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Passionate Pursuits - Chapter #5, Mysticism`s Kiss

By Wednesday evening, Gabbriel has enjoyed a full workday with a busy schedule happening at a constant pace to then be adding even more for the coming days. These seemingly endless activities include travel arrangements for her to be out the country for the next month. It additionally brings the direct employing of her corporation`s Vice President into handling anything to do with Gentz Stephen Xavier`s business with her company. Thus, the entire matter of publicity and book creating is all shuffled into capable hands with her making dead certain that she only needs to sign documents at the end of the process. This provides relief from some tension in her life and of course, it has Xavier no longer truly directly touching her in any manner.

Yet, at exactly seven in the evening, when comfortably sitting on her queen-sized bed and while looking across her bedroom she commits a frustrated sigh. A sigh about Gentz at that moment somehow slips into her thinking. He does even though she thought she shunned him. However, to her annoyance, he comes to her thoughts. Such an annoyance for she made sure that he is not part of anything about her any longer. Yet, here he is sort of in her private bedchamber through invading her mind. He comes in via visions of her recollecting the evening that existed during yesterday. That provides delicious images of her on that large bed of his and him kneeling to treat her to several powerful orgasms. She shakes her head of brunette tresses to chase away the thoughts but she immediate discovers that those are not vanishing. Thus, as she stands up with hoping that not being upon a bed is going to change the memory flashes of Tuesday night, change them by forcing those to disappear with avoiding reminders to trigger the memories.

So with a winner`s smile, she continues to slowly unbutton the white dress shirt before she loosens the black silk tie that rests loosely on her shoulders. She then takes to wishing to sit back down but hesitates to rest back on the bed. ‘Why, why, oh why’. Is her immediate mental query of herself but she knows what the answer? It is that some part of her fears the flashes of Gentz returning to haunt her and those bring feelings. Such is pondered for a split second to be suddenly chased away by her deciding that such is nonsense and this is her bedroom, not his. After all, she realizes that he has no place here, or at least that is what she sums up within her thinking. With that, she looks about the room to then walk around before she removes her pants. This leaves her with stockings, a wide opened dress shirt, and a dangling tie. Gabi then works out the tension in her neck by flexing and when satisfied she plants her ass upon the bed while taking a deep breath over the craziness that she just commits.

Committing craziness while the cell phone lying on the bed buzzes to alert her to Roy calling. It is office elements of her work schedule. Roy is working on several things for the coming days and she wants it all done by the time the office closes at nine. She too is usually at the office but tonight is a dinner with her family and it is a must to attend. She is to be getting dressed for it but with the picking up of the phone and the clicking she hears Roy begin.

“Don’t say a word. Listen!” States Roy within a tone of demanding her to do just that, but then his voice is excited and so serious too. “Ms. Gabbriel Aria Bruce, the direct descendant of Pemberton Anise Bruce has been cordially invited to an 'Invitation Only' ceremony of uncrating. Ms. Bruce is requested to attend a private, non-media exposition of never before publically displayed artifacts of historical seafaring collections. Only, Ms. Bruce is to attend in representing her family in the unveiling of objects that are connected to ancestral parties of her hereditary lineage. Ms. Bruce is to join members of the Brotherhood of Seafarers International and the Mystics Of Antiquity, along with other descendants of similar ties to the collections. The location is Pier Porthouse, Wharf Seven. Requested attire is casual dressy. The timing of entrance is exactly twelve midnight, not any minute after. Lateness is disallowed with non-entrance. Please do attend, with bringing your curiosity and personal identification to the Landing. Sincerely, J.S. Simpson, Esquire – President of the Brotherhood of Seafarers International."

With that Roy isn’t quiet, he pauses to take a breath but he says, “Listen girlie, you know who he is. He is a power, power, and secret society. He is the man who orchestrated the entire dig of the new archeology in the Arctic. He is the one funding the four new high-tech universities here in the states. He wipes his ass with thousand dollar bills to then flush them without a second thought. So are you going?” He stops but he doesn’t “Hell yes, get on your best knickers, sexy knickers, and sassiest shirt. No, do a skirt or something. Go get him, and find out what the secret is. He said no media, but damn we are media and we got the scoop.”

Gabrielle ponders the information that has come flooding at her. She then responds to him with a laugh “Oh you, you would have me climbing electric fences to get news stories. But you forget we are a publisher, not media news. However, get the mini cam ready for my purse. Get over here to help install it and bring me some dinner from some Asian place. I am calling father to cancel dinner and to ask him about family history and etc.”

“Yes, boss, but is it chicken or pork”

“Make it pork and extra noodles. You know how I like it.”

By midnight, Gabi likes everything that exists, including being fully dressed in fitted beige dress pants and a beige leather belt, along with an Asian-collared royal purple dress blouse that is unbuttoned just above her mid breast to display her excellent cleavage. So pretty and she wears shirts extremely well with most every blouse always accentuating her full firm breasts and seductive curves. Many would say that she looks hot in a barley sack but still, she likes her clothes fitted and fitting the events that she attends. So she is always sexy, sexy even in casual clothes. Sand that is great for she meets the standard dress for the night as she joins the four-dozen individuals on the quay that are dressed classy casual.

