Friday, June 13, 2014

Arcane Arousal - Chapter #4, Lifetimes Of Cum

The night claims them both in the ways of raw wild passion. It additionally is the equality of orgasms with this bringing a grin to Keira. It does for fairness is important. Then as the wave of ecstasy slowly washes away from Toni it has Keira leading them both over to the bed where Keira obediently begins to stand on the bed’s edge. This allows Toni to look up over stunning nudity to see that Keira is more than ready to enjoy pleasure for her nipples are solidly peeking in need to be tasted. Yet, that is a bit difficult with Keira established upon the bed and towering so tall. Thus, Toni reaches out to grasp one of Keira` hand to tug her to come back down. In doing so Toni nudges her to sit on the bed.

In seconds Toni causes her two hands to cup both beautiful orbs. She molds them, holds them to then have her lips coming to engulf them. She is suckling them to next tease her tongue to the hardness with these until she is producing deeply sensual sounds from an Irish lass who is truly taking to an American lover. A lover who is having Keira`s breath panting as Keira is reaching to stroke through the thread of beautiful blond hair so that she may watch Toni tease her titties until Keira’s entire body shudders of the sensations that devour her.

As Toni hears Keira breathlessness she figures that it is time to lay her girl on the bed. This takes mutual efforts to have both maneuverings backward upon the bed for comfort. In seconds Toni enjoys making sure that Keira’s strong back is solidly against the bed while Toni hovers above with stroking fingertips through the valley of Keira’s breasts to soothe the trembling into smiles. Within it, Toni`s upper lips arrive to lay plunder to Keira upper lips. The kissing is passionate about the need is intense with them both well on the way to playing into the mischief of arousing more lust. This comes easily as Toni`s hand travels the bridge of Keira’s full round breast before moving unto the firmness of Keira’s tummy where tiny playful circles are made.

Circling within teasing as kissing of upper lips is hungry. Wild hunger as each is craving to have more. This more comes with the pressing of bodies together as Keira reaches up to pull Toni in against her creating that play of fingers on a tummy to stop. Yet, Toni simply decides that she wants to slip between their bodies with her hand until she finds the heated confines that lay between Keira’s thighs. The finding of brings a sharp gasp from Keira who is not ready for being touched upon her nether lips. Within it, she giggles of the tickling of the first touch of them as Toni conveys, “ Be good, let me in and let me give to you. I am falling in love with you.”

This has Keira stopping the kissing to gaze up into Toni`s eyes as she spread her thighs apart. Toni`s body moves to allow enough space to slip a hand farther unto Keira`s warm wet pussy lips. It allows smooth caressing of these lovely lips creating a moaning hum to resonate from Keira as she replies in breathiness. “Love, oh you will love me and we will be so much more by the time you leave for Antarctica.”

“Good, because something tells me you are meant to be mine.”

“Maybe.” Playfully states Keira as a soft giggle comes before it is then sweeping off due to the intensity of the touching that is turning into creating wildfire desire. Thus, there is a deepening of breathing and more of a focus on the ensuing pleasure. This allows Toni to settle into an indulgence that she truly enjoys giving. It is a slow rhythmical tapping and a gliding of her fingertips through moist lower lips. She beats those moist folds in a smooth tempo that is teasing. It comes with a pleasure of tickling those lips with arousing sensations. The blissful pleasure of it forms excited feelings for Keira as it produces contractions for her vaginal muscles making it hotter and wetter with each thrust through. Her muscles slip into pulling tighter and Toni smiles of the tension that comes to consume Keira for it intends that an orgasm is coming. This rhythm of tease and glide exists until every muscle within Keira’s body is filled with arousal tension. It tightens within a fiery need causing her to breathe in ways that make her deeply dizzy. This is forcing her hands to grips bed sheets as she screams out. “Faster...deeper...fuck me, fuck me!”

“Maybe,” replies Toni in sassiness as she recollects the playfulness of moments ago. She grins at it and then gently kisses Keira’s upper lips while whispering, “You get so fucking hot and so fast. I like that.”

Keira blushes of it just blush for she knows that she gets easily excited when she is falling in love.

