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Passionate Pursuits - Chapter #7, Rings, Pings & Naughty Playthings

The phone rings at seven thirty waking Gabi from a deep sleep. It rings for endless minutes into her bedroom with her finally waking to reach for it upon the nightstand. She knows that it`s Thursday morning with work happening soon. Her thoughts come in a slow hazy mist of the needs of a ‘shower, and breakfast then going to the office.’ Yet, as she stirs with picking up her cell phone she feels it. She instantly senses that moist creaminess that lay lingering in thick globs upon her inner thighs. These are so very generous and still wet as her finger clicks on the phone while she whispers. ”My God. Orgasm. Yummy.” Then it floods her, yes the realization of the dream comes rushing to her consciousness. It without a doubt is the reason why she has cum on her nude body, thus, she is thankful that it isn’t because of actual factual sex that she does not remember. Therefore, it is easy to understand that Gabi`s eyes widen with frustration for the dream exist as part of Gentz affecting her personal life. As she comprehends that Gabi needs to listen to whoever is on the phone and so she focuses on that to hear. “I liked it and so did you, Pretty One?” speaks a deep baritone voice of the phantasm of the man from her dream.

It is shock and awe. Awestruck and silence but it is rip-roaring rage too. Thus, it’s screwed up facial features as she stares across the room in trying to find words to let him know how much he irritates her. Then again, she is thinking ‘what the hell is this shit. How do you know about the orgasm? How the hell do you know about my dream?’

Then she takes to rewinding that dream in her thoughts, as he is quiet with her feeling lost in trying to grasp it all. Yet, as she does the idea of it suddenly turns her into wanting to vomit. Along with it, a female voice in her head swiftly chuckles of that notion. She ignores it with taking a deep breath to calm herself for she must have control of own herself as she now takes to confronting him. Then again, she is pondering why she is even hearing from him at this hour when it is usually Roy calling her. Or at least, it should be anyone that isn’t Gentz. However, it definitely is Gentz.

“I know that you like it. It is a nice addition to your things. It is a gift from me, my Pretty One. And yes, I am going to call you my Pretty One.” He conveys pushing out what he wants to say to her as she tugs on the bed sheets to make sure that she is covered.

With a solid final pull, the sheets are tucking in around her upper body as she sits erect against the bed`s headboard. With this, her instincts tell her that the last place that Gentz belongs is in her bed with her nude. Of course, it isn’t true that he is there with her. But her thoughts are running with ‘not here..not even if you are the last sperm donor on Earth.’ However, she banishes that idea from growing any further for she is returning to the upsetting concept that he knows of the wet dream and orgasm. Then again, it isn’t one orgasm since the amount of the sticky treat notes that several happened. With that flooding, her mind Gabi breaks the silence, “How do you know of the dream and my orgasms?”

There is quietness prior to this but now there sure as heck is deadly silence between them. Instantly it is astonishment for Gentz. Yet, he makes quick work of getting over it with stating, “Oh, Pretty One, I am pleased that you like it that much.“

With that, Gabi is resuming being surprised for he seems to confirm her worst nightmare. A horror of having a dream that she considers a nightmare but it wasn’t one, yet her mind screams. ‘Holy fuck!’ that comes followed by a quick thought of, ‘How, how did you? How do you know?’ That allows Gentz to be seeing how far things can go on this early morning, so he cheekily queries, “I can supply a few more, but only if you wish.”

“You bloody fucking will not!” Releasing that permits a frustrated huff of almost trying to control the ensuing temper but it brings only more grumbling that moves swiftly in a growl of disdain.

“You are a good girl.” he provides with an attempt to soothe her for he knows that she is about to blow into a temperamental emotional state over something that really isn’t bad. “You take my gifts and thoroughly enjoy.” He adds but really he knows what he is saying is not cool. In fact, he understands that he is soon getting something if he doesn’t return to soothing her emotional upset. Then again, he understands that she is well on her way to giving him a piece of her mind, so he finishes the statements. “Are you going to taste and tell me the flavor?”

That lets Gabi lose the remainder of her sanity on this topic. Thus, the phone that she is holding gets thrown across the room. It sails in forced whipping throw that causes it to fly out the bedroom to land somewhere on the staircase that leads to the lower level of her two-story home. “Men!” She screams. “No fucking way am I…and whom the hell said you…..oh you!” Seething anger is unchained as she thrusts herself off the bed in tossing the bed sheets to wherever. In that second her feet quickly hit the floor with her speedily striding in a total temper fit towards the bathroom.

