Friday, May 16, 2014

Arcane Arousal - Chapter #3, Orgasm Equality

It is an understatement to say that both women find it epically difficult to stop the lovemaking but they must when Keira`s cellphone buzzes of an incoming call forcing her to answer it. She responses to it for she knows it`s work-related. Therefore, it`s only three orgasms with Toni stealing a lusty last kiss as Keira replies to her phone. The sudden stop has Keira wanting so much more and Toni wants nothing more than to have much more of this Irish temptation. Yet, in moments, Keira is off to meetings with the curator and others within various parts of the Smithsonian. This reality easily gives Toni time to return to unpacking crates before she is cataloging and shelving the contents of the various boxes. However, through it, all Keira is the daydream and the wonderings of why such an instant attraction occurs. ‘Why is it that?’ she asks of herself. She asks even though somehow Toni knows that being spellbound by those arcane green eyes is something that she must be.

Afterward, Toni goes to her little office to collect her belongings for going home. It is six o’clock as she picks up the keys left on the desktop by Aria. She shakes her head of the craziness that Aria played out in basement scroll room. In doing so Toni spots an origami heart-shaped piece of paper resting next to the phone on the desk. “What is this?” She queries out loud to no one before she is reaching for it to subsequently be unfolding it before she is reading it to herself.

‘Toni, it is going to be seven fifteen. I have your address from the front desk clerk and am bringing wine with a naked me. Yes, I meant it that we were having sex tonight and you are making me breakfast in the morning. So be ready. And... P.S. Do not tell an Irish woman that she belongs to you unless you are serious. Because we Irish lesbians tend to make our lovers keep their promises. So think on that. Yes, I could read it in your eyes and if you still feel the same by seven fifteen then be wearing only panties when I arrive.”

Seven fourteen arrives with a solid knock on Toni's apartment door causing Toni to breathe deeper as she adjusts the pretty cherry red lacy panties around her hips. Snug fitting little panties that are showing off her gorgeous ass and well-shaven pussy mound. It is the truth that until moments ago the crutch is dry, but the material no longer is lacking moisture. It is due to the sound of the knock on the door. With it, there comes a rush of nervous excitement whipping through Toni causing her to try to calm her own self. It is hopeless because even if she is doing her best to shake off the unsettling sensations of extreme arousal. Especially not while she walks over into the entryway to peek through the peephole. She spies Keira dressed in a long trench coat. The beautiful brunette could not look more delicious as she stands there holding a rather large bottle of wine in one hand with a multicolored scarf in the other. “Hmm, now what is she up to?” Toni queries while turning the latch to open the door while she cheerily states, “Good evening, Keira.”

But Keira has no verbal response. Instead, she walks past Toni, turns upon her stiletto bound heels, passes the wine bottle over to Toni and then proceeds to deal with the scarf. In less than a blinking it is firstly wound around Toni`s left wrist and then Keira arranges the right wrist to come aligning with its partner. In seconds Toni`s hands are bound together while she holds the bottle of wine. “As I said in my note, do not do anything that you do not sincerely intend. Yours, oh yes, if you truly want me but damn girlie it comes with strings.”

“Ah, interesting strings these are. Pretty strings too.” Comes reply with smiling as Toni looks at her bound wrists before then glancing up into those deeply hypnotic green eyes.

“Yes, it is. It is your first one and if you want more of them then you need to ask me nicely. “ Keira conveys in a tone of not accepting anything, but what she demands to exist. ‘’You do know how to ask ..ask nicely?” Arrives in seductive tones along with a sudden step forward to be totally close to Toni. This is following with a capturing of lips with lips. It is making them both gasp of the need to share touching. Sharing and daring to make it more, and sharing while Toni is holding a bottle of wine with Keira nudging them both back against the hall wall. In seconds it`s heavy breaths, lips playing hungrily and bodies pressing together. Pushing against each other to fully touch and to feel each other in all the ways that they desire most. Keira’s hands come to cup Toni`s face, cupping and then roaming downward over nude breasts that have nipples so hard that those are peaked in full hardness. These are beautifully perky peaks that are inspiring a desire for more as Keira’s left-hand tugs the sash of her trench coat having it open with revealing nudity underneath. She wants it to be naked skin to skin as she manages to somehow have her coat falling from her shoulders to greet the floor. It is a stunning sight to see. Toni pressed onto the wall being helpless in her cherry red panties with Keira wearing nothing but a big tasty smile that is devouring Toni’s smile. Bliss and the evening begin.

