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Arcane Arousal - Chapter #5, Sexy Rights & Cat Fights

A knock on the door is one that is overdue, but as Aria Cousteau stands there leaning against the doorposts of the tucked away office within the depths of Smithsonian there isn’t any knocking. There also isn’t any surprise over the intrusion. There never is when it is Aria. She is that sort of woman who holds to her own truths of doing whatever she pleases and that is especially true in concern to Toni Cousteau. “You were to keep your fucking hands off her. I warned you that she is mine.”

Toni Cousteau whirls around on her swivel chair while reluctantly taking her focus of the pile of documents that she has been reading for nearly half an hour. The workday is a barely a half-hour old with her latte practically all drank. The cup is almost empty, but Toni is totally full of smiles. It is beautiful within a happy day and the morning has her content in endless ways with it all due to the night of sexual sweet naughty bliss. Yet, as she turns around to face her ex-girlfriend her smile should wane. It should be that due to the attitude coming at her, but it does not. Instead, she chooses to play a bit with a minor measure of the pleasures of pretense and avoidance. “What are you talking about?” Arrives in coyness with arranging her grin to be shining brighter than the biggest of blatant sins.

“You fucked her!” sternly states Aria who is making solid moves into the office that is overloaded with wooden shelving units filled with books, along with those there are two metal filing cabinets and a makeshift closet that includes a seaman`s chest. Aria walks past these toward the distant corner to then plant her ass upon the leather-clad Lazyboy chair that has a heavy handcrafted quilt draping over its upper portions. This is the only seat in the space that isn’t the desk chair, a desk chair that Toni currently occupies. So, if it’s the need for sitting than a person must choose the Lazyboy. Hence, Aria reluctantly chooses it while she continues with. “You fucked her, you are...”

“Fucked who?” coolly claims Toni in interrupting as she lays plans to begin to totally enjoy playing cat and mouse over the current topic. A nice game that Toni is good at with her knowing that it eventually brings the dirty deed of Aria frustrated to the Nth degree. With it, Toni instantly remembers that Aria isn't even supposed to be at work today considering that Aria is to be two weeks in Italy and it is to be that as of this week. Thus, she whisks out the reality of, “You aren't supposed to be here and..” She eyes Aria so that she may be sure that everything is enjoyed by herself as she finishes with “..and it is not ladylike to say fuck.”

“Fuck the ladylike!” sternly is sent forth as Aria begins building a bit of anger. It gleams on her facial features as the beautiful brunette settles deeper onto the Lazyboy chair that she doesn’t like. She despises the chair for it is Toni`s bed away from home. It is where Toni hid when things went bad between them. Hiding here in this office with sleeping on this damn chair and doing whatever. Yet, Aria stops that thought of the ‘whatever’ for she knows that Toni does enjoy christening the chair with sexual play when the opportunity arises. That idea irritates Aria even more than she already is. So, that thought of Toni having sex can’t exist. It simply may not. It can`t for the thinking of Toni and sexual anything brings arousal. It is the truth and it is that because Aria still has a thing for Toni even after the twelve months of separate lives. The two of them separated as a couple since that day of things between them crashing in a sudden stop of a full public display of breakup. “Just fuck it and you stole my newbie.”

“I stole nothing.’’ But Toni knows what Aria thinks is being taken. She does and she also realizes what is actually happening. They both understand what is occurring and they each plan to see how much this can be pushed. Yet, what Aria doesn’t recognize is that Toni actually has this feeling that Keira is her eternal soul mate. In fact, Toni has had a sense of this idea with wanting a forever concept with Keira within an understanding that soul mates just belong to each other. Therefore, there truly is no stealing involved. That indeed is a truth; a hidden truth that is to slowly unearthed with it being enjoyed more than anything that Aria ever share with Toni. Hence, she casually states, “Sorry, but I don’t steal things.”

“Oh, are you sure? I am dead certain that I saw her getting out of your car in the parking lot this morning. I also viewed the kiss before you two entered the building. There additionally is the hand holding as you both stopped at the clerk`s desk and well...”

Aria next becomes restless within the sitting so she reaches over to shuffle books on the nearby shelf, but she remains there as she tries to not think about Toni having sex with Keira. She does her best, but that is hopeless and so she further states, “I would have followed you two down the back hall that leads to here, but...”

“But what?" Interrupts Toni with continuing on. " I am not sure what you are talking about, Aria. I am here alone at work and you are supposed to not be here. So, I should still be alone.” This brings Toni to change her grin to a lesser smile while her voice tone comes serious with a continued retort of, “As for the whoever that you say that you saw here…well...they are possibly working too. We employees are paid to do that when we are here. But sure gossip, by all means, gossip.”

That creates silence between them as the staring becomes a full cold stare with Aria scowling of things while Toni grins so big that if she does it anymore then Aria`s poor frown is going to not be noticeable. Thus, Aria is fast losing the ‘emotional temperament’ contest and that is having her failing at two things that involved Toni in the past twenty-four hours.