Then solidly at one o’clock in the afternoon without a warning, Gabi`s office door is hurled wide open to smash against the wall. Standing there in the opening of the doorway is none other than the tall, grey-haired, sexy beast that she knows as Gentz Xavier. Her attention is instantly taken by the sudden intrusion. Thus, she no longer enjoys lunch or the phone discussion with Roy. The surprise of Gentz arriving brings anger into her eyes having her fully glare at him. It is coldness over the interruption and a willingness to bring fresh anger in concern to anything about him, but in a wisp of a minute, she stops the flood of uncontrolled emotions. Why, does she? Her thoughts suddenly possess, ‘It is time to have some control.’ Thus, she grins to cover up everything negative. Within it, Gabi forces her body and mind to find a centering before she collectedly states, “Honey, you have no need to come home. The other side of the bed now belongs to a woman.”

“Threesomes are fun. I am sure that I can handle two. I can even handle it if it is a man, my Pretty One.” After this quick-witted reply, Gentz struts over to stand behind her chair. Then in one smooth motion, he pulls the chair and her backward. Such actions leave a few feet between the desk`s edge and Gabi with Gentz then coming around to the front of her to look down at Gabi with a winning grin. A big brilliant smile before he is firmly planting his ass on the desk’s top.

“Get off!” She instantly roars at him.

“Getting off…” He smirks at her in then supplying a humming pondering before moving into, "Yes, you will be getting me off.” That is a voice oozing in the idea that she wants to give him some oral pleasure as he reaches over to grasp her chin to continue, “I am addictive, my Pretty One. You will suck it for hours and beg me for more.”

If there is to be anger hitting high voice notes then it should be now. Yet, Gabi only squirms in her seat for she is chanting in her mind of the need to maintain control with not playing his games. She has set her mind to this for she remembers how Loretta’s man played with women`s minds. Thus, she now has an understanding of what is needed to deal with Gentz. This gives her a feeling of control, oh yes it does but is it truly control? With a serious playful giggling, Gabi shoots back, “If it’s all that, then whip it out. I can suck it right here in full view of the staff. They won`t mind being a voyeur for I am gifted with...well, I am gifted.”

He chuckles of her reply while reaching to loosen the fastenings of his pants before then surrendering his man treat into full sight. He is so full of cockiness and it has her stare back at him without even gazing at his pleasure treasure. She gazes into those dark hypnotic eyes with him giving a stare of daring her to push the moment into another second of fighting him. She, however, sees through his tactics having her stand up to reach out to solidly ping the knob of his fully erect cock with a flick of her fingers. “You need to work on your delivery.”

“Its delivered perfectly fine and if you stop being lazy about sucking it then you won`t be dreaming of it. Instead, you will…”

“I am not dreaming of or doing anything with it.” She spurts out in a lie while folding her arms across her chest in a show of defiance.

“Gabi, I am going to sit here all day and stroke it.” He warns as his hand reaches to clasp around its thickness. “Your panties will be so wet that your scent will fill this entire room.”

“Who said that I am wearing panties?” She smirks at the reply as she allows her eyes to glance at his hand holding the girth of his member. He however instantly sweeps his stare down over her body to settle on her tight black business skirt as he wonders if she is actually not wearing panties. He does for he hopes that it is the truth because he wants to bend her over to prove what could be happening between them. Gabi sees him staring at her and she can almost read his thoughts. That has her straightaway pushing a few more of his buttons. ”If you are my man then what the hell are you waiting for? You claim it`s yours. You say that I am your wife. If it`s true then why is your cock in your hand?”

The shock of her saying such immediately shows on his face. Such truths are so unexpected with him figuring that she is up to fight him for much longer than she has. Thus, her relenting at this point is a wow factor for Gentz. That fact causes him no movement of anything for he presumes that he must truly work on her to have her see what he knows inside himself as the truth., the truth that they belong together.

On the other side of the battleground, Gabi begins to feel that she has finally managed some power over the situation. “Oh, I see, you get your prey and now you are a lost boy. Do you need a leash and collar to guide you to fucking your wife?”

Gentz simply sits there as his hand rests on his cock. He too finds it true that he is somewhat lost, but he knows that he isn’t too. Thus, with a headshake, he coolly claims, “I like the thrill of the chase. Give me a minute to enjoy this. It may be easy for you to meet, greet and fuck your wife, but I am a man of romance. Therefore, I am needing time to enjoy the thrill of the foreplay."

“Oh, you may have all the minutes that you want. I am off to meetings. I won`t be back in the office again today. Please, do enjoy the desk.” She states with a smile.
Then she reaches to collect her cell phone before turning upon her heels to next make solid strides toward the office doorway as she continues. “But, if you do not mind…and it`s only a suggestion but” She grins as the chat gets sweet for her. “But, if you are okay with it, then I do recommend closing the door. Roy is kind of shy about watching heterosexual men enjoy…" Next Gabi hesitates but with a snicker, she continues. "Well,…enjoy the.. you know the enjoying of the processes.” She giggles in allowing herself to walk out of the room as she clicks digits on her phone.

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