Monday, May 12, 2014

Arcane Arousal - Chapter #2, Sexy Ex

“So are you gonna kiss her or what? Full lip lock. Just take it, Toni. You know that you wanna.” Cheerily interrupts a deeply sensual female voice from the doorway. “Toni, you know that seducing in the basement, in the scroll room is considered kinky. Even for you, it is kinky.” With that, the five-foot-eight brunette owner of the voice walks directly over to the two women to look both women in the eye with choosing to eye Toni first. Then her gaze of brown eyes sits upon Keira`s eyes “Hi, I am Aria Cousteau. Her ex-girlfriend and you should kiss her. She is good at it, even if it is a virgin thing to occur here in the haunted scroll room.“

“Aria, what are you doing here?” states Toni who is not caring about whatever Aria is fumbling into.

“Meeting. It is fifteen minutes ago. We are exchanging keys, you are taking care of cats until I return in two weeks.” With that Toni remembers the meeting and reasons for it with that having her mumbling, “Oh yeah, forgot.”

“It is okay darling, you are fine. And the keys are in your office on the desk. I only came to see… “ Looking intently at Keira has Aria grinning and giving a not too subtle lick of her own lips. “David mentioned a sexy new girlie treat is hanging out with you. So, I kind of wanted to see if … if “ She next takes a full sweeping gaze of Keira as she says, “Yes, and yes. Yummy! Do kiss her or I may be having dinner with her before you even get out of the starting gate.”

No one ever said that Aria Cousteau isn’t forward. Additionally, it is said that she is a woman who takes and makes life interesting. She does and that is the very reasoning why Toni ended the relationship four years ago. It is always too interesting; Aria is high-speed intense and kinky in the kinkiest of ways. Plus, Toni is not the type to share anyone who is romantically important to her and that occur between the two women during a very serious relationship. Yet, it is far from true that there are still feelings but that doesn’t intend that the two do not think of fucking each other. They do but today the truth of Aria being competitive is extremely evident. It is a fact that when Aria knows Toni is interested in a girl then Aria tends to have a few things to say or do. And that is the honest reason why Aria comes to the basement. She wants Toni knowing that competition is afoot. It is now a little race to taste the newbie. It is and it all exists while knowing that David, their boss mentions that Toni is instantly smitten with a sexy lesbian that is on loaner from Europe. A beautiful one too that quite honestly is just the type to capture Aria`s attention for a bit of kinky play.

“Keira isn’t it? Yes, it is.” Aria answers her own question, as she next smoothly comes standing between Toni and Keira. Aria positions there to be facing Keira while making sure that there is attention giving and division of Toni and Keira are being understood. “A bit famous, you shoot the artifacts for several of Euro`s museums, and you do on site photographing including the Italian dig sites, Guinean ruins, and Israeli citadel. Award winner. I like.” She says while once more licking her lips and sending forth a gaze that states that she is on the prowl. “I have an award for you, it`s dinner at seven, my place. You are dessert and breakfast too.“

If that isn`t leaving Keira breathless than her Irish appetite may need to see if she can handle more than one Aria. Nonetheless, that isn’t a thought for she is holding her breath of it all as it all comes full throttle. Then with Aria slowing the speed, Keira looks over at Toni to convey, “Jet leg and needing rest, thank you, though. Thank you, Aria. You are a pretty kitty.”

Aria watches Keira`s eyes, she sees them lock onto Toni. She knows Toni is looking back into them too, she can sense Toni thinking of how Aria always gets what Aria wants. Toni is thinking that very thing and she is also remembering the wish to kiss Keira. A desire to thoroughly enjoy kissing and to further appreciate the way those arcane green eyes like gazing into her blue ones. It is nice how their eyes share and yes there possibly maybe kisses if there is not an interruption. Yet, there is and now there is pondering of bedding Keira. She isn’t sure what is coming between any of them but the idea of her ex-girlfriend taking the opportunity from her unsettles Toni just a bit too much. It unnerves her, even more, when Aria reaches out to finger touching Kiera`s cheek, “I am patient, I am. We are having dinner at some point so do drop in to see me tomorrow before I leave. It is left corridor after entering this wing. Ask for me at the front desk.” Aria turns to eyes Toni to then turn back toward Keira as she continues with, ”Or Toni may show you to me. She usually knows when to be a good girl for me.”