Yet, in the silence, both are thinking of what to say. And thinking of what the other has the right to say. Or even better they both ponder of what they should not say. That has Aria contemplating the fact she should have missed all of the aforementioned fun between Keira and Toni. It should be just that way considering that Aria is to be gone from working here in the Smithsonian this week. But that is another story with that topic most certainly not the current focus. Hell no, no it isn’t for she is on a mission. A cool naughty mission of something that she feels that is needed in the aftermath relationship between her and Antonia. She thinks it’s now a task of hunting workmates that Toni is interested in. She long ago identifies that Toni attaches to workmates for social and for sex dates. Aria also has a mission of making sure that Toni pays the price for leaving her a year ago and that is even though Aria did the unfaithfulness. But Toni knows that the reality of it is that Aria likes to mess with Toni`s life. It is the truth of things while there are jealousy and a need to still control Toni in any way possible. With that idea in Toni`s mind, she just 'outs' it all. ”If you want her then try. But, you won`t accomplish it. You know that once I lay claim...”

“Yes, you lay claim. I know that. It is easy to see that she is wearing your favourite pinstriped dress slacks and that pink silk dress blouse from your mother.”

Toni smirks of the mentioning of the clothes that Keira wears today. She does for it brings instant visions of the earlier morning and the nude wrestling on the bed. An erotic tussle over not allowing Keira to dress in a trench coat with Keira planning to go home to dress for the workday. All of which needed to stop because it makes the newbie worker at least thirty minutes late for work on the second day on the new job. That isn’t` okay. It isn’t for Toni doesn’t want their night of sexual encounter creating problems like that. So, clothes are shared. Well, to be totally honest it is more than clothes for Toni enjoyed the kisses as she talked Keira into wearing the items. That all existed just before they both have a quick muffin and a latte as they head into work together in Toni`s car.

With that memory swirling in Toni`s mind Aria shuttles forth, “Did you mark her as yours?”

After saying such Aria eyes Toni with attempting to see what Toni is possibly smiling of. There must be a reason for it since that smile clinging to Toni`s lips lays in a naughty way that it most certainly isn’t part of this serious conversation. Hence, without a doubt, the chat shouldn’t inspire naughty grins, but it should be making sober discussion with tinges of aggression attached to it all. Thus, Aria continues pushing into things that truly aren’t her business. “You haven’t marked her but you want to. I do see that you want to claim her. Therefore, she obviously liked last night too.”

With that Aria realizes that the two women are now an item. She also knows that possibly the journey down the back halls to this room ended with playing in this very chair that she sits in. That brings Aria to have a sudden gasp slip her lips before standing up in stating, “Next, you will be fucking her in this chair. Fucking her and marking her as your girlfriend.”

With this Toni laughs of it. She must for really it`s nothing that is any business of Aria`s. But hey, Toni is familiar with Aria doing shit to her. Shit and more is the usual. “Relax the last one in the chair is you. You, your cum stains and you screaming my name. Thus, there are no cooties on the chair and you can relax as you interrogate me of things that aren’t your business.”

“My business. This is my business and you know it. I said that she is mine before you even wanted to. God damn it, Toni, you gotta play fair.” With that Aria gives a sideways glance back at the chair before then walking toward the door where she crosses her arms in front of herself. From there she eyes Toni needs while she stands there waiting for all the info on what is going on in concern to the so-called theft of a sex mate. Yet, that isn`t what she gets.

“You didn’t play fair when you were mine. Adding to that you never have since then either. And yes, I know that you like making me pay the price of your unfaithfulness. Yet, I see that you still want to fuck me. You do, and it is because if Keira is in my bed then isn’t like when I am with other girls. You saw that in my eyes yesterday. It may be that you dislike anyone in my bed but damn you never behaved like this before. You usually do not care about things once one of us captures a new lover.” Toni claims while tossing the paper coffee cup in the trash before making moves to head toward the door to leave.

“Did I hear you two talking about me?” enter into the chat from the sudden arrival of that sexy sensual Irish voice belonging to Keira.

This entering into the discussion is a music to Toni`s ears as she stops dead in her tracks to smile at this woman who simply has made the past twenty-four hours bliss in endless ways. Therefore Toni looks into those arcane green eyes of the beautiful brunette that sweeps past Aria to walk straight up to Toni. With this coming over to Toni she lay a full luscious lip lock of a kiss to Toni`s smiling lips. It is yummy with passionate pleasure and Toni returns it in equal lust as Aria takes up the position of voyeur. Pleasures indeed are enjoyed. In fact, that is the official notice that both women are now marked by each other.

