open-minded relationship between them.

”Nah, I am too sexy and that is making me a keeper. And besides, I make great coffee. And, you love that second cup in mid-afternoon.” Arrives as defence within being amused by the firing concept while knowing that it never ever is happening between them.

“Very true. Fax me the list. Then print it and frame it before you than hanging it in my office in full view of anyone.” Gabi commands in tones of loathing what is coming, but she relishes these games too. She finds it odd that this guy seems to want to play games and that is interesting for it is rare that she gets to do such any longer. Plus, there is the fact that she hasn’t expected it of him either.

“Oh, I have fax mailed it and it will be framed in a nice eleven by thirteen. And on that note please do remember that you might want some new fishnet stockings but you have the rest of the clothing on the list. Or you use to.” Comes from Roy as he states that he needs to go to a meeting uptown.

“I do have it all but I am playing this as I planned. Yes, you do need to head uptown or you are going to miss that meeting this morning.” Gabrielle states before clicking off the cell phone to continue on heading home to acquire her outfit for the meeting.

Within approximately an hour, Gabbriel is sitting in one of the largest offices that are known to humanity. It possesses antique furnishings that include two massive desks. One of which has two computer systems resting upon its surface with a small pile of paper document folders neatly planted there as well. The other wooden desk is topped with paper scrolls that accompany various types of gadgetry that seem scientific in nature. Then there is the enormous table that rests directly in front of the large window on the far wall of this stately corner office. That table is stacked with books, books, and more books; while it is surrounded by four winged backed antique chairs of a wood similar to the table and the two desks. In front of the first desk is a love seat that is large; it is comfy and covered in a midnight blue fabric. It is appearing similar to the four-winged backed chairs. All things in this space are darkly rich woods with richness being displayed in every way giving a sense of comfort that doesn’t exclaim that this an office for business. It does, however, express that the owner of it is someone that is enjoying life's pleasures. Yet, this very office is home to an automotive industrialist and farm machinery manufacturer.

Quite a sight it is indeed and not what Gabi expects. Then again she doesn’t have much of an expectation of anything about Gentz Stephen Xavier. That is even though research is complete on Mr. Xavier. Her investigation reveals that her new client is meditative, prophetic, philosophical, and soulful, but the fifty-one-year-old also is analytical, critical and opinionated too. Plus, there is that damn air of mystery and secrecy that comes from his history. Mr. Xavier definitely is interesting in many ways while his life has that exciting edge with versatility and a need for him to gain knowledge of many concepts. All that is of some value in life according to Gabi but what Gabi isn’t into is the idea of ‘good ole boy’ Gentz controlling other people's affairs. That control of others is something that she is currently seeing in action when she considers her recent morning phone call with Roy. So it tells her much information about Gentz. It tells of boldness, along with that he is strong-willed and moves within energetic actions in almost all matters of life. Yes, it shows that she finally did that research and there is much more to him then she assumed and quite honestly she is excited while waiting to show off her blue tennis outfit, cool athletic shoes, and ponytail hairdo.

In fact, she grins at it as she stares at the white wall behind the desk. It is a staring with patiently waiting for it having her easily notice a modern black leather hi-tech desk chair. It lies directly opposite to the loveseat that the secretary politely requested her to sit in. As Gabi sits there many long moments do pass and then there is a young male entering the extremely quiet office. He walks directly over to the table of books to then in a minute be busily removing the volumes of texts to place them on the floor along the wall that lines the window. As he finishes the task another young male enters carrying a single pillow and a silver tray holding an antique tea service. The first male walks up to the second to slip the pillow from under the second male`s arm where it is pressing there due to his two hands need to carry the tray. Once this is done the second guy sets the tea service tray on the desk in front of Gabi with him stating. “I am to pour tea for you. I am to make you comfortable and it is my duty to tell you that you are a rebel. It is my duty to also say that Mr. Xavier likes that quality in his new wife.”

Such is said so smoothly and without blinking that Gabi isn’t sure what shocks her more. Could it be the words, the act of it all or the tone? Either way, she is looking at him stunned and it is leaving her mouth gaping open in awe of the brashness and the assumption of things.

”Wife! Wife…wi wife….w..w..w” comes in sputtering disbelief. It is surprising and yes some shock. It is having Gabi almost instantly stand up with being rattled to her very core, but she immediately remembers the contract. True, she can easily make everything null and void by not doing this lunch thing. However, she wants Gentz as a client but not in this way of what is now being told to her. She thinks that she has him cornered but now with having her goal of the contract she feels trapped too. So she isn’t sure if she is staying to endure this. She also is not sure if she should be stating facts to clarify what exists between them. She is unsure if any of this with Gentz is going to be a good thing and that is because she honestly is still too shaken to know what is what. This is because in all her experience she cannot think of anyone who goes to a meeting to suddenly be in the midst of being chased for marrying.

The male employee watches her while attempting to not smile, but he does grin into a snicker. He then swallows hard as he continues with “Mr. Xavier wants you not liking it, but he knows that you want to like it. He is willing to reconstruct existence to have you be his.”

