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Passionate Pursuits - Chapter #3, Wine With Cream

“What are you doing?” She quizzes with trying to shake off the seduction scenario that is coming at her full throttle, as she gives a shot of trying to set the playground to be even. ”We are doing business, Mr. Xavier. This entire scene of seduction is fine, yet it is to be only business between us.”

“Is it?” Comes sharply from him as he stares at her eyes trying to capture her gaze and in a few seconds he succeeds. As he does Gabi instantly realizes what happens when she does let him look in her eyes. So, she swiftly sends her focus to be on her own two hands that rest on the edge of the table`s top. Thus, eyes are downward but she doesn’t like that at all for eye contact with clients is important to her. Thus, this event irritates her; it pushes her into being, even more, off-balance with it truly unsettling in every way. It has a growl slips her lips having him grin about it for he knows that she is rattled having him understand that Gabi is captured by what she sees in his eyes. He knows it because it is how he feels when he looks into her eyes.

“You know damn well we are doing business.” she spurts back at him in frustration. “Xavier, you know that I want the contract that is up for bids. You also understand that the details can be completed in a matter of two days. Two days, with most of the exchanging of information passing between our underlings. Thus, yes, the what that we are supposed to be doing is business and this…this…this...”

“This is not doing business. Not anymore, Gabbriel.” He proclaims while trying desperately to get a lock on her eyes to gaze at them but she is refusing to look at him. Gentz knows that he needs to peer into her soul. He does for it is in a hope that she is going to do the same. If he can get her to do that then things are definitely going to be interesting once again. Yet, he has no success of his attempts, thus, he continues with. ”It isn’t business at all between us. It is not such ever since I read of you in the research that my so-called ‘underlings’ supplied to me. That newsprint picture of your eyes during your triumph in that court case last month told me that we are to be more. More than business, you are so much more.”

Gabi listened, oh yes, she does but really he is not on the topic that she set so why should there be any further chat. So she stands to her feet and that has her pushing the chair backward as she sternly conveys. “Xavier, business! It is a business meeting! My heart and personal life aren’t for sale or for you to seduce.”

A sharply spoken dictation of truths, one that has Gabbriel beginning to step away from the table to give her some distance from everything that is being cast as a spell. As she does Gentz automatically is rising to then reach with intersecting her moves by standing directly in front of her. “You are so stubborn. Deeply unwilling in every way and you need to be kissed too. Kissed, spanked and just held forever. You are a naughty girl, Gabi. And yes, I am going to kiss you. Kiss you; kiss you so hard to be forcing breathlessness and then you are to kiss me. Kiss me, then you are to look into my eyes again and that is that. You are going to…”

As the protest over such ideas begins to form in Gabi, Gentz strides forward with becoming swiftly right there face to face. He instantly traps her between the chair, the large table and himself. Next moves have everything intensely high-speed and an out of control motion with Gentz`s lips capturing Gabi’s lips and that is that. It is a kiss; it is kissing with full intentional pressing and a breathless exchange. The motions, the notions of anything, and the emotions feel of everything come with feeling like an electrical sensation that empowers something wildly euphoric. It is an energy that is undeniably in exquisite within erotically overwhelming as his lips smoothly move in play with her allowing it. It has Gabi falling limp against him with no protest for all of her senses are driven into a whole other realm of existence.

That is pleasing to Gentz and so he doesn’t stop, he wraps his strong possessive arms around her to capture her body into his. That causes Gabi to be crush against him having her heart racing while her mind is full-blown dizzy. That is not shocking considering that Gentz seems to send her senses off-center but what is alarming is that Gabi`s lips suddenly betray her. Her soft luscious lips hungrily kiss him back. These do for in her mind there are flashes of these very sensations of him kissing and her loving it. Those feelings flood her mind with them coming from somewhere that just isn’t this reality. Not this reality, not this one, and so it`s more kissing between them within the here and now. The lip lock is intense with her wrapping around him until they both are breathless. Yet, it is still somehow breathing deeper until it is so exhaustive that they both must stop in order to try to gain balance, but they gaze into each other’s eyes and it instantly is another lip lock.

By the time they stop the onslaught of kissing and staring into eyes her ass is sitting firmly on the tabletop, the plate setting is crashing to the floor and he is standing between her widespread thighs. Him there, her giving in and she is purring in his ear with him stopping motions to simply look into her eyes. “So pretty one, you see how we are more than business.”

Gabi giggles, she does and her thoughts begin to clear but she stares there into his eyes “You are bad. You have led me on. Xavier, no one dates a woman by offering business contracts to her.’’