It is a pressure of body to body, it`s pleasure with panting breaths in between kisses as Keira`s hands play over Toni nude breasts. Playing within tugging the fully round nipples creating more heat within lower lips as both women simply can’t get enough. This has Keira departing lips to begin trailing tiny demanding kisses over Toni’s chin that next flow sweetly over the curve of a long beautiful neck until it`s planting precious worshipful kisses unto the valley between Toni’s breasts. This leads Keira to capture each breast by cupping them in her hands to have those pretty perky nipples sitting in full view. That swiftly has her lips to begin plucking them to be making them pop out with the most sensual of sounds. She enjoys teasing them with her firm soft lips until Toni moans so deeply that Keira must see if that beautiful sound changes when nipples are marked with teeth. Which Keira in turns grips each nipple between her teeth to rake them until that sensual symphony from Toni is singing so sweetly that Keira next does kiss each nipple before saying, “Such a pretty one, oh I want to fuck you and mark you with me.” Toni looks at her as though she is going to devour Keira if things do not get hotter, but Keira stands straighter to firmly trap Toni against the wall. “Don’t do that. I told you do not say things that you are not willing to do.”

“I didn’t say anything.” Playfully protests Toni who leans forward stealing another kiss from those luscious lips.

“Oh yes, you did.!" Keira shoots back after their lips depart kissing. “You want me to finger fuck you right now but you aren’t ready. You need more kisses and maybe a sip of wine. Being patience is a good thing.” She declares with a smile as her left-hand swats Toni`s ass making every cell in Toni`s lower body tighten over the thought of being spanked until her ass is pink. As Toni does this she watches those eyes seeming to have a fire in them as Keira continues on with saying, “Plus, I am sure you have a few treats to share with me, so let`s go to the bedroom, and have a glass of Riesling.” This has Keira removing the bottle of wine from Toni`s hands as she continues with “Lead us to the bedroom but walk slow. I want to watch what I am kissing in a few moments.”

Toni giggles of the ideas that now swim her mind as she next pushes against Keira to make space between them and with that she raises her bound arms high enough to drop them to encompass Keira`s head. This is making Toni’s arms circle those delicate strong shoulders of Keira. Afterward, Toni pulls in close to gaze into those eyes; she watches them, reads them and then sighs. “Damn, you have the world in there. Quite a dig site and one that I want to research after I fuck you until you can`t walk.”

Keira grins of what she is sharing with Toni. “Oh, you know me. I know that you do but yes we need to work on cum, cuffs, and kink. How kinky do you want to be my naughty love?”

That has Toni’s blue eyes dance in a desire to show just how kinky things can be. So with a bit of a kiss to Keira`s nose, she conveys, “I have a treasure chest of toys in the bedroom. Follow me, it is around the corner, up the stairs to the loft and you will see.”

“Ah, a loft girl. I hope the bed is big but a wine glass first.’’ States Keira while holding the Riesling wine bottle upward with pointing to the need for an opener.

“Those are already up there but we don’t need glassware.“ Toni supplies as she grips the wrist holding the bottle to tug Keira to follow along.

“Ah, you read minds too, eh.” Comes in giggling as both women journey forward to round the corner to begin climbing the staircase that leads to the open style loft bedroom. Slowly they go upward with Toni moving in such poetic motions that Keira has her eyes non-stop watching Toni`s ass as they make the ascent have them both greeting the landing at the top in several moments. With it, Toni turns to look at Keira as Keira gazes at the large room with its oversized skylight that is having the moon drift its rays into the space that is candlelit.

Toni watches those arcane green eyes scrutinizing at the bedroom space as Toni cheerily convey, “Oh, I read you just fine and you are getting spankings before things go too far.” This makes Keira smile wider within placing a kiss to Toni`s cheek while Toni continues chat ”And going too far is anything after you kneeling to kiss my ass while you are removing my wet panties with your teeth. Because then we are enjoying the wine, which I am drinking from your tummy button.”

“Tummy teasing and wet panties, gee, and we haven`t even started,” Sassily replies Keira whipping a lick of her tongue straight up over the fullness of Toni’s lips. It is a smooth teasing that is punctuated in a silent dare to see if she can make those panties even wetter before removing them with her teeth.