“Hey, Gab`s, welcome to Pier Porthouse, Wharf Seven.” comes congenially from Jasper Thompson the wealthy businessman that owns the pier and the man who is the initiator of the upgrades of what once existed as an old useless wasteland of port space. This longtime friend of Gabi`s forced his wealth into creating a refurbished wharf that is now part of an upscale area of the city. He is doing it all with great willpower and Gabi supports him with it but she never has come here before tonight. Thus, it`s a first for her. He leans over to whisper, “Grand tour tomorrow if you want it. Tonight, we both have ancestors who have given items to the Brotherhood. It is you and I, along with Jameson Kauldoon, Cory Willis, and just about every prestigious family on the American eastern seaboard. It seems we have big-time company among us paupers. Plus, our host is more than a mystery. Yet, all these masked dudes around here seem to simply be nobodies.” he proclaims in whispers as he points toward a few of the several dozen males dressed exactly the same as each other. These men wear black buccaneers dress shirts, black tuxedo pants, hooded masks and a sword belt that hold an actual factual katana. “Nonetheless, I swear that I spotted two Kennedys, a few Rothschilds, and a Windsor amongst them too.”

“Uhm.” softly utters Gabbriel while gathering info on happenings around them as she adjusts her purse in her hand to have it get a good view of anything in her vicinity. “Not shocking, Jasp. We both know that the Seafarers` are collectors of wealthy and affluent families. Families who can keep money hoarding. Keepers of money, treasures and of secrets within secret societies, these are all that can be Seafarer members.”

“True but you and I aren’t on the inside of those. We are basic billionaires and commoner folks, who made it the hard way.”

The two stand there with occasionally greeting fellow notables and being congenial within it all. In it, there is a sharing of laughter over the invite with additions of curious comments with those ending at the stroke of midnight. The crowd gathered on the quay, in the cold night air, comes to a full standstill in all activities when there is a sudden trumpeting of ceremonial music ringing out. A trumpeter dressed exactly like all the other very visible members of the Seafarers plays and as the last note sounds the massive doors of the renovated warehouse gradually open. “Ah, entrance.” Proclaims Jasper to the several that are standing and chatting in their small collected group.

“Yes, it would seem to be true.” Replies Gabi who is wondering if they are entering soon, but that is quickly rectified as truth.

In the next moments, the entire gathering of invitation holders is ushered into the renovated double warehouse that is restructured into a concert venue that seats four thousand. One of the great things about this venue is that it contains good dozen medium-sized antechambers for social gatherings. Each of which does hold a capacity of forty guests and on this night four rooms are opened and linked to allow the showing of antiques.

Within an hour, the viewing is in full swing with no introduction by anyone. Therefore, it is assumed that a free flow of everyone is permitted within a meandering around to see the very well arranged displays of seafaring equipment and paraphernalia. So that is exactly what exists as the masked male members of Seafarers guide everyone and watch over all that is happening.

Gabbriel spends a large amount of time connecting to fellow invitation holders while taking in the sights and trying to find what it is that is here from her ancestry. She finds all items on display labeled with information and the connection to various families but after two rooms she is quite dissatisfied with her search. That leaves her to notice a party waitperson passing by and she figures that she needs a drink. So she stops him to retrieve the second glass of white wine as she passes over an empty crystalline glass. Then with a sigh, she walks to the next table of the displays. In doing this she cordially smiles at the Seafarer member standing guard over this very well laid out display. The fine presentation is a brass compass, brass miniature telescope, and four worn handwritten seaman’s journals. These accompany an old wrought iron key and a metal box. When seeing them she takes a sip of the wine before sitting her gaze to reading the label that is with the exhibition.

“Pemberton Anise Bruce, Seaman first class of the Ascension in the Empirical Royal British Fleet. One Dry Compass, one Seaman’s Telescope with the original Cardboard style tube case, four naval journals – handwritten documentation of seafaring expeditions of intercontinental travel, and an accompanying metal chest with a key. The source of the find is Victorian era basement ruins in old Dublin, Ireland. Current caretaker and owner of artifacts are Gentz Stephen Xavier, Junior Vice President Mystics Of Antiquity and Fourth Class Seafarer."

“Pretty ain't it, my Pretty One. It is all yours for a kiss, a kiss.”

To say Gabi isn’t instantly livid is an understatement. She not only whips around to stare into those dark mystical eyes, but she reaches out to swing at him. Yet, he is aware of what is coming thus he swiftly grasps her wrist. “Now, now, you like me. You like your hubby. You do.” is cooed in the sugary intro with him being too close and too much of everything.

“Oh, oh, oh..” is just about all that Gabi forms as her heart races causing her blood pressure to zoom high and her mind to suddenly be engulfed in emotions and more. Gentz stares her down, glares into those eyes of green with the daring of her to push public rudeness and to make a big hellish display for them both. He likes her getting unraveled, oh yes he does. “Your eyes say fuck me. We can have sex right here if you wish. Just keep bringing all those emotions, my pretty one. I like when you have a fire. Come, give me a kiss.” He says with all the spritely badass glee that can be.

“Fuck you!” She exclaims in an almost scream of utter disdain for all that now exists.

“Oh, I know that you want to, but first a kiss. Kiss me, Pretty One, and we will make up.”

With breath deepening and her heart definitely not still Gabbriel chances the looking into his eyes as she gathers her senses. Yes. it most assuredly is taking a daring risk while collecting her mind for the events that are to come. Thus, a coaxing of herself to do what she must fill her mind. ‘Do not, do not give him anything and do not look at him and step away from it all. Step away, girl. Do not do …’ Yet, she does not, she looks, she lingers in staring into those eyes and she feels him not letting go of her wrist. Therefore, she feels him, sees him, is touching him and smells him. Then suddenly the cord is there. That invisible thread to his soul that unites to her soul and it is pulling her into him. It pulls, and it entwines with her until she is totally unaware of herself physically leaning forward to pucker up to kiss. She kisses him, she kisses him hard and she simply continues the staring into eyes as he returns the passion of it while wrapping her in his strong arms.

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