“Enough!” Comes shouting brashly from that deep baritone voice that Gabi knows as a familiar from the Monday meeting. “Out! Out and close the door. I can speak for myself.”

Gentz eyes her, she watches him too and she walks over to him to gaze into his eyes. She does and he stands there looking back with not one blink of covering up the view to his soul. She looks as she ponders of him and grows mad of it all. ”You are a bastard, sir. You have me cornered. Stop playing games with me. This is only business. We either do this clean or we don’t do it.”

“I am playing games with you. You play with men, you have done it forever but I want you. You, you are to be completely mine and with no games for that is my need in life. This Empire is nothing without a personal happiness and a woman to hold. I figure that we can tame each other and build it higher.” He grins at her to then grin bigger before he walks past her as he states, “The table has two purposes today.” He walks over to it while continuing with, “Firstly, lunch is eaten at it with no discussion of work existing and you choose the topics but there is no silence to exist. If your conversation with me is quality and consistent then whatever you have prepped for today in concern to business discussions is going to be agreed to by the end of the two hours that you are spending with me.”

“Are you for real? Comes the sharp reply about what he says. It exists as that for it most certainly is out-of-order. Out of order as she keeps pace with his chat and shuns anything that may shake her senses.

“Yes, and so are you. So, let us be real. I want to know a woman, to know her completely and that woman is you, and only you and everything else doesn’t matter. I trust you and eventually I am going to prove that you are going to trust me. Possibly then you are going to try to love me.” He proclaims while holding the chair at the head of the table chair for her to come sit upon.

This has Gabi slightly in awe of the straightforwardness with its notations and that makes her more off-centre with not knowing if this is a game. She no longer knows what are games of business and what is real and what is only business. Thus, she stands there eying him while pondering if she should leave and bag it all as defunct. But she runs high-speed thought processes with making decisions that if Gentz pushes the limits by bringing directness then why doesn’t she do it too. After all, this is too surreal to not be a game but she can’t figure out why there is the need for games between them. Why is this powerful man making crazy plans between them? She has no answer. But if he wants to chat in exchange for agreeing to business terms then she can do that. She can, but this marriage thing is a no, it is. Oh yes, it is. With that thought racing through her mind, she zooms out her own zinger for him to take in as she sits on the chair. “So, when am I suppose to kiss you?”

“Whenever you leave here today. That is if you wish to.” He confidently confides as his ass greets the chair to the right of her. In doing so, he states. “And if you want to kiss me before then, then please do. It is your choice.“

“Oh, I see.” Gabi shares in pondering the progression of things while she is keeping in step with him. But in doing so, she suddenly peers into those eyes of his and it begins again. That spell of entwining in his life aura and this time it is barely a gazing, but it takes breathing into tiny rapid breaths. It does for she senses that she has known him, she truly knows him.

“Yes, you do. You also need to see that I already have made my choices and now it is your turn.“ Gentz replies as the office door swings open having the two young men from before entering in with a meal that is made as a feast for a queen. A queen that has choices, choices of wines with a five-course meal of lunch set out by the staff. Then before they depart the office they allow a young woman with a bass violin to enter into to rest upon the love seat in front of the desk. This indeed is quite a sight with it making Gabi simply speechless while watching it as the woman begins to play romantic soft tunes.

The spectacle has Gabi trying to gain her senses of how he is attempting to seduce her and it comes as she is still struggling to sort out what he really is up to for it cannot simply be a seduction by a suitor. It simply can’t be. So, Gabi takes to staring at him, her trekking a deep visual journey into his eyes with her slowly taking a sweeping gaze of his entire body while he sits in the chair next to her. It is a gaze that moves upward to then move back to him before settling into watching his eyes, eyes that are having a spell spinning in them.

He seems so willing to share as he seems to soul lie so open and willing. Him sharing with her, daring her and somehow almost begging her to enjoy him in all the ways that she may ever wish to. As she does this Gabi once more finds her breathing changing. It runs deep, it comes with panting breaths and her heartbeat follows suit as she sinks her stare into those eyes. Falling, free falling with not remembering why she is in this room. In doing so she spies a world in his eyes, a world that she feels that she needs to explore. In this, she hears Gentz whisper. “My queen, you may choose the topic. Please, please do.”

With that Gabi mentally grabs herself back from sinking further within the staring into his eyes. That makes her shudder and brings an actual rocking backward in the chair as the spell is broken. Snapped back to reality and with it, it leaves her shaken about everything between them. He takes notice of it with him tenderly conveying, “Take it easy, darling, you need to come to me by small steps. Fight me all that you want to, but talk to me and you will see what is destiny. I believe in you, I believe that you can do this.” Arrives as Gentz does his gentlemanly duty of pouring the first glass of wine with then soon after encouraging Gabi to enjoy it. The beautiful brunette does such for she currently feels drunk even though she doesn’t understand why. Thus, she figures that wine is only going to set her much more on her ass, so why not. After all, it may actually be a good thing when considering all of these surreal events that are happening.

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