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Passionate Pursuits - Chapter #4, Devouring Dirty Truths

Access is exactly what Gentz enjoy. He thrills in tracing and mapping out the fleshy contours with enjoying every pleasure that is Gabbriel’s womanly pleasure treasure. His tongue leisurely teases its folds allowing that first glass of wine to slowly be empty. The passion in his tongue`s playful ways has Gabi much less into drinking the fine wine than she is into the enjoying of every sensation that Gentz`s tongue employs. Thus, it takes the time to empty the crystal goblet, yet as it becomes empty her breathing grows deep with each new breath making her dizzier. Then without missing one stroke and without going to deep with his tongue Gentz gives her clit a rapidly intense tickling. Then the tip of his tongue drives her into spasms of uncontrolled pleasure taking Gabi to barely breathing. But it also has her swallowing a mouthful of wine in one huge gallop before then screaming out her beautiful orgasmic cry of releasing her hot cum onto his tongue.

“Good girl, a very good girl is my queen. Very tasty,” he claims as he suckles every ounce of her cum into his eager mouth. Then the fifty-one-year-old Prince Charming adjusts his position to be comfier while he queries, “Do you wish another glass of wine?” Then he looks at the goblet giving a nod that a refill is needed and so he stands up before acquiring the wine bottle from the cooling canister. After which he retrieves the drinking glass from Gabi’s fingers to pour another full glass of the sparkling elixir. “You are so good for me, my love. Very good but from now on you count each orgasm after you enjoy it.”

Gabi sits there lounging backward with her left hand barely bracing her upwards as she tries to catch her breath from the orgasm of moments. She eyes him with trying to figure out why he has this power over her in the ways that he does, but she simply can`t sort it at this time. So she relents to allowing all the sensations take her into relaxing for the evening. And to be honest she is too dizzy from the impact of the techniques that he thoroughly used pleased her pussy with. But as she thinks of it, it truly isn’t relaxation for she is excited about what is happening between them. She is, even if she still does not understand why she is allowing him in her personal life, but she is enjoying this. Then when he passes her the crystalline wine glass Gentz looks into her eyes and that has her once more swimming within the world that exists there. Hence, she sort knows why as she the world there.

Oh, what a world it is for it spins of lustful sins, it swirls of wild romance and revolves around a dance within a timeless place that she is so drawn to enjoying. Thus, between the panting breaths and feeling intoxicated in sexual pleasure, she sighs of the joy that he gives while she smiles up at him.

“Such a good girl. I like looking into your eyes. Gabbriel, you so own me. You own me, so please let me have more of you? But drink the treat. It is only for you, and wasting it is not something my woman does.” States Gentz as he once more kneels in front of her to part her firm thighs in proper spreading. As he does it he leans down to leisurely kiss in nibbling kisses that begin at her mid-calf to travel upward from there. He does it while he is raising her long beautiful leg upward. He then continues supplying tasty little nibbling kisses on her skin to excite her further. Her skin smooth skin and still wrapped in fishnet stockings but he doesn’t mind the interference for he enjoys the feeling of her delicate strong leg under his lips. The lovely sensations of it allow him to thoroughly thrill in it until his lips greet her pussy once more. “Mmmm, so yummy. Oh you, you, mmm.” Then his lips devour her pussy lips making Gabi gasped of the impact of him once more feasting on her womanly treasure.

The deep sensual kiss on her pussy lips gets more intense with each passing second. It makes it difficult for Gabi to drink the wine and honestly if she could find her senses she may place the glass down but she wants to please him with doing as he asked her to do about the wine drinking. She does for She likes this; no she loves this intense affection he has for giving oral pleasure. His need to taste her is amazing with it seeming part of a wine drinking game. Yes, a game; part of this night of pleasure that somehow she likes while she forgets that it should be a business dinner with a new client and not fall into lust over games of pleasure with a stranger.

Yet, he isn’t a stranger. He is a new client but when she peers into his eyes it is a different understanding. One of sensing that she passionately knows him, knowing him in ways that only a woman deeply in love may know a lover. For that aura from peeking into his eyes powerfully pulls her into adoring all of the motions of his need to please her. It all easily allows Gentz to be even busier with being so hard working with his tongue that it now is fully deep in her hot wet tunnel.

She in turn freely welcomes him with every new degree of heat and wetness, wetness while her inner muscles are pressuring with contradictions to counterbalance his probing and tickling. It is a maximum pleasure. It is a naughty twirling tongue licking then flicking into her womanly depths creating her body to be hungrier for enjoying more of it. It is vaginal muscles eagerly pulsating and flexing with appreciating his gift to her. His gift as her body begins to rock into his lustful tongue causing Gentz to bring a hand around to snap a tapping spank to her ass. It stuns her senses having her gasp about it before she continues rocking more into it as the wine in the glass begins to spill on the bedding.

Suddenly he stops to instantly look up her with a dark piercing stare while sharply declaring, “Drink it, you must drink it.”

In breathlessness, she gazes down at him trying to gather her senses with sorting out that she must do both tasks. But she doesn’t understand why. Within the haze of it all, she gauges that the wine drinking and the sexual sharing must really be a game, it simply must be. Thus, as she ponders this with attempting to breathe calmly she listens to him.

“Good girls can do both. You are doing both.” Zips out crisply with the no questioning of it permitted as Gentz then grips her inner thighs with the full force of his two hands. “You are not common. You are my woman. You do both.” then there is a growling as his fingers make harsh impressions in her skin causing her to be trembling of the pain as she exclaims. “Ouch, that hurts!”

“Yes, it does, yes and you know why.” Sternly is shot back at her as he still holds firm to her thighs with glaring coldly into her eyes.