Keira says nothing, she can`t for in all sincerity if she does it may not be exactly missing out on rudeness. She knows when to bite her tongue in the work environment. Thus, she politely reaches up to remove those fingers from caressing any farther. She does that ever so gently as she then is moving toward her camera satchels to pick them up. Toni grins of the move and Keira smiles back and does shy away from any father exchange with Aria. That leaves Toni conveying, ”Aria, we have work to do, please drop by my office later if you need to chat. But, you need to go and I must get this done for the director by the end of the day. Thanks for the keys.”

With that, Toni escorts Aria out of the room to afterward exchange farewells and grins as Aria states “Are you ready? I am going to have her first.”

”Aria, she is here to work. She is taken. There is no need to compete. Got it!” proclaims Toni

“You are rotten at it, do not deceive me. Have fun. No kissing her, she is mine.” Proclaims Aria as she struts down the hall that does lead back up to the upper floors of the museum. That brings Toni turning around to reenter the scroll room of in, which Keira is still within. Keira chooses to be adjusting her gear in order to take a few quick shots of the room. Within doing so Keira can see out of the corner of her eye that Toni is returning alone and she finally breaks the silence to convey, “She sure is something. A bit of a firecracker and twisted piece of an interesting storm.” Summarizes Keira of everything that occurs in the last several moments.

“Yes, she is!” Swiftly flies from Toni as she walks directly over in front of Keira to looks Keira dead center in the eyes. She does and then instantly states in candidness. “Keira, place those cameras down. Sit them down, because I am going to kiss you. Kiss you, and yes we are working together but it is to be managed. I have one month before I am leaving North America for a year. But I am kissing you, I am going to date you this month and you are going to remember me. Remember me enough to want to stay in connection with me.“

“Why?” she quizzes with a knowing smile as large as the sun.

“You know why. You know, and I am not letting her have a chance. You know why we are going to date each other and you knew it upstairs. I know that I want to kiss you and to not let her near you. That is for certain, so drop these cameras and let us christen this room.”

“Then why are you going to stop with a kiss?” Replies Keira placing the camera down at her feet by letting the strap slowly thread through her hand having the instrument to dangle on its strap before it touches the floor. Keira next fully lets the strap go. Lets it go and reaches out an open hand to welcome Toni to hold it, if Toni wishes to. “There is no need to stop with kissing as I have said you are pounding me in here.”

With that eyes are gazing into eyes, it is mesmeric blue holding arcane green in a stare with Toni`s hand slipping over the open palm until her fingers wrap a wrist to pull Keira into Toni`s body as they come crashing together. Body to body, then it`s cupping each other face to pull into a powerful crushing of lips upon lips. It is as though the wait is too long and their meal is now each other’s lips. There is no wait, even if there should be as there should also be a different approach to their first kiss from each other. There indeed ought to be when considering that they only know each an hour at best. However, it doesn’t matter for those eyes speak an unknown ancient language and that is more than enough when added to the fact that Aria is now involved too. Involved and Toni has no time to slowly seduce and mark this woman who is the only one to ever speak that unknown language of the soul to Toni.

Thus, it is not shocking that the kissing is deep with getting hungrier as it grows into providing hands caressing over shoulders that wander in playing on curves. It is a hunger that comes from what seems like a lifetime of missing being kissed by each other. Yet, that is impossible that miss each other for they do not know each other. Or do they know each other? It is even more astonishing considering that Toni didn’t want anything to do with any woman before she leaves for her task at month`s end. However, she is now planning a month of dating with a woman who may or may not be staying in Washington a month. Why is she doing this with an Irish woman who is to be a work comrade? Simply put she is basing it all on soul connection, on eyes holding secrets and silently sharing those secrets. Add in that the time frame is a crushing boundary and that there is the existence of a predator named Aria. All of that brings everything faster paced if it is to be anything personal involving Keira. Therefore, it is not surprising that Toni grips Keira`s ass as she pulls away from the lip lock to breathlessly say, “Dinner...tonight..after work…dancing…or we can..."