“I am simply not anyone. I am Gentz Stephen Xavier, your man. I do not stand in line. I take what is mine. I do it in any way that it is required of me. I give what it takes to get your attention. In doing so there is to be only kneeling to you and being relentless in whatever you desire of me.”

Gabi hears the firmness in the declaration and his deeply believing in all that he says. She can additionally see it in his eyes as that gaze peers deeply into hers. Strangely she smiles, she not only does that but relaxes so peacefully with him tracing his fingertips upon the surface of her face. “So beautiful, so worth everything that is this life. My pretty one, my soul.”

She titters of the romance that he easily whisks out. He grins at her as he backs away with saying, “You must eat, and you need to eat lunch since your tennis game later today requires energy. Maria knows that you are to be an hour late, but she expects you to be in top form.” He states with assisting Gabi to her feet before he is being a gentleman about giving his seat and his place setting for dining. In doing so she begins to the query of his knowledge of Maria. “How do you...”

In that second Gentz replies, “Your staff is excellent at sharing your agenda with my staff, quite a security breach for you. Only letting you know so that you may repair it.“ After which Gentz kisses the top of her head. He knows that she is going to have things to say and so he sits down to listen. When he does she queries of what is going on with her staff and the discussion easily turns to the tennis and many other non-business topics. Chat flows easily and lunch is shared at a leisurely pace with the time soon vanishing having them both standing at the door to share farewells.

“So, it is my apartment at nine for drinks. The address is sent to your office; along with it, there is another list of expectations for our date. Please do, abide by them.” He pauses because instinct tells that a protest is coming. So, he must try to stop a flood of objection for angry annoyance begins to show in her eyes. “Gabbriel, it is not any type of control. It truly isn’t a need to control anything of you. In all honesty, I wish to enjoy something special with you tonight. We both know that a third date leads places and so, please. Please, help me create it as a beautiful memory. On our date tomorrow, you may send me a list of expectations and I definitely can fill it for you.”

Time doesn’t fly like it can for some people. Indeed, it does not, yet she reads the note that he sends and she willingly follows the suggestions upon it. Gabbriel does, but she has tinges of unwillingness within her. Plus, according to her, a third date is not necessarily a sex date. Not really and she conveys that to Roy over the phone as she drives to the so-called date slated for nine. “I always feel naked when I dress like this in public. Isn’t the fifth date the sex date?”

“Nah, every date is a sex date but you girls don’t do that very often, though. As for naked, you always look fabulous in your long black trench coat. Did he at the very least send you a nice teddy or is it only a slutty piece of trash?”

“It is a daring, sexy mesh teddy with a sheer lattice lace pattern and seductive cutouts in the front and sides. The backside is pretty and is strappy with a striped ribbon bow and cheekini bottoms too. It is made of silk in the color of midnight black and comes with a kimono style robe that is mid-thigh. The usual VS Teddy thing for sex dates, and it has me feel elegant and sexy.”

Roy listens to her before summing it all up. “So he knows his stuff then. He knows you adore Victoria Secret clothing and that you do like lace.”

“Uhm, unsure but he does like black and lace.” She states as she directs her BMW into the parking garage to bring it to a halt just feet from the elevator doors. “I am here, next is the elevator and the penthouse apartment. My god, why is it that all tycoons need the top floor.” She sighs while she is flinging open the car door to the close it after getting out so that she is next entering the elevator.

“Because it makes it difficult for their sexy woman to run away when it’s brutally kinky.“ Laughs Roy over what he senses as nervousness within a usually very sexually confident woman. Then there is silence for long moments, at least there is until he furthers the silly with more silly. ”Or maybe tycoons find it easier to throw ex-wives out windows from top floors.”

“You can be disinherited, mister.” she seriously threatens while the elevator doors suddenly open making it a trip to the top floor that is too quick but she takes a deep breath as she steps out to provide calm. Then Gabi sees the door to where she must enter for her so-called sex date and the calm is gone.

“I ain't` getting any of your loot anyways, so stop being naughty,” Roy states with chuckling as he hears the elevator doors and the silence after it. “I am calling in an hour and then an hour after that.“ is suddenly said in firm placidness that makes it a truly swift change in his mood, a mood that now sounds protective.

“Yeah, okay and if I make morning news make sure you hide my dildo collection.“

“You got it, boss, now smiles and show him what it is like to be fucked by the best.” Responds Roy.

She snickers upon hearing him say such as she queries “And how do you know?”

“Well, I don’t but you go get him.” And with that Roy clicks off the phone and Gabi stands ready to knock on the door. As she does she finds the wooden door ajar and so she pushes it open while calling out “Hello, Gentz, are you here?”