“You say that I get spankings. What about bad girls with wet panties?” This has Keira looking deep into those blue eyes as she says, “ I think that you like me. Wet, willing and so very ready for me.”

“Yes, we both are,” states Toni as she pushes Keira solidly against a nearby wall to hold her pinning there. “You are an aggressive one, sweet pea. I like that but first, you are on the bed, on it, standing on it. You…”

“Me!” interrupts Keira, “No, no sexy. You are kissing me again. Come on.” she coaxes to then pucker up to demand a kiss as she tries to get Toni to kiss her. “Come on, just look in these eyes, you know that you want to. You also need to taste me, kiss me and let me breathe only you.“ Arrives in the hope that Toni gets dizzy when she peers into Keira’s eyes. Which this is just what happens to Keira when staring into Toni`s mesmeric blues. So yes, it is a want of having Toni off-balance so that Keira gets to return an orgasm because earlier in the day Keira has three, but Toni only has two. That somehow seems unfair to Keira and so the plan is of aggressive moves to get Toni to take her fair share.

“I like you, lil Ms. Irish, I do.” Purrs Toni as she holds Keira thereby pressuring a body to body, yet Toni still has wrists tied. Thus, doing much of anything truly is not going to be done by the beautiful blond. That momentarily gives Keira the upper hand and in a moment, she is reaching around to slip her hands down into the waistband of those pretty panties.

”Hey, you are to use your teeth.” Is the instant protesting over what seems to be the coming of panty removal but it isn’t happening.

“And you are naughty. I have three today, you have two. Now take this or I won`t untie you.” Arrives in a playful threat that is wrapping in a serious tone over leaving Toni tied all night. Yet, as the brunette says it she smooth her open palms around from that firm ass to then graze over hips until she moves her hands within those panties to have the two strong hands cupping Toni moist treasure.

“Oh my god, oh fuck!” exclaims Toni over the euphoric feelings as her inner heat is no longer contained. Instead, every cell of her body wants so much more within the sensations of Keira’s hands playing on her skin. Teasing so close to the center of what creates sweet womanly honey, thus, it is sending wild arousal throughout every cell of Toni.

“Be a good girl and take it.” Demands Keira while she stares into those blue eyes with a need to have the two of them settle into gazing into souls with this renewal of touching of lower lips. It all rocks Toni, it seriously gets her attention having her enjoying the sensational thrill of Keira`s fingers tickling her womanly folds. It is an intense feeling making Toni breathless as her eyes naturally seek to look into Keira’s with her leaning into Keira whispering. “I missed you, fuck me, please.”

Keira slips a finger into the moistness that is hotter than a fiery furnace at full blaze. A blazing heat of wetness that continues to seep honey onto the crutch of extremely wet panties. This pleasure has Keira bringing her other hand to grasp Toni’s ass pushing the two of them firmly together. All of these sensations Keira likes for she so enjoys that her girl gets extremely wet for her even before touching pussy lips are touched. This is proofing that the attraction is deeply sexual along with it soulful. It is good that it isn’t one-sided either for she too is sopping wet, but she has no panties. None at all to collect that yummy flow of honey displaying an active stream dripping this is glistening down her inner thighs as Keira replies in deep breaths. “Miss you too, miss your scent, taste and the sounds we make, sounds when we ....we..”

“When we cum, kiss and …fuck me. Oh, fuck me, deeper.” Toni claims in urgency as the vibrations upon her pussy drive her into needing speed in pleasure thrills. It is a must of more and there is more. There are several more intense strokes with Toni commanding, “Faster, faster show me how much you…”

“That I love, oh hell …we will get to that…take it…take it. I need cream.” Fiercely orders Keira as her hand hits speeds of extreme motions in the plunging of fingers that tickle, tempt and taunt those vaginal muscles to squeeze onto them. Then within these feelings of rapture, Keira grasp upon Toni’s ass ends. It does but Keira suddenly grips those long blond tresses pulling Toni’s head back to expose a neck that instantly gets deep succulent kisses. Deep kisses within the speedier motions and notions of creating orgasm number three for a woman who completely mesmerized Keira when they look into each other’s eyes.

“Keira!” Screams Toni as a powerful orgasm releases from building high with a body that tightens, quakes and pulsates the most natural high on Earth. It's beautiful as Toni shatters into Keira arms having Keira grin of enjoying number three with her new lover as she whispers, ”Pretty one, my Toni…Toni, I couldn’t ask for more than you.”

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