“I don`t. Stop it!” Gabi demands of him with trying to remove his hands to move away from him. In doing so she looks at him with anger brimming from within as she mentally questions all of this whatever that it is between them. “You can`t…”

“I can’t what?” Gentz queries wanting her to say the inevitable, but he knows that she won`t, she just won’t for he has researched on her in every way. He knows what she is going to do. Or at least, he believes that she is the type to do the sex; sex no matter what it is to then walk away after is it all done. He figures that she is the type to let sex have precedence and let it hold her prisoner while she wouldn’t do the same in life outside of sexual arenas.

“Stop hurting me. You aren’t allowed to hurt me.” She states within pulling herself back upon the bed while she is spilling the wine in the glass. That doesn’t bother her for she wants to escape from all of this, but he watches her motions and the spillage having him study her to then smile. He smirks even more as she moves to get off the bed at the side of it that is closest to the bedroom door. Within rising on the bed she stands her full height to glance at the escape portal before she glares at him to say “I don’t..”

“You don’t what?” Gentz interjects as he surveys her standing there feeling vulnerable and as though she is possibly going to turn to the sensations of fear. “You will do this. You will. It is what is.”

“It isn’t and you won`t do this. I am leaving, you are vile for hurting me and playing games with Me.”

“Are you? Am I?” With that, he falls back on his ass to sit on the floor before cocking his head to have his dark eyes peering into hers. “Then everything stops. You obviously don’t need equality in life. So yes, do leave here. Leave and from now on it is business between us.”

“Equality!” she declares as he finishes what she thinks are ridiculous comments of his bad behavior and of his controlling conduct of her. Thus, she ponders those concepts before she paces toward the door to turn around to glance at him as he rises to his feet. “Equality, I gave you no pain.”

“True, but I get to drink tonight, drink your precious cum. How fair is it that I drink and have a great amount of pleasure while you do not drink anything?” He states with gazing into her eyes as he slowly walks up to the head of the bed. Once there he plants his ass firmly on the bed while he keeps his stare firmly fixed upon her.

She, however, gives her head a shake over what he is saying as she tries to decide to leave or to listen to more. She decides to go but turns back to look at him again. She does it while he settles himself comfortably upon the bed by adjusting pillows at his backside. When Gentz situates against the headboard in a sitting position he calmly conveys, “Ms. Bruce, you have fucked countless men and a few women. You play sexual games in life and with your work. You are the hardcore corporate business leader and have enough scholarly education for three humans. Yet, three years ago you let that damn bastard nearly strangle you.”

Gentz then folds his arms across his chest as Gabi`s eyes come wide with puzzlement over what he is uttering. This brings more listening as he states, “Why did you allow him to fuck you? Why have him freely think that the rougher the sex between you two then the better? And why have him get away with it? The police records show that you filed charges to only drop them a week later. Drop them it just before the courts wanted to be involved.”

Gabrielle cannot fathom what he is up to. Gabrielle additionally doesn’t understand how he finds out about such a hidden private part of her life. This has her once more giving her head of brunette tresses a shake. Then she moves to make her way out of the room. In doing so this truth of him knowing such information bugs her in the deepest ways and that makes her to suddenly quiz, “How, how do you know of that?” She doesn’t turn to look at him, but she fidgets within straightening her strong back as she says, “It isn’t a North American thing. It happened in France and no one outside of my two best friends knows of it. So how do you know?”

“How do I know? No one does. At least, no one that isn`t law enforcement knows, no one outside those that you mentioned.” Gentz then moves toward getting off the bed to then stop to watch her with him continuing to convey. “No one but Giles Reese.” Retorts Gentz with making his way off the bed to walk toward her but stops a goodly ten feet from her. “He is the abusive lover, he is an abuser and he nearly fucked you over for good. He is a bastard! You have dared to allow anyone to hurt you. You must not put up with men who don’t want equality with you.”

Gabi can`t believe this. Believe any of this. No trusting this turn of things, a turn of things that is wild with her definitely not expecting it. Nor is she thinking that it could even be possible. Especially not from a business deal or whatever this is between them. So, she seems frozen in every way but she isn’t as she passes through the doorway to fully turn around to look at him while he is still standing in the same spot of moments ago.

“No weak woman is allowed to be mine.” Gentz declares with an intense stare at her with hoping to capture her eyes but he doesn’t. Yet, he continues on with what he feels that he must say to her. “You have let me control you since we have met. You protested very little with possibly talking a big game to whomever you confide in. But you still permit the control.” He states removing his tie and tossing it on the bed “You aren’t like that in your business associations. You also are not allowing such in your personal non-sexual relationships. Ms. Bruce, you ought to evaluate that. In fact, you should think about why sex controls you so much. When you are done about that then we may continue having a lifelong romantic relationship. Until then the contract with all business between us is given my okay no matter what you do with it. There are no worries of this affecting business dealing between us. But you are going to deal with underlings from this point onward. So, you may leave now if you wish too.”

Next Gentz walks in the direction of the master bathroom that has an archway to the left of the main door of the bedroom. Gabrielle watches him go with him vanishing into the bathroom. She makes no path to join him, nor does she say anything. She stares at the bed to the gaze around the room and remembers the oral sex and all that follows it. Then she simply is dizzy within all the thought that consumes her but she knows she endured enough for one night. Thus, she leaves the room with eventually slamming the apartment’s door closed from her leaving. Hence, it is just a leaving within a dizziness of handling too much. Too much at this time and she needs other things too. Other things like the cell phone in her coat pocket that is buzzing with Roy calling her. “Sorry, it`s two hours, how are you?”

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