”Yes, yes in the bedroom. Come on in and do not stand there. Close the door, lock it and remove the coat before coming to sit on the foot edge of the bed. The champagne is chilled and waiting, and I am here too. Come, my pretty one.“ This sounds out to be heard. As it does Gabi walks inward to carry out instructions before she ultimately finds an open concept space of a kitchen, dining room, and living room. Upon seeing it she notices just beyond it there is a hallway that leads to what she eventually discovers as two bedrooms. The one on the right side has the door wide open; it is candlelit with several well-placed candles and the bed is king-sized with black silk sheets. Gentz stands there ever so tall at the foot of the bed. He is waiting while fully dressed in an evening tuxedo of all black, with a black dress shirt and black paisley gentleman`s vest. “Pretty one, please sit for I want you to have a drink with me tonight.” He coolly supplies as he gazes at her fully with taking in the breath-taking beauty of her curves that so naturally fill the new lingerie. “Beautiful, you are stunning.“ arrives in admiration as he swallows hard of the lust that she easily fills him with.

She blushes at the compliments but does know that she is sexy in the outfit that he sent. She is for she has natural seductive curves that show true femininity and sexual beauty. She does, it`s a birth thing and something that she works at too. She looks in those eyes of his, those hypnotic eyes having her melt into him like she has so often on this day. She does this as he reaches for her left hand in assisting her in sitting her lace-covered ass on the bed. With the sitting down he collects a crystalline champagne flute, to fill it with the bubbly before passing it to her. She takes it in her hand to afterward hear him say, “Now wait just a moment, I must prep for my drink. I need ….I need….ah, yes there.” As he spies a set of silver seamstress shears that rest next to the champagne container on a table just off to the right of the bed`s bottom section.

Gabbriel watches his every move; she does for she is in awe that he is dressed in a tuxedo while she is nearly nude. She doesn’t understand it but she is also trying to not be off-balance. So far it`s good but she is puzzled as he picks up the shears before he kneels before her. Once he has Gentz places the shears on the bed beside her so he may remove his tuxedo coat. He folds it neatly to subsequently place it on the floor near the left foot of the poster bed that she sits on. Then without hesitation, he removes the silver cufflinks to then swiftly roll up the shirt cuffs before he once more reaches to possess the seamstress sheers. ’’Please spread your thighs as wide as possible. Then relax and drink the bubbly. When the glass is empty do say so for it is to be constantly filled.”

She looks down at him with deep curiosity in asking, “Huh, what is going on?’

“I am going to have a drink. I intend to drink every once of cum that you create from me finger fucking you, tongue fucking you and doing anything to stimulate you. You are to supply us with orgasms until the champagne bottle is empty and your smile is all that is full. It will be done!"

She shakes her head while she silently questions herself. ‘What? Did I hear what you said? Did you say that we aren’t having sex?' That has Gabi sharing her inquisitiveness by stating, “Are you okay and why aren’t we having sex?”

He chuckles a “yes” as he gazes up into her eyes, eyes that instantly have him melting while conveying. "I am not removing my clothes any farther than this and when you are exhausted you sleep in this bed. Then as you do I am going to lie beside you and hold you while we both sleep. We are making love tonight, but there is no need to go high-speed. Our date tomorrow can be more but tonight you are given this."

She is shocked by him. She is, but her body suddenly is flaming with heat because she can sense that he is definitely going to do it. He is the type to do exactly what he claims. That has her mind flashing of visions that simply are beyond arousing to her for never has any man committed such with her in such an erotic way.

In less than a second Gabbriel watches Gentz holds those silver seamstress shears as he peers into her eyes, he looks deep into them with it easy to see his eyes dance of a desire to prove that he is going to do just what he claims. Her green eyes gaze back within searching his eyes but in seconds, she is spellbound. This has her very willingly raise the champagne flute to her luscious red lips to tip it up in bringing the cold liquid to smoothly caress over those same lips in entering into her mouth. As she does this his free hand diligently reach to pull on both the crotch of her teddy and the crutch of her fishnet stockings. Then in one smooth snipping, the fabric is broken. Next, she hears him allowing the scissors to fall on the floor. By the time that the second sip exists his hands are planted on her knees with running upward to finally grip her inner thighs. Next are the feelings of the champagne trickling down her throat. Accompanying it is the no hesitation of his head burying between her thighs and his flat firm tongue is whipping straight through the center of her hot wet pussy as he grips the fabric ripping it further open so that he has full access to what he wants.

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