Keira isn’t far behind in the gasping breaths and she is barely thinking clear enough but she interjects with, “Your place…no dinner…wine… bed and you better be naked, because I am going to be.” Next, she gives a stare into Toni`s eyes that state that there is no fucking around, just fucking each other. And with that Keira feels Toni kissing her lips but Keira departs them to say “Get your fingers in my pussy and don’t stop. No stopping...”

That has Toni giggle as she glides her hand around the waistband of Keira`s pants to then slip within the front in search of treasure. Keira gasped of it to afterward push Toni into touching her pussy lips as she claims in heavy breaths “And the ex-girlfriend hasn’t a chance with me, so just take what is yours….yours and mine.”

Toni doesn’t want more words; she desires cream, streams of cream and hours of filling this damned scroll room with lovemaking. It is easy to have no words as her lip once more devour upper lips to kiss. These kisses are deeper, sweeter with pressing all of her lust into this woman who has eyes that radiate ‘love, take and did you miss me.’ Such delicious facts also seem to come in the pleasure of lips with tongues dancing within mouths that accept penetration just as those lower lips are feeling two very long fingers slide straight through moist pussy lips. Keira moans out in a siren-like sound to then have her hands busy with loosening Toni’s belt so that one of Keira’s hands slips within to feel nude flesh there. It`s hot, it`s getting hotter as her hand glides downward to find wetness. Her hand runs fully through Toni`s waiting willing pussy. “Yes!” Comes screaming from Toni as they both now take to rubbing, teasing and penetrating each other`s womanly treasure. It is fast; it is furious rubbing and intense playing, as kisses are relentless. It`s moments of simply almost attacking each other`s pussy with strokes, thrusting and all that is needing to create powerful sounds of sensual moaning before a deep cry of mutually releasing cum making it a ‘Lover`s Climax’.

It doesn’t stop. It is a refusal to only enjoy one. So they continue to ride the storm of lust and sharing, as the first orgasm is unearthed within quaking and joy. They clasp onto each other, they give into it more and hold on as their fingers slowly change pace into leisurely teasing pussy lips. Each does tickle the other`s moist lower lips and kiss until it turns into tenderness in lovemaking. Lovemaking that is bringing a boiling second climax for both. The rush of it makes everything between their thighs soaking with their creamy juices. It is now an understanding that marking territory is being done with this a beginning of epic sex and so much more.

More it is as Toni is intent on covering Keira with the knowledge that climax three is building nicely as Toni sweeps Keira` G-spot with several intense thrusts wanting to trigger waves of orgasm. Number two is never enough for any woman who Toni intends to romantically enjoy on a long-term base. She desires this woman on the most passionate carnal level as she hopes that they find more than sex but for now it`s kissing a beautiful face, hungrily laying lips on the skin and breathing in Keira’s scent. Breathing her, as Keira rocks into the thrusts given to her and the ones that she is giving to Toni. Yet the overwhelming intensity of deep slow sensual thrusts rubbing Keira`s G-spot causes Keira to tremble out of control before shattering into a creamy gushing of waves of cum. This heated tide of cream has Toni scream of the pleasure of giving it to her new lover. Number three isn’t mutual, but it is epic with having Keira falling into Toni`s arms. It has Toni holding her for the intensity is forcing Keira`s knees to buckle as the two woman stop to gaze into eyes.

“Seven tonight and nude. Okay?” softly voice Keira as her free hand clutches onto Toni.

“Riesling and your sexiest panties.” Responds Toni as they both bring fingers up to upper lips so that sharing of cum completes their current sexual sharing.

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