Falling and tumbling into Toni`s beautiful blue eyes that stare in hers as those fingers continue to build and bring the need to release. Yet, Keira holds it to raise it into even more erotic bliss by rocking with each new thrusting that is coming to her pussy lips. It is getting wild in sexual sensations as the sustained tapping makes her dizzy. It is dizziness and desire with Keira demanding to give the best of herself into these pleasures. Thus, it is green eyes locking with blue ones as both women know it`s almost time for cum. They know that orgasm is there and it needs just a bit more as each lean against the other with breathing deeper. Within it, Keira`s body quake and their union within sexual energy are coming to make them both surrender to wanting even more. It is maybe a more of this, more of lust and a love that may just be the best unearthing of their lifetimes. Suddenly at this moment, Toni slips a finger deep between those folds of volcanic pressured pleasures causing Keira to be gasp about the change. This triggers Keira to release the build-up of bliss that now showers Toni`s hand.

Swiftly there is an abduction of Keira’s upper lips by Toni’s mouth. In seconds it’s a penetration by Toni`s tongue into Keira’s mouth having Keira automatically comply into enjoying. It is now a toying with tongues and kisses and the pleasures of cream being soothed into lower lips. Toni continues the plunging into Keira’s pussy as she also employs more tapping and just enjoys the feel of how wet her new girl gets when teased properly.

That has Keira release her fisted grip of the bedding to next bring her hands up to cup Toni`s face within open palms. They are holding there, gazing into open eyes and sharing teasing kisses, just more kisses and more of their nude beauty being held against each other. It is more of everything even though Keira barely knows Toni. Yet, in time she will know all of Toni for this is special with it feeling like it is something so worthy of falling into.

It is the plunging of Toni`s finger within Keira before Toni partially retracts to then slowly push right back in that hot moistness to hit the full probing depth with finally holding there. It all creates their lip lock of upper lips to stop as eyes search for what is happening. Keira thinks ‘What is going on’ as she waits for more of these sensations that Toni is playing within her vaginal cave. It forces Keira into trembling over this sexy sensual tease as Toni next allows another finger to penetrate this ravenous hole that she is now addicted too. It is one becoming two with Keira`s breathing wild for she feels full of fingers and if Toni dares to enjoy probing her with three fingers then Keira soon maybe addicted to what they are sharing too.

In and out in slow motions, over and over again is the pace that is now coming as they watch eyes while bodies play against each other having nipples caress with all sensations wild in a renewing of the desire to build another orgasm. It is in, out, in, out and repeats with each new thrust creating the build-up of the eventual sharing of lusty liquids. The thrusts are perfectly pacing within sensual pleasure but soon these tighten Keira’s canal having her wanting to release another shower of cream for Toni, but Toni gives a warning stare. She does as Keira begs, “Please!” for the pressure of holding it is too intense but Toni shake her head in a gesture of no while she is saying, “Be good, just a little higher, I want a lot of you. I want to drink you forever.”

With a trembling over the tension and pleasure, Keira’s body vibrates of it all causing Keira to be gasping, as her head is dizzy in trying to do as she is told. Yet within it, she proclaims, “I am yours, forever...please...please...” Comes a declaration of profound feelings within the natural high of divine lovemaking between two who are intended to be one. Two united in love and life while Keira must release her cum. This has Toni looking into those arcane green eyes with her blue ones. That instantly brings them both to a place that is otherworldly. This is a place of only them within the pages of time. It is a realm that can only be when they both want to be together. It has Toni declaring, “Yes, yours! Forever.” As she sees in Keira’s eyes every lifetime that they have been in love just as Keira too realizes their past in other lifetimes. This has her smiles of it as lips once more seek and meet to melt into the love that is now once more fully alive.

It is alive in continuous kissing that grows deeply passionate as they watch each other’s eyes and Keira releases her womanly honey to Toni. It turns into a soul sharing while lust swims about them with hearts racing and bodies enjoying the pleasure of being close. It is bliss, it is the sharing between two souls that are meant to forever entwine.

The orgasms continue on for several more hours with the bed finding tangled sheets and the wine bottled emptied. Each is happy as they lay on the flat firmness of the mattress gazing into eyes. Laying side by side in exhaustion as Toni reaches to bring a bed sheet to cover them. As she does Keira snuggles in closer and they entwine in lover`s embrace as they smile with Toni saying, “I never say things to an Irish woman that I don’t intend.”

“I know.” giggles Keira to further share. “Yes, I know and you are mine.”

“Yes, yes and you are mine.” Softly states Toni as she gives a kiss and they slowly fall into dreams.

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