“Yummy. You taste so good, my darling. Missed you. I came to see if you are up to joining us in Scroll Room three in an hour. We have to set up a display to photo a few beginner pictures. Aria is part of it too. Thus, I have come to you both.” She states to finally shoot a winner`s glance toward Aria with continuing to say, “That is to say that Aria is to join us if the head of Scrolls and Literature wants to be part of what is the main image work in concern to her department.”

Aria watches and listens while knowing that she finally gets the answers that she comes for. She does but Toni looks at both women knowing that Aria can be very interesting when she told that she loses something. That allows Toni to ask for clarity of what is actually going on, “Have you now? Do you come for us both? Is it really a work assignment? Or is it more of a social thing?”

Keira snickers of the search to have her make a solid notation of ownership of Toni. This is followed with a giggling of, “Irish, lesbian and rarely do anything that is not having a social attachment. But yes, it`s business that brings me to your nook. And yes, it is you who may keep me.” Comes stated with offering the answer that seems to be sought.

In all of that Toni observes every move that those lips make with it having her wanting more kisses, yet she drops out of the daze about kissing Keira as Aria grumbles. “You two are weird.” That comes followed by a sigh as she further says, “And Toni, you didn’t need to avoid the answers. I already knew by the way you two behaved yesterday. So, please, just own up to it. Own her if you really want her.“ Then with taking to leave Aria gives notice that she will be in the scrolls rooms in an hour.

“Owning me, are we?” is the query from Keira as Aria leaves the room.

“Oh, she thinks that you are hers to explore. She is pissed that you choose me over her. She is angry that I found someone.” Conveys Toni.

“But, I am not hers. I am yours. You know it too. You can see it when you look in my eyes.” is stated in the seriousness of wanting nothing misunderstood between them. “You like looking there and you loved holding stare when we enjoy mutual orgasm last night.”

The mention of last night has Toni supplies a mischievous giggle of the memory of the bonding as her body comes to be alive with arousal over the thoughts of last night. That memory allows Toni to be horny every moment that she is awake this morning. It is especially true now that Keira is close to her add its more so since Aria left the room.

“True, I see something in yours. I like it too.” comes hared with holding back the arousal while answering the statements.

“Good, me too” Is the sharing as Keira caress an open palm to Toni`s facial cheek as she continues to make things clear between them.

“Toni, I am not going to beat around the bush. There is no time to. So, here it is for us both to think about.”

Next Keira allows her hand to fall down over Toni`s firm breasts before she discovers Toni`s hand to hold while she states, “We have two of many things. Thus, we have adjustment and obligations to work around. It starts with that we have continents, countries, careers, houses, families and more. Yet, there is one truth. It exists and we both know it when we look into each other’s eyes. We do. It involves that I have the intent of being your keeper, your wife, your life and all the sex that you can ever want. It is love and more.”

Toni watches those lips as she takes in every word. In her mind, it is known that everything now spoken is a bit too soon but still it is true. She knows it. She does for she gives notice of similar thoughts the other day. During then she said there is only a month of getting solid in a relationship and now Keira says such too. Thus, it seems that these two women are on the same page with concern to goals with that bringing a smile to Toni. It does as she grips Keira’s hand a bit tighter. Holds it as she bringing it up to kiss each finger during her continued listening to Keira finishing her statements.

“Get used to it. We are together forever. Aria can want you or me, Aria can want all that she wants but I know that we want each other. It is simple facts. It just is. Now, kiss me.” Kiera says cheerily as she feels the last of kisses play out on her hand`s palm as Toni looks in those eyes that gaze into her own mesmeric blue ones.

“Oh, oh you.” Begins Toni but she is interrupted by Keira with her changing her stare into one of dewy-eyed wanton lust as she states, “We have an hour before we need to be actually working. So come sit on my lap and let me show you how much you are mine.”

“Possessive, aren’t we.” Laughs Toni as she looks at the Lazyboy chair within imagining the coming moments of sexual sharing that will occur in it.

“Yes, I am but it is not too demanding, nor restrictive. You and I are free, but I have no plans of leaving you. I am doing anything to be with you. So, kiss me and let me finger fuck you in this chair.” Arrives in cool directness as Keira nicely settles onto the Lazyboy chair before she begins to unbutton her blouse with one hand while she is beckoning Toni to come to her for a rechristening of the sex chair.

Toni smirks of it as she looks at Keira. She notes that Keira enjoys claiming and taking what she wants. Toni does too. Yet, currently, she isn’t making plans for too much vocal possession for she does rather wish to straddle those knees before wrapping round Keira who is now in that chair. Afterwards, she wants Keira’s hands to slowly build the aforementioned finger-fucking scenario into as many orgasms as Keira wants to force from Toni. Orgasms that Toni needs taken while she is riding into marking Keira with her scent so that it is not only stares and kisses that make them seem a couple. She wants scent and everything to exist between them.She does want this for those eyes, those arcane green eyes make her so aroused and needing to fall in love again.

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